Ubuntu 21.04

How To Install Application on Ubuntu 21.04

How To Install Application on Ubuntu 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo)

How To Install 0ad on Ubuntu 21.04

0ad is Real-time strategy game of ancient warfare

How To Install 0install on Ubuntu 21.04

0install is cross-distribution packaging system

How To Install 2048 on Ubuntu 21.04

2048 is Slide and add puzzle game for text mode

How To Install 2ping on Ubuntu 21.04

2ping is Ping utility to determine directional packet loss

How To Install 2to3 on Ubuntu 21.04

2to3 is 2to3 binary using python3

How To Install 2vcard on Ubuntu 21.04

2vcard is convert an addressbook to VCARD file format

How To Install 3dchess on Ubuntu 21.04

3dchess is Play chess across 3 boards!

How To Install 3depict on Ubuntu 21.04

3depict is visualisation and analysis for single valued point data

How To Install 4g8 on Ubuntu 21.04

4g8 is Packet Capture and Interception for Switched Networks

How To Install 4pane on Ubuntu 21.04

4pane is four-pane detailed-list file manager

How To Install 4store on Ubuntu 21.04

4store is RDF database storage and query engine – database daemon

How To Install 4ti2 on Ubuntu 21.04

4ti2 is mathematical tool suite for problems on linear spaces – tools

How To Install 64tass on Ubuntu 21.04

64tass is cross (turbo) assembler targeting the MOS 65xx series of micro processors

How To Install 0xffff on Ubuntu 21.04

0xffff is Open Free Fiasco Firmware Flasher

How To Install 6tunnel on Ubuntu 21.04

6tunnel is TCP proxy for non-IPv6 applications

How To Install 7kaa on Ubuntu 21.04

7kaa is Seven Kingdoms Ancient Adversaries

How To Install 9base on Ubuntu 21.04

9base is Plan 9 userland tools

How To Install 9menu on Ubuntu 21.04

9menu is Creates X menus from the shell

How To Install 9mount on Ubuntu 21.04

9mount is Plan 9 filesystem (v9fs) user mount utilities

How To Install 9wm on Ubuntu 21.04

9wm is X11 window manager inspired by Plan 9’s rio

How To Install a2jmidid on Ubuntu 21.04

a2jmidid is Daemon for exposing legacy ALSA MIDI in JACK MIDI systems

How To Install a2ps on Ubuntu 21.04

a2ps is GNU a2ps - ‘Anything to PostScript’ converter and pretty-printer

How To Install a56 on Ubuntu 21.04

a56 is Motorola DSP56001 assembler

How To Install a7xpg on Ubuntu 21.04

a7xpg is chase action game

How To Install aa3d on Ubuntu 21.04

aa3d is ASCII art stereogram generator

How To Install aaphoto on Ubuntu 21.04

aaphoto is Auto Adjust Photo, automatic color correction of photos

How To Install aapt on Ubuntu 21.04

aapt is Android Asset Packaging Tool

How To Install abacas on Ubuntu 21.04

abacas is close gaps in genomic alignments from short reads

How To Install abcde on Ubuntu 21.04

abcde is A Better CD Encoder

How To Install abcm2ps on Ubuntu 21.04

abcm2ps is Translates ABC music description files to PostScript

How To Install abcmidi on Ubuntu 21.04

abcmidi is converter from ABC to MIDI format and back

How To Install abe on Ubuntu 21.04

abe is side-scrolling game named “Abe’s Amazing Adventure”

How To Install abgate on Ubuntu 21.04

abgate is LV2 noise gate plugin

How To Install abicheck on Ubuntu 21.04

abicheck is binary compatibility checking tool

How To Install abinit on Ubuntu 21.04

abinit is package for electronic structure calculations

How To Install abiword on Ubuntu 21.04

abiword is efficient, featureful word processor with collaboration

How To Install abntex on Ubuntu 21.04

abntex is LaTeX class for writing documents in ABNT standard

How To Install abook on Ubuntu 21.04

abook is text-based ncurses address book application

How To Install abootimg on Ubuntu 21.04

abootimg is Tool to read/write/update android boot images

How To Install abr2gbr on Ubuntu 21.04

abr2gbr is Converts PhotoShop brushes to GIMP

How To Install abw2epub on Ubuntu 21.04

abw2epub is AbiWord to EPUB format converter

How To Install abw2odt on Ubuntu 21.04

abw2odt is AbiWord to OpenDocument converter

How To Install abx on Ubuntu 21.04

abx is audio ABX testing software

How To Install abyss on Ubuntu 21.04

abyss is de novo, parallel, sequence assembler for short reads

How To Install acbuild on Ubuntu 21.04

acbuild is utility to build and modify App Container Images

How To Install accerciser on Ubuntu 21.04

accerciser is interactive Python accessibility explorer for the GNOME desktop

How To Install accountsservice on Ubuntu 21.04

accountsservice is query and manipulate user account information

How To Install accountwizard on Ubuntu 21.04

accountwizard is wizard for KDE PIM applications account setup

How To Install acct on Ubuntu 21.04

acct is GNU Accounting utilities for process and login accounting

How To Install ace on Ubuntu 21.04

ace is HTML template engine for Go (command-line tool)

How To Install aces3 on Ubuntu 21.04

aces3 is Advanced Concepts in Electronic Structure III

How To Install acetoneiso on Ubuntu 21.04

acetoneiso is feature-rich application to mount and manage CD and DVD images

How To Install acheck on Ubuntu 21.04

acheck is Check common localisation mistakes

How To Install achilles on Ubuntu 21.04

achilles is Artificial life and evolution simulator

How To Install acidrip on Ubuntu 21.04

acidrip is ripping and encoding DVD tool using mplayer and mencoder

How To Install ack on Ubuntu 21.04

ack is grep-like program specifically for large source trees

How To Install acl on Ubuntu 21.04

acl is access control list - utilities

How To Install acl2 on Ubuntu 21.04

acl2 is Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp

How To Install aclock.app on Ubuntu 21.04

aclock.app is Analog dockapp clock for GNUstep

How To Install acm on Ubuntu 21.04

acm is Multi-player classic air combat simulator

How To Install acme on Ubuntu 21.04

acme is Multi-platform cross assembler for 6502/6510/65816 CPU

How To Install acmetool on Ubuntu 21.04

acmetool is automatic certificate acquisition tool for Let’s Encrypt

How To Install aconnectgui on Ubuntu 21.04

aconnectgui is graphical ALSA sequencer connection manager

How To Install acpi on Ubuntu 21.04

acpi is displays information on ACPI devices

How To Install acpid on Ubuntu 21.04

acpid is Advanced Configuration and Power Interface event daemon

How To Install acpitail on Ubuntu 21.04

acpitail is Show ACPI information in a tail-like style

How To Install acpitool on Ubuntu 21.04

acpitool is command line ACPI client

How To Install acr on Ubuntu 21.04

acr is autoconf like tool

How To Install actiona on Ubuntu 21.04

actiona is emulate human activity through a powerful GUI and JavaScript

How To Install activemq on Ubuntu 21.04

activemq is Java message broker - server

How To Install adabrowse on Ubuntu 21.04

adabrowse is HTML generator for Ada 95 library unit specifications

How To Install adacontrol on Ubuntu 21.04

adacontrol is Ada rules controller

How To Install adapt on Ubuntu 21.04

adapt is adapt package from one version of Ubuntu to another

How To Install adapterremoval on Ubuntu 21.04

adapterremoval is rapid adapter trimming, identification, and read merging of gene sequences

How To Install adb on Ubuntu 21.04

adb is Android Debug Bridge

How To Install adcli on Ubuntu 21.04

adcli is Tool for performing actions on an Active Directory domain

How To Install add64 on Ubuntu 21.04

add64 is additive synthesizer for JACK

How To Install addressmanager.app on Ubuntu 21.04

addressmanager.app is Personal Address Manager for GNUstep

How To Install adduser on Ubuntu 21.04

adduser is add and remove users and groups

How To Install adequate on Ubuntu 21.04

adequate is Debian package quality testing tool

How To Install adjtimex on Ubuntu 21.04

adjtimex is kernel time variables configuration utility

How To Install admesh on Ubuntu 21.04

admesh is Tool for processing triangulated solid meshes. Binary

How To Install adminer on Ubuntu 21.04

adminer is Web-based database administration tool

How To Install adms on Ubuntu 21.04

adms is Automatic device model synthesizer for Verilog-AMS

How To Install adonthell on Ubuntu 21.04

adonthell is 2D graphical roleplaying game

How To Install adplay on Ubuntu 21.04

adplay is console-based OPL2 audio player

How To Install adsys on Ubuntu 21.04

adsys is AD SYStem integration

How To Install adun.app on Ubuntu 21.04

adun.app is Molecular Simulator for GNUstep (GUI)

How To Install advancecomp on Ubuntu 21.04

advancecomp is collection of recompression utilities

How To Install advi on Ubuntu 21.04

advi is active DVI previewer and presenter

How To Install aegean on Ubuntu 21.04

aegean is integrated genome analysis toolkit

How To Install aegisub on Ubuntu 21.04

aegisub is advanced subtitle editor

How To Install aeolus on Ubuntu 21.04

aeolus is Synthesised pipe organ emulator

How To Install aephea on Ubuntu 21.04

aephea is text-based authoring tool for HTML

How To Install aerc on Ubuntu 21.04

aerc is The World’s Best Email Client

How To Install aesfix on Ubuntu 21.04

aesfix is tool for correcting bit errors in an AES key schedule

How To Install aeskeyfind on Ubuntu 21.04

aeskeyfind is tool for locating AES keys in a captured memory image

How To Install aeskulap on Ubuntu 21.04

aeskulap is medical image viewer and DICOM network client

How To Install aespipe on Ubuntu 21.04

aespipe is AES-encryption tool with loop-AES support

How To Install aevol on Ubuntu 21.04

aevol is digital genetics model to run Evolution Experiments in silico

How To Install aewan on Ubuntu 21.04

aewan is ASCII-art Editor Without A Name

How To Install aewm on Ubuntu 21.04

aewm is minimalist window manager for X11

How To Install aewm++ on Ubuntu 21.04

aewm++ is minimal window manager written in C++

How To Install afdko on Ubuntu 21.04

afdko is Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType

How To Install afew on Ubuntu 21.04

afew is Tagging script for notmuch mail

How To Install affiche.app on Ubuntu 21.04

affiche.app is Application to “stick” little notes on the desktop

How To Install afio on Ubuntu 21.04

afio is archive file manipulation program

How To Install afl on Ubuntu 21.04

afl is transitional dummy package for afl to afl++

How To Install afl++ on Ubuntu 21.04

afl++ is instrumentation-driven fuzzer for binary formats

How To Install afnix on Ubuntu 21.04

afnix is Compiler and run-time for the AFNIX programming language

How To Install aft on Ubuntu 21.04

aft is “free form” document preparation system

How To Install aften on Ubuntu 21.04

aften is audio AC3 encoder

How To Install afterstep on Ubuntu 21.04

afterstep is window manager with the NEXTSTEP look and feel

How To Install afuse on Ubuntu 21.04

afuse is automounting file system implemented in user-space using FUSE

How To Install agda on Ubuntu 21.04

agda is dependently typed functional programming language

How To Install age on Ubuntu 21.04

age is simple, modern and secure encryption tool

How To Install agedu on Ubuntu 21.04

agedu is Unix utility for tracking down wasted disk space

How To Install agenda.app on Ubuntu 21.04

agenda.app is Calendar manager for GNUstep

How To Install aggregate on Ubuntu 21.04

aggregate is ipv4 cidr prefix aggregator

How To Install aghermann on Ubuntu 21.04

aghermann is Sleep-research experiment manager

How To Install aglfn on Ubuntu 21.04

aglfn is Adobe Glyph List For New Fonts

How To Install agordejo on Ubuntu 21.04

agordejo is Music Production Session Manager

How To Install aha on Ubuntu 21.04

aha is ANSI color to HTML converter

How To Install ahcpd on Ubuntu 21.04

ahcpd is Ad-Hoc Configuration Protocol

How To Install aide on Ubuntu 21.04

aide is Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment - static binary

How To Install aidl on Ubuntu 21.04

aidl is Binder generator of AIDL interfaces

How To Install aiksaurus on Ubuntu 21.04

aiksaurus is This package provides an English-language thesaurus (utility)

How To Install airspy on Ubuntu 21.04

airspy is Tiny and efficient software defined radio receiver - utilities

How To Install airspyhf on Ubuntu 21.04

airspyhf is HF+VHF software defined radio receiver - user runtime

How To Install airstrike on Ubuntu 21.04

airstrike is 2d dogfight game in the tradition of ‘Biplanes’ and ‘BIP’

How To Install aiscm on Ubuntu 21.04

aiscm is Guile numerical arrays and tensor extension

How To Install aisleriot on Ubuntu 21.04

aisleriot is GNOME solitaire card game collection

How To Install akira on Ubuntu 21.04

akira is user experience design tool

How To Install akonadiconsole on Ubuntu 21.04

akonadiconsole is management and debugging console for akonadi

How To Install akqml on Ubuntu 21.04

akqml is full featured webcam capture application - qml module

How To Install akregator on Ubuntu 21.04

akregator is RSS/Atom feed aggregator

How To Install alacarte on Ubuntu 21.04

alacarte is easy GNOME menu editing tool

How To Install aladin on Ubuntu 21.04

aladin is Interactive sky atlas for astronomical images and datasets

How To Install album on Ubuntu 21.04

album is HTML photo album generator with theme support

How To Install aldo on Ubuntu 21.04

aldo is Morse code training program

How To Install ale on Ubuntu 21.04

ale is synthetic capture engine and renderer

How To Install alembic on Ubuntu 21.04

alembic is lightweight database migration tool for SQLAlchemy

How To Install alevt on Ubuntu 21.04

alevt is X11 Teletext/Videotext browser

How To Install alevtd on Ubuntu 21.04

alevtd is HTTP daemon for teletext pages

How To Install alex on Ubuntu 21.04

alex is lexical analyser generator for Haskell

How To Install alex4 on Ubuntu 21.04

alex4 is Alex the Allegator 4 - a retro platform game

How To Install alfa on Ubuntu 21.04

alfa is Automated Line Fitting Algorithm

How To Install alfred on Ubuntu 21.04

alfred is Almighty Lightweight Fact Remote Exchange Daemon

How To Install algobox on Ubuntu 21.04

algobox is algorithmics introduction - French UI

How To Install algol68g on Ubuntu 21.04

algol68g is Implementation of Algol 68 as defined by the Revised Report

How To Install algotutor on Ubuntu 21.04

algotutor is program for observing the intermediate steps of algorithm

How To Install alice on Ubuntu 21.04

alice is Web browser (WebKit or Gecko) based IRC client

How To Install alien on Ubuntu 21.04

alien is convert and install rpm and other packages

How To Install alienblaster on Ubuntu 21.04

alienblaster is Classic 2D shoot ’em up

How To Install aliki on Ubuntu 21.04

aliki is Measurement tool for Impulse Responses

How To Install allelecount on Ubuntu 21.04

allelecount is NGS copy number algorithms

How To Install allure on Ubuntu 21.04

allure is near-future Sci-Fi roguelike and tactical squad game

How To Install almanah on Ubuntu 21.04

almanah is Application to ease management of a personal diary

How To Install alot on Ubuntu 21.04

alot is Text mode MUA using notmuch mail

How To Install alpine on Ubuntu 21.04

alpine is Text-based email client, friendly for novices but powerful

How To Install alqalam on Ubuntu 21.04

alqalam is Qur’an typesetting macros for TeX/LaTeX

How To Install alsamixergui on Ubuntu 21.04

alsamixergui is graphical soundcard mixer for ALSA soundcard driver

How To Install altermime on Ubuntu 21.04

altermime is utility used to alter mime-encoded mailpacks

How To Install altos on Ubuntu 21.04

altos is Altus Metrum firmware and utilities

How To Install altree on Ubuntu 21.04

altree is program to perform phylogeny-based association and localization analysis

How To Install alttab on Ubuntu 21.04

alttab is task switcher for minimalistic WMs or standalone X session

How To Install ambdec on Ubuntu 21.04

ambdec is Ambisonic decoder for first and second order

How To Install amber on Ubuntu 21.04

amber is Elegant HTML templating engine for Go, inspired from HAML and Jade (CLI tool)

How To Install amide on Ubuntu 21.04

amide is software for Medical Imaging

How To Install amideco on Ubuntu 21.04

amideco is Decompress flashfiles equipped with an AMI BIOS

How To Install amispammer on Ubuntu 21.04

amispammer is Powerful Mail Server checker on blacklists

How To Install amiwm on Ubuntu 21.04

amiwm is Amiga look alike window manager

How To Install amoeba on Ubuntu 21.04

amoeba is fast-paced, polished OpenGL demonstration by Excess

How To Install amoebax on Ubuntu 21.04

amoebax is Puyo Puyo-style puzzle game for up to two players

How To Install amphetamine on Ubuntu 21.04

amphetamine is jump’n run game with unique visual effects

How To Install ample on Ubuntu 21.04

ample is simple MP3 server easy to use

How To Install ampliconnoise on Ubuntu 21.04

ampliconnoise is removal of noise from 454 sequenced PCR amplicons

How To Install ams on Ubuntu 21.04

ams is Realtime modular synthesizer for ALSA

How To Install amsynth on Ubuntu 21.04

amsynth is two oscillators software synthesizer

How To Install amtterm on Ubuntu 21.04

amtterm is Serial-over-lan (sol) client for Intel AMT, console version

How To Install amule on Ubuntu 21.04

amule is client for the eD2k and Kad networks, like eMule

How To Install an on Ubuntu 21.04

an is very fast anagram generator

How To Install anacron on Ubuntu 21.04

anacron is cron-like program that doesn’t go by time

How To Install anagramarama on Ubuntu 21.04

anagramarama is fast paced anagram puzzle game using SDL

How To Install analog on Ubuntu 21.04

analog is web server log analyzer

How To Install anarchism on Ubuntu 21.04

anarchism is Exhaustive exploration of Anarchist theory and practice

How To Install anbox on Ubuntu 21.04

anbox is Android in a box

How To Install ancient on Ubuntu 21.04

ancient is decompression routines for ancient formats

How To Install andi on Ubuntu 21.04

andi is Efficient Estimation of Evolutionary Distances

How To Install androguard on Ubuntu 21.04

androguard is full Python tool to play with Android files

How To Install anfo on Ubuntu 21.04

anfo is Short Read Aligner/Mapper from MPG

How To Install angband on Ubuntu 21.04

angband is Single-player, text-based, dungeon simulation game

How To Install angrydd on Ubuntu 21.04

angrydd is Angry Drunken Dwarves - falling blocks puzzle game

How To Install animals on Ubuntu 21.04

animals is Traditional AI animal guessing engine using a binary tree DB

How To Install anjuta on Ubuntu 21.04

anjuta is GNOME development IDE, for C/C++

How To Install anki on Ubuntu 21.04

anki is extensible flashcard learning program

How To Install anomaly on Ubuntu 21.04

anomaly is detect anomalous data in a numeric stream

How To Install anope on Ubuntu 21.04

anope is IRC Services designed for flexibility and ease of use

How To Install anorack on Ubuntu 21.04

anorack is specialized spell-checker that finds incorrect indefinite articles

How To Install ansible on Ubuntu 21.04

ansible is Configuration management, deployment, and task execution system

How To Install ansilove on Ubuntu 21.04

ansilove is ANSI and ASCII art to PNG converter

How To Install ansiweather on Ubuntu 21.04

ansiweather is Weather in your terminal, with ANSI colors and Unicode symbols

How To Install ant on Ubuntu 21.04

ant is Java based build tool like make

How To Install antennavis on Ubuntu 21.04

antennavis is antenna radiation pattern visualization software

How To Install anthy on Ubuntu 21.04

anthy is Japanese kana-kanji conversion - utilities

How To Install antigravitaattori on Ubuntu 21.04

antigravitaattori is Multiplayer flying saucer racing game

How To Install antimicro on Ubuntu 21.04

antimicro is GUI for mapping keyboard keys and mouse controls to a gamepad

How To Install antimony on Ubuntu 21.04

antimony is Computer-aided design CAD tool

How To Install antiword on Ubuntu 21.04

antiword is Converts MS Word files to text, PS, PDF and XML

How To Install antlr on Ubuntu 21.04

antlr is language tool for constructing recognizers, compilers etc

How To Install antlr3 on Ubuntu 21.04

antlr3 is language tool for constructing recognizers, compilers etc

How To Install antlr3.2 on Ubuntu 21.04

antlr3.2 is language tool for constructing recognizers, compilers etc

How To Install antlr4 on Ubuntu 21.04

antlr4 is ANTLR Parser Generator

How To Install antpm on Ubuntu 21.04

antpm is ANT+ information retrieval client for Garmin GPS products

How To Install anymeal on Ubuntu 21.04

anymeal is Recipe management software

How To Install anypaper on Ubuntu 21.04

anypaper is front-end for wallpapersetter

How To Install anyremote on Ubuntu 21.04

anyremote is Remote control daemon for applications using Bluetooth, IrDA or Wi-Fi

How To Install anytun on Ubuntu 21.04

anytun is secure anycast tunneling protocol

How To Install aobook on Ubuntu 21.04

aobook is Aozora Bunko viewer

How To Install aoetools on Ubuntu 21.04

aoetools is tools to assist in using ATA over Ethernet

How To Install aoeui on Ubuntu 21.04

aoeui is lightweight, unobtrusive, Dvorak-optimized text editor

How To Install aoflagger on Ubuntu 21.04

aoflagger is Find RFI in radio astronomical observations

How To Install apache2 on Ubuntu 21.04

apache2 is Apache HTTP Server Apache HTTP Server

How To Install apacheds on Ubuntu 21.04

apacheds is Apache Directory Server

How To Install apachetop on Ubuntu 21.04

apachetop is Realtime Apache monitoring tool

How To Install apbs on Ubuntu 21.04

apbs is Adaptive Poisson Boltzmann Solver

How To Install apcalc on Ubuntu 21.04

apcalc is transitional package

How To Install apcupsd on Ubuntu 21.04

apcupsd is APC UPS Power Management (daemon)

How To Install apel on Ubuntu 21.04

apel is portable library for emacsen

How To Install apertium on Ubuntu 21.04

apertium is Shallow-transfer machine translation engine

How To Install apg on Ubuntu 21.04

apg is Automated Password Generator - Standalone version

How To Install apgdiff on Ubuntu 21.04

apgdiff is Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool

How To Install apitrace on Ubuntu 21.04

apitrace is tools for debugging OpenGL applications and drivers - cli frontends

How To Install apkinfo on Ubuntu 21.04

apkinfo is Simple CLI script to display info about an APK file

How To Install apksigner on Ubuntu 21.04

apksigner is command line tool to sign and verify Android APKs

How To Install apktool on Ubuntu 21.04

apktool is tool for reverse engineering Android apk files

How To Install apkverifier on Ubuntu 21.04

apkverifier is Android APK Signature verification tool

How To Install apng2gif on Ubuntu 21.04

apng2gif is tool for converting APNG images to animated GIF format

How To Install apngasm on Ubuntu 21.04

apngasm is assemble APNG animation from PNG/TGA image sequence

How To Install apngdis on Ubuntu 21.04

apngdis is deconstruct APNG file into a sequence of PNG frames

How To Install apngopt on Ubuntu 21.04

apngopt is optimize APNG animated images

How To Install apparix on Ubuntu 21.04

apparix is console-based bookmark tool for fast file system navigation

How To Install apparmor on Ubuntu 21.04

apparmor is user-space parser utility for AppArmor user-space parser utility for AppArmor

How To Install append2simg on Ubuntu 21.04

append2simg is Transitional package

How To Install apper on Ubuntu 21.04

apper is KDE package management tool using PackageKit

How To Install apport on Ubuntu 21.04

apport is automatically generate crash reports for debugging automatically generate crash reports for debugging

How To Install approx on Ubuntu 21.04

approx is caching proxy server for Debian archive files

How To Install appstream on Ubuntu 21.04

appstream is Software component metadata management

How To Install apriltag on Ubuntu 21.04

apriltag is AprilTags Visual Fiducial System

How To Install aprsdigi on Ubuntu 21.04

aprsdigi is digipeater for APRS

How To Install aprx on Ubuntu 21.04

aprx is APRS Digipeater and iGate

How To Install apsfilter on Ubuntu 21.04

apsfilter is Magic print filter with automatic file type recognition

How To Install apt on Ubuntu 21.04

apt is commandline package manager commandline package manager

How To Install aptdaemon on Ubuntu 21.04

aptdaemon is transaction based package management service

How To Install aptfs on Ubuntu 21.04

aptfs is FUSE filesystem for APT source repositories

How To Install apticron on Ubuntu 21.04

apticron is Simple tool to mail about pending package updates - cron version

How To Install aptitude on Ubuntu 21.04

aptitude is terminal-based package manager

How To Install aptly on Ubuntu 21.04

aptly is Swiss army knife for Debian repository management - main package

How To Install apturl on Ubuntu 21.04

apturl is install packages using the apt protocol - GTK+ frontend

How To Install apulse on Ubuntu 21.04

apulse is PulseAudio emulation for ALSA

How To Install apvlv on Ubuntu 21.04

apvlv is PDF viewer with Vim-like behaviour

How To Install apwal on Ubuntu 21.04

apwal is icon-based floating application launcher with transparency

How To Install aqemu on Ubuntu 21.04

aqemu is Qt5 front-end for QEMU and KVM

How To Install aqsis on Ubuntu 21.04

aqsis is 3D rendering solution adhering to the RenderMan(R) standard, binaries

How To Install aragorn on Ubuntu 21.04

aragorn is tRNA and tmRNA detection in nucleotide sequences

How To Install arandr on Ubuntu 21.04

arandr is Simple visual front end for XRandR

How To Install aranym on Ubuntu 21.04

aranym is Atari Running on Any Machine

How To Install arb on Ubuntu 21.04

arb is phylogenetic sequence analysis suite - main program

How To Install arbtt on Ubuntu 21.04

arbtt is Automatic Rule-Based Time Tracker

How To Install arc on Ubuntu 21.04

arc is Archive utility based on the MSDOS ARC program

How To Install arcanist on Ubuntu 21.04

arcanist is Command line interface for Phabricator (review platform)

How To Install archivemount on Ubuntu 21.04

archivemount is mounts an archive for access as a file system

How To Install archmage on Ubuntu 21.04

archmage is CHM (Compiled HTML) Decompressor

How To Install archmbox on Ubuntu 21.04

archmbox is simple email archiver written in perl

How To Install arden on Ubuntu 21.04

arden is specificity control for read alignments using an artificial reference

How To Install ardentryst on Ubuntu 21.04

ardentryst is Action/RPG sidescoller, focused on story and character development

How To Install ardour on Ubuntu 21.04

ardour is the digital audio workstation

How To Install arduino on Ubuntu 21.04

arduino is AVR development board IDE from Arduino CC

How To Install arename on Ubuntu 21.04

arename is automatic audio file renaming tool

How To Install argon2 on Ubuntu 21.04

argon2 is memory-hard hashing function - utility

How To Install argyll on Ubuntu 21.04

argyll is Color Management System, calibrator and profiler

How To Install aria2 on Ubuntu 21.04

aria2 is High speed download utility

How To Install ariba on Ubuntu 21.04

ariba is Antibiotic Resistance Identification By Assembly

How To Install aribas on Ubuntu 21.04

aribas is interpreter for arithmetic

How To Install ario on Ubuntu 21.04

ario is GTK+ client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD)

How To Install arj on Ubuntu 21.04

arj is archiver for .arj files

How To Install ark on Ubuntu 21.04

ark is archive utility

How To Install armagetronad on Ubuntu 21.04

armagetronad is 3D Tron-like high speed game

How To Install arpalert on Ubuntu 21.04

arpalert is monitor ARP changes in ethernet networks

How To Install arping on Ubuntu 21.04

arping is sends IP and/or ARP pings (to the MAC address)

How To Install arpon on Ubuntu 21.04

arpon is Versatile ARP defense daemon

How To Install arptables on Ubuntu 21.04

arptables is ARP table administration

How To Install arpwatch on Ubuntu 21.04

arpwatch is Ethernet/FDDI station activity monitor

How To Install artemis on Ubuntu 21.04

artemis is genome browser and annotation tool

How To Install artfastqgenerator on Ubuntu 21.04

artfastqgenerator is outputs artificial FASTQ files derived from a reference genome

How To Install artha on Ubuntu 21.04

artha is Handy off-line thesaurus based on WordNet

How To Install artikulate on Ubuntu 21.04

artikulate is Language learning application

How To Install as31 on Ubuntu 21.04

as31 is Intel 8031/8051 assembler

How To Install asc on Ubuntu 21.04

asc is turn-based strategy game

How To Install ascd on Ubuntu 21.04

ascd is CD player and mixer

How To Install ascdc on Ubuntu 21.04

ascdc is AfterStep CD changer

How To Install ascii on Ubuntu 21.04

ascii is interactive ASCII name and synonym chart

How To Install ascii2binary on Ubuntu 21.04

ascii2binary is Convert between ASCII, hexadecimal and binary representations

How To Install asciiart on Ubuntu 21.04

asciiart is command line tool to turn images into ASCII art

How To Install asciidoc on Ubuntu 21.04

asciidoc is Highly configurable text format for writing documentation

How To Install asciidoctor on Ubuntu 21.04

asciidoctor is AsciiDoc to HTML rendering for Ruby

How To Install asciijump on Ubuntu 21.04

asciijump is Small and funny ASCII-art game about ski jumping

How To Install asciinema on Ubuntu 21.04

asciinema is Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way

How To Install asciio on Ubuntu 21.04

asciio is dynamically create ASCII charts and graphs with GTK+2

How To Install asclock on Ubuntu 21.04

asclock is clock designed with the NeXTStep look

How To Install asdftool on Ubuntu 21.04

asdftool is Command line tool to manipulate ASDF scientific data files

How To Install ase on Ubuntu 21.04

ase is Atomic Simulation Environment

How To Install aseba on Ubuntu 21.04

aseba is Event-based framework for distributed mobile robots control

How To Install aseqjoy on Ubuntu 21.04

aseqjoy is Joystick to ALSA MIDI Sequencer Converter

How To Install ash on Ubuntu 21.04

ash is compatibility package for dash

How To Install asmail on Ubuntu 21.04

asmail is AfterStep mail monitor

How To Install asmix on Ubuntu 21.04

asmix is display a volume knob

How To Install asmixer on Ubuntu 21.04

asmixer is AfterStep audio mixer

How To Install asmon on Ubuntu 21.04

asmon is system resource monitor dockapp for Afterstep and WindowMaker

How To Install asn1c on Ubuntu 21.04

asn1c is ASN.1 compiler for C

How To Install asp on Ubuntu 21.04

asp is Discovers present ip-address of dynamically connected hosts

How To Install aspcud on Ubuntu 21.04

aspcud is CUDF solver based on Answer Set Programming

How To Install aspectc++ on Ubuntu 21.04

aspectc++ is aspect-oriented programming extension for C++

How To Install aspectj on Ubuntu 21.04

aspectj is aspect-oriented extension for Java - tools

How To Install aspell on Ubuntu 21.04

aspell is GNU Aspell spell-checker GNU Aspell spell-checker

How To Install aspic on Ubuntu 21.04

aspic is Line art generator

How To Install asql on Ubuntu 21.04

asql is Run SQL queries against apache logs

How To Install assaultcube on Ubuntu 21.04

assaultcube is realistic first-person-shooter

How To Install assemblytics on Ubuntu 21.04

assemblytics is detect and analyze structural variants from a genome assembly

How To Install assword on Ubuntu 21.04

assword is Simple password manager (dummy transitional package)

How To Install astcenc on Ubuntu 21.04

astcenc is ASTC image compression and decompression tool

How To Install asterisk on Ubuntu 21.04

asterisk is Open Source Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

How To Install astroid on Ubuntu 21.04

astroid is graphical notmuch email client

How To Install astromatic on Ubuntu 21.04

astromatic is Astronomical pipeline software collection

How To Install astromenace on Ubuntu 21.04

astromenace is hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities

How To Install astrometry.net on Ubuntu 21.04

astrometry.net is Astrometry plate solver

How To Install astyle on Ubuntu 21.04

astyle is Source code indenter for C, C++, Objective-C, C#, and Java

How To Install asunder on Ubuntu 21.04

asunder is graphical audio CD ripper and encoder

How To Install asused on Ubuntu 21.04

asused is tool to check IPv4 allocations and assignments as stored in the RIPE database

How To Install asylum on Ubuntu 21.04

asylum is surreal platform shooting game

How To Install asymptote on Ubuntu 21.04

asymptote is script-based vector graphics language inspired by MetaPost

How To Install at on Ubuntu 21.04

at is Delayed job execution and batch processing

How To Install atac on Ubuntu 21.04

atac is genome assembly-to-assembly comparison

How To Install atanks on Ubuntu 21.04

atanks is tank-battling game

How To Install ataqv on Ubuntu 21.04

ataqv is ATAC-seq QC and visualization

How To Install atari800 on Ubuntu 21.04

atari800 is Atari 8-bit emulator for SDL

How To Install aterm on Ubuntu 21.04

aterm is dummy transitional package for rxvt-unicode

How To Install atfs on Ubuntu 21.04

atfs is Attributed File System (AtFS)

How To Install atftp on Ubuntu 21.04

atftp is advanced TFTP client

How To Install atftpd on Ubuntu 21.04

atftpd is advanced TFTP server

How To Install atig on Ubuntu 21.04

atig is Another Twitter IRC gateway

How To Install atlc on Ubuntu 21.04

atlc is Arbitrary Transmission Line Calculator

How To Install atom4 on Ubuntu 21.04

atom4 is Original two-player color puzzle game

How To Install atomicparsley on Ubuntu 21.04

atomicparsley is read, parse and set metadata of MPEG-4 and 3gp files

How To Install atomix on Ubuntu 21.04

atomix is puzzle game for building molecules out of separate atoms

How To Install atool on Ubuntu 21.04

atool is tool for managing file archives of various types

How To Install atop on Ubuntu 21.04

atop is Monitor for system resources and process activity

How To Install atril on Ubuntu 21.04

atril is MATE document viewer

How To Install atropos on Ubuntu 21.04

atropos is NGS read trimming tool that is specific, sensitive, and speedy

How To Install attr on Ubuntu 21.04

attr is utilities for manipulating filesystem extended attributes

How To Install auctex on Ubuntu 21.04

auctex is integrated document editing environment for TeX etc.

How To Install audacious on Ubuntu 21.04

audacious is small and fast audio player which supports lots of formats

How To Install audacity on Ubuntu 21.04

audacity is fast, cross-platform audio editor

How To Install audiolink on Ubuntu 21.04

audiolink is makes managing and searching for music easier

How To Install audiotools on Ubuntu 21.04

audiotools is Collection of audio handling programs for the command line

How To Install auditd on Ubuntu 21.04

auditd is User space tools for security auditing

How To Install audmes on Ubuntu 21.04

audmes is AUDio MEasurement System

How To Install audtty on Ubuntu 21.04

audtty is ncurses based frontend to audacious

How To Install augur on Ubuntu 21.04

augur is pipeline components for real-time virus analysis

How To Install augustus on Ubuntu 21.04

augustus is gene prediction in eukaryotic genomes

How To Install aumix on Ubuntu 21.04

aumix is Simple text-based mixer control program

How To Install auralquiz on Ubuntu 21.04

auralquiz is simple music quiz game using your own music files

How To Install aurora on Ubuntu 21.04

aurora is communicate with an Aurora Magnetek Photovoltaic (solar) Power Inverter

How To Install austin on Ubuntu 21.04

austin is Frame stack sampler for CPython

How To Install ausweisapp2 on Ubuntu 21.04

ausweisapp2 is Official authentication app for German ID cards and residence permits

How To Install authbind on Ubuntu 21.04

authbind is Allows non-root programs to bind() to low ports

How To Install authprogs on Ubuntu 21.04

authprogs is SSH Command Authenticator

How To Install autoclass on Ubuntu 21.04

autoclass is automatic classification or clustering

How To Install autoconf on Ubuntu 21.04

autoconf is automatic configure script builder

How To Install autoconf2.13 on Ubuntu 21.04

autoconf2.13 is automatic configure script builder (obsolete version)

How To Install autoconf2.64 on Ubuntu 21.04

autoconf2.64 is automatic configure script builder (obsolete version)

How To Install autoconf2.69 on Ubuntu 21.04

autoconf2.69 is automatic configure script builder (obsolete version)

How To Install autocutsel on Ubuntu 21.04

autocutsel is Keep the X clipboard and the cutbuffer in sync

How To Install autodep8 on Ubuntu 21.04

autodep8 is DEP-8 test control file generator

How To Install autodia on Ubuntu 21.04

autodia is generates Dia UML diagrams from source code, XML or data

How To Install autodir on Ubuntu 21.04

autodir is Automatically creates home and group directories for LDAP/NIS/SQL/local accounts

How To Install autodock on Ubuntu 21.04

autodock is analysis of ligand binding to protein structure

How To Install autofdo on Ubuntu 21.04

autofdo is AutoFDO Profile Toolchain

How To Install autofs on Ubuntu 21.04

autofs is kernel-based automounter for Linux

How To Install autogen on Ubuntu 21.04

autogen is automated text file generator

How To Install autogrid on Ubuntu 21.04

autogrid is pre-calculate binding of ligands to their receptor

How To Install autojump on Ubuntu 21.04

autojump is shell extension to jump to frequently used directories

How To Install autolog on Ubuntu 21.04

autolog is Log out idle users

How To Install automake on Ubuntu 21.04

automake is Tool for generating GNU Standards-compliant Makefiles

How To Install automake1.11 on Ubuntu 21.04

automake1.11 is Tool for generating GNU Standards-compliant Makefiles

How To Install automysqlbackup on Ubuntu 21.04

automysqlbackup is daily, weekly and monthly backup for your MySQL database

How To Install autopkgtest on Ubuntu 21.04

autopkgtest is automatic as-installed testing for Debian packages automatic as-installed testing for Debian packages

How To Install autopoint on Ubuntu 21.04

autopoint is tool for setting up gettext infrastructure in a source package

How To Install autopostgresqlbackup on Ubuntu 21.04

autopostgresqlbackup is Automated tool to make periodic backups of PostgreSQL databases

How To Install autoproject on Ubuntu 21.04

autoproject is create a skeleton source package for a new program

How To Install autopsy on Ubuntu 21.04

autopsy is graphical interface to SleuthKit

How To Install autoradio on Ubuntu 21.04

autoradio is radio automation software

How To Install autorandr on Ubuntu 21.04

autorandr is Automatically select a display configuration for connected devices

How To Install autorenamer on Ubuntu 21.04

autorenamer is program to rename files to make them sort in given order

How To Install autorevision on Ubuntu 21.04

autorevision is extracts revision metadata from your VCS repository

How To Install autossh on Ubuntu 21.04

autossh is Automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels

How To Install autosuspend on Ubuntu 21.04

autosuspend is daemon to suspend a system in case of inactivity

How To Install autotalent on Ubuntu 21.04

autotalent is pitch correction LADSPA plugin

How To Install avarice on Ubuntu 21.04

avarice is use GDB with Atmel AVR debuggers

How To Install avce00 on Ubuntu 21.04

avce00 is Conversion of ESRI Arcinfo Vector Coverage in E00 format

How To Install averell on Ubuntu 21.04

averell is incredibly stupid web server

How To Install avfs on Ubuntu 21.04

avfs is virtual filesystem to access archives, disk images, remote locations

How To Install aview on Ubuntu 21.04

aview is A high quality ASCII art image viewer and video player

How To Install avldrums.lv2 on Ubuntu 21.04

avldrums.lv2 is Drum Sample Player Plugin

How To Install avo on Ubuntu 21.04

avo is Generate x86 Assembly with Go (program)

How To Install avogadro on Ubuntu 21.04

avogadro is Molecular Graphics and Modelling System

How To Install avra on Ubuntu 21.04

avra is assembler for Atmel AVR microcontrollers

How To Install avrdude on Ubuntu 21.04

avrdude is software for programming Atmel AVR microcontrollers

How To Install avrp on Ubuntu 21.04

avrp is Programmer for Atmel AVR microcontrollers

How To Install awardeco on Ubuntu 21.04

awardeco is Decompress flashfiles equipped with an AWARD BIOS

How To Install away on Ubuntu 21.04

away is Terminal locking program

How To Install awesfx on Ubuntu 21.04

awesfx is utility programs for AWE32/64 and Emu10k1 driver

How To Install awesome on Ubuntu 21.04

awesome is highly configurable X window manager

How To Install awffull on Ubuntu 21.04

awffull is web server log analysis program

How To Install awscli on Ubuntu 21.04

awscli is Universal Command Line Environment for AWS

How To Install awstats on Ubuntu 21.04

awstats is powerful and featureful web server log analyzer

How To Install axel on Ubuntu 21.04

axel is light command line download accelerator

How To Install axhttpd on Ubuntu 21.04

axhttpd is Highly configurable client/server TLSv1.2 library (web server)

How To Install axiom on Ubuntu 21.04

axiom is General purpose computer algebra system

How To Install axmail on Ubuntu 21.04

axmail is Mail user agent for ax.25 users, accessed via a node frontend

How To Install aylet on Ubuntu 21.04

aylet is ncurses-based player for Spectrum ‘.ay’ music files

How To Install b4 on Ubuntu 21.04

b4 is helper utility to work with patches made available via a public-inbox archive

How To Install b5i2iso on Ubuntu 21.04

b5i2iso is BlindWrite image to ISO image file converter

How To Install babeld on Ubuntu 21.04

babeld is loop-free distance-vector routing protocol

How To Install babeltrace on Ubuntu 21.04

babeltrace is Trace conversion program

How To Install babeltrace2 on Ubuntu 21.04

babeltrace2 is Trace manipulation toolkit

How To Install backstep on Ubuntu 21.04

backstep is Draws icons for minimized windows on your desktop

How To Install backup2l on Ubuntu 21.04

backup2l is low-maintenance backup/restore tool

How To Install backupchecker on Ubuntu 21.04

backupchecker is fully automated backup checker

How To Install backupninja on Ubuntu 21.04

backupninja is lightweight, extensible meta-backup system

How To Install backuppc on Ubuntu 21.04

backuppc is high-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up PCs

How To Install bacula on Ubuntu 21.04

bacula is network backup service - metapackage

How To Install badger on Ubuntu 21.04

badger is Fast key-value DB in Go.

How To Install bagel on Ubuntu 21.04

bagel is Computational Chemistry Package

How To Install baitfisher on Ubuntu 21.04

baitfisher is software package for designing hybrid enrichment probes

How To Install balboa on Ubuntu 21.04

balboa is Passive DNS database with GraphQL interface, frontend

How To Install ballerburg on Ubuntu 21.04

ballerburg is Classical castle combat game

How To Install ballview on Ubuntu 21.04

ballview is free molecular modeling and molecular graphics tool

How To Install ballz on Ubuntu 21.04

ballz is B.A.L.L.Z. - platform/puzzle game where you control a rolling ball

How To Install balsa on Ubuntu 21.04

balsa is e-mail client for GNOME

How To Install bam on Ubuntu 21.04

bam is fast and flexible build system

How To Install bambam on Ubuntu 21.04

bambam is keyboard mashing and doodling game for babies

How To Install bambootracker on Ubuntu 21.04

bambootracker is YM2608 (OPNA, sound chip of Yamaha) music tracker

How To Install bamfdaemon on Ubuntu 21.04

bamfdaemon is Window matching library - daemon

How To Install bamkit on Ubuntu 21.04

bamkit is tools for common BAM file manipulations

How To Install bamtools on Ubuntu 21.04

bamtools is toolkit for manipulating BAM (genome alignment) files

How To Install bandage on Ubuntu 21.04

bandage is Bioinformatics Application for Navigating De novo Assembly Graphs Easily

How To Install bandit on Ubuntu 21.04

bandit is Security oriented static analyzer for Python code - Metapackage

How To Install bandwidthd on Ubuntu 21.04

bandwidthd is Tracks usage of TCP/IP and builds html files with graphs

How To Install baobab on Ubuntu 21.04

baobab is GNOME disk usage analyzer

How To Install bar on Ubuntu 21.04

bar is Show information about a data transfer

How To Install barcode on Ubuntu 21.04

barcode is Utility for barcode generation

How To Install baresip on Ubuntu 21.04

baresip is portable and modular SIP user-agent - metapackage

How To Install barman on Ubuntu 21.04

barman is Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL

How To Install barnowl on Ubuntu 21.04

barnowl is A curses-based tty Jabber, IRC, AIM and Zephyr client

How To Install barrage on Ubuntu 21.04

barrage is Rather destructive action game

How To Install barrier on Ubuntu 21.04

barrier is Share mouse, keyboard and clipboard over the network

How To Install barrnap on Ubuntu 21.04

barrnap is rapid ribosomal RNA prediction

How To Install bart on Ubuntu 21.04

bart is tools for computational magnetic resonance imaging

How To Install base58 on Ubuntu 21.04

base58 is base58 encode/decode

How To Install basex on Ubuntu 21.04

basex is XML database and XPath/XQuery processor

How To Install basez on Ubuntu 21.04

basez is base 16/32/64 encode/decode data to standard output

How To Install bash on Ubuntu 21.04

bash is GNU Bourne Again SHell

How To Install bashtop on Ubuntu 21.04

bashtop is Resource monitor that shows usage and stats

How To Install basic256 on Ubuntu 21.04

basic256 is educational BASIC programming environment for children

How To Install basilisk2 on Ubuntu 21.04

basilisk2 is 68k Macintosh emulator

How To Install basket on Ubuntu 21.04

basket is multi-purpose note-taking application

How To Install bastet on Ubuntu 21.04

bastet is ncurses Tetris clone with a bastard algorithm

How To Install bat on Ubuntu 21.04

bat is cat(1) clone with syntax highlighting and git integration

How To Install batalert on Ubuntu 21.04

batalert is Battery notifications/alerts for your favorite WM!

How To Install batctl on Ubuntu 21.04

batctl is B.A.T.M.A.N. advanced control and management tool

How To Install batmand on Ubuntu 21.04

batmand is better approach to mobile adhoc networking

How To Install batmon.app on Ubuntu 21.04

batmon.app is Battery monitor for GNUstep

How To Install bats on Ubuntu 21.04

bats is bash automated testing system

How To Install baycomepp on Ubuntu 21.04

baycomepp is Drivers for the HB9JNX packet radio epp modem

How To Install baycomusb on Ubuntu 21.04

baycomusb is Drivers for the HB9JNX packet radio usb modem

How To Install bb on Ubuntu 21.04

bb is ASCII-art demo based on AAlib

How To Install bbdb on Ubuntu 21.04

bbdb is The Insidious Big Brother Database (email rolodex) for Emacs

How To Install bbdb3 on Ubuntu 21.04

bbdb3 is Reboot of the BBDB Insidious Big Brother Database for Emacs

How To Install bbe on Ubuntu 21.04

bbe is sed-like editor for binary files

How To Install bbmail on Ubuntu 21.04

bbmail is Mail notifier for Blackbox/Fluxbox

How To Install bbmap on Ubuntu 21.04

bbmap is short read aligner and other bioinformatic tools

How To Install bbpager on Ubuntu 21.04

bbpager is Pager for the blackbox and fluxbox window managers

How To Install bbrun on Ubuntu 21.04

bbrun is tool for the blackbox/fluxbox window managers that runs commands

How To Install bbtime on Ubuntu 21.04

bbtime is Time tool for the blackbox/fluxbox window managers

How To Install bc on Ubuntu 21.04

bc is GNU bc arbitrary precision calculator language

How To Install bcal on Ubuntu 21.04

bcal is Command-line utility for storage conversions and calculations

How To Install bcalm on Ubuntu 21.04

bcalm is de Bruijn compaction in low memory

How To Install bcbio on Ubuntu 21.04

bcbio is toolkit for analysing high-throughput sequencing data

How To Install bcc on Ubuntu 21.04

bcc is 16-bit x86 C compiler

How To Install bcftools on Ubuntu 21.04

bcftools is genomic variant calling and manipulation of VCF/BCF files

How To Install bchoppr on Ubuntu 21.04

bchoppr is audio stream chopping plugin

How To Install bchunk on Ubuntu 21.04

bchunk is CD image format conversion from bin/cue to iso/cdr

How To Install bcpp on Ubuntu 21.04

bcpp is C(++) beautifier

How To Install bcrelay on Ubuntu 21.04

bcrelay is Broadcast relay daemon

How To Install bcron on Ubuntu 21.04

bcron is Bruce cron system

How To Install bd on Ubuntu 21.04

bd is quickly go back to a specific parent directory in bash

How To Install bdbvu on Ubuntu 21.04

bdbvu is simple GUI tool to browse Berkeley DB databases

How To Install bdebstrap on Ubuntu 21.04

bdebstrap is YAML config based multi-mirror Debian chroot creation tool

How To Install bdf2psf on Ubuntu 21.04

bdf2psf is font converter to generate console fonts from BDF source fonts

How To Install bdf2sfd on Ubuntu 21.04

bdf2sfd is BDF to SFD converter

How To Install bdfproxy on Ubuntu 21.04

bdfproxy is Patch binaries during download ala MITM

How To Install bdfresize on Ubuntu 21.04

bdfresize is tool for resizing BDF format font

How To Install bdii on Ubuntu 21.04

bdii is Berkeley Database Information Index (BDII)

How To Install beads on Ubuntu 21.04

beads is 2-DE electrophoresis gel image spot detection

How To Install beagle on Ubuntu 21.04

beagle is Genotype calling, genotype phasing and imputation of ungenotyped markers

How To Install beancount on Ubuntu 21.04

beancount is Double-entry accounting from text files

How To Install beancounter on Ubuntu 21.04

beancounter is A stock portfolio performance monitoring tool

How To Install beanstalkd on Ubuntu 21.04

beanstalkd is simple, in-memory, workqueue service

How To Install bear on Ubuntu 21.04

bear is generate compilation database for Clang tooling

How To Install beav on Ubuntu 21.04

beav is binary editor and viewer

How To Install bedops on Ubuntu 21.04

bedops is high-performance genomic feature operations

How To Install bedtools on Ubuntu 21.04

bedtools is suite of utilities for comparing genomic features

How To Install beef on Ubuntu 21.04

beef is flexible Brainfuck interpreter

How To Install beep on Ubuntu 21.04

beep is advanced PC-speaker beeper

How To Install beets on Ubuntu 21.04

beets is music tagger and library organizer

How To Install belvu on Ubuntu 21.04

belvu is multiple sequence alignment viewer and phylogenetic tool

How To Install ben on Ubuntu 21.04

ben is toolbox for Debian maintainers

How To Install bepasty on Ubuntu 21.04

bepasty is binary pastebin / file upload service

How To Install berrynet on Ubuntu 21.04

berrynet is deep learning gateway - meta package

How To Install berusky on Ubuntu 21.04

berusky is Logic game based on Sokoban

How To Install berusky2 on Ubuntu 21.04

berusky2 is logic game Bugs Escape 3D

How To Install betaradio on Ubuntu 21.04

betaradio is Internet radio of Taiwan

How To Install between on Ubuntu 21.04

between is game about consciousness and isolation

How To Install bf on Ubuntu 21.04

bf is a fast Brainfuck interpreter

How To Install bfbtester on Ubuntu 21.04

bfbtester is Brute Force Binary Tester

How To Install bfs on Ubuntu 21.04

bfs is Breadth-first version of find(1)

How To Install bgpdump on Ubuntu 21.04

bgpdump is Translate binary zebra/quagga/MRT files into readable output

How To Install bgpq3 on Ubuntu 21.04

bgpq3 is automatic BGP filter generator using RADB data

How To Install bgpq4 on Ubuntu 21.04

bgpq4 is automatic BGP filter generator using IRR routing data

How To Install biabam on Ubuntu 21.04

biabam is bash attachment mailer

How To Install bibclean on Ubuntu 21.04

bibclean is pretty-printer for BibTeX databases

How To Install bibcursed on Ubuntu 21.04

bibcursed is Interactive program to edit BibTeX bibliographies

How To Install biber on Ubuntu 21.04

biber is Much-augmented BibTeX replacement for BibLaTeX users

How To Install bibledit on Ubuntu 21.04

bibledit is Bible editor

How To Install bibletime on Ubuntu 21.04

bibletime is bible study tool for Qt

How To Install biboumi on Ubuntu 21.04

biboumi is XMPP gateway to connect to IRC servers

How To Install bibshelf on Ubuntu 21.04

bibshelf is book organizer for GNOME

How To Install bibtex2html on Ubuntu 21.04

bibtex2html is filters BibTeX files and translates them to HTML

How To Install bibtexconv on Ubuntu 21.04

bibtexconv is BibTeX Converter

How To Install bibtool on Ubuntu 21.04

bibtool is tool to manipulate BibTeX files

How To Install bibutils on Ubuntu 21.04

bibutils is interconvert various bibliographic data formats

How To Install bidentd on Ubuntu 21.04

bidentd is Bisqwit’s identd for NAT proxying

How To Install bidiv on Ubuntu 21.04

bidiv is BiDi viewer - command-line tool displaying logical Hebrew/Arabic

How To Install bifcl on Ubuntu 21.04

bifcl is Bro Built-In-Function Compiler

How To Install biff on Ubuntu 21.04

biff is a mail notification tool

How To Install biglybt on Ubuntu 21.04

biglybt is BitTorrent client

How To Install bijiben on Ubuntu 21.04

bijiben is intuitive note editor integrated with GNOME 3

How To Install bikeshed on Ubuntu 21.04

bikeshed is random useful tools that do not yet have a permanent home

How To Install bilibop on Ubuntu 21.04

bilibop is run Debian GNU/Linux from external media - metapackage

How To Install biloba on Ubuntu 21.04

biloba is turn based strategy board game for up to 4 players

How To Install bin86 on Ubuntu 21.04

bin86 is 16-bit x86 assembler and loader

How To Install binaryen on Ubuntu 21.04

binaryen is compiler and toolchain infrastructure library for WebAssembly

How To Install binclock on Ubuntu 21.04

binclock is binary clock for console with color support

How To Install bind9 on Ubuntu 21.04

bind9 is Internet Domain Name Server Internet Domain Name Server

How To Install bind9utils on Ubuntu 21.04

bind9utils is Transitional package for bind9-utils Transitional package for bind9-utils

How To Install bindechexascii on Ubuntu 21.04

bindechexascii is simple ASCII,binary,decimal and hex converter

How To Install bindfs on Ubuntu 21.04

bindfs is mirrors or overlays a local directory with altered permissions

How To Install bindgen on Ubuntu 21.04

bindgen is Automatically generates Rust FFI bindings to C and C++ libraries

How To Install bindgraph on Ubuntu 21.04

bindgraph is DNS statistics RRDtool frontend for BIND9

How To Install binfmtc on Ubuntu 21.04

binfmtc is Execute C program as script

How To Install bing on Ubuntu 21.04

bing is Empirical stochastic bandwidth tester

How To Install biniax2 on Ubuntu 21.04

biniax2 is logic game with arcade and tactics modes

How To Install binkd on Ubuntu 21.04

binkd is FidoTech TCP/IP mailer

How To Install bino on Ubuntu 21.04

bino is 3D video player

How To Install binoculars on Ubuntu 21.04

binoculars is Surface X-ray diffraction 2D detector data reduction

How To Install binpac on Ubuntu 21.04

binpac is high level protocol parser language

How To Install binstats on Ubuntu 21.04

binstats is Statistics tool for installed programs

How To Install binutils on Ubuntu 21.04

binutils is GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities

How To Install binwalk on Ubuntu 21.04

binwalk is tool library for analyzing binary blobs and executable code

How To Install biobambam2 on Ubuntu 21.04

biobambam2 is tools for early stage alignment file processing

How To Install biogenesis on Ubuntu 21.04

biogenesis is artificial life program that simulates evolution of organisms

How To Install bioperl on Ubuntu 21.04

bioperl is Perl tools for computational molecular biology

How To Install biosquid on Ubuntu 21.04

biosquid is utilities for biological sequence analysis

How To Install biosyntax on Ubuntu 21.04

biosyntax is Syntax Highlighting for Computational Biology (metapackage)

How To Install bip on Ubuntu 21.04

bip is multiuser irc proxy with conversation replay and more

How To Install bird on Ubuntu 21.04

bird is Internet Routing Daemon

How To Install bird2 on Ubuntu 21.04

bird2 is Internet Routing Daemon

How To Install birdfont on Ubuntu 21.04

birdfont is font editor that lets you create outline vector graphics and export fonts

How To Install birdtray on Ubuntu 21.04

birdtray is system tray notifications for Thunderbird

How To Install birthday on Ubuntu 21.04

birthday is Display information about pending events on login

How To Install bison on Ubuntu 21.04

bison is YACC-compatible parser generator

How To Install bison++ on Ubuntu 21.04

bison++ is Generate a parser in c or c++ from BNF notation

How To Install bisonc++ on Ubuntu 21.04

bisonc++ is Bison-style parser generator for C++

How To Install bist on Ubuntu 21.04

bist is chemical drawing tool

How To Install bitlbee on Ubuntu 21.04

bitlbee is IRC to other chat networks gateway (default version)

How To Install bitmeter on Ubuntu 21.04

bitmeter is diagnosis tool for JACK audio software

How To Install bitseq on Ubuntu 21.04

bitseq is Bayesian Inference of Transcripts from Sequencing Data

How To Install bitshuffle on Ubuntu 21.04

bitshuffle is filter for improving compression of typed binary data

How To Install bitstormlite on Ubuntu 21.04

bitstormlite is BitTorrent Client based on C++/Gtk+2.0

How To Install bittwist on Ubuntu 21.04

bittwist is libpcap based Ethernet packet generator

How To Install bitwise on Ubuntu 21.04

bitwise is Interactive bitwise operation in ncurses

How To Install black on Ubuntu 21.04

black is uncompromising Python code formatter (Python 3)

How To Install blackbox on Ubuntu 21.04

blackbox is Window manager for X

How To Install bladerf on Ubuntu 21.04

bladerf is Nuand bladeRF software-defined radio device (tools)

How To Install blahtexml on Ubuntu 21.04

blahtexml is Converts TeX equations into MathML

How To Install blasr on Ubuntu 21.04

blasr is mapping single-molecule sequencing reads

How To Install blastem on Ubuntu 21.04

blastem is Fast and accurate Genesis emulator

How To Install blazeblogger on Ubuntu 21.04

blazeblogger is simple to use, command line based, content management system

How To Install bleachbit on Ubuntu 21.04

bleachbit is delete unnecessary files from the system

How To Install blender on Ubuntu 21.04

blender is Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer

How To Install blepvco on Ubuntu 21.04

blepvco is LADSPA, minBLEP-based, hard-sync-capable oscillator plugins

How To Install bless on Ubuntu 21.04

bless is A full featured hexadecimal editor

How To Install blhc on Ubuntu 21.04

blhc is build log hardening check

How To Install blinken on Ubuntu 21.04

blinken is KDE version of the Simon electronic memory game

How To Install bliss on Ubuntu 21.04

bliss is tool to compute graph automorphisms and labelings – bin

How To Install blixem on Ubuntu 21.04

blixem is interactive browser of sequence alignments

How To Install blkreplay on Ubuntu 21.04

blkreplay is block device testing and benchmarking toolkit

How To Install blktool on Ubuntu 21.04

blktool is tune low-level block device parameters

How To Install blktrace on Ubuntu 21.04

blktrace is utilities for block layer IO tracing

How To Install blobandconquer on Ubuntu 21.04

blobandconquer is 3D platform shooting game

How To Install blobby on Ubuntu 21.04

blobby is Volleyball game with blobs

How To Install bloboats on Ubuntu 21.04

bloboats is Boat racing game

How To Install blobwars on Ubuntu 21.04

blobwars is platform shooting game

How To Install blockattack on Ubuntu 21.04

blockattack is puzzle game inspired by Tetris

How To Install blockout2 on Ubuntu 21.04

blockout2 is Tetris like game (3D-tetris)

How To Install blogliterately on Ubuntu 21.04

blogliterately is Tool for posting Haskelly articles to blogs

How To Install blop on Ubuntu 21.04

blop is Bandlimited wavetable-based oscillator plugins for LADSPA hosts

How To Install blosxom on Ubuntu 21.04

blosxom is light, feature-packed weblog app with plugin extensibility

How To Install blt on Ubuntu 21.04

blt is graphics extension library for Tcl/Tk - run-time

How To Install bluedevil on Ubuntu 21.04

bluedevil is KDE Bluetooth stack

How To Install bluefish on Ubuntu 21.04

bluefish is advanced Gtk+ text editor for web and software development

How To Install blueman on Ubuntu 21.04

blueman is Graphical bluetooth manager

How To Install bluemon on Ubuntu 21.04

bluemon is Activate or deactivate programs based on Bluetooth link quality

How To Install bluetooth on Ubuntu 21.04

bluetooth is Bluetooth support Bluetooth support Bluetooth support

How To Install bluez on Ubuntu 21.04

bluez is Bluetooth tools and daemons Bluetooth tools and daemons Bluetooth tools and daemons

How To Install bmagic on Ubuntu 21.04

bmagic is C++ template library for efficient platform independent bitsets

How To Install bmake on Ubuntu 21.04

bmake is NetBSD make

How To Install bmf on Ubuntu 21.04

bmf is e-mail filter for spam that learns

How To Install bmon on Ubuntu 21.04

bmon is portable bandwidth monitor and rate estimator

How To Install bmt on Ubuntu 21.04

bmt is software analysis benchmarking toolkit

How To Install bnd on Ubuntu 21.04

bnd is tool to create and diagnose OSGi bundles

How To Install bnfc on Ubuntu 21.04

bnfc is Compiler front-end generator based on Labelled BNF

How To Install boats on Ubuntu 21.04

boats is race scenario drawing tool

How To Install bochs on Ubuntu 21.04

bochs is IA-32 PC emulator

How To Install bochsbios on Ubuntu 21.04

bochsbios is BIOS for the Bochs emulator

How To Install bodr on Ubuntu 21.04

bodr is Blue Obelisk Data Repository

How To Install bogofilter on Ubuntu 21.04

bogofilter is fast Bayesian spam filter (meta package)

How To Install boinc on Ubuntu 21.04

boinc is metapackage for the BOINC client and the manager

How To Install boinctui on Ubuntu 21.04

boinctui is Fullscreen text mode manager for Boinc client

How To Install bolt on Ubuntu 21.04

bolt is system daemon to manage thunderbolt 3 devices

How To Install bombardier on Ubuntu 21.04

bombardier is The GNU Bombing utility

How To Install bomber on Ubuntu 21.04

bomber is arcade spaceship game

How To Install bomberclone on Ubuntu 21.04

bomberclone is free Bomberman clone

How To Install bomstrip on Ubuntu 21.04

bomstrip is tool to strip Byte-Order Marks from UTF-8 text files

How To Install bonnie++ on Ubuntu 21.04

bonnie++ is Hard drive benchmark suite

How To Install boogie on Ubuntu 21.04

boogie is verifiable programming language (compiler)

How To Install boohu on Ubuntu 21.04

boohu is Break Out Of Hareka’s Underground – a roguelike game

How To Install bookletimposer on Ubuntu 21.04

bookletimposer is PDF imposition toolkit

How To Install bookworm on Ubuntu 21.04

bookworm is Simple, focused eBook Reader

How To Install boolector on Ubuntu 21.04

boolector is SMT solver for bit-vectors and arrays

How To Install boolstuff on Ubuntu 21.04

boolstuff is programs for operating on boolean expression binary trees

How To Install boomaga on Ubuntu 21.04

boomaga is virtual printer for viewing a document before printing

How To Install bootcd on Ubuntu 21.04

bootcd is bootcd tools can copy a running or mounted Debian system.

How To Install booth on Ubuntu 21.04

booth is Cluster Ticket Manager

How To Install bootmail on Ubuntu 21.04

bootmail is automatically email one or more admins when a system reboots

How To Install bootp on Ubuntu 21.04

bootp is server for the bootp protocol with DHCP support

How To Install bootparamd on Ubuntu 21.04

bootparamd is Boot parameter server

How To Install bootpc on Ubuntu 21.04

bootpc is Client to connect to a boot protocol (bootp) server

How To Install bopm on Ubuntu 21.04

bopm is Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor

How To Install borgbackup on Ubuntu 21.04

borgbackup is deduplicating and compressing backup program

How To Install borgmatic on Ubuntu 21.04

borgmatic is automatically create, prune and verify backups with borgbackup

How To Install bornagain on Ubuntu 21.04

bornagain is Simulate and fit X-ray and neutron GISAXS – binary

How To Install bosh on Ubuntu 21.04

bosh is browse output of processes

How To Install bossa on Ubuntu 21.04

bossa is Atmel SAM ARM microcontroller flash programming GUI

How To Install boswars on Ubuntu 21.04

boswars is futuristic real-time strategy game

How To Install botan on Ubuntu 21.04

botan is multiplatform crypto library (2.x version)

How To Install botch on Ubuntu 21.04

botch is tools to create and analyse dependency graphs

How To Install bottlerocket on Ubuntu 21.04

bottlerocket is Utility to control X10 Firecracker devices for home automation

How To Install bouncy on Ubuntu 21.04

bouncy is eat the yummy veggies in the garden - game for small kids

How To Install bovo on Ubuntu 21.04

bovo is gomoku (five in line) board game

How To Install bowtie on Ubuntu 21.04

bowtie is Ultrafast memory-efficient short read aligner

How To Install bowtie2 on Ubuntu 21.04

bowtie2 is ultrafast memory-efficient short read aligner

How To Install boxer on Ubuntu 21.04

boxer is system deployment ninja tricks

How To Install boxes on Ubuntu 21.04

boxes is textmode box- and comment drawing filter

How To Install boxshade on Ubuntu 21.04

boxshade is Pretty-printing of multiple sequence alignments

How To Install bpfmon on Ubuntu 21.04

bpfmon is traffic monitor for BPF expression/iptables rule

How To Install bpftrace on Ubuntu 21.04

bpftrace is high-level tracing language for Linux eBPF

How To Install bplay on Ubuntu 21.04

bplay is Buffered audio file player/recorder

How To Install bppphyview on Ubuntu 21.04

bppphyview is Bio++ Phylogenetic Viewer

How To Install bppsuite on Ubuntu 21.04

bppsuite is Bio++ program suite

How To Install bpython on Ubuntu 21.04

bpython is fancy interface to the Python 3 interpreter

How To Install bpython3 on Ubuntu 21.04

bpython3 is transitional package

How To Install bpytop on Ubuntu 21.04

bpytop is Resource monitor that shows usage and stats

How To Install br2684ctl on Ubuntu 21.04

br2684ctl is Utility for configuring RFC 2684 ATM/Ethernet bridging

How To Install braa on Ubuntu 21.04

braa is Mass SNMP scanner

How To Install brag on Ubuntu 21.04

brag is Downloads and assembles multipart Usenet binaries

How To Install braillefont on Ubuntu 21.04

braillefont is Prints a bitmapped version of a text using Unicode Braille symbols

How To Install braillegraph on Ubuntu 21.04

braillegraph is simple histogram tool producing text dot-matrix graphs

How To Install brailleutils on Ubuntu 21.04

brailleutils is command-line interface for the brailleutils library

How To Install brainparty on Ubuntu 21.04

brainparty is 36 puzzle games for all the family

How To Install brandy on Ubuntu 21.04

brandy is BBC BASIC V interpreter

How To Install brasero on Ubuntu 21.04

brasero is CD/DVD burning application for GNOME

How To Install brebis on Ubuntu 21.04

brebis is fully automated backup checker

How To Install breeze on Ubuntu 21.04

breeze is Default Plasma theme (Metapackage)

How To Install brewtarget on Ubuntu 21.04

brewtarget is GUI beer brewing software

How To Install brickos on Ubuntu 21.04

brickos is alternative OS for LEGO(r) Mindstorms RCX. Supports devel. in C/C++

How To Install brig on Ubuntu 21.04

brig is BLAST Ring Image Generator

How To Install brightd on Ubuntu 21.04

brightd is daemon which regulates brightness of LCDs dynamically

How To Install brightnessctl on Ubuntu 21.04

brightnessctl is Control backlight brightness

How To Install briquolo on Ubuntu 21.04

briquolo is fast paced 3d Breakout game

How To Install bristol on Ubuntu 21.04

bristol is vintage synthesizer emulator

How To Install brltty on Ubuntu 21.04

brltty is Access software for a blind person using a braille display

How To Install bro on Ubuntu 21.04

bro is passive network traffic analyzer - Transitional package

How To Install brotli on Ubuntu 21.04

brotli is lossless compression algorithm and format (command line utility)

How To Install brutalchess on Ubuntu 21.04

brutalchess is 3D chess game with reflection of the chessmen

How To Install brutefir on Ubuntu 21.04

brutefir is software convolution engine

How To Install brutespray on Ubuntu 21.04

brutespray is Python bruteforce tool

How To Install brz on Ubuntu 21.04

brz is easy to use distributed version control system

How To Install bs1770gain on Ubuntu 21.04

bs1770gain is measure and adjust audio and video sound loudness

How To Install bsdextrautils on Ubuntu 21.04

bsdextrautils is extra utilities from 4.4BSD-Lite

How To Install bsdgames on Ubuntu 21.04

bsdgames is collection of classic textual unix games

How To Install bsdiff on Ubuntu 21.04

bsdiff is generate/apply a patch between two binary files

How To Install bsdmainutils on Ubuntu 21.04

bsdmainutils is Transitional package for more utilities from FreeBSD

How To Install bsdowl on Ubuntu 21.04

bsdowl is Universal portable build system written for BSD Make

How To Install bsdutils on Ubuntu 21.04

bsdutils is basic utilities from 4.4BSD-Lite

How To Install bsequencer on Ubuntu 21.04

bsequencer is Multichannel MIDI step sequencer LV2 plugin with a variable matrix

How To Install bsfilter on Ubuntu 21.04

bsfilter is Bayesian spam filter

How To Install bsh on Ubuntu 21.04

bsh is Java scripting environment (BeanShell) Version 2

How To Install bshapr on Ubuntu 21.04

bshapr is Beat / envelope shaper LV2 plugin

How To Install bslizr on Ubuntu 21.04

bslizr is Sequenced slicing of stereo audio input signals

How To Install bspwm on Ubuntu 21.04

bspwm is Binary space partitioning window manager

How To Install btag on Ubuntu 21.04

btag is interactive command-line based multimedia tag editor

How To Install btanks on Ubuntu 21.04

btanks is fast 2D tank arcade game with multiplayer and split-screen modes

How To Install btcheck on Ubuntu 21.04

btcheck is downloaded data checker and a torrent file content viewer

How To Install btest on Ubuntu 21.04

btest is simple driver for basic unit tests

How To Install btfs on Ubuntu 21.04

btfs is access torrent files as a filesystem

How To Install bti on Ubuntu 21.04

bti is command line Twitter client

How To Install btpd on Ubuntu 21.04

btpd is BitTorrent Protocol Daemon

How To Install btrbk on Ubuntu 21.04

btrbk is backup tool for btrfs subvolumes

How To Install btrfsmaintenance on Ubuntu 21.04

btrfsmaintenance is automate btrfs maintenance tasks on mountpoints or directories

How To Install btscanner on Ubuntu 21.04

btscanner is ncurses-based scanner for Bluetooth devices

How To Install btyacc on Ubuntu 21.04

btyacc is Backtracking parser generator based on byacc

How To Install bubblefishymon on Ubuntu 21.04

bubblefishymon is system load dockapp with a duck

How To Install bubblewrap on Ubuntu 21.04

bubblewrap is utility for unprivileged chroot and namespace manipulation

How To Install bucardo on Ubuntu 21.04

bucardo is asynchronous replication system for PostgreSQL

How To Install bucklespring on Ubuntu 21.04

bucklespring is Nostalgia bucklespring keyboard sound

How To Install buffer on Ubuntu 21.04

buffer is Buffering/reblocking program for tape backups, printing, etc.

How To Install bugsquish on Ubuntu 21.04

bugsquish is Bugs are trying to suck blood out of your arm!

How To Install bugwarrior on Ubuntu 21.04

bugwarrior is Pull tickets from bug trackers into taskwarrior

How To Install bugz on Ubuntu 21.04

bugz is command-line interface to Bugzilla

How To Install buildah on Ubuntu 21.04

buildah is CLI tool to facilitate building OCI images

How To Install buildapp on Ubuntu 21.04

buildapp is application to create common lisp images

How To Install buildbot on Ubuntu 21.04

buildbot is System to automate the compile/test cycle (server)

How To Install buildd on Ubuntu 21.04

buildd is Daemon for automatically building Debian binary packages from Debian sources

How To Install buildstream on Ubuntu 21.04

buildstream is toolset for the Buildstream project

How To Install buildtorrent on Ubuntu 21.04

buildtorrent is command line torrent creation program

How To Install bully on Ubuntu 21.04

bully is Implementation of the WPS brute force attack, written in C

How To Install bumblebee on Ubuntu 21.04

bumblebee is NVIDIA Optimus support for Linux

How To Install bumprace on Ubuntu 21.04

bumprace is 1 or 2 players race through a multi-level maze

How To Install bumpversion on Ubuntu 21.04

bumpversion is Version-bump your software with a single command

How To Install bundler on Ubuntu 21.04

bundler is Manage Ruby application dependencies

How To Install bundlewrap on Ubuntu 21.04

bundlewrap is Decentralized configuration management system with Python

How To Install burgerspace on Ubuntu 21.04

burgerspace is Avoid evil foodstuffs and make burgers

How To Install burp on Ubuntu 21.04

burp is Simple cross-platform network BackUp and Restore Program

How To Install burrow on Ubuntu 21.04

burrow is Apache Kafka consumer lag checking

How To Install busco on Ubuntu 21.04

busco is benchmarking sets of universal single-copy orthologs

How To Install bustle on Ubuntu 21.04

bustle is D-Bus activity visualiser

How To Install bustools on Ubuntu 21.04

bustools is program for manipulating BUS files for single cell RNA-Seq datasets

How To Install busybox on Ubuntu 21.04

busybox is Tiny utilities for small and embedded systems

How To Install buthead on Ubuntu 21.04

buthead is copy all but the first few lines

How To Install butt on Ubuntu 21.04

butt is multi OS streaming audio tool easy to use

How To Install butteraugli on Ubuntu 21.04

butteraugli is measuring perceived differences between images

How To Install buzztrax on Ubuntu 21.04

buzztrax is Modular music composer

How To Install bvi on Ubuntu 21.04

bvi is binary file editor

How To Install bwa on Ubuntu 21.04

bwa is Burrows-Wheeler Aligner

How To Install bwbar on Ubuntu 21.04

bwbar is generates text and graphical readout of current bandwidth use

How To Install bwbasic on Ubuntu 21.04

bwbasic is Bywater BASIC Interpreter

How To Install bwidget on Ubuntu 21.04

bwidget is Extension widgets for Tcl/Tk

How To Install bximage on Ubuntu 21.04

bximage is Disk Image Creation Tool for Bochs

How To Install byacc on Ubuntu 21.04

byacc is public domain Berkeley LALR Yacc parser generator

How To Install bygfoot on Ubuntu 21.04

bygfoot is football (a.k.a soccer) management game

How To Install byobu on Ubuntu 21.04

byobu is text window manager, shell multiplexer, integrated DevOps environment

How To Install byzanz on Ubuntu 21.04

byzanz is small screencast creator

How To Install bzflag on Ubuntu 21.04

bzflag is 3D first person tank battle game

How To Install bzip2 on Ubuntu 21.04

bzip2 is high-quality block-sorting file compressor - utilities

How To Install bzr on Ubuntu 21.04

bzr is transitional dummy package for brz

How To Install bzrtools on Ubuntu 21.04

bzrtools is transitional dummy package

How To Install c2hs on Ubuntu 21.04

c2hs is C->Haskell Interface Generator

How To Install c2x on Ubuntu 21.04

c2x is converter between DFT electronic structure codes formats

How To Install c3270 on Ubuntu 21.04

c3270 is Curses program for telnet sessions to IBM mainframes

How To Install cabextract on Ubuntu 21.04

cabextract is Microsoft Cabinet file unpacker

How To Install cachefilesd on Ubuntu 21.04

cachefilesd is support fscache on already mounted filesystem

How To Install cackey on Ubuntu 21.04

cackey is CAC and PIV Smartcard PKCS #11 cryptographic module

How To Install cacti on Ubuntu 21.04

cacti is web interface for graphing of monitoring systems

How To Install cadabra on Ubuntu 21.04

cadabra is field-theory motivated computer algebra system

How To Install cadabra2 on Ubuntu 21.04

cadabra2 is field-theory motivated computer algebra system

How To Install cadaver on Ubuntu 21.04

cadaver is command-line WebDAV client

How To Install cado on Ubuntu 21.04

cado is Capability Ambient DO

How To Install cadubi on Ubuntu 21.04

cadubi is Creative ASCII Drawing Utility By Ian

How To Install cadvisor on Ubuntu 21.04

cadvisor is analyze resource usage and performance characteristics of running containers

How To Install cafeobj on Ubuntu 21.04

cafeobj is new generation algebraic specification and programming language

How To Install caffe on Ubuntu 21.04

caffe is Tools for fast, open framework for Deep Learning (CPU_ONLY)

How To Install caffeine on Ubuntu 21.04

caffeine is prevent the desktop becoming idle in full-screen mode

How To Install caftools on Ubuntu 21.04

caftools is maintenance of DNA sequence assemblies

How To Install cairosvg on Ubuntu 21.04

cairosvg is SVG to PDF/PS/PNG converter based on Cairo

How To Install caja on Ubuntu 21.04

caja is file manager for the MATE desktop

How To Install cakephp on Ubuntu 21.04

cakephp is rapid application development framework for PHP

How To Install calamares on Ubuntu 21.04

calamares is distribution-independent installer framework

How To Install calamaris on Ubuntu 21.04

calamaris is log analyzer for Squid or Oops proxy log files

How To Install calc on Ubuntu 21.04

calc is Arbitrary precision calculator

How To Install calcurse on Ubuntu 21.04

calcurse is text-based calendar and todo manager

How To Install calendar on Ubuntu 21.04

calendar is display upcoming dates and provide reminders

How To Install calibre on Ubuntu 21.04

calibre is powerful and easy to use e-book manager

How To Install calife on Ubuntu 21.04

calife is Provides super user privileges to specific users

How To Install callaudiod on Ubuntu 21.04

callaudiod is Call audio routing daemon

How To Install calligra on Ubuntu 21.04

calligra is extensive productivity and creative suite

How To Install calligraplan on Ubuntu 21.04

calligraplan is integrated project management and planning tool

How To Install calligrasheets on Ubuntu 21.04

calligrasheets is spreadsheet for the Calligra Suite

How To Install calligrastage on Ubuntu 21.04

calligrastage is presentation program for the Calligra Suite

How To Install calligrawords on Ubuntu 21.04

calligrawords is word processor for the Calligra Suite

How To Install callisto on Ubuntu 21.04

callisto is Daemon for e-Callisto hardware

How To Install calypso on Ubuntu 21.04

calypso is CalDAV/CardDAV server with git backend

How To Install camera.app on Ubuntu 21.04

camera.app is GNUstep application for digital still cameras

How To Install caml2html on Ubuntu 21.04

caml2html is HTML and LaTeX colored syntax from OCaml source files - executable

How To Install camlidl on Ubuntu 21.04

camlidl is Stub code generator for Objective Caml

How To Install camlmix on Ubuntu 21.04

camlmix is preprocessor which converts text with embedded OCaml

How To Install camlp4 on Ubuntu 21.04

camlp4 is Pre Processor Pretty Printer for OCaml

How To Install camlp5 on Ubuntu 21.04

camlp5 is Pre Processor Pretty Printer for OCaml - classical version

How To Install camo on Ubuntu 21.04

camo is SSL/TLS image proxy to prevent mixed-content warnings

How To Install camping on Ubuntu 21.04

camping is small Ruby web framework for Model-View-Controller type applications

How To Install caneda on Ubuntu 21.04

caneda is Electronic Design Automation software focused on easy of use and portability

How To Install canid on Ubuntu 21.04

canid is Caching Additional Network Information Daemon

How To Install canlock on Ubuntu 21.04

canlock is utilities for creating and verifying Usenet cancel locks

How To Install canna on Ubuntu 21.04

canna is input system for Japanese - server and dictionary

How To Install cantata on Ubuntu 21.04

cantata is Qt client for the music player daemon (MPD)

How To Install cantor on Ubuntu 21.04

cantor is interface for mathematical applications

How To Install canu on Ubuntu 21.04

canu is single molecule sequence assembler for genomes

How To Install capistrano on Ubuntu 21.04

capistrano is tool to execute commands in parallel on multiple servers

How To Install capnproto on Ubuntu 21.04

capnproto is tool for working with the Cap’n Proto data interchange format

How To Install cappuccino on Ubuntu 21.04

cappuccino is utility to let your boss think that you’re working hard

How To Install caps on Ubuntu 21.04

caps is C* Audio Plugin Suite

How To Install capstats on Ubuntu 21.04

capstats is command-line tool for collecting network interface statistics

How To Install cardpeek on Ubuntu 21.04

cardpeek is Tool to read the contents of ISO7816 smartcards

How To Install care on Ubuntu 21.04

care is make linux programs reproducible on all linux systems

How To Install cargo on Ubuntu 21.04

cargo is Rust package manager

How To Install caribou on Ubuntu 21.04

caribou is Configurable on screen keyboard with scanning mode

How To Install carla on Ubuntu 21.04

carla is audio plugin host

How To Install carmetal on Ubuntu 21.04

carmetal is dynamic geometry software with highly ergonomic UI

How To Install carton on Ubuntu 21.04

carton is Perl module dependency manager (aka Bundler for Perl)

How To Install caspar on Ubuntu 21.04

caspar is Makefile snippets for centralized configuration management and typesetting

How To Install casper on Ubuntu 21.04

casper is Run a “live” preinstalled system from read-only media

How To Install cassbeam on Ubuntu 21.04

cassbeam is Cassegrain antenna modelling

How To Install cassiopee on Ubuntu 21.04

cassiopee is index and search tool in genomic sequences

How To Install castxml on Ubuntu 21.04

castxml is C-family abstract syntax tree XML output tool

How To Install casync on Ubuntu 21.04

casync is content addressable data synchronizer

How To Install catatonit on Ubuntu 21.04

catatonit is init process for containers

How To Install catch on Ubuntu 21.04

catch is C++ Automated Test Cases in Headers

How To Install catch2 on Ubuntu 21.04

catch2 is C++ Automated Test Cases in Headers

How To Install catcodec on Ubuntu 21.04

catcodec is tool to decode/encode the sample catalogue for OpenTTD

How To Install catdoc on Ubuntu 21.04

catdoc is text extractor for MS-Office files

How To Install catdvi on Ubuntu 21.04

catdvi is DVI to plain text translator

How To Install catfish on Ubuntu 21.04

catfish is File searching tool which is configurable via the command line

How To Install catimg on Ubuntu 21.04

catimg is fast image printing in to your terminal

How To Install catkin on Ubuntu 21.04

catkin is Low-level build system macros and infrastructure for Robot OS

How To Install cava on Ubuntu 21.04

cava is Console-based Audio Visualizer for Alsa

How To Install caveconverter on Ubuntu 21.04

caveconverter is Cave survey data format converter

How To Install caveexpress on Ubuntu 21.04

caveexpress is 2D platformer with physics-based gameplay

How To Install cavepacker on Ubuntu 21.04

cavepacker is sokoban game with network based multiplayer gaming

How To Install cavezofphear on Ubuntu 21.04

cavezofphear is ASCII Boulder Dash clone

How To Install cb2bib on Ubuntu 21.04

cb2bib is extract bibliographic references from various sources

How To Install cba on Ubuntu 21.04

cba is Continuous Beam Analysis

How To Install cbatticon on Ubuntu 21.04

cbatticon is lightweight and fast battery icon status and more

How To Install cbedic on Ubuntu 21.04

cbedic is Text-mode Bulgarian/English Dictionary

How To Install cbindgen on Ubuntu 21.04

cbindgen is Generates C bindings from Rust code

How To Install cbios on Ubuntu 21.04

cbios is open source MSX BIOS roms

How To Install cbm on Ubuntu 21.04

cbm is display in real time the network traffic speed

How To Install cbmc on Ubuntu 21.04

cbmc is bounded model checker for C and C++ programs

How To Install cbootimage on Ubuntu 21.04

cbootimage is Tools to dump and generate boot config table on Tegra devices

How To Install cbp2make on Ubuntu 21.04

cbp2make is Makefile generation tool for the Code

How To Install cc1541 on Ubuntu 21.04

cc1541 is tool for creating Commodore Floppy disk images in D64, G64, D71 or D81 format

How To Install cc65 on Ubuntu 21.04

cc65 is complete cross development package for 65(C)02 systems

How To Install ccache on Ubuntu 21.04

ccache is Compiler cache for fast recompilation of C/C++ code

How To Install ccal on Ubuntu 21.04

ccal is Colorised calendar utility

How To Install ccbuild on Ubuntu 21.04

ccbuild is source scanning build utility for C++

How To Install cccc on Ubuntu 21.04

cccc is C and C++ Code Counter, a software metrics tool

How To Install cccd on Ubuntu 21.04

cccd is Small GTK+ CD player program

How To Install ccd2iso on Ubuntu 21.04

ccd2iso is Converter from CloneCD disc image format to standard ISO

How To Install ccdiff on Ubuntu 21.04

ccdiff is Colored Character Diff

How To Install ccextractor on Ubuntu 21.04

ccextractor is fast closed captions extractor for MPEG and H264 files

How To Install cclib on Ubuntu 21.04

cclib is Parsers and algorithms for computational chemistry

How To Install cclive on Ubuntu 21.04

cclive is lightweight command line video extraction tool

How To Install ccls on Ubuntu 21.04

ccls is C/C++/ObjC language server

How To Install cconv on Ubuntu 21.04

cconv is simplified-traditional chinese conversion tool

How To Install ccrypt on Ubuntu 21.04

ccrypt is secure encryption and decryption of files and streams

How To Install cct on Ubuntu 21.04

cct is visually comparing bacterial, plasmid, chloroplast, or mitochondrial sequences

How To Install ccze on Ubuntu 21.04

ccze is robust, modular log coloriser

How To Install cd5 on Ubuntu 21.04

cd5 is Compute checksum of individual track on CD-ROMS

How To Install cdargs on Ubuntu 21.04

cdargs is bookmarks and browsing for the cd command

How To Install cdbackup on Ubuntu 21.04

cdbackup is CD-R(W) backup utility

How To Install cdbfasta on Ubuntu 21.04

cdbfasta is Constant DataBase indexing and retrieval tools for multi-FASTA files

How To Install cdbs on Ubuntu 21.04

cdbs is common build system for Debian packages

How To Install cdcd on Ubuntu 21.04

cdcd is command line or console based CD player

How To Install cdck on Ubuntu 21.04

cdck is tool for verifying the quality of written CDs/DVDs

How To Install cdcover on Ubuntu 21.04

cdcover is Creating Data-CD Covers

How To Install cdde on Ubuntu 21.04

cdde is CD Detect & Execute utility

How To Install cde on Ubuntu 21.04

cde is package everything required to execute a Linux command on another computer

How To Install cdebconf on Ubuntu 21.04

cdebconf is Debian Configuration Management System (C-implementation)

How To Install cdebootstrap on Ubuntu 21.04

cdebootstrap is Bootstrap a Debian system

How To Install cdecl on Ubuntu 21.04

cdecl is Turn English phrases to C or C++ declarations

How To Install cdftools on Ubuntu 21.04

cdftools is Diagnostic tools for NEMO netCDF output

How To Install cdi2iso on Ubuntu 21.04

cdi2iso is DiscJuggler image to ISO image file converter

How To Install cdist on Ubuntu 21.04

cdist is Usable Configuration Management System

How To Install cdlabelgen on Ubuntu 21.04

cdlabelgen is generates front cards and tray cards for CDs and DVDs

How To Install cdo on Ubuntu 21.04

cdo is Climate Data Operators

How To Install cdparanoia on Ubuntu 21.04

cdparanoia is audio extraction tool for sampling CDs

How To Install cdpr on Ubuntu 21.04

cdpr is Cisco Discovery Protocol Reporter

How To Install cdr2odg on Ubuntu 21.04

cdr2odg is Corel Draw graphics to OpenDocument converter

How To Install cdrdao on Ubuntu 21.04

cdrdao is records CDs in Disk-At-Once (DAO) mode

How To Install cdrskin on Ubuntu 21.04

cdrskin is command line CD/DVD/BD writing tool

How To Install cdtool on Ubuntu 21.04

cdtool is text-based audio CD player and CD-ROM control commands

How To Install cdw on Ubuntu 21.04

cdw is Tool for burning CD’s - console version

How To Install cecilia on Ubuntu 21.04

cecilia is Sound synthesis and audio signal processing environment

How To Install ceferino on Ubuntu 21.04

ceferino is action game similar to Super Pang

How To Install celery on Ubuntu 21.04

celery is async task/job queue based on message passing (common files)

How To Install celluloid on Ubuntu 21.04

celluloid is simple GTK+ frontend for mpv

How To Install cellwriter on Ubuntu 21.04

cellwriter is grid-entry handwriting input panel

How To Install cen64 on Ubuntu 21.04

cen64 is Cycle-Accurate Nintendo 64 Simulator

How To Install ceni on Ubuntu 21.04

ceni is Curses interface to /etc/network/interfaces

How To Install cenon.app on Ubuntu 21.04

cenon.app is Vector graphics tool for GNUstep

How To Install centrifuge on Ubuntu 21.04

centrifuge is rapid and memory-efficient system for classification of DNA sequences

How To Install ceph on Ubuntu 21.04

ceph is distributed storage and file system distributed storage and file system

How To Install cephadm on Ubuntu 21.04

cephadm is cephadm utility to bootstrap ceph daemons with systemd and containers cephadm utility to bootstrap ceph daemons with systemd and containers

How To Install cereal on Ubuntu 21.04

cereal is automated, logged serial terminal management system

How To Install certbot on Ubuntu 21.04

certbot is automatically configure HTTPS using Let’s Encrypt

How To Install certmonger on Ubuntu 21.04

certmonger is D-Bus -based service to simplify interaction with certificate authorities

How To Install certspotter on Ubuntu 21.04

certspotter is Certificate Transparency Log Monitor

How To Install cervisia on Ubuntu 21.04

cervisia is graphical CVS client

How To Install cewl on Ubuntu 21.04

cewl is custom word list generator

How To Install cfengine3 on Ubuntu 21.04

cfengine3 is tool for configuring and maintaining network machines

How To Install cfingerd on Ubuntu 21.04

cfingerd is configurable finger daemon

How To Install cflow on Ubuntu 21.04

cflow is control flow analyzer for C source files

How To Install cfortran on Ubuntu 21.04

cfortran is Header file permitting Fortran routines to be called in C/C++

How To Install cfourcc on Ubuntu 21.04

cfourcc is command line tool for changing FourCC in Microsoft RIFF AVI files

How To Install cg3 on Ubuntu 21.04

cg3 is Tools for using the 3rd edition of Constraint Grammar (CG-3)

How To Install cgdb on Ubuntu 21.04

cgdb is curses-based interface to the GNU Debugger (GDB)

How To Install cgilib on Ubuntu 21.04

cgilib is Simple CGI Library

How To Install cgit on Ubuntu 21.04

cgit is hyperfast web frontend for git repositories written in C

How To Install cgminer on Ubuntu 21.04

cgminer is multi-threaded multi-pool Bitcoin miner

How To Install cgoban on Ubuntu 21.04

cgoban is complete Go board

How To Install cgpt on Ubuntu 21.04

cgpt is GPT manipulation tool with support for Chromium OS extensions

How To Install cgreen1 on Ubuntu 21.04

cgreen1 is Cgreen Library - Library tool

How To Install cgvg on Ubuntu 21.04

cgvg is command-line source browsing tool

How To Install cgview on Ubuntu 21.04

cgview is Circular Genome Viewer

How To Install ch5m3d on Ubuntu 21.04

ch5m3d is create and visualize 3-dimensional drawings of simple molecules

How To Install chafa on Ubuntu 21.04

chafa is Image-to-text converter supporting a wide range of symbols, etc.

How To Install chai on Ubuntu 21.04

chai is assertion library for Node.js

How To Install chake on Ubuntu 21.04

chake is serverless configuration management tool for chef

How To Install chalow on Ubuntu 21.04

chalow is weblog tool that converts ChangeLog to HTML

How To Install changeme on Ubuntu 21.04

changeme is Default credential scanner

How To Install changeo on Ubuntu 21.04

changeo is Repertoire clonal assignment toolkit (Python 3)

How To Install changetrack on Ubuntu 21.04

changetrack is monitor changes to (configuration) files

How To Install chaosread on Ubuntu 21.04

chaosread is Directly read ChaosKey noise source

How To Install chaosreader on Ubuntu 21.04

chaosreader is trace network sessions and export it to html format

How To Install chaplin on Ubuntu 21.04

chaplin is DVD chapter extractor

How To Install charactermanaj on Ubuntu 21.04

charactermanaj is avatar editor application

How To Install charliecloud on Ubuntu 21.04

charliecloud is user-defined software stacks (UDSS) for HPC centers (metapackage)

How To Install charmap.app on Ubuntu 21.04

charmap.app is Character map for GNUstep

How To Install charmtimetracker on Ubuntu 21.04

charmtimetracker is task based Time Tracker

How To Install charybdis on Ubuntu 21.04

charybdis is fast, scalable irc server

How To Install chase on Ubuntu 21.04

chase is Follow a symlink and print out its target file

How To Install chasen on Ubuntu 21.04

chasen is Japanese Morphological Analysis System

How To Install chasquid on Ubuntu 21.04

chasquid is simple SMTP (email) server written in go

How To Install chatty on Ubuntu 21.04

chatty is XMPP and SMS messaging

How To Install chaussette on Ubuntu 21.04

chaussette is WSGI Server for Circus

How To Install check on Ubuntu 21.04

check is unit test framework for C

How To Install checkinstall on Ubuntu 21.04

checkinstall is installation tracker

How To Install checkpolicy on Ubuntu 21.04

checkpolicy is SELinux policy compiler

How To Install checkpw on Ubuntu 21.04

checkpw is checks password which is stored in ~/Maildir/.password

How To Install checksec on Ubuntu 21.04

checksec is Bash script to test executable properties

How To Install checksecurity on Ubuntu 21.04

checksecurity is basic system security checks

How To Install checkstyle on Ubuntu 21.04

checkstyle is checks Java source against a coding standard

How To Install cheese on Ubuntu 21.04

cheese is tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam

How To Install cheesecutter on Ubuntu 21.04

cheesecutter is SID music editor

How To Install chemeq on Ubuntu 21.04

chemeq is Parser for chemical formula and equilibria

How To Install chemps2 on Ubuntu 21.04

chemps2 is Executable to call libchemps2-3 from the command line

How To Install chemtool on Ubuntu 21.04

chemtool is chemical structures drawing program

How To Install cherrytree on Ubuntu 21.04

cherrytree is hierarchical note taking application

How To Install chess.app on Ubuntu 21.04

chess.app is Chess for GNUstep ported from OPENSTEP

How To Install chessx on Ubuntu 21.04

chessx is chess database

How To Install chewmail on Ubuntu 21.04

chewmail is mail archiver for various mailbox formats

How To Install chezdav on Ubuntu 21.04

chezdav is simple tool to share a directory with WebDAV

How To Install chezscheme on Ubuntu 21.04

chezscheme is Reliable, high performance Scheme compiler

How To Install chiaki on Ubuntu 21.04

chiaki is PlayStation remote play client

How To Install chimeraslayer on Ubuntu 21.04

chimeraslayer is detects likely chimeras in PCR amplified DNA

How To Install chirp on Ubuntu 21.04

chirp is Configuration tool for amateur radios

How To Install chkboot on Ubuntu 21.04

chkboot is detection of malicious changes for boot files

How To Install chkrootkit on Ubuntu 21.04

chkrootkit is rootkit detector

How To Install chkservice on Ubuntu 21.04

chkservice is Tool for managing systemd units

How To Install chktex on Ubuntu 21.04

chktex is Finds typographic errors in LaTeX

How To Install chntpw on Ubuntu 21.04

chntpw is NT SAM password recovery utility

How To Install choosewm on Ubuntu 21.04

choosewm is fake x-session-manager allowing the user to choose a wm

How To Install choqok on Ubuntu 21.04

choqok is KDE micro-blogging client

How To Install chordii on Ubuntu 21.04

chordii is Text file (chordpro format) to music sheet converter

How To Install chromhmm on Ubuntu 21.04

chromhmm is Chromatin state discovery and characterization

How To Install chromimpute on Ubuntu 21.04

chromimpute is Large-scale systematic epigenome imputation

How To Install chronicle on Ubuntu 21.04

chronicle is HTML & RSS blog compiler

How To Install chrony on Ubuntu 21.04

chrony is Versatile implementation of the Network Time Protocol

How To Install chrootuid on Ubuntu 21.04

chrootuid is Run commands in restricted environments

How To Install chrpath on Ubuntu 21.04

chrpath is Tool to edit the rpath in ELF binaries

How To Install chuck on Ubuntu 21.04

chuck is Concurrent, On-the-fly Audio Programming Language

How To Install ciderwebmail on Ubuntu 21.04

ciderwebmail is IMAP webmail service

How To Install cifer on Ubuntu 21.04

cifer is multipurpose classical cryptanalysis and code-breaking tool

How To Install cil on Ubuntu 21.04

cil is command line issue tracker

How To Install cinnamon on Ubuntu 21.04

cinnamon is Innovative and comfortable desktop

How To Install ciopfs on Ubuntu 21.04

ciopfs is FUSE case insensitive on purpose file system

How To Install circlator on Ubuntu 21.04

circlator is circularize genome assemblies

How To Install circos on Ubuntu 21.04

circos is plotter for visualizing data

How To Install circuslinux on Ubuntu 21.04

circuslinux is Clowns are trying to pop balloons to score points!

How To Install ciso on Ubuntu 21.04

ciso is Tool to convert Sony PSP iso to ciso

How To Install civetweb on Ubuntu 21.04

civetweb is embeddable web server with optional CGI, SSL and Lua support

How To Install cjs on Ubuntu 21.04

cjs is Mozilla-based javascript bindings for the GNOME platform

How To Install ckati on Ubuntu 21.04

ckati is Experimental GNU make clone

How To Install ckbuilder on Ubuntu 21.04

ckbuilder is command line builder for CKEditor

How To Install ckeditor on Ubuntu 21.04

ckeditor is text editor which can be embedded into web pages

How To Install ckeditor3 on Ubuntu 21.04

ckeditor3 is text editor for internet

How To Install ckermit on Ubuntu 21.04

ckermit is serial and network communications package

How To Install ckon on Ubuntu 21.04

ckon is automatic build tool for ROOT data analysis software

How To Install ckport on Ubuntu 21.04

ckport is portability analysis and security checking tool

How To Install cksfv on Ubuntu 21.04

cksfv is sfv checker and generator

How To Install clamassassin on Ubuntu 21.04

clamassassin is email virus filter wrapper for ClamAV

How To Install clamav on Ubuntu 21.04

clamav is anti-virus utility for Unix - command-line interface anti-virus utility for Unix - command-line interface

How To Install clamdscan on Ubuntu 21.04

clamdscan is anti-virus utility for Unix - scanner client anti-virus utility for Unix - scanner client

How To Install clamfs on Ubuntu 21.04

clamfs is user-space anti-virus protected file system

How To Install clamsmtp on Ubuntu 21.04

clamsmtp is virus-scanning SMTP proxy

How To Install clamtk on Ubuntu 21.04

clamtk is graphical front-end for ClamAV

How To Install clamz on Ubuntu 21.04

clamz is command-line program to download MP3’s from Amazon

How To Install clang on Ubuntu 21.04

clang is C, C++ and Objective-C compiler (LLVM based), clang binary

How To Install clangd on Ubuntu 21.04

clangd is Language server that provides IDE-like features to editors

How To Install clasp on Ubuntu 21.04

clasp is conflict-driven nogood learning answer set solver

How To Install clawsker on Ubuntu 21.04

clawsker is Configuration tweaker for Claws Mail

How To Install clazy on Ubuntu 21.04

clazy is Clang plugin for additional warnings

How To Install cldump on Ubuntu 21.04

cldump is Clarion database files extractor

How To Install cleancss on Ubuntu 21.04

cleancss is Tool for minifying CSS files

How To Install clearcut on Ubuntu 21.04

clearcut is extremely efficient phylogenetic tree reconstruction

How To Install clementine on Ubuntu 21.04

clementine is modern music player and library organizer

How To Install cleo on Ubuntu 21.04

cleo is Play back shell commands for live demonstrations

How To Install clevis on Ubuntu 21.04

clevis is automated encryption framework

How To Install clex on Ubuntu 21.04

clex is command line file manager which uses the ncurses library

How To Install clfswm on Ubuntu 21.04

clfswm is A(nother) Common Lisp FullScreen Window Manager

How To Install clif on Ubuntu 21.04

clif is C language interpreter

How To Install clinfo on Ubuntu 21.04

clinfo is Query OpenCL system information

How To Install clipf on Ubuntu 21.04

clipf is command line minimalistic personal finance manager

How To Install clipit on Ubuntu 21.04

clipit is lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager (deprecated)

How To Install clipman on Ubuntu 21.04

clipman is simple clipboard manager for Wayland

How To Install clips on Ubuntu 21.04

clips is C Language Integrated Production System

How To Install cliquer on Ubuntu 21.04

cliquer is clique searching program

How To Install clirr on Ubuntu 21.04

clirr is Checks Java libraries for compatibility with older releases

How To Install clisp on Ubuntu 21.04

clisp is GNU CLISP, a Common Lisp implementation

How To Install clitest on Ubuntu 21.04

clitest is portable testing tool for Unix command lines

How To Install cloc on Ubuntu 21.04

cloc is statistics utility to count lines of code

How To Install clog on Ubuntu 21.04

clog is colorizing log tail utility

How To Install clojure on Ubuntu 21.04

clojure is Lisp dialect for the JVM

How To Install clonalframe on Ubuntu 21.04

clonalframe is inference of bacterial microevolution using multilocus sequence data

How To Install clonalframeml on Ubuntu 21.04

clonalframeml is Efficient Inference of Recombination in Whole Bacterial Genomes

How To Install clonalorigin on Ubuntu 21.04

clonalorigin is inference of homologous recombination in bacteria using whole genome sequences

How To Install clonezilla on Ubuntu 21.04

clonezilla is bare metal backup and recovery of disk drives

How To Install cloudcompare on Ubuntu 21.04

cloudcompare is 3D point cloud and mesh processing software

How To Install clsync on Ubuntu 21.04

clsync is live sync tool based on inotify, written in GNU C

How To Install cltl on Ubuntu 21.04

cltl is Common Lisp the Language, second edition, book (Pre-ANSI)

How To Install clustalo on Ubuntu 21.04

clustalo is General-purpose multiple sequence alignment program for proteins

How To Install clustalw on Ubuntu 21.04

clustalw is global multiple nucleotide or peptide sequence alignment

How To Install clustalx on Ubuntu 21.04

clustalx is Multiple alignment of nucleic acid and protein sequences (graphical interface)

How To Install cluster3 on Ubuntu 21.04

cluster3 is Reimplementation of the Eisen-clustering software

How To Install clustershell on Ubuntu 21.04

clustershell is Distributed shell that provides an efficient Python interface

How To Install clusterssh on Ubuntu 21.04

clusterssh is administer multiple ssh or rsh shells simultaneously

How To Install clzip on Ubuntu 21.04

clzip is C, lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm

How To Install cmake on Ubuntu 21.04

cmake is cross-platform, open-source make system

How To Install cmark on Ubuntu 21.04

cmark is CommonMark parsing and rendering program

How To Install cmatrix on Ubuntu 21.04

cmatrix is simulates the display from “The Matrix”

How To Install cmdreader on Ubuntu 21.04

cmdreader is Library that parses command line arguments

How To Install cmdtest on Ubuntu 21.04

cmdtest is blackbox testing of Unix command line programs

How To Install cme on Ubuntu 21.04

cme is Check or edit configuration data with Config

How To Install cmigemo on Ubuntu 21.04

cmigemo is Japanese incremental search tool written in C - binary

How To Install cmospwd on Ubuntu 21.04

cmospwd is decrypt BIOS passwords from CMOS

How To Install cmst on Ubuntu 21.04

cmst is QT GUI for Connman with system tray icon

How To Install cmt on Ubuntu 21.04

cmt is LADSPA plugin collection

How To Install cmtk on Ubuntu 21.04

cmtk is Computational Morphometry Toolkit

How To Install cmus on Ubuntu 21.04

cmus is lightweight ncurses audio player

How To Install cnee on Ubuntu 21.04

cnee is X event recorder/replayer - command-line flavor

How To Install cntlm on Ubuntu 21.04

cntlm is Fast NTLM authentication proxy with tunneling

How To Install cnvkit on Ubuntu 21.04

cnvkit is Copy number variant detection from targeted DNA sequencing

How To Install cobertura on Ubuntu 21.04

cobertura is java tool that calculates the percentage of code accessed by tests

How To Install cobra on Ubuntu 21.04

cobra is Tool to generate Cobra-based modern Go CLI application

How To Install coccinella on Ubuntu 21.04

coccinella is Communication tool (XMPP/Jabber) with a built-in whiteboard

How To Install coccinelle on Ubuntu 21.04

coccinelle is semantic patching tool for C

How To Install cockpit on Ubuntu 21.04

cockpit is Web Console for Linux servers Web Console for Linux servers

How To Install coda on Ubuntu 21.04

coda is Common Data Access framework for Earth science

How To Install code2html on Ubuntu 21.04

code2html is Syntax highlighter

How To Install codeblocks on Ubuntu 21.04

codeblocks is Code

How To Install codec2 on Ubuntu 21.04

codec2 is command line tools for handling Codec2 data

How To Install codecgraph on Ubuntu 21.04

codecgraph is Generates graphviz graphs from HDA-Intel codec information

How To Install codecrypt on Ubuntu 21.04

codecrypt is post-quantum encryption and signing tool

How To Install codegroup on Ubuntu 21.04

codegroup is Convert any file, including binary, into 5 letter code

How To Install codelite on Ubuntu 21.04

codelite is Powerful and lightweight IDE

How To Install codequery on Ubuntu 21.04

codequery is code-understanding, code-browsing or code-search tool

How To Install coderay on Ubuntu 21.04

coderay is Helper programs for CodeRay Ruby lib for syntax highlighting

How To Install codesearch on Ubuntu 21.04

codesearch is regular expression search over large bodies of source code

How To Install codespell on Ubuntu 21.04

codespell is Find and fix common misspellings in text files

How To Install codfis on Ubuntu 21.04

codfis is tool to generate Italian fiscal codes (codice fiscale)

How To Install codonw on Ubuntu 21.04

codonw is Correspondence Analysis of Codon Usage

How To Install coffeescript on Ubuntu 21.04

coffeescript is interpreter and compiler for the CoffeeScript language

How To Install cog on Ubuntu 21.04

cog is Single-window web browser based on WPE WebKit

How To Install cohomcalg on Ubuntu 21.04

cohomcalg is sheaf cohomology of line bundles on toric varieties

How To Install coinst on Ubuntu 21.04

coinst is computes the co-installability kernel of a deb or RPM repository

How To Install collatinus on Ubuntu 21.04

collatinus is lemmatisation of latin text

How To Install collectd on Ubuntu 21.04

collectd is statistics collection and monitoring daemon

How To Install collectl on Ubuntu 21.04

collectl is Utility to collect Linux performance data

How To Install colmap on Ubuntu 21.04

colmap is Structure-from-Motion and Multi-View Stereo

How To Install colobot on Ubuntu 21.04

colobot is educational programming strategy game

How To Install colorcode on Ubuntu 21.04

colorcode is advanced clone of the MasterMind code-breaking game

How To Install colord on Ubuntu 21.04

colord is system service to manage device colour profiles – system daemon

How To Install colordiff on Ubuntu 21.04

colordiff is tool to colorize ‘diff’ output

How To Install colorize on Ubuntu 21.04

colorize is Colorizes text on terminal with ANSI escape sequences

How To Install colormake on Ubuntu 21.04

colormake is simple wrapper around make to colorize output

How To Install colortail on Ubuntu 21.04

colortail is log colorizer that makes log checking easier

How To Install colortest on Ubuntu 21.04

colortest is utilities to test color capabilities of terminal

How To Install colplot on Ubuntu 21.04

colplot is Utility to plot performance data from collectl

How To Install comgt on Ubuntu 21.04

comgt is Option GlobeTrotter and Vodafone datacard control tool

How To Install comitup on Ubuntu 21.04

comitup is bootstrap Wi-Fi using Wi-Fi

How To Install comparepdf on Ubuntu 21.04

comparepdf is command line tool for comparing two PDF files

How To Install compartment on Ubuntu 21.04

compartment is Confine services in a limited environment

How To Install compface on Ubuntu 21.04

compface is Compress/decompress images for mailheaders, user tools

How To Install compiz on Ubuntu 21.04

compiz is OpenGL window and compositing manager

How To Install complexity on Ubuntu 21.04

complexity is tool for analyzing the complexity of C program functions

How To Install composer on Ubuntu 21.04

composer is dependency manager for PHP

How To Install comprez on Ubuntu 21.04

comprez is frontend to many compression programs

How To Install comptext on Ubuntu 21.04

comptext is Gui based tool to compare two text streams

How To Install compton on Ubuntu 21.04

compton is compositor for X11, based on xcompmgr

How To Install comptty on Ubuntu 21.04

comptty is GUI based tool to compare two RTTY streams

How To Install comskip on Ubuntu 21.04

comskip is Commercial detector

How To Install concalc on Ubuntu 21.04

concalc is console calculator

How To Install concavity on Ubuntu 21.04

concavity is predictor of protein ligand binding sites from structure and conservation

How To Install concordance on Ubuntu 21.04

concordance is configuration tool for Harmony remotes

How To Install condure on Ubuntu 21.04

condure is HTTP/WebSocket connection manager

How To Install confclerk on Ubuntu 21.04

confclerk is offline conference schedule application

How To Install confget on Ubuntu 21.04

confget is read variables from INI-style configuration files

How To Install congruity on Ubuntu 21.04

congruity is graphical utility to configure Logitech Harmony remotes

How To Install conjugar on Ubuntu 21.04

conjugar is text only program to conjugate Brazilian verbs

How To Install conky on Ubuntu 21.04

conky is highly configurable system monitor (transitional package)

How To Install conman on Ubuntu 21.04

conman is serial console management program

How To Install conmon on Ubuntu 21.04

conmon is OCI container runtime monitor

How To Install conmux on Ubuntu 21.04

conmux is console multiplexor

How To Install connectagram on Ubuntu 21.04

connectagram is word unscrambling game

How To Install connman on Ubuntu 21.04

connman is Intel Connection Manager daemon

How To Install conntrack on Ubuntu 21.04

conntrack is Program to modify the conntrack tables

How To Install conntrackd on Ubuntu 21.04

conntrackd is Connection tracking daemon

How To Install cons on Ubuntu 21.04

cons is a Perl replacement for Make

How To Install consolation on Ubuntu 21.04

consolation is linux console pointer support for copy-paste

How To Install conspy on Ubuntu 21.04

conspy is Remote control of Linux virtual consoles

How To Install consul on Ubuntu 21.04

consul is tool for service discovery, monitoring and configuration

How To Install consulfs on Ubuntu 21.04

consulfs is distributed FUSE filesystem backed by a Consul Key-Value store

How To Install containerd on Ubuntu 21.04

containerd is daemon to control runC daemon to control runC

How To Install context on Ubuntu 21.04

context is powerful TeX format

How To Install contextfree on Ubuntu 21.04

contextfree is image generator based on context-free grammars

How To Install converseen on Ubuntu 21.04

converseen is batch image converter and resizer

How To Install convertall on Ubuntu 21.04

convertall is very flexible unit converter

How To Install convlit on Ubuntu 21.04

convlit is convert Microsoft Reader .LIT files to HTML

How To Install convmv on Ubuntu 21.04

convmv is filename encoding conversion tool

How To Install cookietool on Ubuntu 21.04

cookietool is suite of programs to help maintain a fortune database

How To Install coolkey on Ubuntu 21.04

coolkey is Smart Card PKCS #11 cryptographic module

How To Install coolmail on Ubuntu 21.04

coolmail is Mail notifier with 3d graphics

How To Install copyq on Ubuntu 21.04

copyq is Advanced clipboard manager with editing and scripting features

How To Install coq on Ubuntu 21.04

coq is proof assistant for higher-order logic (toplevel and compiler)

How To Install coqide on Ubuntu 21.04

coqide is proof assistant for higher-order logic (gtk interface)

How To Install corekeeper on Ubuntu 21.04

corekeeper is enable core files and report crashes to the sysadmin

How To Install coreutils on Ubuntu 21.04

coreutils is GNU core utilities

How To Install corkscrew on Ubuntu 21.04

corkscrew is tunnel TCP connections through HTTP proxies

How To Install corosync on Ubuntu 21.04

corosync is cluster engine daemon and utilities

How To Install cortado on Ubuntu 21.04

cortado is streaming applet for Ogg formats

How To Install coturn on Ubuntu 21.04

coturn is TURN and STUN server for VoIP

How To Install couriergraph on Ubuntu 21.04

couriergraph is Mail statistics RRDtool frontend for Courier-{POP,IMAP}

How To Install couriergrey on Ubuntu 21.04

couriergrey is Mail filter interface of Courier-MTA to support greylisting

How To Install covered on Ubuntu 21.04

covered is Verilog code coverage analysis tool

How To Install covtobed on Ubuntu 21.04

covtobed is convert the coverage track from a BAM file into a BED file

How To Install cowbell on Ubuntu 21.04

cowbell is An easy-to-use tag editor for your music files

How To Install cowbuilder on Ubuntu 21.04

cowbuilder is pbuilder running on cowdancer

How To Install cowdancer on Ubuntu 21.04

cowdancer is Copy-on-write directory tree utility

How To Install cowpatty on Ubuntu 21.04

cowpatty is Brute-force WPA dictionary attack

How To Install cowsay on Ubuntu 21.04

cowsay is configurable talking cow

How To Install cp2k on Ubuntu 21.04

cp2k is Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics

How To Install cpanminus on Ubuntu 21.04

cpanminus is script to get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN

How To Install cpanoutdated on Ubuntu 21.04

cpanoutdated is script to detect outdated CPAN modules in your environment

How To Install cpio on Ubuntu 21.04

cpio is GNU cpio – a program to manage archives of files

How To Install cpipe on Ubuntu 21.04

cpipe is data pipe forwarding utility for performance monitoring

How To Install cpm on Ubuntu 21.04

cpm is Curses based password manager using PGP-encryption

How To Install cpmtools on Ubuntu 21.04

cpmtools is Tools to access CP/M file systems

How To Install cpp on Ubuntu 21.04

cpp is GNU C preprocessor (cpp)

How To Install cppad on Ubuntu 21.04

cppad is Automatic Differentiation of C++ algorithms, dummy package

How To Install cppcheck on Ubuntu 21.04

cppcheck is tool for static C/C++ code analysis (CLI)

How To Install cpphs on Ubuntu 21.04

cpphs is Simplified cpp-a-like preprocessor for Haskell

How To Install cppman on Ubuntu 21.04

cppman is C++ 98/11 manual pages for Linux, with source from cplusplus.com

How To Install cppo on Ubuntu 21.04

cppo is cpp for OCaml

How To Install cpputest on Ubuntu 21.04

cpputest is C/C++ based unit test framework — main package

How To Install cpqarrayd on Ubuntu 21.04

cpqarrayd is monitoring tool for HP (Compaq) SmartArray controllers

How To Install cproto on Ubuntu 21.04

cproto is utilities to generate C function prototypes from C source code

How To Install cpu on Ubuntu 21.04

cpu is console based LDAP user management tool

How To Install cpufreqd on Ubuntu 21.04

cpufreqd is fully configurable daemon for dynamic frequency and voltage scaling

How To Install cpufrequtils on Ubuntu 21.04

cpufrequtils is utilities to deal with the cpufreq Linux kernel feature

How To Install cpuid on Ubuntu 21.04

cpuid is tool to dump x86 CPUID information about the CPU(s)

How To Install cpuidtool on Ubuntu 21.04

cpuidtool is C library for x86/x86_64 CPU detection and feature extraction (tool)

How To Install cpuinfo on Ubuntu 21.04

cpuinfo is CPU INFOrmation library (binary utilities)

How To Install cpulimit on Ubuntu 21.04

cpulimit is tool for limiting the CPU usage of a process

How To Install cpuset on Ubuntu 21.04

cpuset is Allows manipluation of cpusets and provides higher level fun

How To Install cpustat on Ubuntu 21.04

cpustat is periodic cpu utilization statistics

How To Install cputool on Ubuntu 21.04

cputool is Utility which manages CPU usage and system load

How To Install cqrlog on Ubuntu 21.04

cqrlog is Advanced logging program for hamradio operators

How To Install crac on Ubuntu 21.04

crac is integrated RNA-Seq read analysis

How To Install crack on Ubuntu 21.04

crack is Password guessing program (crypt() variant)

How To Install crafty on Ubuntu 21.04

crafty is state-of-the-art chess engine, compatible with xboard

How To Install cramfsswap on Ubuntu 21.04

cramfsswap is swap endianness of a cram filesystem (cramfs)

How To Install crash on Ubuntu 21.04

crash is kernel debugging utility, allowing gdb like syntax

How To Install crashmail on Ubuntu 21.04

crashmail is JAM and *.MSG capable Fidonet tosser

How To Install crashme on Ubuntu 21.04

crashme is tool to test kernel stability

How To Install crasm on Ubuntu 21.04

crasm is Cross assembler for 6800/6801/6803/6502/65C02/Z80

How To Install crawl on Ubuntu 21.04

crawl is Dungeon Crawl, a text-based roguelike game

How To Install crazydiskinfo on Ubuntu 21.04

crazydiskinfo is interactive TUI S.M.A.R.T viewer

How To Install crazywa on Ubuntu 21.04

crazywa is AI engine for Wa Shogi and several other variants

How To Install crda on Ubuntu 21.04

crda is wireless Central Regulatory Domain Agent

How To Install cream on Ubuntu 21.04

cream is VIM macros that make the VIM easier to use for beginners

How To Install createfp on Ubuntu 21.04

createfp is Language detection library - fingerprint generation utility

How To Install creduce on Ubuntu 21.04

creduce is Test-Case Reduction for C Compiler Bugs

How To Install cricket on Ubuntu 21.04

cricket is Program for collection and display of time-series data

How To Install crimson on Ubuntu 21.04

crimson is hex-based tactical game

How To Install crip on Ubuntu 21.04

crip is terminal-based ripper/encoder/tagger tool

How To Install critcl on Ubuntu 21.04

critcl is compiled runtime in Tcl

How To Install criticalmass on Ubuntu 21.04

criticalmass is Shoot-em-up a la galaxian

How To Install critterding on Ubuntu 21.04

critterding is Evolving Artificial Life

How To Install criu on Ubuntu 21.04

criu is checkpoint and restore in userspace

How To Install crm114 on Ubuntu 21.04

crm114 is versatile classifier for e-mail and other data

How To Install crmsh on Ubuntu 21.04

crmsh is CRM shell for the pacemaker cluster manager

How To Install cron on Ubuntu 21.04

cron is process scheduling daemon

How To Install cronic on Ubuntu 21.04

cronic is Bash script for wrapping cron jobs to prevent excess email sending

How To Install cronolog on Ubuntu 21.04

cronolog is Logfile rotator for web servers

How To Install cronometer on Ubuntu 21.04

cronometer is CRON-o-Meter - Exercise and nutrient intake tracker

How To Install cronutils on Ubuntu 21.04

cronutils is Utilities to assist running batch processing jobs

How To Install crossgrader on Ubuntu 21.04

crossgrader is Debian crossgrading tool

How To Install crosshurd on Ubuntu 21.04

crosshurd is Install a Debian system

How To Install crrcsim on Ubuntu 21.04

crrcsim is Model-Airplane Flight Simulator

How To Install crtmpserver on Ubuntu 21.04

crtmpserver is High performance RTMP/RTSP streaming server

How To Install crudini on Ubuntu 21.04

crudini is utility for manipulating ini files

How To Install cruft on Ubuntu 21.04

cruft is program that finds any cruft built up on your system

How To Install crun on Ubuntu 21.04

crun is lightweight OCI runtime for running containers

How To Install crunch on Ubuntu 21.04

crunch is tool for creating wordlist

How To Install cryfs on Ubuntu 21.04

cryfs is encrypt your files and store them in the cloud

How To Install crypt++el on Ubuntu 21.04

crypt++el is Emacs-Lisp Code for handling compressed and encrypted files

How To Install cryptcat on Ubuntu 21.04

cryptcat is A lightweight version netcat extended with twofish encryption

How To Install cryptmount on Ubuntu 21.04

cryptmount is Management of encrypted file systems

How To Install cryptol on Ubuntu 21.04

cryptol is domain-specific language of cryptography

How To Install cryptominisat on Ubuntu 21.04

cryptominisat is SAT solver command line interface

How To Install cryptsetup on Ubuntu 21.04

cryptsetup is disk encryption support - startup scripts

How To Install crystalcursors on Ubuntu 21.04

crystalcursors is X11 mouse theme with the crystal look&feel

How To Install cs on Ubuntu 21.04

cs is simple, yet powerful CloudStack API client

How To Install csb on Ubuntu 21.04

csb is Computational Structural Biology Toolbox (CSB)

How To Install cscope on Ubuntu 21.04

cscope is interactively examine a C program source

How To Install csh on Ubuntu 21.04

csh is Shell with C-like syntax

How To Install csladspa on Ubuntu 21.04

csladspa is LADSPA plugin for Csound

How To Install csmash on Ubuntu 21.04

csmash is CannonSmash, a table tennis simulation game

How To Install csmith on Ubuntu 21.04

csmith is generator of random C programs

How To Install csound on Ubuntu 21.04

csound is powerful and versatile sound synthesis software

How To Install csoundqt on Ubuntu 21.04

csoundqt is frontend for the csound sound processor

How To Install css2xslfo on Ubuntu 21.04

css2xslfo is XML+CSS2 to XSL-FO converter

How To Install cssc on Ubuntu 21.04

cssc is Clone of the Unix SCCS revision-control system

How To Install cssmin on Ubuntu 21.04

cssmin is YUI CSS compression algorithm (command line tools)

How To Install csstidy on Ubuntu 21.04

csstidy is CSS parser and optimiser

How To Install cstocs on Ubuntu 21.04

cstocs is Recoding utility and Czech sorter

How To Install cstream on Ubuntu 21.04

cstream is general-purpose stream-handling tool similar to dd

How To Install csv2latex on Ubuntu 21.04

csv2latex is command-line CSV to LaTeX file converter

How To Install csvkit on Ubuntu 21.04

csvkit is command-line tools for working with CSV

How To Install csvtool on Ubuntu 21.04

csvtool is handy command line tool for handling CSV files

How To Install csync2 on Ubuntu 21.04

csync2 is cluster synchronization tool

How To Install ctdb on Ubuntu 21.04

ctdb is clustered database to store temporary data clustered database to store temporary data

How To Install ctdconverter on Ubuntu 21.04

ctdconverter is Convert CTD files into Galaxy tool and CWL CommandLineTool files

How To Install cthumb on Ubuntu 21.04

cthumb is Program to generate themable Web picture albums

How To Install ctioga2 on Ubuntu 21.04

ctioga2 is polymorphic plotting program

How To Install ctn on Ubuntu 21.04

ctn is Central Test Node, a DICOM implementation for medical imaging

How To Install ctop on Ubuntu 21.04

ctop is Command line / text based Linux Containers monitoring tool

How To Install ctorrent on Ubuntu 21.04

ctorrent is BitTorrent Client written in C++

How To Install ctpl on Ubuntu 21.04

ctpl is command-line template parsing utility

How To Install ctsim on Ubuntu 21.04

ctsim is Computed tomography simulator

How To Install ctwm on Ubuntu 21.04

ctwm is Claude’s Tab window manager

How To Install cu on Ubuntu 21.04

cu is call up another system

How To Install cube2 on Ubuntu 21.04

cube2 is 3D first-person shooter game engine

How To Install cube2font on Ubuntu 21.04

cube2font is utility program for creating font bitmaps for Cube Engine games

How To Install cubemap on Ubuntu 21.04

cubemap is scalable video reflector, designed to be used with VLC

How To Install cubicsdr on Ubuntu 21.04

cubicsdr is Software Defined Radio receiver

How To Install cucumber on Ubuntu 21.04

cucumber is acceptance testing framework

How To Install cue2toc on Ubuntu 21.04

cue2toc is converts CUE files to cdrdao’s TOC format

How To Install cuetools on Ubuntu 21.04

cuetools is tools for manipulating CUE/TOC files

How To Install cufflinks on Ubuntu 21.04

cufflinks is Transcript assembly, differential expression and regulation for RNA-Seq

How To Install culmus on Ubuntu 21.04

culmus is TrueType and Type1 Hebrew Fonts for X11

How To Install cultivation on Ubuntu 21.04

cultivation is game about the interactions within a gardening community

How To Install cuneiform on Ubuntu 21.04

cuneiform is multi-language OCR system

How To Install cup on Ubuntu 21.04

cup is LALR parser generator for Java(tm)

How To Install cupp on Ubuntu 21.04

cupp is generate dictionaries for attacks from personal data

How To Install cupp3 on Ubuntu 21.04

cupp3 is transitional package

How To Install cups on Ubuntu 21.04

cups is Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - PPD/driver support, web interface

How To Install cupt on Ubuntu 21.04

cupt is flexible package manager – console interface

How To Install cura on Ubuntu 21.04

cura is GUI G-code generator for 3D printers

How To Install curl on Ubuntu 21.04

curl is command line tool for transferring data with URL syntax command line tool for transferring data with URL syntax

How To Install curlftpfs on Ubuntu 21.04

curlftpfs is filesystem to access FTP hosts based on FUSE and cURL

How To Install curseofwar on Ubuntu 21.04

curseofwar is Fast-paced action strategy game for Linux based on ncurses

How To Install curtain on Ubuntu 21.04

curtain is handy curtain for the desktop

How To Install curtin on Ubuntu 21.04

curtin is Library and tools for the curtin installer

How To Install curvedns on Ubuntu 21.04

curvedns is DNS/DNSCurve forwarding name server - binaries

How To Install custodia on Ubuntu 21.04

custodia is Modular and pluggable Secrets Manager

How To Install cutadapt on Ubuntu 21.04

cutadapt is Clean biological sequences from high-throughput sequencing reads

How To Install cutecom on Ubuntu 21.04

cutecom is Graphical serial terminal, like minicom

How To Install cutemaze on Ubuntu 21.04

cutemaze is single player maze game

How To Install cutepaste on Ubuntu 21.04

cutepaste is Paste application for KDE

How To Install cutesdr on Ubuntu 21.04

cutesdr is simple demodulation and spectrum display program

How To Install cutils on Ubuntu 21.04

cutils is C source code utilities

How To Install cutmp3 on Ubuntu 21.04

cutmp3 is small and fast command line MP3 editor

How To Install cutter on Ubuntu 21.04

cutter is disconnect routed IP connections

How To Install cutycapt on Ubuntu 21.04

cutycapt is utility to capture WebKit’s rendering of a web page

How To Install cuyo on Ubuntu 21.04

cuyo is Tetris-like game with very impressive effects

How To Install cvc4 on Ubuntu 21.04

cvc4 is automated theorem prover for SMT problems

How To Install cvise on Ubuntu 21.04

cvise is super-parallel Python port of the C-Reduce project

How To Install cvm on Ubuntu 21.04

cvm is Credential Validation Modules

How To Install cvs on Ubuntu 21.04

cvs is Concurrent Versions System

How To Install cvsd on Ubuntu 21.04

cvsd is chroot wrapper to run ‘cvs pserver’ more securely

How To Install cvsdelta on Ubuntu 21.04

cvsdelta is Summarize differences in a CVS repository

How To Install cvsgraph on Ubuntu 21.04

cvsgraph is Create a tree of revisions/branches from a CVS/RCS file

How To Install cvsps on Ubuntu 21.04

cvsps is Tool to generate CVS patch set information

How To Install cvsservice on Ubuntu 21.04

cvsservice is D-Bus service for accessing CVS repositories

How To Install cvsutils on Ubuntu 21.04

cvsutils is CVS utilities for use in working directories

How To Install cvsweb on Ubuntu 21.04

cvsweb is CGI interface to your CVS repository

How To Install cw on Ubuntu 21.04

cw is Morse code tutor - command line user interface

How To Install cwcp on Ubuntu 21.04

cwcp is Morse code tutor - text user interface

How To Install cwdaemon on Ubuntu 21.04

cwdaemon is morse daemon for the parallel or serial port

How To Install cwebx on Ubuntu 21.04

cwebx is C/C++ literate programming system (Marc van Leeuwen’s version)

How To Install cwlformat on Ubuntu 21.04

cwlformat is code formatter for Common Workflow Language

How To Install cwltool on Ubuntu 21.04

cwltool is Common Workflow Language reference implementation

How To Install cwm on Ubuntu 21.04

cwm is lightweight and efficient window manager for X11

How To Install cxref on Ubuntu 21.04

cxref is Generates LaTeX and HTML documentation for C programs

How To Install cxxtest on Ubuntu 21.04

cxxtest is lightweight xUnit-like framework for C/C++ applications

How To Install cycfx2prog on Ubuntu 21.04

cycfx2prog is Cypress EZ-USB FX2 (LP) programmer

How To Install cyclist on Ubuntu 21.04

cyclist is Utility for converting Max/MSP binary patches to text

How To Install cyclograph on Ubuntu 21.04

cyclograph is route altimetry plotting application

How To Install cynthiune.app on Ubuntu 21.04

cynthiune.app is Music player for GNUstep

How To Install cytadela on Ubuntu 21.04

cytadela is old-school first person shooter game

How To Install cython3 on Ubuntu 21.04

cython3 is C-Extensions for Python 3

How To Install d52 on Ubuntu 21.04

d52 is Disassembler for 8052, 8048/8041, and Z80/8080/8085 code

How To Install daa2iso on Ubuntu 21.04

daa2iso is DAA files (Direct Access Archive) to ISO converting tool

How To Install dablin on Ubuntu 21.04

dablin is CLI and GTK+ GUI DAB & DAB+ receiver client

How To Install dacs on Ubuntu 21.04

dacs is Distributed Access Control System (DACS)

How To Install dact on Ubuntu 21.04

dact is multi-algorithm compression

How To Install dadadodo on Ubuntu 21.04

dadadodo is exterminates all rational thought

How To Install daemon on Ubuntu 21.04

daemon is turns other processes into daemons

How To Install daemonize on Ubuntu 21.04

daemonize is tool to run a command as a daemon

How To Install daemonlogger on Ubuntu 21.04

daemonlogger is simple network packet logger and soft tap daemon

How To Install daemontools on Ubuntu 21.04

daemontools is collection of tools for managing UNIX services

How To Install dafny on Ubuntu 21.04

dafny is programming language with program correctness verifier

How To Install dahdi on Ubuntu 21.04

dahdi is utilities for using the DAHDI kernel modules

How To Install dailystrips on Ubuntu 21.04

dailystrips is view web comic strips more conveniently

How To Install daligner on Ubuntu 21.04

daligner is local alignment discovery between long nucleotide sequencing reads

How To Install damapper on Ubuntu 21.04

damapper is long read to reference genome mapping tool

How To Install dangen on Ubuntu 21.04

dangen is shoot ’em up game where accurate shooting matters

How To Install danmaq on Ubuntu 21.04

danmaq is Small client side Qt program to play danmaku on any screen

How To Install daphne on Ubuntu 21.04

daphne is Django Channels HTTP/WebSocket server

How To Install daps on Ubuntu 21.04

daps is DocBook Authoring and Publishing Suite (DAPS)

How To Install daptup on Ubuntu 21.04

daptup is reporter of changes in list of available packages from repositories

How To Install dar on Ubuntu 21.04

dar is Disk ARchive

How To Install darcs on Ubuntu 21.04

darcs is distributed, interactive, smart revision control system

How To Install darcsum on Ubuntu 21.04

darcsum is Transition package, darcsum to elpa-darcsum

How To Install darcula on Ubuntu 21.04

darcula is Dark Look and Feel for Java desktop applications

How To Install dares on Ubuntu 21.04

dares is rescue files from damaged CDs and DVDs (ncurses-interface)

How To Install darkice on Ubuntu 21.04

darkice is Live audio streamer

How To Install darknet on Ubuntu 21.04

darknet is Open Source Neural Networks in C

How To Install darkplaces on Ubuntu 21.04

darkplaces is Game engine for Quake and similar 3D first person shooter games

How To Install darkradiant on Ubuntu 21.04

darkradiant is Level design toolchain for DOOM3 and The Dark Mod

How To Install darkslide on Ubuntu 21.04

darkslide is HTML5 slideshow generator

How To Install darksnow on Ubuntu 21.04

darksnow is simple graphical user interface to darkice

How To Install darkstat on Ubuntu 21.04

darkstat is network traffic analyzer

How To Install darktable on Ubuntu 21.04

darktable is virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers

How To Install darnwdl on Ubuntu 21.04

darnwdl is WDL document format viewer

How To Install darts on Ubuntu 21.04

darts is C++ Template Library for implementation of Double-Array

How To Install dascrubber on Ubuntu 21.04

dascrubber is alignment-based scrubbing pipeline for DNA sequencing reads

How To Install dash on Ubuntu 21.04

dash is POSIX-compliant shell

How To Install dasher on Ubuntu 21.04

dasher is graphical predictive text input system

How To Install dasm on Ubuntu 21.04

dasm is Macro assembler with support for several 8-bit microprocessors

How To Install datalad on Ubuntu 21.04

datalad is data files management and distribution platform

How To Install datamash on Ubuntu 21.04

datamash is statistics tool for command-line interface

How To Install datapacker on Ubuntu 21.04

datapacker is Tool to pack files into minimum number of CDs/DVDs/etc

How To Install datefudge on Ubuntu 21.04

datefudge is Fake the system date

How To Install dateutils on Ubuntu 21.04

dateutils is nifty command line date and time utilities

How To Install datovka on Ubuntu 21.04

datovka is Czech Data Boxes client

How To Install dav1d on Ubuntu 21.04

dav1d is fast and small AV1 video stream decoder

How To Install davfs2 on Ubuntu 21.04

davfs2 is mount a WebDAV resource as a regular file system

How To Install davical on Ubuntu 21.04

davical is PHP CalDAV and CardDAV Server

How To Install davix on Ubuntu 21.04

davix is Toolkit for http based file management

How To Install davmail on Ubuntu 21.04

davmail is POP/IMAP/SMTP/CalDav/LDAP to Microsoft Exchange gateway

How To Install dawg on Ubuntu 21.04

dawg is simulate the evolution of recombinant DNA sequences

How To Install daxctl on Ubuntu 21.04

daxctl is Utility for managing the device DAX subsystem

How To Install db2twitter on Ubuntu 21.04

db2twitter is Simple Twitter bot using a database to build and send tweets

How To Install db4otool on Ubuntu 21.04

db4otool is native OODBMS for CLI (tools)

How To Install dbab on Ubuntu 21.04

dbab is dnsmasq-based ad-blocking using pixelserv

How To Install dbar on Ubuntu 21.04

dbar is general purpose ASCII graphic percentage meter/progressbar

How To Install dbeacon on Ubuntu 21.04

dbeacon is Multicast beacon

How To Install dbench on Ubuntu 21.04

dbench is The dbench (disk) and tbench (TCP) benchmarks

How To Install dbf2mysql on Ubuntu 21.04

dbf2mysql is xBase to MySQL or vice versa

How To Install dblatex on Ubuntu 21.04

dblatex is Produces DVI, PostScript, PDF documents from DocBook sources

How To Install dbmix on Ubuntu 21.04

dbmix is DJ mixer for digital audio streams

How To Install dbtoepub on Ubuntu 21.04

dbtoepub is DocBook XML to .epub converter

How To Install dbus on Ubuntu 21.04

dbus is simple interprocess messaging system (daemon and utilities)

How To Install dbview on Ubuntu 21.04

dbview is View dBase III files

How To Install dc on Ubuntu 21.04

dc is GNU dc arbitrary precision reverse-polish calculator

How To Install dc3dd on Ubuntu 21.04

dc3dd is patched version of GNU dd with forensic features

How To Install dcap on Ubuntu 21.04

dcap is Client Tools for dCache

How To Install dcfldd on Ubuntu 21.04

dcfldd is enhanced version of dd for forensics and security

How To Install dclock on Ubuntu 21.04

dclock is Digital clock for the X Window System with flexible display

How To Install dcm2niix on Ubuntu 21.04

dcm2niix is next generation DICOM to NIfTI converter

How To Install dcmtk on Ubuntu 21.04

dcmtk is OFFIS DICOM toolkit command line utilities

How To Install dcraw on Ubuntu 21.04

dcraw is decode raw digital camera images

How To Install ddate on Ubuntu 21.04

ddate is convert Gregorian dates to Discordian dates

How To Install ddccontrol on Ubuntu 21.04

ddccontrol is program to control monitor parameters

How To Install ddclient on Ubuntu 21.04

ddclient is address updating utility for dynamic DNS services

How To Install ddcutil on Ubuntu 21.04

ddcutil is Query and change monitor settings - command line application

How To Install ddd on Ubuntu 21.04

ddd is Data Display Debugger, a graphical debugger frontend

How To Install ddgr on Ubuntu 21.04

ddgr is DuckDuckGo from the terminal

How To Install ddir on Ubuntu 21.04

ddir is display hierarchical directory tree

How To Install ddnet on Ubuntu 21.04

ddnet is Teeworlds modification with a unique cooperative gameplay

How To Install ddpt on Ubuntu 21.04

ddpt is Copies disks, partitions and files.

How To Install ddrescueview on Ubuntu 21.04

ddrescueview is graphical viewer for GNU ddrescue map files

How To Install ddrutility on Ubuntu 21.04

ddrutility is set of data recovery utilities for use with GNU ddrescue

How To Install dds2tar on Ubuntu 21.04

dds2tar is Tools for using DDS features of DAT drives with GNU tar

How To Install ddskk on Ubuntu 21.04

ddskk is efficient and characteristic Japanese input system for Emacs

How To Install ddtc on Ubuntu 21.04

ddtc is Deal with ddts mails

How To Install ddupdate on Ubuntu 21.04

ddupdate is Tool updating DNS data for dynamic IP addresses

How To Install de4dot on Ubuntu 21.04

de4dot is .NET deobfuscator and unpacker

How To Install deal on Ubuntu 21.04

deal is bridge hand generator

How To Install dealer on Ubuntu 21.04

dealer is bridge hand generator

How To Install debarchiver on Ubuntu 21.04

debarchiver is tool to handle Debian package archives

How To Install debaux on Ubuntu 21.04

debaux is Debian Auxiliary Programs

How To Install debbugs on Ubuntu 21.04

debbugs is bug tracking system based on the active Debian BTS

How To Install debcargo on Ubuntu 21.04

debcargo is Create a Debian package from a Cargo crate

How To Install debci on Ubuntu 21.04

debci is continuous integration system for Debian

How To Install debconf on Ubuntu 21.04

debconf is Debian configuration management system

How To Install debdate on Ubuntu 21.04

debdate is Convert Gregorian dates to Debian Regnal dates

How To Install debdelta on Ubuntu 21.04

debdelta is diff and patch utilities which work with Debian packages

How To Install debdry on Ubuntu 21.04

debdry is Semi-assisted automatic Debian packaging

How To Install debfoster on Ubuntu 21.04

debfoster is Install only wanted Debian packages

How To Install debget on Ubuntu 21.04

debget is download/compile source and binary Debian packages

How To Install debhelper on Ubuntu 21.04

debhelper is helper programs for debian/rules

How To Install debianutils on Ubuntu 21.04

debianutils is Miscellaneous utilities specific to Debian

How To Install debirf on Ubuntu 21.04

debirf is build a kernel and initrd to run Debian from RAM

How To Install debmake on Ubuntu 21.04

debmake is helper script to make the Debian source package

How To Install debmirror on Ubuntu 21.04

debmirror is Debian partial mirror script, with ftp and package pool support

How To Install debocker on Ubuntu 21.04

debocker is docker-powered package builder for Debian

How To Install debomatic on Ubuntu 21.04

debomatic is automatic build machine for Debian source packages

How To Install debootstick on Ubuntu 21.04

debootstick is Turn a chroot environment into a bootable image

How To Install debootstrap on Ubuntu 21.04

debootstrap is Bootstrap a basic Debian system Bootstrap a basic Debian system

How To Install deborphan on Ubuntu 21.04

deborphan is program that can find unused packages, e.g. libraries

How To Install debos on Ubuntu 21.04

debos is Debian OS builder

How To Install debpear on Ubuntu 21.04

debpear is automatically builds and installs PEAR package as Debian packages

How To Install debram on Ubuntu 21.04

debram is ramified catalog of available commands

How To Install debroster on Ubuntu 21.04

debroster is A package for use at expos.

How To Install debsecan on Ubuntu 21.04

debsecan is Debian Security Analyzer

How To Install debsigs on Ubuntu 21.04

debsigs is toolset for cryptographically signing Debian packages

How To Install debspawn on Ubuntu 21.04

debspawn is Build in nspawn containers

How To Install debsums on Ubuntu 21.04

debsums is tool for verification of installed package files against MD5 checksums

How To Install debtags on Ubuntu 21.04

debtags is Debian Package Tags support tools

How To Install debtree on Ubuntu 21.04

debtree is package dependency graphs on steroids

How To Install debuerreotype on Ubuntu 21.04

debuerreotype is reproducible, snapshot-based Debian rootfs builder

How To Install debugedit on Ubuntu 21.04

debugedit is tools for handling build-ids and paths rewriting in DWARF data

How To Install debuginfod on Ubuntu 21.04

debuginfod is debuginfo-related http file-server daemon

How To Install deck on Ubuntu 21.04

deck is Configuration management for Kong and Kong Enterprise (program)

How To Install decopy on Ubuntu 21.04

decopy is Automatic debian/copyright Generator

How To Install deepnano on Ubuntu 21.04

deepnano is alternative basecaller for MinION reads of genomic sequences

How To Install deets on Ubuntu 21.04

deets is decentralized model-based administration tool

How To Install deheader on Ubuntu 21.04

deheader is Find and remove unnecessary includes in C or C++ source files

How To Install dehydrated on Ubuntu 21.04

dehydrated is ACME client implemented in Bash

How To Install dejagnu on Ubuntu 21.04

dejagnu is framework for running test suites on software tools

How To Install deken on Ubuntu 21.04

deken is Externals wrangler for Pure Data - upload utility

How To Install delay on Ubuntu 21.04

delay is Constant delay generator

How To Install delly on Ubuntu 21.04

delly is Structural variant discovery by read analysis

How To Install delta on Ubuntu 21.04

delta is heuristic minimizer of interesting files

How To Install deluge on Ubuntu 21.04

deluge is bittorrent client written in Python/PyGTK

How To Install deluged on Ubuntu 21.04

deluged is bittorrent client written in Python/PyGTK (daemon)

How To Install delve on Ubuntu 21.04

delve is debugger for the Go programming language

How To Install denef on Ubuntu 21.04

denef is Decode Nikon D1 NEF image files

How To Install denemo on Ubuntu 21.04

denemo is free graphical music notation editor (GTK front end to LilyPond)

How To Install depqbf on Ubuntu 21.04

depqbf is solver for quantified boolean formulae

How To Install derivations on Ubuntu 21.04

derivations is book

How To Install designate on Ubuntu 21.04

designate is OpenStack DNS as a Service - metapackage

How To Install desklaunch on Ubuntu 21.04

desklaunch is A small utility for creating desktop icons

How To Install deskmenu on Ubuntu 21.04

deskmenu is A root menu for X11 window managers

How To Install desktopfolder on Ubuntu 21.04

desktopfolder is Organize your desktop with panels, notes and photos

How To Install desmume on Ubuntu 21.04

desmume is Nintendo DS emulator

How To Install desproxy on Ubuntu 21.04

desproxy is tunnel TCP traffic through a HTTP proxy

How To Install detachtty on Ubuntu 21.04

detachtty is Utility to connect to detached interactive programs

How To Install detox on Ubuntu 21.04

detox is replace problematic characters in filenames

How To Install deutex on Ubuntu 21.04

deutex is composition tool for doom-style WAD files

How To Install devede on Ubuntu 21.04

devede is simple application to create Video DVDs

How To Install devhelp on Ubuntu 21.04

devhelp is GNOME developers help program

How To Install devilspie on Ubuntu 21.04

devilspie is find windows and perform actions on them

How To Install devilspie2 on Ubuntu 21.04

devilspie2 is Lua-based window matching utility

How To Install devio on Ubuntu 21.04

devio is correctly read (or write) a region of a block device

How To Install devmem2 on Ubuntu 21.04

devmem2 is simple program to read/write from/to any location in memory

How To Install devrplay3 on Ubuntu 21.04

devrplay3 is rplay network audio system - basic library

How To Install devscripts on Ubuntu 21.04

devscripts is scripts to make the life of a Debian Package maintainer easier

How To Install devtodo on Ubuntu 21.04

devtodo is hierarchical, prioritised todo list manager

How To Install dex on Ubuntu 21.04

dex is generate and execute Application type .desktop files

How To Install dexdump on Ubuntu 21.04

dexdump is Displays information about Android DEX files

How To Install dexlist on Ubuntu 21.04

dexlist is Lists all methods in all concrete classes in Android DEX files

How To Install dextractor on Ubuntu 21.04

dextractor is (d)extractor and compression command library

How To Install dfc on Ubuntu 21.04

dfc is display file system usage using graph and colors

How To Install dfrs on Ubuntu 21.04

dfrs is Display file system space usage using graphs and colors

How To Install dgedit on Ubuntu 21.04

dgedit is drum kit editor for DrumGizmo

How To Install dgit on Ubuntu 21.04

dgit is git interoperability with the Debian archive

How To Install dhall on Ubuntu 21.04

dhall is configuration language guaranteed to terminate

How To Install dhcpcanon on Ubuntu 21.04

dhcpcanon is DHCP client disclosing less identifying information

How To Install dhcpcd5 on Ubuntu 21.04

dhcpcd5 is DHCPv4, IPv6RA and DHCPv6 client with IPv4LL support

How To Install dhcpdump on Ubuntu 21.04

dhcpdump is Parse DHCP packets from tcpdump

How To Install dhcpig on Ubuntu 21.04

dhcpig is DHCP exhaustion script using scapy network library

How To Install dhcping on Ubuntu 21.04

dhcping is DHCP Daemon Ping Program

How To Install dhcpoptinj on Ubuntu 21.04

dhcpoptinj is DHCP option injector

How To Install dhcpstarv on Ubuntu 21.04

dhcpstarv is DHCP starvation utility

How To Install dhcpy6d on Ubuntu 21.04

dhcpy6d is MAC address aware DHCPv6 server written in Python

How To Install dhelp on Ubuntu 21.04

dhelp is online help system

How To Install dhewm3 on Ubuntu 21.04

dhewm3 is GPL Doom 3 game engine

How To Install dhex on Ubuntu 21.04

dhex is ncurses based hex editor with diff mode

How To Install dhtnode on Ubuntu 21.04

dhtnode is OpenDHT node binary

How To Install di on Ubuntu 21.04

di is advanced df like disk information utility

How To Install dia on Ubuntu 21.04

dia is Diagram editor

How To Install dia2code on Ubuntu 21.04

dia2code is a dia-UML code generator

How To Install dialign on Ubuntu 21.04

dialign is Segment-based multiple sequence alignment

How To Install dialog on Ubuntu 21.04

dialog is Displays user-friendly dialog boxes from shell scripts

How To Install dianara on Ubuntu 21.04

dianara is client for the pump.io federated social network

How To Install diatheke on Ubuntu 21.04

diatheke is command line bible browsing and search tool

How To Install dicelab on Ubuntu 21.04

dicelab is evaluate the statistical distribution of dice rolls

How To Install diceware on Ubuntu 21.04

diceware is Create memorizable passphrases from wordlists and various sources of randomness

How To Install dico on Ubuntu 21.04

dico is RFC 2229 compliant dictionary client

How To Install dicod on Ubuntu 21.04

dicod is RFC 2229 compliant modular dictionary server

How To Install dicom3tools on Ubuntu 21.04

dicom3tools is DICOM medical image files manipulation and conversion tools

How To Install dicomnifti on Ubuntu 21.04

dicomnifti is converts DICOM files into the NIfTI format

How To Install dicompyler on Ubuntu 21.04

dicompyler is radiation therapy research platform

How To Install dicomscope on Ubuntu 21.04

dicomscope is OFFIS DICOM Viewer

How To Install dicoweb on Ubuntu 21.04

dicoweb is RFC 2229 compliant modular dictionary server (web interface)

How To Install dict on Ubuntu 21.04

dict is dictionary client

How To Install dictconv on Ubuntu 21.04

dictconv is convert a dictionary file type in another dictionary file type

How To Install dictd on Ubuntu 21.04

dictd is dictionary server

How To Install dictem on Ubuntu 21.04

dictem is Dict client for emacs

How To Install dictfmt on Ubuntu 21.04

dictfmt is utility to format a file for use by a dictd server

How To Install diction on Ubuntu 21.04

diction is Utilities to help with style and diction (English and German)

How To Install dictionaryreader.app on Ubuntu 21.04

dictionaryreader.app is Dict client for GNUstep

How To Install dictzip on Ubuntu 21.04

dictzip is compression utility for dictionary databases

How To Install didiwiki on Ubuntu 21.04

didiwiki is simple wiki implementation with built-in webserver

How To Install dieharder on Ubuntu 21.04

dieharder is Random-number generator test front-end

How To Install difference on Ubuntu 21.04

difference is text diffing tool

How To Install diffmon on Ubuntu 21.04

diffmon is Tool for reporting changes in system configuration

How To Install diffoscope on Ubuntu 21.04

diffoscope is in-depth visual diff tool for files, archives and directories

How To Install diffpdf on Ubuntu 21.04

diffpdf is compare two PDF files textually or visually

How To Install diffstat on Ubuntu 21.04

diffstat is produces graph of changes introduced by a diff file

How To Install diffuse on Ubuntu 21.04

diffuse is graphical tool for merging and comparing text files

How To Install diffutils on Ubuntu 21.04

diffutils is File comparison utilities

How To Install digikam on Ubuntu 21.04

digikam is digital photo management application for KDE

How To Install digitemp on Ubuntu 21.04

digitemp is read temperature sensors in a 1-Wire net

How To Install digup on Ubuntu 21.04

digup is Digest Updating Tool

How To Install dillo on Ubuntu 21.04

dillo is Small and fast web browser

How To Install dimbl on Ubuntu 21.04

dimbl is Distributed Memory Based Learner

How To Install dime on Ubuntu 21.04

dime is DXF Import, Manipulation, and Export programs

How To Install din on Ubuntu 21.04

din is digital audio synthesizer

How To Install ding on Ubuntu 21.04

ding is Graphical dictionary lookup program for Unix (Tk)

How To Install diod on Ubuntu 21.04

diod is I/O forwarding server for 9P

How To Install diodon on Ubuntu 21.04

diodon is GTK+ Clipboard manager

How To Install diploma on Ubuntu 21.04

diploma is Write scientific papers with Debian

How To Install dir2ogg on Ubuntu 21.04

dir2ogg is audio file converter into ogg-vorbis format

How To Install dirb on Ubuntu 21.04

dirb is URL bruteforcing tool

How To Install dircproxy on Ubuntu 21.04

dircproxy is IRC proxy for people who use IRC from different workstations

How To Install dirdiff on Ubuntu 21.04

dirdiff is Display and merge changes between two directory trees

How To Install directvnc on Ubuntu 21.04

directvnc is VNC client using the framebuffer as display

How To Install direnv on Ubuntu 21.04

direnv is Utility to set directory specific environment variables

How To Install direvent on Ubuntu 21.04

direvent is monitors events in the file system directories

How To Install direwolf on Ubuntu 21.04

direwolf is Soundcard TNC for APRS

How To Install dirmngr on Ubuntu 21.04

dirmngr is GNU privacy guard - network certificate management service

How To Install dirtbike on Ubuntu 21.04

dirtbike is turn system-installed Python packages into wheels

How To Install dirvish on Ubuntu 21.04

dirvish is Filesystem based backup system using rsync

How To Install dis51 on Ubuntu 21.04

dis51 is Disassembler for 8051 code in Intel Hex format

How To Install discodos on Ubuntu 21.04

discodos is remember and analyze your DJ sets based on Discogs and AcousticBrainz data

How To Install discosnp on Ubuntu 21.04

discosnp is discovering Single Nucleotide Polymorphism from raw set(s) of reads

How To Install discount on Ubuntu 21.04

discount is implementation of the Markdown markup language in C

How To Install discover on Ubuntu 21.04

discover is hardware identification system

How To Install discus on Ubuntu 21.04

discus is pretty version of df(1) command

How To Install dish on Ubuntu 21.04

dish is diligence/distributed shell for parallel sysadmin

How To Install diskscan on Ubuntu 21.04

diskscan is scan storage media for bad or near failure sectors

How To Install disktype on Ubuntu 21.04

disktype is detection of content format of a disk or disk image

How To Install dislocker on Ubuntu 21.04

dislocker is read/write encrypted BitLocker volumes

How To Install disorderfs on Ubuntu 21.04

disorderfs is FUSE filesystem that introduces non-determinism

How To Install dist on Ubuntu 21.04

dist is Tools for developing, maintaining and distributing software

How To Install distcc on Ubuntu 21.04

distcc is simple distributed compiler client and server

How To Install disulfinder on Ubuntu 21.04

disulfinder is cysteines disulfide bonding state and connectivity predictor

How To Install ditaa on Ubuntu 21.04

ditaa is convert ASCII diagrams into proper bitmap graphics

How To Install divxcomp on Ubuntu 21.04

divxcomp is bitrate calculator for DivX;-) movies written in perl

How To Install divxenc on Ubuntu 21.04

divxenc is shell script to encode DVDs to FMP4/DivX

How To Install dizzy on Ubuntu 21.04

dizzy is Graphics demo that makes you dizzy using rotating textures

How To Install djinn on Ubuntu 21.04

djinn is generate Haskell expressions from types

How To Install djtools on Ubuntu 21.04

djtools is tools for HP DeskJet printer

How To Install djview on Ubuntu 21.04

djview is Transition package, djview3 to djview4 Transition package, djview3 to djview4

How To Install djview3 on Ubuntu 21.04

djview3 is Transition package, djview3 to djview4 Transition package, djview3 to djview4

How To Install djview4 on Ubuntu 21.04

djview4 is Viewer for the DjVu image format

How To Install djvubind on Ubuntu 21.04

djvubind is simple creation of djvu files

How To Install djvuserve on Ubuntu 21.04

djvuserve is CGI program for unbundling DjVu files on the fly CGI program for unbundling DjVu files on the fly

How To Install dkms on Ubuntu 21.04

dkms is Dynamic Kernel Module Support Framework

How To Install dkopp on Ubuntu 21.04

dkopp is Full and incremental backup to DVD

How To Install dl10n on Ubuntu 21.04

dl10n is Debian infrastructure and tools for localization

How To Install dlint on Ubuntu 21.04

dlint is Checks dns zone information using nameserver lookups

How To Install dlmodelbox on Ubuntu 21.04

dlmodelbox is Swiss Army Knife of Deep Learning Models

How To Install dlocate on Ubuntu 21.04

dlocate is fast alternative to dpkg -L and dpkg -S

How To Install dlume on Ubuntu 21.04

dlume is simple and easy to use addressbook (GTK+)

How To Install dma on Ubuntu 21.04

dma is lightweight mail transport agent

How To Install dmagnetic on Ubuntu 21.04

dmagnetic is Interpreter to play textadventures from Magnetic Scrolls in glorious ANSI Art

How To Install dmeventd on Ubuntu 21.04

dmeventd is Linux Kernel Device Mapper event daemon

How To Install dmg2img on Ubuntu 21.04

dmg2img is Tool for converting compressed dmg files to hfsplus images

How To Install dmidecode on Ubuntu 21.04

dmidecode is SMBIOS/DMI table decoder

How To Install dmitry on Ubuntu 21.04

dmitry is Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool

How To Install dmktools on Ubuntu 21.04

dmktools is tools for manipulating floppy disk images in the dmk format

How To Install dmraid on Ubuntu 21.04

dmraid is Device-Mapper Software RAID support tool

How To Install dmrconfig on Ubuntu 21.04

dmrconfig is Configuration utility for DMR radios

How To Install dmsetup on Ubuntu 21.04

dmsetup is Linux Kernel Device Mapper userspace library

How To Install dmtracedump on Ubuntu 21.04

dmtracedump is Generates graphical call-stack diagrams from Android trace logs

How To Install dmucs on Ubuntu 21.04

dmucs is distributed compilation system for use with distcc

How To Install dnaclust on Ubuntu 21.04

dnaclust is tool for clustering millions of short DNA sequences

How To Install dnapi on Ubuntu 21.04

dnapi is adapter prediction for small RNA sequencing - utils

How To Install dnf on Ubuntu 21.04

dnf is Dandified Yum package manager

How To Install dns2tcp on Ubuntu 21.04

dns2tcp is TCP-over-DNS tunnel server and client

How To Install dnsdbq on Ubuntu 21.04

dnsdbq is DNSDB API Client

How To Install dnsdiag on Ubuntu 21.04

dnsdiag is DNS request auditing toolset

How To Install dnsdist on Ubuntu 21.04

dnsdist is DNS loadbalancer

How To Install dnsenum on Ubuntu 21.04

dnsenum is tool to enumerate domain DNS information

How To Install dnshistory on Ubuntu 21.04

dnshistory is Translating and storing of IP addresses from log files

How To Install dnsmap on Ubuntu 21.04

dnsmap is DNS domain name brute forcing tool

How To Install dnsmasq on Ubuntu 21.04

dnsmasq is Small caching DNS proxy and DHCP/TFTP server Small caching DNS proxy and DHCP/TFTP server

How To Install dnsproxy on Ubuntu 21.04

dnsproxy is proxy for DNS queries

How To Install dnsrecon on Ubuntu 21.04

dnsrecon is Powerful DNS enumeration script

How To Install dnss on Ubuntu 21.04

dnss is Proxy for using DNS over HTTPS

How To Install dnstop on Ubuntu 21.04

dnstop is console tool to analyze DNS traffic

How To Install dnstracer on Ubuntu 21.04

dnstracer is trace DNS queries to the source

How To Install dnstwist on Ubuntu 21.04

dnstwist is Domain name permutation engine

How To Install dnsutils on Ubuntu 21.04

dnsutils is Transitional package for bind9-dnsutils Transitional package for bind9-dnsutils

How To Install dnsvi on Ubuntu 21.04

dnsvi is edit dynamic DNS zones using vi

How To Install dnsviz on Ubuntu 21.04

dnsviz is Tools for analyzing and visualizing DNS and DNSSEC behavior

How To Install dnswalk on Ubuntu 21.04

dnswalk is Checks dns zone information using nameserver lookups

How To Install doas on Ubuntu 21.04

doas is minimal replacement for sudo

How To Install docbook on Ubuntu 21.04

docbook is standard SGML representation system for technical documents

How To Install docbook2x on Ubuntu 21.04

docbook2x is Converts DocBook/XML documents into man pages and TeXinfo

How To Install docdiff on Ubuntu 21.04

docdiff is Compares two files word by word / char by char

How To Install dochelp on Ubuntu 21.04

dochelp is Utility to browse system documentation

How To Install docker on Ubuntu 21.04

docker is transitional package

How To Install docker.io on Ubuntu 21.04

docker.io is Linux container runtime

How To Install docker2aci on Ubuntu 21.04

docker2aci is CLI tool to convert Docker images to ACIs

How To Install docknot on Ubuntu 21.04

docknot is Generate package documentation from metadata

How To Install doclifter on Ubuntu 21.04

doclifter is Convert troff to DocBook

How To Install doctest on Ubuntu 21.04

doctest is test interactive Haskell examples; executable

How To Install doctorj on Ubuntu 21.04

doctorj is Tool to analyze Javadoc comments

How To Install docx2txt on Ubuntu 21.04

docx2txt is Convert Microsoft OOXML files to plain text

How To Install dodgindiamond2 on Ubuntu 21.04

dodgindiamond2 is Little shoot-’em-up arcade game for one or two players

How To Install dodgy on Ubuntu 21.04

dodgy is searches for dodgy looking lines in Python code

How To Install dokujclient on Ubuntu 21.04

dokujclient is Command line tool to interact with an instance of Dokuwiki

How To Install dokuwiki on Ubuntu 21.04

dokuwiki is standards compliant simple to use wiki

How To Install dolphin on Ubuntu 21.04

dolphin is file manager

How To Install donkey on Ubuntu 21.04

donkey is One Time Password calculator

How To Install doodle on Ubuntu 21.04

doodle is Desktop Search Engine (client)

How To Install doodled on Ubuntu 21.04

doodled is Desktop Search Engine (daemon)

How To Install doomsday on Ubuntu 21.04

doomsday is enhanced version of the legendary DOOM game

How To Install doona on Ubuntu 21.04

doona is Network fuzzer forked from bed

How To Install dopewars on Ubuntu 21.04

dopewars is drug-dealing game set in streets of New York City

How To Install doris on Ubuntu 21.04

doris is Delft object-oriented radar interferometric software

How To Install dos2unix on Ubuntu 21.04

dos2unix is convert text file line endings between CRLF and LF

How To Install dosage on Ubuntu 21.04

dosage is comic strip downloader and archiver

How To Install dosbox on Ubuntu 21.04

dosbox is x86 emulator with Tandy/Herc/CGA/EGA/VGA/SVGA graphics, sound and DOS

How To Install doscan on Ubuntu 21.04

doscan is port scanner for discovering services on large networks

How To Install doschk on Ubuntu 21.04

doschk is SYSV and DOS filename conflicts check

How To Install dosfstools on Ubuntu 21.04

dosfstools is utilities for making and checking MS-DOS FAT filesystems

How To Install dossizola on Ubuntu 21.04

dossizola is Isola board game with nice graphics

How To Install dot2tex on Ubuntu 21.04

dot2tex is Graphviz to LaTeX converter

How To Install dotdee on Ubuntu 21.04

dotdee is convert a flat file to a file concatenated from a .d-style directory

How To Install dotenv on Ubuntu 21.04

dotenv is dotenv implementation for Rust

How To Install dothost on Ubuntu 21.04

dothost is simple DNS lookup network utility, produces output in Graphviz format

How To Install dotmcp on Ubuntu 21.04

dotmcp is mcp for s3d

How To Install dotter on Ubuntu 21.04

dotter is detailed comparison of two genomic sequences

How To Install dov4l on Ubuntu 21.04

dov4l is program to set and query settings of video4linux devices

How To Install downtimed on Ubuntu 21.04

downtimed is monitor of downtime, shutdown, and crashes

How To Install doxygen on Ubuntu 21.04

doxygen is Documentation system for C, C++, Java, Python and other languages

How To Install doxygen2man on Ubuntu 21.04

doxygen2man is generate man pages from Doxygen XML files

How To Install doxyqml on Ubuntu 21.04

doxyqml is QML filter for Doxygen

How To Install dozzaqueux on Ubuntu 21.04

dozzaqueux is simulator for chemical mixtures

How To Install dpaste on Ubuntu 21.04

dpaste is Pastebin using OpenDHT distributed hash table

How To Install dpatch on Ubuntu 21.04

dpatch is patch maintenance system for Debian source packages

How To Install dpdk on Ubuntu 21.04

dpdk is Data Plane Development Kit (runtime)

How To Install dpic on Ubuntu 21.04

dpic is pic-language converter to LaTeX-compatible and other formats

How To Install dpkg on Ubuntu 21.04

dpkg is Debian package management system

How To Install dptfxtract on Ubuntu 21.04

dptfxtract is Linux DPTF Extract Utility

How To Install dpuser on Ubuntu 21.04

dpuser is Interactive language for handling numbers, strings, and matrices

How To Install dput on Ubuntu 21.04

dput is Debian package upload tool

How To Install dq on Ubuntu 21.04

dq is DNS/DNSCurve query tool

How To Install dqcache on Ubuntu 21.04

dqcache is DNS/DNSCurve recursive server

How To Install draai on Ubuntu 21.04

draai is Command-line music player for MPD

How To Install drac on Ubuntu 21.04

drac is Dynamic Relay Authorization Control (pop-before-smtp)

How To Install draco on Ubuntu 21.04

draco is Encoder and decoder for 3D geometric meshes and point clouds

How To Install dracut on Ubuntu 21.04

dracut is Initramfs generator using udev

How To Install dradio on Ubuntu 21.04

dradio is danmarks Radio netradio, podcast, and TV player

How To Install dragonplayer on Ubuntu 21.04

dragonplayer is simple video player

How To Install drascula on Ubuntu 21.04

drascula is classic 2D point and click adventure game – English version

How To Install drawing on Ubuntu 21.04

drawing is simple drawing application for the GNOME desktop

How To Install drawterm on Ubuntu 21.04

drawterm is graphical client for Plan 9 CPU servers

How To Install drawtiming on Ubuntu 21.04

drawtiming is tool for documenting hardware designs through timing diagrams

How To Install drawxtl on Ubuntu 21.04

drawxtl is crystal structure viewer

How To Install drbl on Ubuntu 21.04

drbl is diskless remote boot, and a disk cloning utility

How To Install drc on Ubuntu 21.04

drc is digital room correction

How To Install dreamchess on Ubuntu 21.04

dreamchess is 3D chess game

How To Install driftnet on Ubuntu 21.04

driftnet is picks out and displays images from network traffic

How To Install driverctl on Ubuntu 21.04

driverctl is Device driver control utility for Linux

How To Install drkonqi on Ubuntu 21.04

drkonqi is Crash handler for Qt applications

How To Install drmips on Ubuntu 21.04

drmips is Educational MIPS simulator

How To Install droidlysis on Ubuntu 21.04

droidlysis is Property extractor for Android apps

How To Install droopy on Ubuntu 21.04

droopy is mini web server to let others upload files to your computer

How To Install dropbear on Ubuntu 21.04

dropbear is lightweight SSH2 server and client - startup scripts

How To Install drraw on Ubuntu 21.04

drraw is simple web based presentation front-end for RRDtool

How To Install drslib on Ubuntu 21.04

drslib is Command-line tools for the Data Reference Syntax library

How To Install drumgizmo on Ubuntu 21.04

drumgizmo is Audio sampler plugin and stand-alone app that simulates a real drum kit

How To Install drumkv1 on Ubuntu 21.04

drumkv1 is old-school drum-kit sampler - standalone

How To Install dsdcc on Ubuntu 21.04

dsdcc is Digital Speech Decoder (DSD)

How To Install dsdp on Ubuntu 21.04

dsdp is Software for Semidefinite Programming

How To Install dselect on Ubuntu 21.04

dselect is Debian package management front-end

How To Install dsh on Ubuntu 21.04

dsh is dancer’s shell, or distributed shell

How To Install dsmidiwifi on Ubuntu 21.04

dsmidiwifi is DSMI over WLAN server

How To Install dsniff on Ubuntu 21.04

dsniff is Various tools to sniff network traffic for cleartext insecurities

How To Install dspdfviewer on Ubuntu 21.04

dspdfviewer is Dual-Screen PDF Viewer for LaTeX-beamer

How To Install dssp on Ubuntu 21.04

dssp is protein secondary structure assignment based on 3D structure

How To Install dstat on Ubuntu 21.04

dstat is versatile resource statistics tool

How To Install dtach on Ubuntu 21.04

dtach is emulates the detach/attach feature of screen

How To Install dtdinst on Ubuntu 21.04

dtdinst is XML DTD to XML instance format converter

How To Install dte on Ubuntu 21.04

dte is small and easy to use console text editor

How To Install dtmf2num on Ubuntu 21.04

dtmf2num is tool for decoding the DTMF and MF tones from PCM wave files

How To Install dtrx on Ubuntu 21.04

dtrx is intelligently extract multiple archive types

How To Install dub on Ubuntu 21.04

dub is Package and build management system for D

How To Install duc on Ubuntu 21.04

duc is high-performance disk usage analyzer

How To Install duck on Ubuntu 21.04

duck is checks URLs in debian/control and debian/upstream files

How To Install ducktype on Ubuntu 21.04

ducktype is Command-line tool for Ducktype, a lightweight documentation syntax

How To Install due on Ubuntu 21.04

due is Dedicated User Environment

How To Install duende on Ubuntu 21.04

duende is logging daemonizer

How To Install duff on Ubuntu 21.04

duff is Duplicate file finder

How To Install duktape on Ubuntu 21.04

duktape is embeddable Javascript engine

How To Install duma on Ubuntu 21.04

duma is library to detect buffer overruns and under-runs in C and C++ programs

How To Install dummydroid on Ubuntu 21.04

dummydroid is Register a GSF ID for mock-up Android devices

How To Install dump on Ubuntu 21.04

dump is backup and restore for ext2/3/4 filesystems

How To Install dumpasn1 on Ubuntu 21.04

dumpasn1 is ASN.1 object dump program

How To Install dumpet on Ubuntu 21.04

dumpet is dump information about bootable CDs and other similar formats

How To Install dumphd on Ubuntu 21.04

dumphd is HD-DVD/Blu-Ray decrypter

How To Install dune on Ubuntu 21.04

dune is composable build system for OCaml projects – transitional package

How To Install dunst on Ubuntu 21.04

dunst is dmenu-ish notification-daemon

How To Install duperemove on Ubuntu 21.04

duperemove is extent-based deduplicator for file systems

How To Install duplicity on Ubuntu 21.04

duplicity is encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup

How To Install dupload on Ubuntu 21.04

dupload is Debian package upload tool

How To Install duply on Ubuntu 21.04

duply is easy to use frontend to the duplicity backup system

How To Install durep on Ubuntu 21.04

durep is create disk usage reports

How To Install dustmite on Ubuntu 21.04

dustmite is Tool for minimizing D source code

How To Install dustracing2d on Ubuntu 21.04

dustracing2d is tile-based 2D racing game

How To Install dv4l on Ubuntu 21.04

dv4l is Redirect V4L API to access a camcorder from a V4L program

How To Install dvbackup on Ubuntu 21.04

dvbackup is backup tool using MiniDV camcorders

How To Install dvbcut on Ubuntu 21.04

dvbcut is Qt application for cutting parts out of DVB streams

How To Install dvblast on Ubuntu 21.04

dvblast is Simple and powerful dvb-streaming application

How To Install dvbsnoop on Ubuntu 21.04

dvbsnoop is DVB / MPEG stream analyzer

How To Install dvbstream on Ubuntu 21.04

dvbstream is Broadcast a DVB Transport stream over a LAN

How To Install dvbstreamer on Ubuntu 21.04

dvbstreamer is a console based streamer for DVB/ATSC service(s)

How To Install dvbtune on Ubuntu 21.04

dvbtune is Simple tuning application for DVB cards

How To Install dvdauthor on Ubuntu 21.04

dvdauthor is create DVD-Video file system

How To Install dvdbackup on Ubuntu 21.04

dvdbackup is tool to rip DVD’s from the command line

How To Install dvdisaster on Ubuntu 21.04

dvdisaster is data loss/scratch/aging protection for CD/DVD media

How To Install dvdtape on Ubuntu 21.04

dvdtape is Create DVD master filesystems on DLT media

How To Install dvgrab on Ubuntu 21.04

dvgrab is grab digital video data via IEEE1394 and USB links

How To Install dvhtool on Ubuntu 21.04

dvhtool is Manipulate the volume header on sgi partition layouts

How To Install dvi2dvi on Ubuntu 21.04

dvi2dvi is Tweak DVI files

How To Install dvi2ps on Ubuntu 21.04

dvi2ps is TeX DVI-driver for NTT JTeX, MulTeX and ASCII pTeX

How To Install dvidvi on Ubuntu 21.04

dvidvi is Manipulate .dvi files

How To Install dvipng on Ubuntu 21.04

dvipng is convert DVI files to PNG graphics

How To Install dvisvgm on Ubuntu 21.04

dvisvgm is DVI to SVG converter

How To Install dvorak7min on Ubuntu 21.04

dvorak7min is typing tutor for Dvorak keyboards

How To Install dvtm on Ubuntu 21.04

dvtm is Tiling window management for the console

How To Install dwarf2sources on Ubuntu 21.04

dwarf2sources is utility to list the source files for a given binary

How To Install dwarfdump on Ubuntu 21.04

dwarfdump is utility to dump DWARF debug information from ELF objects

How To Install dwarves on Ubuntu 21.04

dwarves is set of advanced DWARF utilities

How To Install dwdiff on Ubuntu 21.04

dwdiff is diff program that operates word by word

How To Install dwgsim on Ubuntu 21.04

dwgsim is short sequencing read simulator

How To Install dwm on Ubuntu 21.04

dwm is dynamic window manager

How To Install dwww on Ubuntu 21.04

dwww is Read all on-line documentation with a WWW browser

How To Install dwz on Ubuntu 21.04

dwz is DWARF compression tool

How To Install dx on Ubuntu 21.04

dx is OpenDX (IBM Visualization Data Explorer) - main package

How To Install dxf2gcode on Ubuntu 21.04

dxf2gcode is prepares drawings of parts for automatic machine tools

How To Install dxsamples on Ubuntu 21.04

dxsamples is Sample programs for the OpenDX Data Explorer

How To Install dxtool on Ubuntu 21.04

dxtool is DistoX data download utility

How To Install dxvk on Ubuntu 21.04

dxvk is Vulkan-based translation layer for Direct3D 10/11

How To Install dynamips on Ubuntu 21.04

dynamips is Cisco 7200/3600/3725/3745/2600/1700 Router Emulator

How To Install dynamite on Ubuntu 21.04

dynamite is PKWARE Data Compression decompressor

How To Install dynare on Ubuntu 21.04

dynare is platform for handling a wide class of economic models

How To Install dzen2 on Ubuntu 21.04

dzen2 is General-purpose messaging and notification program for X11

How To Install e00compr on Ubuntu 21.04

e00compr is Program to read/write Arcinfo compressed E00 files

How To Install e2fslibs on Ubuntu 21.04

e2fslibs is transitional package to libext2fs2

How To Install e2fsprogs on Ubuntu 21.04

e2fsprogs is ext2/ext3/ext4 file system utilities

How To Install e2guardian on Ubuntu 21.04

e2guardian is Web content filtering (Dansguardian fork)

How To Install e2ps on Ubuntu 21.04

e2ps is Convert plain text into PostScript

How To Install e2tools on Ubuntu 21.04

e2tools is utilities for manipulating files in an ext2/ext3 filesystem

How To Install e2wm on Ubuntu 21.04

e2wm is simple window manager for emacs

How To Install e3 on Ubuntu 21.04

e3 is very small text editor

How To Install eancheck on Ubuntu 21.04

eancheck is Check digit validator for EAN/PLU/UPC barcode numbers

How To Install eapoltest on Ubuntu 21.04

eapoltest is EAPoL testing utility

How To Install earlyoom on Ubuntu 21.04

earlyoom is Early OOM Daemon

How To Install easychem on Ubuntu 21.04

easychem is Draw high-quality molecules and 2D chemical formulas

How To Install easygen on Ubuntu 21.04

easygen is Easy to use universal code/text generator

How To Install easygit on Ubuntu 21.04

easygit is git for mere mortals

How To Install easyh10 on Ubuntu 21.04

easyh10 is Utility to manage the iRiver H10 music player

How To Install easyssh on Ubuntu 21.04

easyssh is Complete, efficient and easy-to-use SSH manager

How To Install easystroke on Ubuntu 21.04

easystroke is gesture recognition program

How To Install easytag on Ubuntu 21.04

easytag is GTK+ editor for audio file tags

How To Install eatmydata on Ubuntu 21.04

eatmydata is Library and utilities designed to disable fsync and friends

How To Install eblook on Ubuntu 21.04

eblook is electronic dictionary search command using EB Library

How To Install ebnflint on Ubuntu 21.04

ebnflint is verifies EBNF productions are consistent and grammatically correct

How To Install eboard on Ubuntu 21.04

eboard is GTK+ chessboard program

How To Install ebook2cw on Ubuntu 21.04

ebook2cw is convert ebooks to Morse MP3s/OGGs

How To Install ebook2cwgui on Ubuntu 21.04

ebook2cwgui is GUI for ebook2cw

How To Install ebook2epub on Ubuntu 21.04

ebook2epub is other E-Book formats to EPUB converter

How To Install ebook2odt on Ubuntu 21.04

ebook2odt is E-Book formats to OpenDocument converter

How To Install ebtables on Ubuntu 21.04

ebtables is Ethernet bridge frame table administration

How To Install ebumeter on Ubuntu 21.04

ebumeter is loudness measurement according to EBU-R128

How To Install ebview on Ubuntu 21.04

ebview is EPWING dictionary viewer

How To Install ecaccess on Ubuntu 21.04

ecaccess is clients to access ECMWF facilities

How To Install ecasound on Ubuntu 21.04

ecasound is multitrack-capable audio recorder and effect processor

How To Install ecatools on Ubuntu 21.04

ecatools is multitrack-capable audio recorder and effect processor (tools)

How To Install ecb on Ubuntu 21.04

ecb is code browser for Emacs supporting several languages

How To Install ecbuild on Ubuntu 21.04

ecbuild is Build system for ECMWF software

How To Install ecdsautils on Ubuntu 21.04

ecdsautils is ECDSA elliptic curve cryptography command line tools

How To Install echoping on Ubuntu 21.04

echoping is Small test tool for TCP servers

How To Install ecj on Ubuntu 21.04

ecj is standalone version of the Eclipse Java compiler

How To Install ecl on Ubuntu 21.04

ecl is Embeddable Common-Lisp

How To Install ecopcr on Ubuntu 21.04

ecopcr is estimate PCR barcode primers quality

How To Install ed on Ubuntu 21.04

ed is classic UNIX line editor

How To Install edbrowse on Ubuntu 21.04

edbrowse is /bin/ed-alike webbrowser written in C

How To Install edenmath.app on Ubuntu 21.04

edenmath.app is Scientific calculator for GNUstep

How To Install edfbrowser on Ubuntu 21.04

edfbrowser is viewer for biosignal storage files such as bdf and edf

How To Install edgar on Ubuntu 21.04

edgar is 2D platform game with a persistent world

How To Install edict on Ubuntu 21.04

edict is English / Japanese dictionary

How To Install editorconfig on Ubuntu 21.04

editorconfig is coding style indenter for all editors - commandline tools

How To Install edtsurf on Ubuntu 21.04

edtsurf is triangulated mesh surfaces for protein structures

How To Install eekboek on Ubuntu 21.04

eekboek is Bookkeeping software for small and medium-size businesses

How To Install efax on Ubuntu 21.04

efax is programs to send and receive fax messages

How To Install efibootmgr on Ubuntu 21.04

efibootmgr is Interact with the EFI Boot Manager

How To Install efingerd on Ubuntu 21.04

efingerd is Another finger daemon for unix capable of fine-tuning your output.

How To Install efitools on Ubuntu 21.04

efitools is Tools to manipulate EFI secure boot keys and signatures

How To Install efivar on Ubuntu 21.04

efivar is Tools to manage UEFI variables

How To Install eflite on Ubuntu 21.04

eflite is Festival-Lite based emacspeak speech server

How To Install efp on Ubuntu 21.04

efp is Escape from Pong NES game

How To Install efte on Ubuntu 21.04

efte is Advanced lightweight configurable editor

How To Install egctl on Ubuntu 21.04

egctl is control state of EnerGenie Programmable surge protector

How To Install eggdrop on Ubuntu 21.04

eggdrop is Advanced IRC Robot

How To Install eiciel on Ubuntu 21.04

eiciel is graphical editor for POSIX ACLs and extended user attributes

How To Install eigensoft on Ubuntu 21.04

eigensoft is reduction of population bias for genetic analyses

How To Install einstein on Ubuntu 21.04

einstein is Puzzle game inspired on Einstein’s puzzle

How To Install eiskaltdcpp on Ubuntu 21.04

eiskaltdcpp is file sharing program using Direct Connect protocols (metapackage)

How To Install eja on Ubuntu 21.04

eja is micro web server for static and dynamic Lua generated content

How To Install ejabberd on Ubuntu 21.04

ejabberd is extensible realtime platform (XMPP server + MQTT broker + SIP service)

How To Install eject on Ubuntu 21.04

eject is ejects CDs and operates CD-Changers under Linux

How To Install ekeyd on Ubuntu 21.04

ekeyd is Simtec Electronics UDEKEY01 Entropy Key Daemon

How To Install elastalert on Ubuntu 21.04

elastalert is easy and flexible alerting with Elasticsearch

How To Install elastix on Ubuntu 21.04

elastix is toolbox for rigid and nonrigid registration of images

How To Install eldav on Ubuntu 21.04

eldav is interface to the WebDAV servers for Emacs.

How To Install electric on Ubuntu 21.04

electric is electrical CAD system

How To Install elektroid on Ubuntu 21.04

elektroid is Sample transfer application

How To Install elfrc on Ubuntu 21.04

elfrc is convert arbitrary files into elf objects

How To Install elfutils on Ubuntu 21.04

elfutils is collection of utilities to handle ELF objects

How To Install elida on Ubuntu 21.04

elida is pbuilder mail interface

How To Install elinks on Ubuntu 21.04

elinks is advanced text-mode WWW browser

How To Install eliom on Ubuntu 21.04

eliom is web framework for ocsigenserver (tools)

How To Install elisa on Ubuntu 21.04

elisa is Simple music player with a focus on Plasma desktop integration and privacy

How To Install elixir on Ubuntu 21.04

elixir is functional meta-programming aware language

How To Install elk on Ubuntu 21.04

elk is scheme interpreter

How To Install elkdoc on Ubuntu 21.04

elkdoc is documentation for the Extension Language Kit

How To Install elki on Ubuntu 21.04

elki is Data mining algorithm development framework

How To Install elog on Ubuntu 21.04

elog is Logbook system to manage notes through a Web interface

How To Install elph on Ubuntu 21.04

elph is DNA/protein sequence motif finder

How To Install elscreen on Ubuntu 21.04

elscreen is Screen for Emacsen

How To Install elvish on Ubuntu 21.04

elvish is Friendly and expressive shell

How To Install emacs on Ubuntu 21.04

emacs is GNU Emacs editor (metapackage)

How To Install emacspeak on Ubuntu 21.04

emacspeak is speech output interface to Emacs

How To Install ember on Ubuntu 21.04

ember is 3D client framework for the WorldForge project

How To Install emboss on Ubuntu 21.04

emboss is European molecular biology open software suite

How To Install emd on Ubuntu 21.04

emd is Enhanced Markdown template processor (program)

How To Install emerald on Ubuntu 21.04

emerald is Decorator for compiz

How To Install emmax on Ubuntu 21.04

emmax is genetic mapping considering population structure

How To Install emms on Ubuntu 21.04

emms is Emacs MultiMedia System

How To Install empathy on Ubuntu 21.04

empathy is GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client

How To Install empire on Ubuntu 21.04

empire is war game of the century

How To Install emscripten on Ubuntu 21.04

emscripten is LLVM-to-JavaScript Compiler

How To Install emu8051 on Ubuntu 21.04

emu8051 is Emulator and simulator for 8051 microcontrollers

How To Install enamdict on Ubuntu 21.04

enamdict is Dictionary of Japanese proper names

How To Install enblend on Ubuntu 21.04

enblend is image blending tool

How To Install enca on Ubuntu 21.04

enca is Extremely Naive Charset Analyser - binaries

How To Install encfs on Ubuntu 21.04

encfs is encrypted virtual filesystem

How To Install endlessh on Ubuntu 21.04

endlessh is SSH tarpit that slowly sends an endless connection banner

How To Install enemylines3 on Ubuntu 21.04

enemylines3 is semi-abstract first person 3d-shooter game

How To Install enemylines7 on Ubuntu 21.04

enemylines7 is first person 3d-shooter game

How To Install enfuse on Ubuntu 21.04

enfuse is image exposure blending tool

How To Install engrampa on Ubuntu 21.04

engrampa is archive manager for MATE

How To Install enigma on Ubuntu 21.04

enigma is Game where you control a marble with the mouse

How To Install enigmail on Ubuntu 21.04

enigmail is GPG support for Thunderbird and Debian Icedove

How To Install enjarify on Ubuntu 21.04

enjarify is translate Dalvik bytecode to equivalent Java bytecode

How To Install enlightenment on Ubuntu 21.04

enlightenment is X11 window manager based on EFL

How To Install enscribe on Ubuntu 21.04

enscribe is convert images into sounds

How To Install enscript on Ubuntu 21.04

enscript is converts text to Postscript, HTML or RTF with syntax highlighting

How To Install ent on Ubuntu 21.04

ent is pseudorandom number sequence test program

How To Install entagged on Ubuntu 21.04

entagged is graphical audio file tagger with freedb support

How To Install entangle on Ubuntu 21.04

entangle is Tethered Camera Control & Capture

How To Install entr on Ubuntu 21.04

entr is Run arbitrary commands when files change

How To Install entropybroker on Ubuntu 21.04

entropybroker is infrastructure for distributing random numbers (entropy data)

How To Install enum on Ubuntu 21.04

enum is seq- and jot-like enumerator

How To Install env2 on Ubuntu 21.04

env2 is convert environment variables between scripting languages

How To Install envstore on Ubuntu 21.04

envstore is store for environment variables across shell processes

How To Install eoconv on Ubuntu 21.04

eoconv is convert text files between various Esperanto encodings

How To Install eog on Ubuntu 21.04

eog is Eye of GNOME graphics viewer program

How To Install eom on Ubuntu 21.04

eom is Eye of MATE graphics viewer program

How To Install eot2ttf on Ubuntu 21.04

eot2ttf is utility to convert Embedded OpenType fonts to TrueType

How To Install eperl on Ubuntu 21.04

eperl is Embedded Perl 5 Language

How To Install ephoto on Ubuntu 21.04

ephoto is Comprehensive Image Viewer Using EFL

How To Install epic4 on Ubuntu 21.04

epic4 is epic irc client, version 4

How To Install epic5 on Ubuntu 21.04

epic5 is epic irc client, version 5

How To Install epigrass on Ubuntu 21.04

epigrass is scientific tool for simulations and scenario analysis in network epidemiology

How To Install epiphany on Ubuntu 21.04

epiphany is clone of Boulder Dash game

How To Install epix on Ubuntu 21.04

epix is Create mathematically accurate line figures, plots and movies

How To Install epm on Ubuntu 21.04

epm is Cross-platform package builder by Easy Software Products

How To Install epoptes on Ubuntu 21.04

epoptes is Computer lab management tool

How To Install epstool on Ubuntu 21.04

epstool is edit preview images and fix bounding boxes in EPS files

How To Install epubcheck on Ubuntu 21.04

epubcheck is Validation Tool for EPUB

How To Install eq10q on Ubuntu 21.04

eq10q is LV2 plugins bundle

How To Install eql on Ubuntu 21.04

eql is load balancing tool for serial network connections

How To Install eqonomize on Ubuntu 21.04

eqonomize is personal accounting software for the small household economy

How To Install equalx on Ubuntu 21.04

equalx is graphical editor for LaTeX equations

How To Install equivs on Ubuntu 21.04

equivs is Circumvent Debian package dependencies

How To Install erfs on Ubuntu 21.04

erfs is Client to use a free encrypted cloud based network file system

How To Install ergo on Ubuntu 21.04

ergo is Quantum chemistry program for large-scale calculations

How To Install eric on Ubuntu 21.04

eric is full featured Python IDE

How To Install erlang on Ubuntu 21.04

erlang is Concurrent, real-time, distributed functional language

How To Install errbot on Ubuntu 21.04

errbot is Chatbot designed to be simple to extend with plugins written in Python

How To Install errno on Ubuntu 21.04

errno is transitional dummy package for moreutils

How To Install esbuild on Ubuntu 21.04

esbuild is extremely fast JavaScript bundler and minifier (program)

How To Install escputil on Ubuntu 21.04

escputil is maintenance utility for Epson Stylus printers

How To Install esekeyd on Ubuntu 21.04

esekeyd is multimedia keyboard daemon for Linux

How To Install esix on Ubuntu 21.04

esix is PDP-8 Engineering and Scientific Interpreter eXtended

How To Install eslint on Ubuntu 21.04

eslint is AST-based pattern checker for JavaScript

How To Install esmtp on Ubuntu 21.04

esmtp is user configurable relay-only MTA

How To Install esnacc on Ubuntu 21.04

esnacc is ASN.1 to C or C++ or IDL compiler

How To Install esniper on Ubuntu 21.04

esniper is simple, lightweight tool for sniping ebay auctions

How To Install esorex on Ubuntu 21.04

esorex is Execution Tool for European Southern Observatory pipelines

How To Install espctag on Ubuntu 21.04

espctag is ID666 tags editor

How To Install espeak on Ubuntu 21.04

espeak is Multi-lingual software speech synthesizer

How To Install espeakedit on Ubuntu 21.04

espeakedit is Multi-lingual software speech synthesizer - editor

How To Install espeakup on Ubuntu 21.04

espeakup is Connector between speakup kernel modules and espeak

How To Install esptool on Ubuntu 21.04

esptool is create and flash firmware files to ESP8266 and ESP32 chips

How To Install ess on Ubuntu 21.04

ess is Transition Package, ess to elpa-ess

How To Install estscan on Ubuntu 21.04

estscan is ORF-independent detector of coding DNA sequences

How To Install etc1tool on Ubuntu 21.04

etc1tool is ETC1 conversion tool

How To Install etcd on Ubuntu 21.04

etcd is Transitional package for etcd-client and etcd-server

How To Install etckeeper on Ubuntu 21.04

etckeeper is store /etc in git, mercurial, brz or darcs

How To Install eterm on Ubuntu 21.04

eterm is Enlightened Terminal Emulator

How To Install etherape on Ubuntu 21.04

etherape is graphical network monitor

How To Install etherpuppet on Ubuntu 21.04

etherpuppet is create a virtual interface from a remote Ethernet interface

How To Install etherwake on Ubuntu 21.04

etherwake is tool to send magic Wake-on-LAN packets

How To Install ethflop on Ubuntu 21.04

ethflop is Ethernet DOS floppy emulator

How To Install ethflux on Ubuntu 21.04

ethflux is InfluxDB data gatherer for ethtool-style network interface information

How To Install ethstats on Ubuntu 21.04

ethstats is script that quickly measures network device throughput

How To Install ethstatus on Ubuntu 21.04

ethstatus is console-based ethernet statistics monitor

How To Install ethtool on Ubuntu 21.04

ethtool is display or change Ethernet device settings

How To Install etktab on Ubuntu 21.04

etktab is ASCII guitar tab editor

How To Install etm on Ubuntu 21.04

etm is manages events and tasks using simple text files

How To Install etoys on Ubuntu 21.04

etoys is media-rich model, simulation construction kit and authoring tool

How To Install etw on Ubuntu 21.04

etw is arcade-style soccer game

How To Install eukleides on Ubuntu 21.04

eukleides is Euclidean geometry drawing language

How To Install euler on Ubuntu 21.04

euler is interactive mathematical programming environment

How To Install eureka on Ubuntu 21.04

eureka is map editor for the classic DOOM games

How To Install eurephia on Ubuntu 21.04

eurephia is flexible OpenVPN authentication module

How To Install euslisp on Ubuntu 21.04

euslisp is Lisp based intelligent robots programming system

How To Install eventstat on Ubuntu 21.04

eventstat is kernel event states monitoring tool

How To Install eviacam on Ubuntu 21.04

eviacam is camera based mouse emulator

How To Install evilwm on Ubuntu 21.04

evilwm is minimalist window manager for X11

How To Install evince on Ubuntu 21.04

evince is Document (PostScript, PDF) viewer

How To Install evolution on Ubuntu 21.04

evolution is groupware suite with mail client and organizer

How To Install evolver on Ubuntu 21.04

evolver is Surface Evolver

How To Install evolvotron on Ubuntu 21.04

evolvotron is Generator of textures through interactive evolution

How To Install evtest on Ubuntu 21.04

evtest is utility to monitor Linux input device events

How To Install eweouz on Ubuntu 21.04

eweouz is Emacs interface to Evolution Data Server

How To Install ewipe on Ubuntu 21.04

ewipe is Yet another presentation tool based on Tcl/Tk

How To Install exa on Ubuntu 21.04

exa is Modern replacement for ls

How To Install exabgp on Ubuntu 21.04

exabgp is BGP swiss army knife of networking

How To Install exactimage on Ubuntu 21.04

exactimage is fast image manipulation programs

How To Install exadrums on Ubuntu 21.04

exadrums is Software drum module (graphical user interface)

How To Install examl on Ubuntu 21.04

examl is Exascale Maximum Likelihood (ExaML) code for phylogenetic inference

How To Install execline on Ubuntu 21.04

execline is small and non-interactive scripting language

How To Install execstack on Ubuntu 21.04

execstack is ELF GNU_STACK program header editing utility

How To Install exempi on Ubuntu 21.04

exempi is command line tool to manipulate XMP metadata

How To Install exfalso on Ubuntu 21.04

exfalso is audio tag editor for GTK+

How To Install exfatprogs on Ubuntu 21.04

exfatprogs is tools to create, check and label exFAT filesystems

How To Install exif on Ubuntu 21.04

exif is command-line utility to show EXIF information in JPEG files

How To Install exifprobe on Ubuntu 21.04

exifprobe is read metadata from digital pictures

How To Install exiftags on Ubuntu 21.04

exiftags is utility to read Exif tags from a digital camera JPEG file

How To Install exiftran on Ubuntu 21.04

exiftran is digital camera JPEG image transformer

How To Install exim4 on Ubuntu 21.04

exim4 is metapackage to ease Exim MTA (v4) installation metapackage to ease Exim MTA (v4) installation

How To Install eximon4 on Ubuntu 21.04

eximon4 is monitor application for the Exim MTA (v4) (X11 interface) monitor application for the Exim MTA (v4) (X11 interface)

How To Install exiv2 on Ubuntu 21.04

exiv2 is EXIF/IPTC/XMP metadata manipulation tool EXIF/IPTC/XMP metadata manipulation tool

How To Install exmh on Ubuntu 21.04

exmh is extensible X user interface for MH mail

How To Install exonerate on Ubuntu 21.04

exonerate is generic tool for pairwise sequence comparison

How To Install expat on Ubuntu 21.04

expat is XML parsing C library - example application

How To Install expect on Ubuntu 21.04

expect is Automates interactive applications

How To Install expeyes on Ubuntu 21.04

expeyes is hardware & software framework for developing science experiments

How To Install explain on Ubuntu 21.04

explain is utility to explain system call errors

How To Install ext3grep on Ubuntu 21.04

ext3grep is tool to help recover deleted files on ext3 filesystems

How To Install ext4magic on Ubuntu 21.04

ext4magic is recover deleted files from ext3 or ext4 partitions

How To Install extlinux on Ubuntu 21.04

extlinux is collection of bootloaders (Linux ext2/ext3/ext4, btrfs, and xfs bootloader)

How To Install extrace on Ubuntu 21.04

extrace is trace exec() calls system-wide

How To Install extract on Ubuntu 21.04

extract is displays meta-data from files of arbitrary type

How To Install extractpdfmark on Ubuntu 21.04

extractpdfmark is Extract page mode and named destinations as PDFmark from PDF

How To Install extremetuxracer on Ubuntu 21.04

extremetuxracer is 3D racing game featuring Tux, the Linux penguin

How To Install extrepo on Ubuntu 21.04

extrepo is External repository manager

How To Install extsmail on Ubuntu 21.04

extsmail is enables the robust sending of e-mail to external commands

How To Install extundelete on Ubuntu 21.04

extundelete is utility to recover deleted files from ext3/ext4 partition

How To Install exult on Ubuntu 21.04

exult is engine for Ultima VII (BG, FOV, SI, SS)

How To Install eye on Ubuntu 21.04

eye is semantic web reasoning engine

How To Install eyed3 on Ubuntu 21.04

eyed3 is Display and manipulate id3-tags on the command-line

How To Install eyes17 on Ubuntu 21.04

eyes17 is hardware & software framework for developing science experiments

How To Install ezquake on Ubuntu 21.04

ezquake is modern QuakeWorld client

How To Install ezstream on Ubuntu 21.04

ezstream is easy media streaming client over icecast servers

How To Install eztrace on Ubuntu 21.04

eztrace is Automatic execution trace generation for HPC - tools

How To Install f2c on Ubuntu 21.04

f2c is FORTRAN 77 to C/C++ translator

How To Install f2j on Ubuntu 21.04

f2j is Fortran to Java compiler

How To Install f3 on Ubuntu 21.04

f3 is test real flash memory capacity

How To Install faac on Ubuntu 21.04

faac is AAC audio encoder (frontend)

How To Install faad on Ubuntu 21.04

faad is freeware Advanced Audio Decoder player

How To Install fabric on Ubuntu 21.04

fabric is Simple Pythonic remote deployment tool

How To Install facedetect on Ubuntu 21.04

facedetect is simple face detector for batch processing

How To Install fact++ on Ubuntu 21.04

fact++ is description logic reasoner for the semantic web

How To Install facter on Ubuntu 21.04

facter is collect and display facts about the system

How To Install facterdb on Ubuntu 21.04

facterdb is Database of OS facts provided by Facter

How To Install fadecut on Ubuntu 21.04

fadecut is toolset to rip audiostreams, cut, fade in/out and tag the resulting audiofiles

How To Install fades on Ubuntu 21.04

fades is system for automatically handling virtual environments

How To Install faifa on Ubuntu 21.04

faifa is manage HomePlug 1.0/AV devices via ethernet frames

How To Install fail2ban on Ubuntu 21.04

fail2ban is ban hosts that cause multiple authentication errors

How To Install fair on Ubuntu 21.04

fair is high availability load balancer for TCP connections

How To Install fairymax on Ubuntu 21.04

fairymax is xboard compatible chess and chess-variant engine

How To Install fake on Ubuntu 21.04

fake is IP address takeover tool

How To Install fakechroot on Ubuntu 21.04

fakechroot is gives a fake chroot environment - utilities

How To Install fakemachine on Ubuntu 21.04

fakemachine is create and spawn virtual machines for building images with debos.

How To Install faker on Ubuntu 21.04

faker is Python program that generates fake data

How To Install fakeroot on Ubuntu 21.04

fakeroot is tool for simulating superuser privileges

How To Install faketime on Ubuntu 21.04

faketime is Report faked system time to programs (command-line tool)

How To Install falkon on Ubuntu 21.04

falkon is lightweight web browser based on Qt WebEngine

How To Install falselogin on Ubuntu 21.04

falselogin is false login shell

How To Install fam on Ubuntu 21.04

fam is File Alteration Monitor

How To Install fancontrol on Ubuntu 21.04

fancontrol is utility to control the fan speed

How To Install fapg on Ubuntu 21.04

fapg is Fast Audio Playlist Generator

How To Install farbfeld on Ubuntu 21.04

farbfeld is Lossless image format which is easy to parse, pipe and compress

How To Install farpd on Ubuntu 21.04

farpd is Fake ARP user space daemon

How To Install fasd on Ubuntu 21.04

fasd is command-line productivity booster

How To Install fasm on Ubuntu 21.04

fasm is fast assembler for the x86 and x86-64 architectures

How To Install fast5 on Ubuntu 21.04

fast5 is utilities for manipulating Oxford Nanopore Fast5 files

How To Install fasta3 on Ubuntu 21.04

fasta3 is tools for searching collections of biological sequences

How To Install fastahack on Ubuntu 21.04

fastahack is utility for indexing and sequence extraction from FASTA files

How To Install fastaq on Ubuntu 21.04

fastaq is FASTA and FASTQ file manipulation tools

How To Install fastboot on Ubuntu 21.04

fastboot is Android fastboot tool

How To Install fastd on Ubuntu 21.04

fastd is Fast and Secure Tunneling Daemon

How To Install fastddsgen on Ubuntu 21.04

fastddsgen is IDL source code generator for eProsima FastDDS

How To Install fastdnaml on Ubuntu 21.04

fastdnaml is Tool for construction of phylogenetic trees of DNA sequences

How To Install fastep on Ubuntu 21.04

fastep is Adjust Python project to use fastentrypoints

How To Install fastforward on Ubuntu 21.04

fastforward is handles qmail forwarding according to a cdb database

How To Install fastjar on Ubuntu 21.04

fastjar is Jar creation utility

How To Install fastlink on Ubuntu 21.04

fastlink is faster version of pedigree programs of Linkage

How To Install fastml on Ubuntu 21.04

fastml is maximum likelihood ancestral amino-acid sequence reconstruction

How To Install fastp on Ubuntu 21.04

fastp is Ultra-fast all-in-one FASTQ preprocessor

How To Install fastqc on Ubuntu 21.04

fastqc is quality control for high throughput sequence data

How To Install fastqtl on Ubuntu 21.04

fastqtl is Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) mapper in cis for molecular phenotypes

How To Install fasttext on Ubuntu 21.04

fasttext is Efficient learning of word representations and sentence classification library

How To Install fasttracker2 on Ubuntu 21.04

fasttracker2 is Fasttracker II clone

How To Install fasttree on Ubuntu 21.04

fasttree is phylogenetic trees from alignments of nucleotide or protein sequences

How To Install fatattr on Ubuntu 21.04

fatattr is Utility to control attributes on a FAT filesystem

How To Install fatcat on Ubuntu 21.04

fatcat is FAT filesystem explore, extract, repair, and forensic tool

How To Install fathom on Ubuntu 21.04

fathom is Command-line for probing Syzygy tablebases

How To Install fatrace on Ubuntu 21.04

fatrace is report system wide file access events

How To Install fatresize on Ubuntu 21.04

fatresize is FAT16/FAT32 filesystem resizer

How To Install fatsort on Ubuntu 21.04

fatsort is utility for sorting FAT directory structures

How To Install faucc on Ubuntu 21.04

faucc is C compiler generating Intel code for 16bit/32bit CPUs

How To Install fauhdlc on Ubuntu 21.04

fauhdlc is experimental VHDL compiler and interpreter

How To Install faultstat on Ubuntu 21.04

faultstat is page fault monitoring tool

How To Install faust on Ubuntu 21.04

faust is functional programming language for realtime audio applications

How To Install faustworks on Ubuntu 21.04

faustworks is IDE for Faust dsp programming language

How To Install fbautostart on Ubuntu 21.04

fbautostart is XDG compliant autostarting app for Fluxbox

How To Install fbb on Ubuntu 21.04

fbb is Packet radio mailbox and utilities

How To Install fbcat on Ubuntu 21.04

fbcat is framebuffer grabber

How To Install fbi on Ubuntu 21.04

fbi is Linux frame buffer image viewer

How To Install fbless on Ubuntu 21.04

fbless is terminal fiction book reader

How To Install fbpager on Ubuntu 21.04

fbpager is a pager application for the Fluxbox window manager

How To Install fbpanel on Ubuntu 21.04

fbpanel is lightweight X11 desktop panel

How To Install fbreader on Ubuntu 21.04

fbreader is e-book reader

How To Install fbset on Ubuntu 21.04

fbset is framebuffer device maintenance program

How To Install fbterm on Ubuntu 21.04

fbterm is fast framebuffer based terminal emulator for Linux

How To Install fbtv on Ubuntu 21.04

fbtv is television viewer - Linux framebuffer application

How To Install fbxkb on Ubuntu 21.04

fbxkb is X11 keyboard indicator and switcher

How To Install fbzx on Ubuntu 21.04

fbzx is ZX Spectrum emulator

How To Install fcc on Ubuntu 21.04

fcc is Script to compile C/C++ programs and link to Fortran libraries

How To Install fccexam on Ubuntu 21.04

fccexam is Study tool for USA FCC commercial radio license exams.

How To Install fceux on Ubuntu 21.04

fceux is all-in-one NES/Famicom Emulator

How To Install fcgiwrap on Ubuntu 21.04

fcgiwrap is simple server to run CGI applications over FastCGI

How To Install fcheck on Ubuntu 21.04

fcheck is IDS filesystem baseline integrity checker

How To Install fcitx on Ubuntu 21.04

fcitx is Flexible Input Method Framework

How To Install fcitx5 on Ubuntu 21.04

fcitx5 is Next generation of Fcitx Input Method Framework

How To Install fcm on Ubuntu 21.04

fcm is Flexible Configuration Manager

How To Install fcml on Ubuntu 21.04

fcml is single-line assembler and disassembler

How To Install fcrackzip on Ubuntu 21.04

fcrackzip is password cracker for zip archives

How To Install fdb5 on Ubuntu 21.04

fdb5 is Utilities for the FDB Fields Database

How To Install fdclock on Ubuntu 21.04

fdclock is freedesktop.org clock

How To Install fdclone on Ubuntu 21.04

fdclone is console-base lightweight file manager

How To Install fdflush on Ubuntu 21.04

fdflush is Flush out-of-date disk buffers

How To Install fdisk on Ubuntu 21.04

fdisk is collection of partitioning utilities

How To Install fdkaac on Ubuntu 21.04

fdkaac is command line encoder frontend for libfdk-aac

How To Install fdm on Ubuntu 21.04

fdm is fetching, filtering and delivering emails

How To Install fdpowermon on Ubuntu 21.04

fdpowermon is simple battery power monitor for laptops with ACPI

How To Install fdroidcl on Ubuntu 21.04

fdroidcl is F-Droid desktop client

How To Install fdroidserver on Ubuntu 21.04

fdroidserver is F-Droid build server and repository tools for Android

How To Install fdupes on Ubuntu 21.04

fdupes is identifies duplicate files within given directories

How To Install fdutils on Ubuntu 21.04

fdutils is Linux floppy utilities

How To Install feathernotes on Ubuntu 21.04

feathernotes is Hierarchical notes-manager (binaries)

How To Install featherpad on Ubuntu 21.04

featherpad is Lightweight Qt5 plain-text editor

How To Install feed2exec on Ubuntu 21.04

feed2exec is programmable feed reader

How To Install feed2imap on Ubuntu 21.04

feed2imap is feed aggregator (RSS/Atom) which puts items on a IMAP mail server

How To Install feed2toot on Ubuntu 21.04

feed2toot is automatically parses rss feeds, and posts entries to the fediverse

How To Install feedbackd on Ubuntu 21.04

feedbackd is DBus service for haptic/visual/audio feedback

How To Install feedgnuplot on Ubuntu 21.04

feedgnuplot is Pipe-oriented frontend to Gnuplot

How To Install feedreader on Ubuntu 21.04

feedreader is simple client for online RSS services like tt-rss and others

How To Install feersum on Ubuntu 21.04

feersum is PSGI engine for Perl based on EV/libev

How To Install feh on Ubuntu 21.04

feh is imlib2 based image viewer

How To Install fenics on Ubuntu 21.04

fenics is Automated Solution of Differential Equations

How To Install fenicsx on Ubuntu 21.04

fenicsx is Automated Solution of Differential Equations

How To Install fenrir on Ubuntu 21.04

fenrir is Userland console (TTY) screen reader written in python

How To Install ferm on Ubuntu 21.04

ferm is maintain and setup complicated firewall rules

How To Install ferret on Ubuntu 21.04

ferret is CASE tool for data model editing

How To Install festival on Ubuntu 21.04

festival is General multi-lingual speech synthesis system

How To Install fet on Ubuntu 21.04

fet is timetable generator

How To Install fetchmail on Ubuntu 21.04

fetchmail is SSL enabled POP3, APOP, IMAP mail gatherer/forwarder

How To Install fetchyahoo on Ubuntu 21.04

fetchyahoo is Retrieve mail from Yahoo!’s webmail service

How To Install fever on Ubuntu 21.04

fever is fast, extensible, versatile event router for Suricata’s EVE-JSON format

How To Install fex on Ubuntu 21.04

fex is web service for transferring very large files

How To Install feynmf on Ubuntu 21.04

feynmf is set of LaTeX macros for creating Feynman diagrams

How To Install ffcvt on Ubuntu 21.04

ffcvt is ffmpeg convert wrapper tool

How To Install ffdiaporama on Ubuntu 21.04

ffdiaporama is Movie creator from photos and video clips

How To Install ffe on Ubuntu 21.04

ffe is Tool for parsing flat and CSV files and converting them to different formats

How To Install ffindex on Ubuntu 21.04

ffindex is simple index/database for huge amounts of small files

How To Install ffjson on Ubuntu 21.04

ffjson is faster JSON serialization for Go

How To Install ffmpeg on Ubuntu 21.04

ffmpeg is Tools for transcoding, streaming and playing of multimedia files

How To Install ffmpeg2theora on Ubuntu 21.04

ffmpeg2theora is Theora video encoder using ffmpeg

How To Install ffmpegfs on Ubuntu 21.04

ffmpegfs is Fuse Multi Media Filesystem

How To Install ffmpegthumbnailer on Ubuntu 21.04

ffmpegthumbnailer is fast and lightweight video thumbnailer

How To Install ffmpegthumbs on Ubuntu 21.04

ffmpegthumbs is video thumbnail generator using ffmpeg

How To Install ffmsindex on Ubuntu 21.04

ffmsindex is Command line tool to create ffms2 index files

How To Install ffproxy on Ubuntu 21.04

ffproxy is Light and customizable http(s) proxy server with ipv6 support

How To Install fftw2 on Ubuntu 21.04

fftw2 is library for computing Fast Fourier Transforms

How To Install ffuf on Ubuntu 21.04

ffuf is Fast web fuzzer written in Go (program)

How To Install fgallery on Ubuntu 21.04

fgallery is static HTML+JavaScript photo album generator

How To Install fgetty on Ubuntu 21.04

fgetty is very small, efficient, console-only getty and login

How To Install fh2odg on Ubuntu 21.04

fh2odg is Freehand to OpenDocument converter

How To Install fhist on Ubuntu 21.04

fhist is File history, comparison and merge utilities

How To Install fiche on Ubuntu 21.04

fiche is Receiver for command line output pastebin

How To Install fierce on Ubuntu 21.04

fierce is Domain DNS scanner

How To Install fig2dev on Ubuntu 21.04

fig2dev is Utilities for converting XFig figure files

How To Install fig2ps on Ubuntu 21.04

fig2ps is Converts xfig files into ps, eps or pdf files using LaTeX for processing text

How To Install fig2sxd on Ubuntu 21.04

fig2sxd is convert XFig files to OpenOffice.org format

How To Install figlet on Ubuntu 21.04

figlet is Make large character ASCII banners out of ordinary text

How To Install figtoipe on Ubuntu 21.04

figtoipe is convert FIG files to XML files for ipe

How To Install figtree on Ubuntu 21.04

figtree is graphical phylogenetic tree viewer

How To Install file on Ubuntu 21.04

file is Recognize the type of data in a file using magic numbers

How To Install filelight on Ubuntu 21.04

filelight is show where your diskspace is being used

How To Install filetea on Ubuntu 21.04

filetea is Web-based file sharing system

How To Install filetraq on Ubuntu 21.04

filetraq is Small utility to keep track of changes in config files

How To Install filezilla on Ubuntu 21.04

filezilla is Full-featured graphical FTP/FTPS/SFTP client

How To Install filler on Ubuntu 21.04

filler is simple game where two players try to capture half the board

How To Install filter on Ubuntu 21.04

filter is program that filters local email via forward/pipe

How To Install filtergen on Ubuntu 21.04

filtergen is packet filter generator for various firewall systems

How To Install filters on Ubuntu 21.04

filters is collected filters, including B1FF and the Swedish Chef

How To Install filtlong on Ubuntu 21.04

filtlong is quality filtering tool for long reads of genome sequences

How To Install fim on Ubuntu 21.04

fim is scriptable frame buffer, X.org and ascii art image viewer

How To Install finalrd on Ubuntu 21.04

finalrd is final runtime directory for shutdown

How To Install finch on Ubuntu 21.04

finch is text-based multi-protocol instant messaging client

How To Install findbugs on Ubuntu 21.04

findbugs is Static java code analyzer to find bugs

How To Install findent on Ubuntu 21.04

findent is indents/converts Fortran sources

How To Install findimagedupes on Ubuntu 21.04

findimagedupes is Finds visually similar or duplicate images

How To Install findutils on Ubuntu 21.04

findutils is utilities for finding files–find, xargs

How To Install finger on Ubuntu 21.04

finger is user information lookup program

How To Install fingerd on Ubuntu 21.04

fingerd is remote user information server

How To Install finit on Ubuntu 21.04

finit is Fast init for Linux systems

How To Install fio on Ubuntu 21.04

fio is flexible I/O tester

How To Install fiona on Ubuntu 21.04

fiona is Command line tool for reading/writing vector geospatial data

How To Install firefox on Ubuntu 21.04

firefox is Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla

How To Install firehol on Ubuntu 21.04

firehol is easy to use but powerful iptables stateful firewall (program)

How To Install firejail on Ubuntu 21.04

firejail is sandbox to restrict the application environment

How To Install fireqos on Ubuntu 21.04

fireqos is easy to use but powerful traffic shaping tool (program)

How To Install firetools on Ubuntu 21.04

firetools is Qt frontend for the Firejail application sandbox

How To Install firewalld on Ubuntu 21.04

firewalld is dynamically managed firewall with support for network zones

How To Install fische on Ubuntu 21.04

fische is stand-alone sound visualisation for Linux

How To Install fish on Ubuntu 21.04

fish is friendly interactive shell

How To Install fitgcp on Ubuntu 21.04

fitgcp is fitting genome coverage distributions with mixture models

How To Install fitscut on Ubuntu 21.04

fitscut is Extract cutouts from FITS image format files

How To Install fitsh on Ubuntu 21.04

fitsh is Software package for astronomical image processing

How To Install fitspng on Ubuntu 21.04

fitspng is FITS to PNG converter

How To Install fitsverify on Ubuntu 21.04

fitsverify is FITS File Format-Verification Tool

How To Install fityk on Ubuntu 21.04

fityk is general-purpose nonlinear curve fitting and data analysis

How To Install fizsh on Ubuntu 21.04

fizsh is Friendly Interactive ZSHell

How To Install flac on Ubuntu 21.04

flac is Free Lossless Audio Codec - command line tools

How To Install flactag on Ubuntu 21.04

flactag is Tagger for whole-album FLAC files using data from MusicBrainz

How To Install flake on Ubuntu 21.04

flake is Alternative encoder for the Free Lossless Audio Codec

How To Install flake8 on Ubuntu 21.04

flake8 is code checker using pycodestyle and pyflakes

How To Install flam3 on Ubuntu 21.04

flam3 is render and animate FLAM3s and manipulate their genomes

How To Install flamerobin on Ubuntu 21.04

flamerobin is graphical database administration tool for Firebird DBMS

How To Install flameshot on Ubuntu 21.04

flameshot is Powerful yet simple-to-use screenshot software

How To Install flamethrower on Ubuntu 21.04

flamethrower is Multicast file distribution utility

How To Install flamp on Ubuntu 21.04

flamp is ham radio Amateur Multicast Protocol application

How To Install flare on Ubuntu 21.04

flare is Meta package to deal with package name changes in Flare 0.19

How To Install flash on Ubuntu 21.04

flash is Fast Length Adjustment of SHort reads

How To Install flashbench on Ubuntu 21.04

flashbench is identify flash storage properties

How To Install flashrom on Ubuntu 21.04

flashrom is Identify, read, write, erase, and verify BIOS/ROM/flash chips

How To Install flatlatex on Ubuntu 21.04

flatlatex is Python3 LaTeX math converter to unicode text - binaries

How To Install flatnuke on Ubuntu 21.04

flatnuke is flat-file based CMS

How To Install flatpak on Ubuntu 21.04

flatpak is Application deployment framework for desktop apps

How To Install flatzinc on Ubuntu 21.04

flatzinc is constraint problem modelling language

How To Install flawfinder on Ubuntu 21.04

flawfinder is examines source code and looks for security weaknesses

How To Install fldiff on Ubuntu 21.04

fldiff is graphical diff program

How To Install fldigi on Ubuntu 21.04

fldigi is digital modem program for hamradio operators

How To Install flent on Ubuntu 21.04

flent is FLExible Network Tester for bufferbloat testing and more

How To Install flex on Ubuntu 21.04

flex is fast lexical analyzer generator

How To Install flexbackup on Ubuntu 21.04

flexbackup is Flexible backup tool for small to medium sized installations

How To Install flexbar on Ubuntu 21.04

flexbar is flexible barcode and adapter removal for sequencing platforms

How To Install flexc++ on Ubuntu 21.04

flexc++ is Flex-style scanner generator for C++

How To Install flexloader on Ubuntu 21.04

flexloader is utility to configure SRAM based ALTERA devices

How To Install flexml on Ubuntu 21.04

flexml is Fast validating XML processors and applications generator

How To Install flexpart on Ubuntu 21.04

flexpart is Particle Dispersion model for tracing air transport phenomena

How To Install flextra on Ubuntu 21.04

flextra is Trajectory model for tracing air transport phenomena

How To Install flightcrew on Ubuntu 21.04

flightcrew is C++ epub validator

How To Install flightgear on Ubuntu 21.04

flightgear is Flight Gear Flight Simulator

How To Install flim on Ubuntu 21.04

flim is library about internet message for emacsen

How To Install fling on Ubuntu 21.04

fling is Transfer data from stdin over network to destination quickly

How To Install flintqs on Ubuntu 21.04

flintqs is Program using quadratic sieve to factor integers

How To Install flip on Ubuntu 21.04

flip is convert text file line endings between Unix and DOS formats

How To Install flit on Ubuntu 21.04

flit is simple way to put Python packages and modules on PyPI (PEP 517)

How To Install flite on Ubuntu 21.04

flite is Small run-time speech synthesis engine

How To Install flmsg on Ubuntu 21.04

flmsg is amateur radio forms management editor

How To Install floatbg on Ubuntu 21.04

floatbg is slowly modify the color of the X root window

How To Install flobopuyo on Ubuntu 21.04

flobopuyo is Clone of the PuyoPuyo game

How To Install flog on Ubuntu 21.04

flog is dump STDIN to file and reopen on SIGHUP

How To Install floppyd on Ubuntu 21.04

floppyd is Daemon for remote access to floppy drives

How To Install flowblade on Ubuntu 21.04

flowblade is non-linear video editor

How To Install flowgrind on Ubuntu 21.04

flowgrind is Distributed network performance measurement tool

How To Install flpsed on Ubuntu 21.04

flpsed is WYSIWYG pseudo PostScript editor

How To Install flrig on Ubuntu 21.04

flrig is ham radio transceiver control program

How To Install fluid on Ubuntu 21.04

fluid is Fast Light Toolkit - user interface designer

How To Install fluidsynth on Ubuntu 21.04

fluidsynth is Real-time MIDI software synthesizer

How To Install fluxbox on Ubuntu 21.04

fluxbox is Highly configurable and low resource X11 Window manager

How To Install flvmeta on Ubuntu 21.04

flvmeta is Metadata injector for FLV video files

How To Install flvstreamer on Ubuntu 21.04

flvstreamer is command-line RTMP client

How To Install flwm on Ubuntu 21.04

flwm is Fast Light Window Manager

How To Install flwrap on Ubuntu 21.04

flwrap is amateur radio file encapsulation/compression utility

How To Install flydraw on Ubuntu 21.04

flydraw is command-line drawing tool

How To Install fmit on Ubuntu 21.04

fmit is Free Music Instrument Tuner

How To Install fmtools on Ubuntu 21.04

fmtools is FM radio tuner

How To Install fnotifystat on Ubuntu 21.04

fnotifystat is file activity monitoring tool

How To Install fntsample on Ubuntu 21.04

fntsample is program for making font samples

How To Install focuswriter on Ubuntu 21.04

focuswriter is Fullscreen distraction-free writing program

How To Install foiltex on Ubuntu 21.04

foiltex is collection of LaTeX files for making foils and slides

How To Install foma on Ubuntu 21.04

foma is Tools for constructing various finite-state automata

How To Install fomp on Ubuntu 21.04

fomp is collection of LV2 audio plugins

How To Install fondu on Ubuntu 21.04

fondu is convert between Mac and UNIX font formats

How To Install fontconfig on Ubuntu 21.04

fontconfig is generic font configuration library - support binaries

How To Install fontcustom on Ubuntu 21.04

fontcustom is custom icon webfonts from the comfort of the command line

How To Install fontforge on Ubuntu 21.04

fontforge is font editor

How To Install fontmake on Ubuntu 21.04

fontmake is Compile fonts from UFO or Glyphs to OTF/TTF

How To Install fontmanager.app on Ubuntu 21.04

fontmanager.app is Font manager for GNUstep

How To Install fontmatrix on Ubuntu 21.04

fontmatrix is featureful personal font manager

How To Install fonttools on Ubuntu 21.04

fonttools is Converts OpenType and TrueType fonts to and from XML (Executables)

How To Install foobillardplus on Ubuntu 21.04

foobillardplus is 3D OpenGL Billiard Game

How To Install fookb on Ubuntu 21.04

fookb is Xkb state indicator

How To Install foot on Ubuntu 21.04

foot is Fast, lightweight and minimalistic Wayland terminal emulator

How To Install fop on Ubuntu 21.04

fop is XML formatter driven by XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO.) - app

How To Install foremancli on Ubuntu 21.04

foremancli is commandline search interface to Foreman

How To Install foremost on Ubuntu 21.04

foremost is forensic program to recover lost files

How To Install forkstat on Ubuntu 21.04

forkstat is process fork/exec/exit monitoring tool

How To Install form on Ubuntu 21.04

form is Symbolic manipulation system

How To Install formiko on Ubuntu 21.04

formiko is reStructuredText and MarkDown editor and live previewer

How To Install fort77 on Ubuntu 21.04

fort77 is Invoke f2c like a real compiler

How To Install fortunate.app on Ubuntu 21.04

fortunate.app is Display a quotation (fortune) in a window for GNUstep

How To Install fortunes on Ubuntu 21.04

fortunes is Data files containing fortune cookies

How To Install fosfat on Ubuntu 21.04

fosfat is FUSE library to access Smaky formatted disk (ro)

How To Install fossil on Ubuntu 21.04

fossil is DSCM with built-in wiki, http interface and server, tickets database

How To Install fotoxx on Ubuntu 21.04

fotoxx is Edit photos and manage a large collection

How To Install foxeye on Ubuntu 21.04

foxeye is Universal modular network agent - binary package

How To Install foxtrotgps on Ubuntu 21.04

foxtrotgps is GTK+ mapping and GPS application

How To Install fpart on Ubuntu 21.04

fpart is sort file trees and pack them into bags

How To Install fpc on Ubuntu 21.04

fpc is Free Pascal - SDK suite dependency package

How To Install fpdns on Ubuntu 21.04

fpdns is remotely determine DNS server version

How To Install fped on Ubuntu 21.04

fped is Footprint editor

How To Install fpgatools on Ubuntu 21.04

fpgatools is tool to program field-programmable gate arrays

How To Install fping on Ubuntu 21.04

fping is sends ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts

How To Install fprintd on Ubuntu 21.04

fprintd is D-Bus daemon for fingerprint reader access

How To Install fprobe on Ubuntu 21.04

fprobe is export captured traffic to remote NetFlow Collector

How To Install fqterm on Ubuntu 21.04

fqterm is BBS client written in Qt

How To Install fracplanet on Ubuntu 21.04

fracplanet is Fractal planet generator

How To Install fractalnow on Ubuntu 21.04

fractalnow is Fast, advanced fractal generator

How To Install fractgen on Ubuntu 21.04

fractgen is Extensible Fractal Generator

How To Install fragmaster on Ubuntu 21.04

fragmaster is use of psfrag constructs with pdflatex

How To Install frameworkintegration on Ubuntu 21.04

frameworkintegration is KF5 cross-framework integration plugins

How To Install francine on Ubuntu 21.04

francine is feature rich ansi console login engine

How To Install fraqtive on Ubuntu 21.04

fraqtive is draws Mandelbrot and Julia fractals

How To Install freealchemist on Ubuntu 21.04

freealchemist is simpler figure block game

How To Install freebayes on Ubuntu 21.04

freebayes is Bayesian haplotype-based polymorphism discovery and genotyping

How To Install freebirth on Ubuntu 21.04

freebirth is Bass synthesizer/sample player/sequencer

How To Install freeboard on Ubuntu 21.04

freeboard is dashboard for IoT and web mashups

How To Install freecad on Ubuntu 21.04

freecad is Extensible Open Source CAx program

How To Install freecdb on Ubuntu 21.04

freecdb is creating and reading constant databases

How To Install freeciv on Ubuntu 21.04

freeciv is Civilization turn based strategy game

How To Install freecol on Ubuntu 21.04

freecol is open source remake of the old Colonization

How To Install freecontact on Ubuntu 21.04

freecontact is fast protein contact predictor

How To Install freediameter on Ubuntu 21.04

freediameter is Implementation of the freeDiameter protocol - metapackage

How To Install freediameterd on Ubuntu 21.04

freediameterd is Daemon for the Diameter protocol

How To Install freedink on Ubuntu 21.04

freedink is humorous top-down adventure and role-playing game

How To Install freedm on Ubuntu 21.04

freedm is multiplayer deathmatch game for Doom-compatible engines

How To Install freedombox on Ubuntu 21.04

freedombox is easy to manage, privacy oriented home server

How To Install freedoom on Ubuntu 21.04

freedoom is two single player campaigns for Doom-compatible engines

How To Install freedroid on Ubuntu 21.04

freedroid is Clone of Paradroid - a strategic shoot-em up

How To Install freedroidrpg on Ubuntu 21.04

freedroidrpg is Isometric RPG influenced by Paradroid

How To Install freedv on Ubuntu 21.04

freedv is Digital Voice mode for ham radio

How To Install freefem on Ubuntu 21.04

freefem is PDE oriented language using Finite Element Method

How To Install freegish on Ubuntu 21.04

freegish is physics based arcade game

How To Install freeglut3 on Ubuntu 21.04

freeglut3 is OpenGL Utility Toolkit

How To Install freeipmi on Ubuntu 21.04

freeipmi is GNU implementation of the IPMI protocol

How To Install freelan on Ubuntu 21.04

freelan is Peer-to-peer virtual private network daemon

How To Install freenect on Ubuntu 21.04

freenect is library for accessing Kinect device – metapackage

How To Install freeorion on Ubuntu 21.04

freeorion is turn-based space empire and galactic conquest game

How To Install freepats on Ubuntu 21.04

freepats is Free patch set for MIDI audio synthesis

How To Install freeplane on Ubuntu 21.04

freeplane is Java program for working with Mind Maps

How To Install freepwing on Ubuntu 21.04

freepwing is EB to JIS X 4081 converter

How To Install freeradius on Ubuntu 21.04

freeradius is high-performance and highly configurable RADIUS server

How To Install freespace2 on Ubuntu 21.04

freespace2 is open implementation of the Freespace 2 game engine

How To Install freesweep on Ubuntu 21.04

freesweep is text-based minesweeper

How To Install freetable on Ubuntu 21.04

freetable is Facilitates production of HTML tables

How To Install freetennis on Ubuntu 21.04

freetennis is Free Tennis - simulation game

How To Install freetts on Ubuntu 21.04

freetts is speech synthesis system

How To Install freetuxtv on Ubuntu 21.04

freetuxtv is Internet television and radio player

How To Install freewheeling on Ubuntu 21.04

freewheeling is live looping musical instrument

How To Install frescobaldi on Ubuntu 21.04

frescobaldi is LilyPond sheet music text editor

How To Install fricas on Ubuntu 21.04

fricas is General purpose computer algebra system

How To Install fritzing on Ubuntu 21.04

fritzing is Easy-to-use electronic design software

How To Install frobby on Ubuntu 21.04

frobby is Computations with monomial ideals

How To Install frobtads on Ubuntu 21.04

frobtads is Text mode interpreter for TADS version 2 and 3 game files

How To Install frog on Ubuntu 21.04

frog is tagger and parser for natural languages (runtime)

How To Install frogatto on Ubuntu 21.04

frogatto is 2D platformer game starring a quixotic frog

How To Install frogdata on Ubuntu 21.04

frogdata is Data files for Frog

How To Install frogr on Ubuntu 21.04

frogr is Flickr Remote Organizer for GNOME

How To Install frotz on Ubuntu 21.04

frotz is interpreter of Z-code story-files

How To Install frr on Ubuntu 21.04

frr is FRRouting suite of internet protocols (BGP, OSPF, IS-IS, …)

How To Install fruit on Ubuntu 21.04

fruit is chess engine, to calculate chess moves

How To Install fsa on Ubuntu 21.04

fsa is Fast Statistical Alignment of protein, RNA or DNA sequences

How To Install fsarchiver on Ubuntu 21.04

fsarchiver is file system archiver

How To Install fscrypt on Ubuntu 21.04

fscrypt is Tool for managing Linux filesystem encryption

How To Install fsharp on Ubuntu 21.04

fsharp is functional-first programming language - compiler for the CLI

How To Install fsmark on Ubuntu 21.04

fsmark is benchmark for simulating synchronous write workloads

How To Install fsniper on Ubuntu 21.04

fsniper is Monitors for new files and runs a rule based task

How To Install fspanel on Ubuntu 21.04

fspanel is minimalist panel for X

How To Install fspy on Ubuntu 21.04

fspy is filesystem activity monitoring tool

How To Install fssync on Ubuntu 21.04

fssync is File system synchronization tool (1-way, over SSH)

How To Install fstl on Ubuntu 21.04

fstl is Viewer for .stl files

How To Install fstransform on Ubuntu 21.04

fstransform is Tool for in-place filesystem conversion

How To Install fstrcmp on Ubuntu 21.04

fstrcmp is fuzzy comparison of strings

How To Install fsverity on Ubuntu 21.04

fsverity is Userspace utilities for fs-verity

How To Install fsvs on Ubuntu 21.04

fsvs is Full system versioning with metadata support

How To Install fswatch on Ubuntu 21.04

fswatch is file change monitor based on inotify

How To Install fswebcam on Ubuntu 21.04

fswebcam is Tiny and flexible webcam program

How To Install fte on Ubuntu 21.04

fte is Text editor for programmers - base package

How To Install fteqcc on Ubuntu 21.04

fteqcc is FTE QuakeC compiler

How To Install ftjam on Ubuntu 21.04

ftjam is FreeType version of Jam, a replacement for make

How To Install ftnchek on Ubuntu 21.04

ftnchek is Semantic checker for Fortran 77 programs

How To Install ftp on Ubuntu 21.04

ftp is classical file transfer client

How To Install ftp.app on Ubuntu 21.04

ftp.app is File transfer protocol application for GNUstep

How To Install ftpcopy on Ubuntu 21.04

ftpcopy is FTP clients collection

How To Install ftpd on Ubuntu 21.04

ftpd is File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server

How To Install ftpgrab on Ubuntu 21.04

ftpgrab is file mirroring utility

How To Install ftpmirror on Ubuntu 21.04

ftpmirror is Mirroring directory hierarchy using FTP protocol

How To Install ftpsync on Ubuntu 21.04

ftpsync is Debian archive mirror tool

How To Install ftpwatch on Ubuntu 21.04

ftpwatch is Notifies you of changes on remote ftp servers

How To Install fullquottel on Ubuntu 21.04

fullquottel is tool for recognizing top-posted e-mail and usenet replies

How To Install funcoeszz on Ubuntu 21.04

funcoeszz is script with 170+ useful mini applications

How To Install funguloids on Ubuntu 21.04

funguloids is space-flying-mushroom-picking-simulator game

How To Install funnelweb on Ubuntu 21.04

funnelweb is literate-programming tool

How To Install funnyboat on Ubuntu 21.04

funnyboat is side scrolling arcade shooter game on a steamboat

How To Install funtools on Ubuntu 21.04

funtools is Minimal buy-in FITS utility package

How To Install fuse on Ubuntu 21.04

fuse is Filesystem in Userspace

How To Install fuse2fs on Ubuntu 21.04

fuse2fs is ext2 / ext3 / ext4 file system driver for FUSE

How To Install fuse3 on Ubuntu 21.04

fuse3 is Filesystem in Userspace (3.x version)

How To Install fusecram on Ubuntu 21.04

fusecram is FUSE module to mount cramfs image files

How To Install fuseext2 on Ubuntu 21.04

fuseext2 is File System in User Space - Module for ext2

How To Install fusefat on Ubuntu 21.04

fusefat is File System in User Space - Module for FAT

How To Install fuseiso on Ubuntu 21.04

fuseiso is FUSE module to mount ISO filesystem images

How To Install fuseiso9660 on Ubuntu 21.04

fuseiso9660 is File System in User Space - Module for ISO9660

How To Install fusesmb on Ubuntu 21.04

fusesmb is filesystem client based on the SMB file transfer protocol

How To Install fusiondirectory on Ubuntu 21.04

fusiondirectory is Web Based LDAP Administration Program

How To Install futatabi on Ubuntu 21.04

futatabi is multicamera slow motion video server

How To Install fuzz on Ubuntu 21.04

fuzz is stress-test programs by giving them random input

How To Install fuzzylite on Ubuntu 21.04

fuzzylite is fuzzy logic control binary

How To Install fuzzyocr on Ubuntu 21.04

fuzzyocr is spamassassin plugin to check image attachments

How To Install fvwm on Ubuntu 21.04

fvwm is F(?) Virtual Window Manager

How To Install fvwm1 on Ubuntu 21.04

fvwm1 is Old version of the F(?) Virtual Window Manager

How To Install fwanalog on Ubuntu 21.04

fwanalog is firewall log-file report generator (using analog)

How To Install fwbuilder on Ubuntu 21.04

fwbuilder is Firewall administration tool GUI

How To Install fweb on Ubuntu 21.04

fweb is literate-programming tool for C/C++/Fortran/Ratfor

How To Install fwlogwatch on Ubuntu 21.04

fwlogwatch is Firewall log analyzer

How To Install fwsnort on Ubuntu 21.04

fwsnort is Snort-to-iptables rule translator

How To Install fwts on Ubuntu 21.04

fwts is FirmWare Test Suite

How To Install fwupd on Ubuntu 21.04

fwupd is Firmware update daemon

How To Install fwupdate on Ubuntu 21.04

fwupdate is Transitional package for fwupd

How To Install fxload on Ubuntu 21.04

fxload is Firmware download to EZ-USB devices

How To Install fyre on Ubuntu 21.04

fyre is interactively renders Peter de Jong maps (chaotic functions)

How To Install fzf on Ubuntu 21.04

fzf is general-purpose command-line fuzzy finder

How To Install fzy on Ubuntu 21.04

fzy is fast, simple fuzzy text selector

How To Install g++ on Ubuntu 21.04

g++ is GNU C++ compiler

How To Install g10k on Ubuntu 21.04

g10k is Puppet environment and module deployment

How To Install g15daemon on Ubuntu 21.04

g15daemon is LCD multiplexer for Logitech G15 Keyboard

How To Install g3data on Ubuntu 21.04

g3data is extract data from scanned graphs

How To Install g3dviewer on Ubuntu 21.04

g3dviewer is 3D model viewer for GTK+

How To Install gabedit on Ubuntu 21.04

gabedit is graphical user interface to Ab Initio packages

How To Install gadmintools on Ubuntu 21.04

gadmintools is GTK+ server administration tools (meta-package)

How To Install gaffitter on Ubuntu 21.04

gaffitter is File subsets extractor based on genetic algorithms

How To Install gaiksaurus on Ubuntu 21.04

gaiksaurus is graphical interface to the Aiksaurus toolkit (GTK+ frontend)

How To Install gajim on Ubuntu 21.04

gajim is GTK+-based Jabber client

How To Install galculator on Ubuntu 21.04

galculator is scientific calculator

How To Install galileo on Ubuntu 21.04

galileo is Utility to securely synchronize a Fitbit device with the Fitbit web service

How To Install galleta on Ubuntu 21.04

galleta is Internet Explorer cookie forensic analysis tool

How To Install galois on Ubuntu 21.04

galois is falling blocks game with blocks of various shapes and sizes

How To Install galternatives on Ubuntu 21.04

galternatives is graphical setup tool for the alternatives system

How To Install gamazons on Ubuntu 21.04

gamazons is Amazons boardgame for GNOME

How To Install gambas3 on Ubuntu 21.04

gambas3 is Complete visual development environment for Gambas

How To Install gambc on Ubuntu 21.04

gambc is Gambit Scheme interpreter and compiler

How To Install gameconqueror on Ubuntu 21.04

gameconqueror is locate and modify a variable in a running process (GUI)

How To Install gamemode on Ubuntu 21.04

gamemode is Optimise Linux system performance on demand

How To Install gamgi on Ubuntu 21.04

gamgi is General Atomistic Modelling Graphic Interface (GAMGI)

How To Install gamin on Ubuntu 21.04

gamin is File and directory monitoring system

How To Install gamine on Ubuntu 21.04

gamine is Interactive game for young children

How To Install gammaray on Ubuntu 21.04

gammaray is Tool for examining the internals of Qt application

How To Install gammastep on Ubuntu 21.04

gammastep is Adjust display hue to outside lighting conditions

How To Install gammu on Ubuntu 21.04

gammu is mobile phone management utility

How To Install ganeti on Ubuntu 21.04

ganeti is cluster virtualization manager

How To Install gant on Ubuntu 21.04

gant is Groovy build framework based on scripting Ant tasks

How To Install ganyremote on Ubuntu 21.04

ganyremote is GTK+ frontend for anyRemote

How To Install gap on Ubuntu 21.04

gap is computer algebra system for Groups, Algorithms and Programming

How To Install garagemq on Ubuntu 21.04

garagemq is AMQP message broker implemented with golang

How To Install garli on Ubuntu 21.04

garli is phylogenetic analysis of molecular sequence data using maximum-likelihood

How To Install garlic on Ubuntu 21.04

garlic is visualization program for biomolecules

How To Install gasic on Ubuntu 21.04

gasic is genome abundance similarity correction

How To Install gastman on Ubuntu 21.04

gastman is GUI tool for Asterisk administration and monitoring

How To Install gatling on Ubuntu 21.04

gatling is high performance web server and file server

How To Install gauche on Ubuntu 21.04

gauche is Scheme script engine

How To Install gaupol on Ubuntu 21.04

gaupol is subtitle editor for text-based subtitle files

How To Install gausssum on Ubuntu 21.04

gausssum is parse and display Gaussian, GAMESS, and etc’s output

How To Install gav on Ubuntu 21.04

gav is GPL Arcade Volleyball

How To Install gaviotatb on Ubuntu 21.04

gaviotatb is Gaviota chess endgame tablebases

How To Install gawk on Ubuntu 21.04

gawk is GNU awk, a pattern scanning and processing language

How To Install gazebo on Ubuntu 21.04

gazebo is Open Source Robotics Simulator - Binaries

How To Install gazebo9 on Ubuntu 21.04

gazebo9 is transitional package

How To Install gbase on Ubuntu 21.04

gbase is small numeric base converter

How To Install gbatnav on Ubuntu 21.04

gbatnav is networked BattleShip game

How To Install gbdfed on Ubuntu 21.04

gbdfed is X11 font editor

How To Install gbemol on Ubuntu 21.04

gbemol is Graphical frontend for the Music Player Daemon (MPD)

How To Install gbgoffice on Ubuntu 21.04

gbgoffice is bgoffice dictionary frontend (GTK2)

How To Install gbonds on Ubuntu 21.04

gbonds is U.S. Savings Bond inventory program for GNOME

How To Install gbrainy on Ubuntu 21.04

gbrainy is brain teaser game and trainer to have fun and to keep your brain trained

How To Install gbrowse on Ubuntu 21.04

gbrowse is GMOD Generic Genome Browser

How To Install gbsplay on Ubuntu 21.04

gbsplay is Gameboy sound player

How To Install gbutils on Ubuntu 21.04

gbutils is utilities for command line econometrics

How To Install gcab on Ubuntu 21.04

gcab is Microsoft Cabinet file manipulation tool

How To Install gcal on Ubuntu 21.04

gcal is program for calculating and printing calendars

How To Install gcalcli on Ubuntu 21.04

gcalcli is Google Calendar Command Line Interface

How To Install gcap on Ubuntu 21.04

gcap is YouTube closed caption retriever

How To Install gcc on Ubuntu 21.04

gcc is GNU C compiler

How To Install gccbrig on Ubuntu 21.04

gccbrig is GNU BRIG (HSA IL) frontend

How To Install gccgo on Ubuntu 21.04

gccgo is Go compiler, based on the GCC backend

How To Install gccintro on Ubuntu 21.04

gccintro is Introduction to GCC by Brian J. Gough

How To Install gchempaint on Ubuntu 21.04

gchempaint is 2D chemical structures editor for the GNOME2 desktop

How To Install gcin on Ubuntu 21.04

gcin is GTK+ based input method for Chinese users

How To Install gcl on Ubuntu 21.04

gcl is GNU Common Lisp compiler

How To Install gcolor3 on Ubuntu 21.04

gcolor3 is Simple GTK3 color selector and picker

How To Install gcompris on Ubuntu 21.04

gcompris is transitional package for gcompris-qt

How To Install gconf2 on Ubuntu 21.04

gconf2 is GNOME configuration database system (support tools)

How To Install gconjugue on Ubuntu 21.04

gconjugue is GTK+ program to conjugate Brazilian verbs

How To Install gcovr on Ubuntu 21.04

gcovr is Manages the compilation of coverage information from gcov

How To Install gcp on Ubuntu 21.04

gcp is advanced command line file copy system

How To Install gcpegg on Ubuntu 21.04

gcpegg is Global Consciousness Project EGG Software

How To Install gcr on Ubuntu 21.04

gcr is GNOME crypto services (daemon and tools)

How To Install gcrystal on Ubuntu 21.04

gcrystal is lightweight crystal structures visualizer

How To Install gcx on Ubuntu 21.04

gcx is astronomical image processing and photometry gtk+ application

How To Install gdb on Ubuntu 21.04

gdb is GNU Debugger

How To Install gdbmtool on Ubuntu 21.04

gdbmtool is GNU dbm database routines (command line tools)

How To Install gdbserver on Ubuntu 21.04

gdbserver is GNU Debugger (remote server)

How To Install gdc on Ubuntu 21.04

gdc is D compiler (language version 2), based on the GCC backend

How To Install gddccontrol on Ubuntu 21.04

gddccontrol is program to control monitor parameters (graphical interface)

How To Install gddrescue on Ubuntu 21.04

gddrescue is GNU data recovery tool

How To Install gdebi on Ubuntu 21.04

gdebi is simple tool to view and install deb files - GNOME GUI

How To Install gdigi on Ubuntu 21.04

gdigi is utility to control DigiTech effect pedals

How To Install gdis on Ubuntu 21.04

gdis is molecular and crystal model viewer

How To Install gdisk on Ubuntu 21.04

gdisk is GPT fdisk text-mode partitioning tool

How To Install gdm3 on Ubuntu 21.04

gdm3 is GNOME Display Manager

How To Install gdmap on Ubuntu 21.04

gdmap is Tool to visualize diskspace

How To Install gdmd on Ubuntu 21.04

gdmd is DMD-like wrapper for GDC

How To Install gdnsd on Ubuntu 21.04

gdnsd is authoritative domain name server

How To Install gdpc on Ubuntu 21.04

gdpc is visualiser of molecular dynamic simulations

How To Install gdsiiconvert on Ubuntu 21.04

gdsiiconvert is Convert GDSII geometries and report geometry statistics

How To Install gdu on Ubuntu 21.04

gdu is Pretty fast disk usage analyzer

How To Install geany on Ubuntu 21.04

geany is fast and lightweight IDE

How To Install gearhead on Ubuntu 21.04

gearhead is roguelike mecha role playing game, console version

How To Install gearhead2 on Ubuntu 21.04

gearhead2 is roguelike mecha role playing game in space

How To Install gearman on Ubuntu 21.04

gearman is Distributed job queue

How To Install geary on Ubuntu 21.04

geary is lightweight email client designed for the GNOME desktop

How To Install gedit on Ubuntu 21.04

gedit is official text editor of the GNOME desktop environment

How To Install geekcode on Ubuntu 21.04

geekcode is Program for generating geekcode

How To Install geeqie on Ubuntu 21.04

geeqie is image viewer using GTK+

How To Install geg on Ubuntu 21.04

geg is GTK+ Equation Grapher

How To Install gegl on Ubuntu 21.04

gegl is Generic Graphics Library Test Program

How To Install geiser on Ubuntu 21.04

geiser is Transition Package, geiser to elpa-geiser

How To Install geki2 on Ubuntu 21.04

geki2 is Xenon-like vertical shoot’em-up

How To Install geki3 on Ubuntu 21.04

geki3 is R-Type-like horizontal shoot’em-up

How To Install gelemental on Ubuntu 21.04

gelemental is Periodic Table viewer

How To Install gem on Ubuntu 21.04

gem is Graphics Environment for Multimedia - Pure Data library

How To Install gem2deb on Ubuntu 21.04

gem2deb is Debian Ruby packaging suite

How To Install gemdropx on Ubuntu 21.04

gemdropx is Gem Drop X is an interesting one-player puzzle game for X11

How To Install gemma on Ubuntu 21.04

gemma is Genome-wide Efficient Mixed Model Association

How To Install gemrb on Ubuntu 21.04

gemrb is Open-source engine to run Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape

How To Install gems on Ubuntu 21.04

gems is Shows a console session in several terminals

How To Install gendarme on Ubuntu 21.04

gendarme is extensible rule-based checker for CLI assemblies

How To Install genders on Ubuntu 21.04

genders is cluster configuration management database tools

How To Install geneagrapher on Ubuntu 21.04

geneagrapher is Create tree from Mathematics Genealogy Project

How To Install geneweb on Ubuntu 21.04

geneweb is genealogy software with web interface

How To Install genext2fs on Ubuntu 21.04

genext2fs is ext2 filesystem generator for embedded systems

How To Install gengetopt on Ubuntu 21.04

gengetopt is skeleton main.c generator

How To Install genisoimage on Ubuntu 21.04

genisoimage is Creates ISO-9660 CD-ROM filesystem images

How To Install genius on Ubuntu 21.04

genius is advanced general purpose calculator program (CLI frontend)

How To Install genny on Ubuntu 21.04

genny is Elegant generics for Go - program

How To Install genometester on Ubuntu 21.04

genometester is toolkit for performing set operations on k-mer lists

How To Install genomethreader on Ubuntu 21.04

genomethreader is software tool to compute gene structure predictions

How To Install genometools on Ubuntu 21.04

genometools is versatile genome analysis toolkit

How To Install genparse on Ubuntu 21.04

genparse is command line parser generator

How To Install genromfs on Ubuntu 21.04

genromfs is This is the mkfs equivalent for romfs filesystem

How To Install gentle on Ubuntu 21.04

gentle is suite to plan genetic cloning

How To Install gentoo on Ubuntu 21.04

gentoo is fully GUI-configurable, two-pane X file manager

How To Install genxdr on Ubuntu 21.04

genxdr is Go XDR enc/decoder - code generation utility

How To Install geogebra on Ubuntu 21.04

geogebra is Dynamic mathematics software for education

How To Install geoipupdate on Ubuntu 21.04

geoipupdate is MaxMind GeoIP/GeoIP2 database updates

How To Install geomet on Ubuntu 21.04

geomet is convert GeoJSON to/from WKT/WKB

How To Install geomview on Ubuntu 21.04

geomview is interactive geometry viewing program

How To Install geonkick on Ubuntu 21.04

geonkick is Kick drum synthesizer

How To Install geophar on Ubuntu 21.04

geophar is Swiss army knife for the math teacher

How To Install geotranz on Ubuntu 21.04

geotranz is GEOgraphic coordinates TRANslator

How To Install gerbera on Ubuntu 21.04

gerbera is UPnP MediaServer

How To Install gerbv on Ubuntu 21.04

gerbv is Gerber file viewer (only RS 274 X format)

How To Install germinate on Ubuntu 21.04

germinate is expand dependencies in a list of seed packages

How To Install gerris on Ubuntu 21.04

gerris is Fluid Flow Solver

How To Install gerstensaft on Ubuntu 21.04

gerstensaft is Frontend for Simple Asynchronous File Transfer

How To Install gertty on Ubuntu 21.04

gertty is Console-based interface to Gerrit

How To Install gesftpserver on Ubuntu 21.04

gesftpserver is sftp server submodule for OpenSSH

How To Install getdata on Ubuntu 21.04

getdata is management of external databases

How To Install getdp on Ubuntu 21.04

getdp is general environment for the treatment of discrete problems

How To Install getmail on Ubuntu 21.04

getmail is transitional package

How To Install getmail6 on Ubuntu 21.04

getmail6 is mail retriever with support for POP3, IMAP4 and SDPS

How To Install getstream on Ubuntu 21.04

getstream is DVB streaming application

How To Install gettext on Ubuntu 21.04

gettext is GNU Internationalization utilities

How To Install gexec on Ubuntu 21.04

gexec is Small command executer with autocompletion using GTK+

How To Install gfaim on Ubuntu 21.04

gfaim is A small utility that allows you to find quickly a lot of recipes

How To Install gfal2 on Ubuntu 21.04

gfal2 is Grid file access library 2.0

How To Install gfan on Ubuntu 21.04

gfan is program for computing with Groebner fans

How To Install gfarm2fs on Ubuntu 21.04

gfarm2fs is FUSE program to mount the Gfarm file system

How To Install gff2aplot on Ubuntu 21.04

gff2aplot is pair-wise alignment-plots for genomic sequences in PostScript

How To Install gff2ps on Ubuntu 21.04

gff2ps is produces PostScript graphical output from GFF-files

How To Install gffread on Ubuntu 21.04

gffread is GFF/GTF format conversions, region filtering, FASTA sequence extraction

How To Install gfio on Ubuntu 21.04

gfio is flexible I/O tester - gui frontend

How To Install gfm on Ubuntu 21.04

gfm is Texas Instruments hand-helds file manipulation program for X

How To Install gfmd on Ubuntu 21.04

gfmd is Gfarm file system metadata server

How To Install gforth on Ubuntu 21.04

gforth is GNU Forth Language Environment

How To Install gfortran on Ubuntu 21.04

gfortran is GNU Fortran 95 compiler

How To Install gfpoken on Ubuntu 21.04

gfpoken is Recreate a grid of mirrors from clues given by tests

How To Install gfsd on Ubuntu 21.04

gfsd is Gfarm file system daemon

How To Install gfsecret on Ubuntu 21.04

gfsecret is Tools to make secret sharing easier

How To Install gfsview on Ubuntu 21.04

gfsview is graphical viewer for Gerris simulation files

How To Install gftp on Ubuntu 21.04

gftp is X/GTK+ and console FTP client (metapackage)

How To Install gfxboot on Ubuntu 21.04

gfxboot is tool to test and create graphical boot logos (runtime)

How To Install ggcov on Ubuntu 21.04

ggcov is Graphical tool for displaying gcov test coverage data

How To Install ggobi on Ubuntu 21.04

ggobi is Data visualization system for high-dimensional data

How To Install ghc on Ubuntu 21.04

ghc is The Glasgow Haskell Compilation system

How To Install ghdl on Ubuntu 21.04

ghdl is VHDL compiler/simulator

How To Install ghex on Ubuntu 21.04

ghex is GNOME Hex editor for files

How To Install ghi on Ubuntu 21.04

ghi is GitHub issue tracker command line interface (CLI)

How To Install ghkl on Ubuntu 21.04

ghkl is diffractometer computation control application

How To Install ghmm on Ubuntu 21.04

ghmm is General Hidden-Markov-Model library - tools

How To Install ghostess on Ubuntu 21.04

ghostess is A graphical DSSI plugin host

How To Install ghostscript on Ubuntu 21.04

ghostscript is interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF

How To Install ghostwriter on Ubuntu 21.04

ghostwriter is Distraction-free, themeable Markdown editor

How To Install giada on Ubuntu 21.04

giada is Hardcore Loop Machine

How To Install giara on Ubuntu 21.04

giara is Reddit client optimized for mobile devices

How To Install giblib1 on Ubuntu 21.04

giblib1 is wrapper library for imlib2, and other stuff

How To Install gif2apng on Ubuntu 21.04

gif2apng is tool for converting animated GIF images to APNG format

How To Install gifshuffle on Ubuntu 21.04

gifshuffle is Steganography program to gif images

How To Install gifsicle on Ubuntu 21.04

gifsicle is Tool for manipulating GIF images

How To Install giftrans on Ubuntu 21.04

giftrans is Convert any GIF file into a GIF89a

How To Install gigalomania on Ubuntu 21.04

gigalomania is Mega-Lo-Mania-like god game

How To Install gigedit on Ubuntu 21.04

gigedit is instrument editor for Gigasampler files

How To Install giggle on Ubuntu 21.04

giggle is GTK+ frontend for the git directory tracker

How To Install gigolo on Ubuntu 21.04

gigolo is frontend to manage connections to remote filesystems using GIO/GVfs

How To Install gigtools on Ubuntu 21.04

gigtools is command line tools for Gigasampler and DLS Level 1/2 files

How To Install gimagereader on Ubuntu 21.04

gimagereader is Graphical GTK+ front-end to tesseract-ocr

How To Install gimp on Ubuntu 21.04

gimp is GNU Image Manipulation Program

How To Install ginga on Ubuntu 21.04

ginga is Astronomical image viewer

How To Install ginkgo on Ubuntu 21.04

ginkgo is BDD Testing Framework for Go

How To Install ginkgocadx on Ubuntu 21.04

ginkgocadx is Medical Imaging Software and complete DICOM Viewer

How To Install ginn on Ubuntu 21.04

ginn is Gesture Injector

How To Install gip on Ubuntu 21.04

gip is IP calculator for GNOME desktop environment

How To Install gist on Ubuntu 21.04

gist is Upload gists to gist.github.com

How To Install git on Ubuntu 21.04

git is fast, scalable, distributed revision control system

How To Install git2cl on Ubuntu 21.04

git2cl is Simple tool to convert git logs to GNU ChangeLog format

How To Install gita on Ubuntu 21.04

gita is Manage many git repos

How To Install gitbatch on Ubuntu 21.04

gitbatch is Manage git repositories in one place

How To Install gitbrute on Ubuntu 21.04

gitbrute is brute-force a git commit hash

How To Install gitg on Ubuntu 21.04

gitg is git repository viewer

How To Install gitinspector on Ubuntu 21.04

gitinspector is statistical analysis tool for git repositories

How To Install gitit on Ubuntu 21.04

gitit is Wiki engine backed by a git or darcs filestore

How To Install gitk on Ubuntu 21.04

gitk is fast, scalable, distributed revision control system (revision tree visualizer)

How To Install gitlabracadabra on Ubuntu 21.04

gitlabracadabra is Configure GitLab from a YAML file

How To Install gitless on Ubuntu 21.04

gitless is version control system on top of Git

How To Install gitlint on Ubuntu 21.04

gitlint is Git commit message linter

How To Install gitmagic on Ubuntu 21.04

gitmagic is guide about Git version control system

How To Install gitolite3 on Ubuntu 21.04

gitolite3 is SSH-based gatekeeper for git repositories (version 3)

How To Install gitpkg on Ubuntu 21.04

gitpkg is tools for maintaining Debian packages with git

How To Install gitso on Ubuntu 21.04

gitso is simple frontend for reverse VNC connections (remote assistance)

How To Install gitsome on Ubuntu 21.04

gitsome is Supercharged Git/Shell Autocompleter with GitHub Integration

How To Install gitweb on Ubuntu 21.04

gitweb is fast, scalable, distributed revision control system (web interface)

How To Install gjacktransport on Ubuntu 21.04

gjacktransport is access to the JACK’s transport mechanism as touchable slider

How To Install gjiten on Ubuntu 21.04

gjiten is Japanese dictionary for GNOME

How To Install gjs on Ubuntu 21.04

gjs is Mozilla-based javascript bindings for the GNOME platform

How To Install gkamus on Ubuntu 21.04

gkamus is Indonesian English dictionary

How To Install gkdebconf on Ubuntu 21.04

gkdebconf is Helper to reconfigure packages with Debconf

How To Install gkermit on Ubuntu 21.04

gkermit is A serial and network communications package

How To Install gkrellkam on Ubuntu 21.04

gkrellkam is GKrellM plugin that displays a periodically updating image

How To Install gkrellm on Ubuntu 21.04

gkrellm is GNU Krell Monitors

How To Install gkrellmapcupsd on Ubuntu 21.04

gkrellmapcupsd is gkrellm plugin displaying the current processor speed

How To Install gkrellmd on Ubuntu 21.04

gkrellmd is GNU Krell Monitors Server

How To Install gkrellmitime on Ubuntu 21.04

gkrellmitime is Internet time plugin for gkrellm

How To Install gkrellmoon on Ubuntu 21.04

gkrellmoon is Gkrellm Moon Clock Plugin

How To Install gkrellmwireless on Ubuntu 21.04

gkrellmwireless is 802.11 wireless link monitor plugin for GKrellM

How To Install gkrellshoot on Ubuntu 21.04

gkrellshoot is Plugin for gkrellm to lock the screen and make screenshots

How To Install gkrelltop on Ubuntu 21.04

gkrelltop is Top three intensive processes plugin for gkrellm

How To Install gkrelltopd on Ubuntu 21.04

gkrelltopd is Top three intensive processes plugin for gkrellmd

How To Install gkrelluim on Ubuntu 21.04

gkrelluim is GKrellM plugin for uim

How To Install gkrellweather on Ubuntu 21.04

gkrellweather is A weather monitor plugin for GKrellM

How To Install gkrellxmms2 on Ubuntu 21.04

gkrellxmms2 is GKrellM plugin to control xmms2

How To Install gla11y on Ubuntu 21.04

gla11y is Automatic check of accessibility of .ui files

How To Install glabels on Ubuntu 21.04

glabels is label, business card and media cover creation program for GNOME

How To Install glade on Ubuntu 21.04

glade is GTK+ User Interface Builder

How To Install gladtex on Ubuntu 21.04

gladtex is Embed LaTeX equations in HTML files

How To Install glam2 on Ubuntu 21.04

glam2 is gapped protein motifs from unaligned sequences

How To Install glance on Ubuntu 21.04

glance is OpenStack Image Registry and Delivery Service - Daemons

How To Install glances on Ubuntu 21.04

glances is Curses-based monitoring tool

How To Install glasscoder on Ubuntu 21.04

glasscoder is minimalist audio encoder for generating live streams

How To Install glassgui on Ubuntu 21.04

glassgui is minimalist audio encoder GUI for generating live streams

How To Install glaurung on Ubuntu 21.04

glaurung is free UCI chess engine, to calculate chess moves

How To Install glbsp on Ubuntu 21.04

glbsp is nodes builder for Doom-style games; has support for OpenGL

How To Install glewlwyd on Ubuntu 21.04

glewlwyd is Single-Sign-On server with multiple factor authentication

How To Install glfer on Ubuntu 21.04

glfer is program for reception and transmission of QRSS/DFCW signals

How To Install glhack on Ubuntu 21.04

glhack is Fullscreen SDL/OpenGL version of NetHack

How To Install gliese on Ubuntu 21.04

gliese is stellar data set from the Third Catalogue of Nearby Stars

How To Install glimpse on Ubuntu 21.04

glimpse is search quickly through entire file systems

How To Install glirc on Ubuntu 21.04

glirc is console IRC client

How To Install gliv on Ubuntu 21.04

gliv is image viewer using gdk-pixbuf and OpenGL

How To Install glmark2 on Ubuntu 21.04

glmark2 is OpenGL 2.0 X11 benchmark OpenGL 2.0 X11 benchmark

How To Install glmemperf on Ubuntu 21.04

glmemperf is benchmark for measuring OpenGL ES 2.0 rendering performance

How To Install glob2 on Ubuntu 21.04

glob2 is innovative Real Time Strategy game

How To Install global on Ubuntu 21.04

global is Source code search and browse tools

How To Install glogg on Ubuntu 21.04

glogg is Smart interactive log explorer using Qt

How To Install glogic on Ubuntu 21.04

glogic is graphical logic circuit simulator

How To Install glom on Ubuntu 21.04

glom is database designer and user interface

How To Install glosstex on Ubuntu 21.04

glosstex is prepare glossaries and lists of acronyms

How To Install glpeces on Ubuntu 21.04

glpeces is Tangram (puzzle) game clone

How To Install gltfpack on Ubuntu 21.04

gltfpack is glTF mesh file optimizer

How To Install gltron on Ubuntu 21.04

gltron is 3D lightcycle game

How To Install glueviz on Ubuntu 21.04

glueviz is Linked data visualization

How To Install glulxe on Ubuntu 21.04

glulxe is Interpreter for glulx interactive fiction

How To Install glurp on Ubuntu 21.04

glurp is GTK+ frontend to the Music Player Daemon (MPD)

How To Install glyphsinfo on Ubuntu 21.04

glyphsinfo is Glyphs info used inside Glyphs.app

How To Install glyphslib on Ubuntu 21.04

glyphslib is Convert between Glyphs files (.glyphs) and UFOs

How To Install glyrc on Ubuntu 21.04

glyrc is command-line interface to libglyr

How To Install gm2 on Ubuntu 21.04

gm2 is GNU Modula-2 compiler, based on the GCC backend

How To Install gmailieer on Ubuntu 21.04

gmailieer is Transition package, gmailieer to lieer

How To Install gman on Ubuntu 21.04

gman is small man(1) front-end for X

How To Install gmanedit on Ubuntu 21.04

gmanedit is GTK+ man pages editor

How To Install gmap on Ubuntu 21.04

gmap is spliced and SNP-tolerant alignment for mRNA and short reads

How To Install gmediarender on Ubuntu 21.04

gmediarender is Small headless UPnP media renderer

How To Install gmemusage on Ubuntu 21.04

gmemusage is Displays a graph detailing memory usage of each process

How To Install gmerlin on Ubuntu 21.04

gmerlin is multiformat media player

How To Install gmetad on Ubuntu 21.04

gmetad is cluster monitoring toolkit - Ganglia Meta-Daemon

How To Install gmic on Ubuntu 21.04

gmic is GREYC’s Magic for Image Computing

How To Install gmidimonitor on Ubuntu 21.04

gmidimonitor is GTK+ application that shows MIDI events

How To Install gmotionlive on Ubuntu 21.04

gmotionlive is Simple multipart/x-mixed-replace viewer

How To Install gmpc on Ubuntu 21.04

gmpc is GNOME Music Player Client (graphical interface to MPD)

How To Install gmrun on Ubuntu 21.04

gmrun is Featureful CLI-like GTK+ application launcher

How To Install gmsh on Ubuntu 21.04

gmsh is Three-dimensional finite element mesh generator

How To Install gmsl on Ubuntu 21.04

gmsl is extra functions to extend functionality of GNU Makefiles

How To Install gmt on Ubuntu 21.04

gmt is Generic Mapping Tools

How To Install gmtkbabel on Ubuntu 21.04

gmtkbabel is graphical interface for mtkbabel

How To Install gmtp on Ubuntu 21.04

gmtp is simple file transfer program for MTP based devices

How To Install gmult on Ubuntu 21.04

gmult is figure out which letters are which numbers

How To Install gnarwl on Ubuntu 21.04

gnarwl is Email autoresponder based on LDAP

How To Install gnat on Ubuntu 21.04

gnat is GNU Ada compiler

How To Install gngb on Ubuntu 21.04

gngb is Color Gameboy emulator

How To Install gniall on Ubuntu 21.04

gniall is program that tries to learn a human language

How To Install gnokii on Ubuntu 21.04

gnokii is Datasuite for mobile phone management

How To Install gnomad2 on Ubuntu 21.04

gnomad2 is Manage a Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox

How To Install gnome on Ubuntu 21.04

gnome is Full GNOME Desktop Environment, with extra components

How To Install gnomekiss on Ubuntu 21.04

gnomekiss is KiSS paper doll viewer for GNOME

How To Install gnomint on Ubuntu 21.04

gnomint is X.509 Certification Authority management tool for GNOME

How To Install gnote on Ubuntu 21.04

gnote is desktop note taking program using Wiki style links

How To Install gnuais on Ubuntu 21.04

gnuais is AIS receiver which uses the discriminator output of VHF receivers

How To Install gnuaisgui on Ubuntu 21.04

gnuaisgui is OpenStreetMap GUI for gnuais

How To Install gnuastro on Ubuntu 21.04

gnuastro is GNU Astronomy Utilities programs

How To Install gnubg on Ubuntu 21.04

gnubg is graphical or console backgammon program with analysis

How To Install gnubiff on Ubuntu 21.04

gnubiff is mail notification program for GNOME (and others)

How To Install gnubik on Ubuntu 21.04

gnubik is 3D Rubik’s cube game

How To Install gnucap on Ubuntu 21.04

gnucap is GNU Circuit Analysis package, main executable

How To Install gnucash on Ubuntu 21.04

gnucash is personal and small-business financial-accounting software

How To Install gnuchess on Ubuntu 21.04

gnuchess is Plays a game of chess, either against the user or against itself

How To Install gnucobol on Ubuntu 21.04

gnucobol is COBOL compiler

How To Install gnudatalanguage on Ubuntu 21.04

gnudatalanguage is Free IDL compatible incremental compiler

How To Install gnugo on Ubuntu 21.04

gnugo is play the game of Go

How To Install gnuhtml2latex on Ubuntu 21.04

gnuhtml2latex is Convert HTML files to LaTeX

How To Install gnuit on Ubuntu 21.04

gnuit is GNU Interactive Tools, a file browser/viewer and process viewer/killer

How To Install gnujump on Ubuntu 21.04

gnujump is platform game where you have to jump up to survive

How To Install gnulib on Ubuntu 21.04

gnulib is GNU Portability Library

How To Install gnumail.app on Ubuntu 21.04

gnumail.app is Mail client for GNUstep

How To Install gnumeric on Ubuntu 21.04

gnumeric is spreadsheet application for GNOME - main program

How To Install gnuminishogi on Ubuntu 21.04

gnuminishogi is program to play minishogi, a shogi variant on a 5x5 board

How To Install gnunet on Ubuntu 21.04

gnunet is GNU’s framework for secure peer-to-peer networking (meta)

How To Install gnupg on Ubuntu 21.04

gnupg is GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement

How To Install gnupg1 on Ubuntu 21.04

gnupg1 is GNU privacy guard - a PGP implementation (deprecated “classic” version)

How To Install gnupg2 on Ubuntu 21.04

gnupg2 is GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement (dummy transitional package)

How To Install gnuplot on Ubuntu 21.04

gnuplot is Command-line driven interactive plotting program.

How To Install gnuradio on Ubuntu 21.04

gnuradio is GNU Radio Software Radio Toolkit

How To Install gnurobbo on Ubuntu 21.04

gnurobbo is logic game ported from ATARI XE/XL

How To Install gnuserv on Ubuntu 21.04

gnuserv is Allows you to attach to an already running Emacs

How To Install gnushogi on Ubuntu 21.04

gnushogi is program to play shogi, the Japanese version of chess

How To Install gnusim8085 on Ubuntu 21.04

gnusim8085 is Graphical Intel 8085 simulator, assembler and debugger

How To Install gnustep on Ubuntu 21.04

gnustep is User applications for the GNUstep Environment

How To Install goaccess on Ubuntu 21.04

goaccess is log analyzer and interactive viewer for the Apache Webserver

How To Install goattracker on Ubuntu 21.04

goattracker is C64 music editor

How To Install gob2 on Ubuntu 21.04

gob2 is GTK+ Object Builder

How To Install gobby on Ubuntu 21.04

gobby is infinote-based collaborative text editor

How To Install gobgpd on Ubuntu 21.04

gobgpd is BGP implemented in Go (daemon and client)

How To Install gobjc on Ubuntu 21.04

gobjc is GNU Objective-C compiler

How To Install gobjc++ on Ubuntu 21.04

gobjc++ is GNU Objective-C++ compiler

How To Install gobuster on Ubuntu 21.04

gobuster is Directory/file & DNS busting tool written in Go

How To Install goby on Ubuntu 21.04

goby is WYSIWYG presentation tool for Emacs

How To Install gocr on Ubuntu 21.04

gocr is Command line OCR

How To Install gocryptfs on Ubuntu 21.04

gocryptfs is Encrypted overlay filesystem written in Go

How To Install godot3 on Ubuntu 21.04

godot3 is Full 2D and 3D game engine with editor

How To Install gogoprotobuf on Ubuntu 21.04

gogoprotobuf is alternative protocol buffer support for Golang - utilities

How To Install gogottrpc on Ubuntu 21.04

gogottrpc is GRPC for low-memory environments - utilities

How To Install goiardi on Ubuntu 21.04

goiardi is Chef server written in Go

How To Install gojay on Ubuntu 21.04

gojay is Fast JSON code generator in golang

How To Install gokey on Ubuntu 21.04

gokey is simple vaultless password manager in Go

How To Install golang on Ubuntu 21.04

golang is Go programming language compiler - metapackage

How To Install goldencheetah on Ubuntu 21.04

goldencheetah is set of analysis tools for cycling performance

How To Install goldendict on Ubuntu 21.04

goldendict is feature-rich dictionary lookup program

How To Install goldeneye on Ubuntu 21.04

goldeneye is HTTP DoS test tool

How To Install golint on Ubuntu 21.04

golint is Linter for Go source code

How To Install golly on Ubuntu 21.04

golly is Game of Life simulator using hashlife algorithm

How To Install gom on Ubuntu 21.04

gom is Command line and interactive ncurses-based OSS audio mixer

How To Install gomoku.app on Ubuntu 21.04

gomoku.app is Extended TicTacToe game for GNUstep

How To Install goo on Ubuntu 21.04

goo is generic object-orientator (programming language)

How To Install goobook on Ubuntu 21.04

goobook is command-line interface to Google contacts

How To Install goobox on Ubuntu 21.04

goobox is CD player and ripper with GNOME 3 integration

How To Install goodvibes on Ubuntu 21.04

goodvibes is lightweight internet radio player

How To Install googler on Ubuntu 21.04

googler is Power tool to Google (Web & News) and Google Site Search from the terminal

How To Install googletest on Ubuntu 21.04

googletest is Google’s C++ test framework sources

How To Install gopass on Ubuntu 21.04

gopass is pass implementation in Go

How To Install gopchop on Ubuntu 21.04

gopchop is fast, lossless cuts-only editor for MPEG2 video files

How To Install gopher on Ubuntu 21.04

gopher is Distributed Hypertext Client, Gopher protocol

How To Install gophernicus on Ubuntu 21.04

gophernicus is modern, full-featured gopher daemon

How To Install gopls on Ubuntu 21.04

gopls is language server for the Go language

How To Install gorm.app on Ubuntu 21.04

gorm.app is Visual Interface Builder for GNUstep

How To Install gortr on Ubuntu 21.04

gortr is Cloudflare’s RPKI to Router server

How To Install gosa on Ubuntu 21.04

gosa is Web Based LDAP Administration Program

How To Install gost on Ubuntu 21.04

gost is local copy tool of Security Tracker (Red Hat/Debian) written in go

How To Install gostsum on Ubuntu 21.04

gostsum is Utility to compute GOST hashes

How To Install gosu on Ubuntu 21.04

gosu is Simple Go-based setuid+setgid+setgroups+exec

How To Install gotail on Ubuntu 21.04

gotail is Go implementation of tail

How To Install gotestsum on Ubuntu 21.04

gotestsum is Feature-rich runner for go test

How To Install gource on Ubuntu 21.04

gource is graphical source control visualisation

How To Install gourmet on Ubuntu 21.04

gourmet is Recipe organizer and shopping list generator

How To Install govendor on Ubuntu 21.04

govendor is Go vendor tool that works with the standard vendor file

How To Install goverlay on Ubuntu 21.04

goverlay is Graphical UI to help manage Vulkan / OpenGL overlays

How To Install gox on Ubuntu 21.04

gox is simple cross compilation tool for Go

How To Install goxel on Ubuntu 21.04

goxel is 3D voxel editor

How To Install goxkcdpwgen on Ubuntu 21.04

goxkcdpwgen is xkcd style password generator library and cli tool

How To Install gozer on Ubuntu 21.04

gozer is text renderer

How To Install gpa on Ubuntu 21.04

gpa is GNU Privacy Assistant (GPA)

How To Install gpac on Ubuntu 21.04

gpac is GPAC Project on Advanced Content - utilities

How To Install gpaint on Ubuntu 21.04

gpaint is GNU Paint - a small, easy to use paint program for GNOME

How To Install gpart on Ubuntu 21.04

gpart is Guess PC disk partition table, find lost partitions

How To Install gparted on Ubuntu 21.04

gparted is GNOME partition editor

How To Install gpaste on Ubuntu 21.04

gpaste is Clipboard management system for GNOME

How To Install gpaw on Ubuntu 21.04

gpaw is DFT and beyond within the projector-augmented wave method

How To Install gperf on Ubuntu 21.04

gperf is Perfect hash function generator

How To Install gperiodic on Ubuntu 21.04

gperiodic is periodic table application

How To Install gpg on Ubuntu 21.04

gpg is GNU Privacy Guard – minimalist public key operations

How To Install gpgconf on Ubuntu 21.04

gpgconf is GNU privacy guard - core configuration utilities

How To Install gpgsm on Ubuntu 21.04

gpgsm is GNU privacy guard - S/MIME version

How To Install gpgv on Ubuntu 21.04

gpgv is GNU privacy guard - signature verification tool

How To Install gpgv1 on Ubuntu 21.04

gpgv1 is GNU privacy guard - signature verification tool (deprecated “classic” version)

How To Install gpgv2 on Ubuntu 21.04

gpgv2 is GNU privacy guard - signature verification tool (dummy transitional package)

How To Install gphoto2 on Ubuntu 21.04

gphoto2 is digital camera command-line client

How To Install gphotofs on Ubuntu 21.04

gphotofs is filesystem to mount digital cameras

How To Install gpick on Ubuntu 21.04

gpick is advanced GTK+ color picker

How To Install gpicview on Ubuntu 21.04

gpicview is lightweight image viewer

How To Install gpiod on Ubuntu 21.04

gpiod is Tools for interacting with Linux GPIO character device - binary

How To Install gplanarity on Ubuntu 21.04

gplanarity is simple puzzle game involving untangling planar graphs

How To Install gplaycli on Ubuntu 21.04

gplaycli is Google Play downloader command line interface

How To Install gplcver on Ubuntu 21.04

gplcver is Verilog simulator

How To Install gpm on Ubuntu 21.04

gpm is General Purpose Mouse interface

How To Install gpodder on Ubuntu 21.04

gpodder is podcast client and feed aggregator

How To Install gpomme on Ubuntu 21.04

gpomme is graphical client for pommed

How To Install gpp on Ubuntu 21.04

gpp is general-purpose preprocessor with customizable syntax

How To Install gpr on Ubuntu 21.04

gpr is GUI for lpr

How To Install gprbuild on Ubuntu 21.04

gprbuild is multi-language extensible build tool

How To Install gpredict on Ubuntu 21.04

gpredict is Satellite tracking program

How To Install gprename on Ubuntu 21.04

gprename is Complete batch renamer for Linux

How To Install gprolog on Ubuntu 21.04

gprolog is GNU Prolog compiler

How To Install gprompter on Ubuntu 21.04

gprompter is intelligent predictive GTK+ text editor

How To Install gpsbabel on Ubuntu 21.04

gpsbabel is GPS file conversion plus transfer to/from GPS units

How To Install gpscorrelate on Ubuntu 21.04

gpscorrelate is correlates digital photos with GPS data filling EXIF fields (command line)

How To Install gpsd on Ubuntu 21.04

gpsd is Global Positioning System - daemon

How To Install gpsim on Ubuntu 21.04

gpsim is Simulator for Microchip’s PIC microcontrollers

How To Install gpsman on Ubuntu 21.04

gpsman is GPS data graphical manager

How To Install gpsmanshp on Ubuntu 21.04

gpsmanshp is Tcl interface to shapelib

How To Install gpsprune on Ubuntu 21.04

gpsprune is visualize, edit, convert and prune GPS data

How To Install gpsshogi on Ubuntu 21.04

gpsshogi is Shogi playing program based on OpenShogiLib

How To Install gpstrans on Ubuntu 21.04

gpstrans is communicate via serial port with a Garmin GPS receiver

How To Install gpt on Ubuntu 21.04

gpt is G-Portugol is a Portuguese structured programming language

How To Install gpustat on Ubuntu 21.04

gpustat is pretty nvidia device monitor

How To Install gputils on Ubuntu 21.04

gputils is GNU PIC utilities

How To Install gpw on Ubuntu 21.04

gpw is Trigraph Password Generator

How To Install gpx on Ubuntu 21.04

gpx is Gcode to x3g conversion post processor

How To Install gpxinfo on Ubuntu 21.04

gpxinfo is Command line utility to extract basic statistics from a GPX file

How To Install gpxviewer on Ubuntu 21.04

gpxviewer is views GPS traces collected in the GPX format

How To Install grabc on Ubuntu 21.04

grabc is simple program to determine the color string in hex by clicking on a pixel

How To Install grabix on Ubuntu 21.04

grabix is wee tool for random access into BGZF files

How To Install grabserial on Ubuntu 21.04

grabserial is python-based serial dump and timing program

How To Install grace on Ubuntu 21.04

grace is XY graphing and plotting tool

How To Install gradle on Ubuntu 21.04

gradle is Powerful build system for the JVM

How To Install gradm2 on Ubuntu 21.04

gradm2 is Administration program for the grsecurity2 RBAC based ACL system

How To Install grads on Ubuntu 21.04

grads is Grid Analysis and Display System for earth science data

How To Install graftcp on Ubuntu 21.04

graftcp is Redirect TCP connection to SOCKS5 or HTTP proxy

How To Install grafx2 on Ubuntu 21.04

grafx2 is ultimate 256-color bitmap paint program

How To Install gramadoir on Ubuntu 21.04

gramadoir is Irish language grammar checker (integration scripts)

How To Install gramofile on Ubuntu 21.04

gramofile is transfer sound from gramophone records to CD

How To Install gramophone2 on Ubuntu 21.04

gramophone2 is GRAMophone II is an algorithmic music generator

How To Install gramps on Ubuntu 21.04

gramps is Genealogical research program

How To Install granatier on Ubuntu 21.04

granatier is Bomberman clone

How To Install granule on Ubuntu 21.04

granule is flashcard program for learning new words

How To Install grap on Ubuntu 21.04

grap is program for typesetting graphs

How To Install graphdefang on Ubuntu 21.04

graphdefang is grapher for MIMEDefang spam and virus logs

How To Install graphicsmagick on Ubuntu 21.04

graphicsmagick is collection of image processing tools

How To Install graphlan on Ubuntu 21.04

graphlan is circular representations of taxonomic and phylogenetic trees

How To Install graphmonkey on Ubuntu 21.04

graphmonkey is a GTK#-based graphing calculator

How To Install graphviz on Ubuntu 21.04

graphviz is rich set of graph drawing tools

How To Install grass on Ubuntu 21.04

grass is Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS GIS)

How To Install gravit on Ubuntu 21.04

gravit is visually stunning gravity simulator

How To Install gravitation on Ubuntu 21.04

gravitation is game about mania, melancholia, and the creative process

How To Install gravitywars on Ubuntu 21.04

gravitywars is clone of Gravity Force

How To Install graywolf on Ubuntu 21.04

graywolf is Placement for digital VLSI design

How To Install grc on Ubuntu 21.04

grc is generic colouriser for everything

How To Install grcompiler on Ubuntu 21.04

grcompiler is Compiler of smart (graphite) fonts

How To Install grdesktop on Ubuntu 21.04

grdesktop is GNOME frontend for the rdesktop client

How To Install greed on Ubuntu 21.04

greed is curses-based clone of the DOS free-ware game Greed

How To Install grep on Ubuntu 21.04

grep is GNU grep, egrep and fgrep

How To Install grepcidr on Ubuntu 21.04

grepcidr is Filter IP addresses matching IPv4/IPv6 CIDR/network specification

How To Install grepmail on Ubuntu 21.04

grepmail is search mailboxes for mail matching an expression

How To Install gretl on Ubuntu 21.04

gretl is GNU Regression, Econometric & Time-Series Library

How To Install greylistd on Ubuntu 21.04

greylistd is Greylisting daemon for use with Exim 4

How To Install grfcodec on Ubuntu 21.04

grfcodec is suite of programs to modify Transport Tycoon Deluxe’s GRF files

How To Install grhino on Ubuntu 21.04

grhino is othello/reversi boardgame

How To Install gridlock.app on Ubuntu 21.04

gridlock.app is Collection of grid-based board games for GNUstep

How To Install gridsite on Ubuntu 21.04

gridsite is Grid Security for the Web, Web platforms for Grids

How To Install grig on Ubuntu 21.04

grig is graphical user interface to the Ham Radio Control Libraries

How To Install grim on Ubuntu 21.04

grim is command-line utility to make screenshots of Wayland desktops

How To Install grimshot on Ubuntu 21.04

grimshot is Easy to use screenshot tool for sway

How To Install grinder on Ubuntu 21.04

grinder is Versatile omics shotgun and amplicon sequencing read simulator

How To Install gringo on Ubuntu 21.04

gringo is grounding tools for (disjunctive) logic programs

How To Install gringotts on Ubuntu 21.04

gringotts is secure password and data storage manager

How To Install grip on Ubuntu 21.04

grip is Preview GitHub Markdown files like Readme locally

How To Install grisbi on Ubuntu 21.04

grisbi is personal finance management program

How To Install grml2usb on Ubuntu 21.04

grml2usb is install Grml system / ISO to usb device

How To Install groff on Ubuntu 21.04

groff is GNU troff text-formatting system

How To Install grok on Ubuntu 21.04

grok is powerful pattern-matching and reacting tool

How To Install grokevt on Ubuntu 21.04

grokevt is scripts for reading Microsoft Windows event log files

How To Install gromacs on Ubuntu 21.04

gromacs is Molecular dynamics simulator, with building and analysis tools

How To Install gromit on Ubuntu 21.04

gromit is GTK based tool to make annotations on screen

How To Install gron on Ubuntu 21.04

gron is tool to transform JSON into discrete, greppable assignments

How To Install groonga on Ubuntu 21.04

groonga is Fulltext search engine (metapackage for library use)

How To Install groovy on Ubuntu 21.04

groovy is Agile dynamic language for the Java Virtual Machine

How To Install grop on Ubuntu 21.04

grop is Graphic interface for the porg package manager/organizer

How To Install gross on Ubuntu 21.04

gross is fast and efficient greylist server with DNSBL support

How To Install groundhog on Ubuntu 21.04

groundhog is simple logic game

How To Install growisofs on Ubuntu 21.04

growisofs is DVD+-RW/R recorder

How To Install growlight on Ubuntu 21.04

growlight is Disk manipulation and system preparation tool

How To Install grpn on Ubuntu 21.04

grpn is GTK+ reverse polish notation calculator

How To Install grr.app on Ubuntu 21.04

grr.app is RSS reader for GNUstep

How To Install grsync on Ubuntu 21.04

grsync is GTK+ frontend for rsync

How To Install grub2 on Ubuntu 21.04

grub2 is GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (dummy package)

How To Install grun on Ubuntu 21.04

grun is GTK+ based Run dialog

How To Install grunt on Ubuntu 21.04

grunt is JavaScript task runner/build system/maintainer tool

How To Install gsalliere on Ubuntu 21.04

gsalliere is Bridge duplicate scorer (GUI frontend)

How To Install gsasl on Ubuntu 21.04

gsasl is GNU SASL command line utility

How To Install gscan2pdf on Ubuntu 21.04

gscan2pdf is GUI to produce PDFs or DjVus from scanned documents

How To Install gscanbus on Ubuntu 21.04

gscanbus is scan IEEE1394 (firewire/i.link) bus

How To Install gsequencer on Ubuntu 21.04

gsequencer is Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer audio processing engine

How To Install gsetroot on Ubuntu 21.04

gsetroot is grahical GTK-based front-end for Esetroot

How To Install gsfonts on Ubuntu 21.04

gsfonts is Fonts for the Ghostscript interpreter(s)

How To Install gshutdown on Ubuntu 21.04

gshutdown is Graphical shutdown utility and shutdown timer

How To Install gsimplecal on Ubuntu 21.04

gsimplecal is lightweight GUI calendar application

How To Install gsm0710muxd on Ubuntu 21.04

gsm0710muxd is GSM 07.10 Multiplexer

How To Install gsmartcontrol on Ubuntu 21.04

gsmartcontrol is graphical user interface for smartctl

How To Install gsoap on Ubuntu 21.04

gsoap is Stub generators for gSOAP

How To Install gsort on Ubuntu 21.04

gsort is sort genomic data

How To Install gssproxy on Ubuntu 21.04

gssproxy is Privilege separation daemon for GSSAPI

How To Install gst123 on Ubuntu 21.04

gst123 is GStreamer based command line media player

How To Install gsutil on Ubuntu 21.04

gsutil is configure and manage Grandstream BudgeTone 100 VOIP and GX2000 phones

How To Install gt5 on Ubuntu 21.04

gt5 is shell program to display visual disk usage with navigation

How To Install gtamsanalyzer.app on Ubuntu 21.04

gtamsanalyzer.app is Text analysis application for GNUstep

How To Install gtans on Ubuntu 21.04

gtans is Tangram (puzzle) game using GTK+

How To Install gtetrinet on Ubuntu 21.04

gtetrinet is multiplayer tetris-like game

How To Install gthd on Ubuntu 21.04

gthd is DBus service to monitor thermal information

How To Install gthumb on Ubuntu 21.04

gthumb is image viewer and browser

How To Install gtick on Ubuntu 21.04

gtick is Metronome application

How To Install gtimelog on Ubuntu 21.04

gtimelog is time logging application

How To Install gtimer on Ubuntu 21.04

gtimer is GTK-based X11 task timer

How To Install gtkam on Ubuntu 21.04

gtkam is application for retrieving media from digital cameras

How To Install gtkatlantic on Ubuntu 21.04

gtkatlantic is Game like Monopoly

How To Install gtkballs on Ubuntu 21.04

gtkballs is simple logic game

How To Install gtkboard on Ubuntu 21.04

gtkboard is many board games in one program

How To Install gtkguitune on Ubuntu 21.04

gtkguitune is Guitar and other instruments tuner

How To Install gtkhash on Ubuntu 21.04

gtkhash is GTK+ utility for computing checksums and more

How To Install gtklp on Ubuntu 21.04

gtklp is printing tool for CUPS on the GNOME Desktop

How To Install gtkmorph on Ubuntu 21.04

gtkmorph is Digital image warp and morph (gtk)

How To Install gtkpod on Ubuntu 21.04

gtkpod is manage songs and playlists on an Apple iPod

How To Install gtkpool on Ubuntu 21.04

gtkpool is simple pool billiard game written with GTK+

How To Install gtkterm on Ubuntu 21.04

gtkterm is simple GTK+ serial port terminal

How To Install gtkwave on Ubuntu 21.04

gtkwave is VCD (Value Change Dump) file waveform viewer

How To Install gtml on Ubuntu 21.04

gtml is HTML pre-processor

How To Install gtranscribe on Ubuntu 21.04

gtranscribe is simple GTK+ tool focused on easy transcription of spoken words

How To Install gtranslator on Ubuntu 21.04

gtranslator is PO-file editor for the GNOME Desktop

How To Install gtypist on Ubuntu 21.04

gtypist is simple ncurses touch typing tutor

How To Install guacd on Ubuntu 21.04

guacd is HTML5 web application for accessing remote desktops (proxy daemon)

How To Install guake on Ubuntu 21.04

guake is Drop-down terminal for GNOME Desktop Environment

How To Install gubbins on Ubuntu 21.04

gubbins is phylogenetic analysis of genome sequences

How To Install gucharmap on Ubuntu 21.04

gucharmap is Unicode character picker and font browser

How To Install gucumber on Ubuntu 21.04

gucumber is Cucumber BDD-style testing for Go – utility

How To Install gudhui on Ubuntu 21.04

gudhui is GUI for some of the functionality of the GUDHI library

How To Install guessnet on Ubuntu 21.04

guessnet is Guess which LAN a network device is connected to

How To Install guestfsd on Ubuntu 21.04

guestfsd is Daemon to access to guest virtual machine through virtio serial

How To Install guetzli on Ubuntu 21.04

guetzli is perceptual JPEG encoder

How To Install gufw on Ubuntu 21.04

gufw is graphical user interface for ufw

How To Install guidedog on Ubuntu 21.04

guidedog is NAT/masquerading/port-forwarding configuration tool in Qt5

How To Install guilt on Ubuntu 21.04

guilt is quilt for git; similar to Mercurial queues

How To Install guitarix on Ubuntu 21.04

guitarix is Rock guitar amplifier for JACK

How To Install guix on Ubuntu 21.04

guix is GNU Guix functional package manager

How To Install gulp on Ubuntu 21.04

gulp is streaming build system to automate painful or time-consuming tasks

How To Install gummi on Ubuntu 21.04

gummi is simple LaTeX editor with live preview

How To Install guncat on Ubuntu 21.04

guncat is Catenates files while decrypting PGP-encrypted sections

How To Install gunicorn on Ubuntu 21.04

gunicorn is Event-based HTTP/WSGI server

How To Install gunroar on Ubuntu 21.04

gunroar is 360-degree gunboat shooter

How To Install gup on Ubuntu 21.04

gup is let a remote site change their newsgroups subscription

How To Install guvcview on Ubuntu 21.04

guvcview is GTK+ base UVC Viewer

How To Install guymager on Ubuntu 21.04

guymager is Forensic imaging tool based on Qt

How To Install gv on Ubuntu 21.04

gv is PostScript and PDF viewer for X

How To Install gvb on Ubuntu 21.04

gvb is visual simulator of 1 and 2-dimensional vibrations

How To Install gvfs on Ubuntu 21.04

gvfs is userspace virtual filesystem - GIO module

How To Install gvidm on Ubuntu 21.04

gvidm is quickly and easily change video resolutions in X

How To Install gvncviewer on Ubuntu 21.04

gvncviewer is VNC viewer using gtk-vnc

How To Install gvpe on Ubuntu 21.04

gvpe is creates a virtual ethernet between multiple endpoints

How To Install gwaei on Ubuntu 21.04

gwaei is Japanese-English Dictionary for GNOME

How To Install gwama on Ubuntu 21.04

gwama is Genome-Wide Association Meta Analysis

How To Install gwaterfall on Ubuntu 21.04

gwaterfall is View all characters of a font in all sizes

How To Install gwave on Ubuntu 21.04

gwave is waveform viewer eg for spice simulators

How To Install gwc on Ubuntu 21.04

gwc is Audio file denoiser

How To Install gweled on Ubuntu 21.04

gweled is “Diamond Mine”-style puzzle game

How To Install gwenview on Ubuntu 21.04

gwenview is image viewer image viewer

How To Install gwhois on Ubuntu 21.04

gwhois is generic Whois Client / Server

How To Install gworkspace.app on Ubuntu 21.04

gworkspace.app is GNUstep Workspace Manager

How To Install gworldclock on Ubuntu 21.04

gworldclock is Displays time and date in specified time zones

How To Install gwsetup on Ubuntu 21.04

gwsetup is utilities to configure and manipulate Geneweb databases

How To Install gwtp on Ubuntu 21.04

gwtp is web interface interacting with Geneweb databases

How To Install gwyddion on Ubuntu 21.04

gwyddion is Scanning Probe Microscopy visualization and analysis tool

How To Install gxemul on Ubuntu 21.04

gxemul is machine emulator for multiple architectures

How To Install gxkb on Ubuntu 21.04

gxkb is X11 keyboard indicator and switcher

How To Install gxmessage on Ubuntu 21.04

gxmessage is xmessage clone based on GTK+

How To Install gxmms2 on Ubuntu 21.04

gxmms2 is XMMS2 client for the GNOME desktop

How To Install gxneur on Ubuntu 21.04

gxneur is GTK+ frontend for xneur keyboard layout switcher

How To Install gxtuner on Ubuntu 21.04

gxtuner is Tuner for Jack

How To Install gyoto on Ubuntu 21.04

gyoto is General relativistic geodesic integration and ray-tracing

How To Install gyp on Ubuntu 21.04

gyp is Cross-platform build script generator

How To Install gyrus on Ubuntu 21.04

gyrus is GNOME tool for Cyrus-IMAP servers administration

How To Install gzip on Ubuntu 21.04

gzip is GNU compression utilities

How To Install gzrt on Ubuntu 21.04

gzrt is gzip recovery toolkit

How To Install gztool on Ubuntu 21.04

gztool is gzip-compressed file indexer

How To Install h264enc on Ubuntu 21.04

h264enc is encode video or DVD in H.264/AVC/MPEG-4 Part 10

How To Install h2o on Ubuntu 21.04

h2o is optimized HTTP/1.x, HTTP/2 server

How To Install h5ar on Ubuntu 21.04

h5ar is easy-to-use HDF archiver using Java

How To Install h5utils on Ubuntu 21.04

h5utils is HDF5 files visualization tools

How To Install hachoir on Ubuntu 21.04

hachoir is Python framework to parse and edit binary files

How To Install hachu on Ubuntu 21.04

hachu is AI engine for many Shogi and Chess variants, including Chu, Sho, and Dai Shogi

How To Install haci on Ubuntu 21.04

haci is web based IP(v6) address and network administration tool

How To Install hackrf on Ubuntu 21.04

hackrf is Software defined radio peripheral - utilities

How To Install hacktv on Ubuntu 21.04

hacktv is Analogue TV transmitter for the HackRF

How To Install hadori on Ubuntu 21.04

hadori is Hardlinks identical files

How To Install halibut on Ubuntu 21.04

halibut is yet another free document preparation system

How To Install hamexam on Ubuntu 21.04

hamexam is Study tool for USA FCC amateur radio (ham) exams.

How To Install handbrake on Ubuntu 21.04

handbrake is versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder (GTK+ GUI)

How To Install handlebars on Ubuntu 21.04

handlebars is build semantic templates effectively with no frustration

How To Install hannah on Ubuntu 21.04

hannah is pacman-like game, child oriented

How To Install hapolicy on Ubuntu 21.04

hapolicy is Balancing and fallback postfix policy delegation service

How To Install happy on Ubuntu 21.04

happy is Parser generator for Haskell

How To Install haproxy on Ubuntu 21.04

haproxy is fast and reliable load balancing reverse proxy

How To Install haproxyctl on Ubuntu 21.04

haproxyctl is Utility to manage HAProxy

How To Install hardinfo on Ubuntu 21.04

hardinfo is Displays system information

How To Install hardlink on Ubuntu 21.04

hardlink is Hardlinks multiple copies of the same file

How To Install harminv on Ubuntu 21.04

harminv is extraction of complex frequencies and amplitudes from time series

How To Install harp on Ubuntu 21.04

harp is Data harmonization toolset for Earth Observation formats

How To Install haruna on Ubuntu 21.04

haruna is Video player built with Qt/QML on top of libmpv

How To Install harvid on Ubuntu 21.04

harvid is HTTP Ardour Video Server

How To Install hasciicam on Ubuntu 21.04

hasciicam is (h)ascii for the masses

How To Install haserl on Ubuntu 21.04

haserl is CGI scripting program for embedded environments

How To Install hashalot on Ubuntu 21.04

hashalot is Read and hash a passphrase

How To Install hashcash on Ubuntu 21.04

hashcash is postage payment scheme for email based on hash calculations

How To Install hashcat on Ubuntu 21.04

hashcat is World’s fastest and most advanced password recovery utility

How To Install hashcheck on Ubuntu 21.04

hashcheck is verifies the files on a live mounted ISO image

How To Install hashdeep on Ubuntu 21.04

hashdeep is recursively compute hashsums or piecewise hashings

How To Install hashid on Ubuntu 21.04

hashid is Identify the different types of hashes used to encrypt data

How To Install hashrat on Ubuntu 21.04

hashrat is hashing tool supporting several hashes and recursivity

How To Install hasktags on Ubuntu 21.04

hasktags is Producer of ctags “tags” and etags “TAGS” files for Haskell programs

How To Install hatari on Ubuntu 21.04

hatari is Emulator for the Atari ST, STE, TT, and Falcon computers

How To Install hatop on Ubuntu 21.04

hatop is interactive ncurses client for haproxy

How To Install haveged on Ubuntu 21.04

haveged is Linux entropy source using the HAVEGE algorithm

How To Install havp on Ubuntu 21.04

havp is HTTP Anti Virus Proxy

How To Install haxe on Ubuntu 21.04

haxe is multi-target universal programming language

How To Install haxml on Ubuntu 21.04

haxml is utilities for using XML documents with Haskell

How To Install hcxdumptool on Ubuntu 21.04

hcxdumptool is Small tool to capture packets from wlan devices

How To Install hcxtools on Ubuntu 21.04

hcxtools is Tools for converting captures to use with hashcat or John the Ripper

How To Install hdapsd on Ubuntu 21.04

hdapsd is HDAPS daemon for various laptops with motion sensors

How To Install hdate on Ubuntu 21.04

hdate is Provides the hcal and hdate binaries that help use Hebrew dates

How To Install hdav on Ubuntu 21.04

hdav is command-line WebDAV client

How To Install hddemux on Ubuntu 21.04

hddemux is HTTP/1.x and DNS demultiplexer

How To Install hddtemp on Ubuntu 21.04

hddtemp is hard drive temperature monitoring utility

How To Install hdfview on Ubuntu 21.04

hdfview is Java HDF Object viewer

How To Install hdparm on Ubuntu 21.04

hdparm is tune hard disk parameters for high performance

How To Install hdrmerge on Ubuntu 21.04

hdrmerge is HDR exposure merging

How To Install hdup on Ubuntu 21.04

hdup is Filesystem duplicator and backup

How To Install headache on Ubuntu 21.04

headache is Tool to manage license notes of source files

How To Install heaptrack on Ubuntu 21.04

heaptrack is heap memory profiler for Linux

How To Install hearse on Ubuntu 21.04

hearse is exchange Nethack bones files with other players

How To Install heartbeat on Ubuntu 21.04

heartbeat is Subsystem for High-Availability Linux

How To Install heartbleeder on Ubuntu 21.04

heartbleeder is test servers for OpenSSL CVE-2014-0160 aka Heartbleed

How To Install hebcal on Ubuntu 21.04

hebcal is A Perpetual Jewish Calendar

How To Install hedgewars on Ubuntu 21.04

hedgewars is Funny turn-based artillery game, featuring fighting hedgehogs!

How To Install hellfire on Ubuntu 21.04

hellfire is PATHspider Effects List Resolver

How To Install hello on Ubuntu 21.04

hello is example package based on GNU hello

How To Install help2man on Ubuntu 21.04

help2man is Automatic manpage generator

How To Install helpdev on Ubuntu 21.04

helpdev is Helper tool to get environment information

How To Install helpman on Ubuntu 21.04

helpman is quick & easy access to 4000+ manuals / guides / tutorials

How To Install helpviewer.app on Ubuntu 21.04

helpviewer.app is Online help viewer for GNUstep programs

How To Install herbstluftwm on Ubuntu 21.04

herbstluftwm is manual tiling window manager for X11

How To Install hercules on Ubuntu 21.04

hercules is System/370, ESA/390 and z/Architecture Emulator

How To Install herculesstudio on Ubuntu 21.04

herculesstudio is Hercules GUI front-end

How To Install herisvm on Ubuntu 21.04

herisvm is machine learning tools for classification algorithms

How To Install heroes on Ubuntu 21.04

heroes is Collect powerups and avoid your opponents’ trails

How To Install herold on Ubuntu 21.04

herold is HTML to DocBook XML conversion

How To Install hesiod on Ubuntu 21.04

hesiod is Project Athena’s DNS-based directory service - utilities

How To Install heudiconv on Ubuntu 21.04

heudiconv is DICOM converter with support for structure heuristics

How To Install hevea on Ubuntu 21.04

hevea is translates from LaTeX to HTML, info, or text

How To Install hexalate on Ubuntu 21.04

hexalate is Color matching puzzle

How To Install hexbox on Ubuntu 21.04

hexbox is Hex Edit Control for .NET developers - apps

How To Install hexchat on Ubuntu 21.04

hexchat is IRC client for X based on X-Chat 2 IRC client for X based on X-Chat 2

How To Install hexcompare on Ubuntu 21.04

hexcompare is utility to compare and identify binary files

How To Install hexcurse on Ubuntu 21.04

hexcurse is Ncurses-based hex editor with many features

How To Install hexdiff on Ubuntu 21.04

hexdiff is Visual hexadecimal difference editor

How To Install hexec on Ubuntu 21.04

hexec is Command line tool to hook into exec calls

How To Install hexedit on Ubuntu 21.04

hexedit is viewer and editor in hexadecimal or ASCII for files or devices

How To Install hexer on Ubuntu 21.04

hexer is interactive binary editor with a Vi-like interface

How To Install hexter on Ubuntu 21.04

hexter is Yamaha DX7 modeling DSSI plugin

How To Install hexxagon on Ubuntu 21.04

hexxagon is Hexagonal Ataxx clone

How To Install hexyl on Ubuntu 21.04

hexyl is Command-line hex viewer with colored output

How To Install hey on Ubuntu 21.04

hey is Sends some load to a web application

How To Install hfsplus on Ubuntu 21.04

hfsplus is Tools to access HFS+ formatted volumes

How To Install hfsprogs on Ubuntu 21.04

hfsprogs is mkfs and fsck for HFS and HFS+ file systems

How To Install hfst on Ubuntu 21.04

hfst is Helsinki Finite-State Transducer Technology

How To Install hfsutils on Ubuntu 21.04

hfsutils is Tools for reading and writing Macintosh volumes

How To Install hhsuite on Ubuntu 21.04

hhsuite is sensitive protein sequence searching based on HMM-HMM alignment

How To Install hibagent on Ubuntu 21.04

hibagent is Agent that triggers hibernation on EC2 instances

How To Install hibiscus on Ubuntu 21.04

hibiscus is Java online banking client using the HBCI standard

How To Install hiera on Ubuntu 21.04

hiera is Light weight hierarchical data store

How To Install higan on Ubuntu 21.04

higan is Accurate multi-system emulator

How To Install highlight on Ubuntu 21.04

highlight is Universal source code to formatted text converter

How To Install hiki on Ubuntu 21.04

hiki is Wiki Engine written in Ruby

How To Install hilive on Ubuntu 21.04

hilive is realtime alignment of Illumina reads

How To Install hime on Ubuntu 21.04

hime is GTK+ based input method for Chinese users

How To Install hippomocks on Ubuntu 21.04

hippomocks is C++ mocking framework

How To Install hisat2 on Ubuntu 21.04

hisat2 is graph-based alignment of short nucleotide reads to many genomes

How To Install hitch on Ubuntu 21.04

hitch is scalable TLS proxy

How To Install hitori on Ubuntu 21.04

hitori is logic puzzle game similar to sudoku

How To Install hivelytracker on Ubuntu 21.04

hivelytracker is Music tracker for AHX and HVL formats

How To Install hledger on Ubuntu 21.04

hledger is command-line double-entry accounting program

How To Install hlins on Ubuntu 21.04

hlins is Insert URLs into html documents

How To Install hlint on Ubuntu 21.04

hlint is Haskell source code suggestions

How To Install hmmer on Ubuntu 21.04

hmmer is profile hidden Markov models for protein sequence analysis

How To Install hmmer2 on Ubuntu 21.04

hmmer2 is profile hidden Markov models for protein sequence analysis

How To Install hnb on Ubuntu 21.04

hnb is hierarchical notebook

How To Install hodie on Ubuntu 21.04

hodie is prints the date in Latin

How To Install hoichess on Ubuntu 21.04

hoichess is xboard compatible chess engine to play chess with

How To Install hol88 on Ubuntu 21.04

hol88 is Higher Order Logic, system image

How To Install holes on Ubuntu 21.04

holes is find runs of zero bytes

How To Install hollywood on Ubuntu 21.04

hollywood is fill your console with Hollywood melodrama technobabble

How To Install homebank on Ubuntu 21.04

homebank is Manage your personal accounts at home

How To Install homesick on Ubuntu 21.04

homesick is keep your dotfiles (configs) in git

How To Install hoogle on Ubuntu 21.04

hoogle is Haskell API Search for Debian system

How To Install hopm on Ubuntu 21.04

hopm is open-proxy monitoring bot designed for IRC servers

How To Install horgand on Ubuntu 21.04

horgand is JACK capable organ softsynth

How To Install horst on Ubuntu 21.04

horst is Highly Optimized Radio Scanning Tool

How To Install hostapd on Ubuntu 21.04

hostapd is access point and authentication server for Wi-Fi and Ethernet

How To Install hostfiles on Ubuntu 21.04

hostfiles is simple script to manage multiple sets of hostfiles

How To Install hostname on Ubuntu 21.04

hostname is utility to set/show the host name or domain name

How To Install hostsed on Ubuntu 21.04

hostsed is Simple CLI tool for hosts file edition

How To Install hoteldruid on Ubuntu 21.04

hoteldruid is web-based property management system for hotels or B&Bs

How To Install hotspot on Ubuntu 21.04

hotspot is GUI tool for performance analysis

How To Install hotswap on Ubuntu 21.04

hotswap is (de)register hotswappable IDE hardware

How To Install hovercraft on Ubuntu 21.04

hovercraft is generator for impress.js presentations from reStructuredText

How To Install howdoi on Ubuntu 21.04

howdoi is command line tool for instant coding answers

How To Install howm on Ubuntu 21.04

howm is Note-taking tool on Emacs

How To Install hoz on Ubuntu 21.04

hoz is file splitter that uses the hacha file format

How To Install hp2xx on Ubuntu 21.04

hp2xx is HPGL converter into some vector- and raster formats

How To Install hp48cc on Ubuntu 21.04

hp48cc is C-like compiler which produces HP48 RPN

How To Install hpack on Ubuntu 21.04

hpack is alternative format for Haskell packages

How To Install hpanel on Ubuntu 21.04

hpanel is minimalist panel for X

How To Install hpcc on Ubuntu 21.04

hpcc is HPC Challenge benchmark

How To Install hping3 on Ubuntu 21.04

hping3 is Active Network Smashing Tool

How To Install hplip on Ubuntu 21.04

hplip is HP Linux Printing and Imaging System (HPLIP)

How To Install hpsockd on Ubuntu 21.04

hpsockd is HP SOCKS server

How To Install hsbrainfuck on Ubuntu 21.04

hsbrainfuck is interpreter for the brainfuck programming language

How To Install hsc on Ubuntu 21.04

hsc is html sucks completely, a developer tool for HTML projects

How To Install hscolour on Ubuntu 21.04

hscolour is Haskell program to colourise Haskell code

How To Install hsetroot on Ubuntu 21.04

hsetroot is tool for composing root-pixmaps for X11

How To Install hsmwiz on Ubuntu 21.04

hsmwiz is Easy handling of NitroKey HSM USB Smard Card

How To Install hspell on Ubuntu 21.04

hspell is Hebrew spell checker and morphological analyzer

How To Install hstr on Ubuntu 21.04

hstr is Suggest box like shell history completion

How To Install hsx2hs on Ubuntu 21.04

hsx2hs is literal XML syntax in Haskell source code - preprocessor

How To Install ht on Ubuntu 21.04

ht is Viewer/editor/analyser (mostly) for executables

How To Install htag on Ubuntu 21.04

htag is A tagline/.signature adder for email, news and FidoNet messages

How To Install htdig on Ubuntu 21.04

htdig is web search and indexing system - binaries

How To Install html2ps on Ubuntu 21.04

html2ps is HTML to PostScript converter

How To Install html2text on Ubuntu 21.04

html2text is advanced HTML to text converter

How To Install html2wml on Ubuntu 21.04

html2wml is converts HTML pages to WML (WAP) or i-mode pages

How To Install htmldoc on Ubuntu 21.04

htmldoc is HTML processor that generates indexed HTML, PS, and PDF

How To Install htmlmin on Ubuntu 21.04

htmlmin is HTML Minifier - command line interface

How To Install htop on Ubuntu 21.04

htop is interactive processes viewer

How To Install htp on Ubuntu 21.04

htp is nice HTML pre-processor

How To Install htpdate on Ubuntu 21.04

htpdate is HTTP based time synchronization tool

How To Install htsengine on Ubuntu 21.04

htsengine is frontend of HMM-based speech synthesis engine

How To Install httest on Ubuntu 21.04

httest is HTTP test tool

How To Install httpcode on Ubuntu 21.04

httpcode is Explains the meaning of an HTTP status code on the command line

How To Install httpdirfs on Ubuntu 21.04

httpdirfs is filesystem client for HTTP directory listings

How To Install httperf on Ubuntu 21.04

httperf is HTTP server performance tester

How To Install httpfs2 on Ubuntu 21.04

httpfs2 is FUSE filesystem for mounting files from http servers

How To Install httpie on Ubuntu 21.04

httpie is CLI, cURL-like tool for humans

How To Install httping on Ubuntu 21.04

httping is ping-like program for http-requests

How To Install httpry on Ubuntu 21.04

httpry is HTTP logging and information retrieval tool

How To Install httptunnel on Ubuntu 21.04

httptunnel is Tunnels a data stream in HTTP requests

How To Install httrack on Ubuntu 21.04

httrack is Copy websites to your computer (Offline browser)

How To Install httraqt on Ubuntu 21.04

httraqt is program for downloading of internet sites

How To Install hub on Ubuntu 21.04

hub is make git easier with GitHub

How To Install hubicfuse on Ubuntu 21.04

hubicfuse is Support for mounting hubiC drives

How To Install hud on Ubuntu 21.04

hud is Backend for the Unity HUD

How To Install hugin on Ubuntu 21.04

hugin is panorama photo stitcher - GUI tools

How To Install hugo on Ubuntu 21.04

hugo is Fast and flexible Static Site Generator written in Go

How To Install hugs on Ubuntu 21.04

hugs is A Haskell 98 interpreter

How To Install humanfriendly on Ubuntu 21.04

humanfriendly is Helper command for the humanfriendly Python3 library

How To Install hunspell on Ubuntu 21.04

hunspell is spell checker and morphological analyzer (program)

How To Install hunt on Ubuntu 21.04

hunt is Advanced packet sniffer and connection intrusion

How To Install hv3 on Ubuntu 21.04

hv3 is Lightweight web browser

How To Install hwb on Ubuntu 21.04

hwb is Hardware Book

How To Install hwdata on Ubuntu 21.04

hwdata is hardware identification / configuration data

How To Install hwinfo on Ubuntu 21.04

hwinfo is Hardware identification system

How To Install hwloc on Ubuntu 21.04

hwloc is Hierarchical view of the machine - utilities

How To Install hxtools on Ubuntu 21.04

hxtools is Collection of tools and scripts

How To Install hy on Ubuntu 21.04

hy is Lisp (s-expression) based frontend to Python (metapackage)

How To Install hydra on Ubuntu 21.04

hydra is very fast network logon cracker

How To Install hydrapaper on Ubuntu 21.04

hydrapaper is Utility that sets background independently for each monitor

How To Install hydrogen on Ubuntu 21.04

hydrogen is advanced drum machine/step sequencer

How To Install hyperrogue on Ubuntu 21.04

hyperrogue is non-euclidean graphical rogue-like game

How To Install hyperspec on Ubuntu 21.04

hyperspec is Common Lisp ANSI-standard Hyperspec

How To Install i18nspector on Ubuntu 21.04

i18nspector is checking tool for gettext POT, PO and MO files

How To Install i2p on Ubuntu 21.04

i2p is Invisible Internet Project (I2P) - anonymous network

How To Install i2pd on Ubuntu 21.04

i2pd is I2P Router written in C++

How To Install i3 on Ubuntu 21.04

i3 is metapackage (i3 window manager, screen locker, menu, statusbar)

How To Install i3blocks on Ubuntu 21.04

i3blocks is highly flexible status line for the i3 window manager

How To Install i3lock on Ubuntu 21.04

i3lock is improved screen locker

How To Install i3pystatus on Ubuntu 21.04

i3pystatus is Large collection of status modules compatible with i3bar

How To Install i3status on Ubuntu 21.04

i3status is Generates a status line for dzen2, xmobar or i3bar

How To Install i7z on Ubuntu 21.04

i7z is reporting tool for i7, i5, i3 CPUs

How To Install i810switch on Ubuntu 21.04

i810switch is Enables/disables video output to CRT/LCD on i810 video hardware

How To Install i8c on Ubuntu 21.04

i8c is infinity note compiler

How To Install i8kutils on Ubuntu 21.04

i8kutils is Fan control for Dell laptops

How To Install iagno on Ubuntu 21.04

iagno is popular Othello game for GNOME

How To Install iamerican on Ubuntu 21.04

iamerican is American English dictionary for ispell (standard version)

How To Install iannix on Ubuntu 21.04

iannix is graphical OSC sequencer for digital arts

How To Install iat on Ubuntu 21.04

iat is Converts many CD-ROM image formats to iso9660

How To Install iaxmodem on Ubuntu 21.04

iaxmodem is software modem with IAX2 connectivity

How To Install ibacm on Ubuntu 21.04

ibacm is InfiniBand Communication Manager Assistant (ACM)

How To Install ibam on Ubuntu 21.04

ibam is Advanced battery monitor for laptops

How To Install ibrazilian on Ubuntu 21.04

ibrazilian is Brazilian Portuguese dictionary for ispell

How To Install ibritish on Ubuntu 21.04

ibritish is British English dictionary for ispell (standard version)

How To Install ibulgarian on Ubuntu 21.04

ibulgarian is Bulgarian dictionary for ispell

How To Install ibus on Ubuntu 21.04

ibus is Intelligent Input Bus - core

How To Install ibutils on Ubuntu 21.04

ibutils is InfiniBand network utilities

How To Install ical2html on Ubuntu 21.04

ical2html is create an HTML table from icalendar data

How To Install icatalan on Ubuntu 21.04

icatalan is Catalan dictionary for ispell

How To Install icdiff on Ubuntu 21.04

icdiff is terminal side-by-side colorized word diff

How To Install icebreaker on Ubuntu 21.04

icebreaker is Break the iceberg

How To Install icecast2 on Ubuntu 21.04

icecast2 is streaming media server

How To Install icecc on Ubuntu 21.04

icecc is distributed compiler (client and server)

How To Install icecream on Ubuntu 21.04

icecream is lightweight stream download utility

How To Install icedax on Ubuntu 21.04

icedax is Creates WAV files from audio CDs

How To Install ices2 on Ubuntu 21.04

ices2 is Ogg Vorbis streaming source for Icecast 2

How To Install icewm on Ubuntu 21.04

icewm is wonderful Win95-OS/2-Motif-like window manager

How To Install icheck on Ubuntu 21.04

icheck is C interface ABI/API checker

How To Install icinga2 on Ubuntu 21.04

icinga2 is host and network monitoring system

How To Install icingacli on Ubuntu 21.04

icingacli is simple CLI tool for Icingaweb2 and its modules

How To Install icingaweb2 on Ubuntu 21.04

icingaweb2 is simple and responsive web interface for Icinga

How To Install icmake on Ubuntu 21.04

icmake is Intelligent C-like MAKEr, or the ICce MAKE utility

How To Install icmpinfo on Ubuntu 21.04

icmpinfo is interpret ICMP messages

How To Install icmptx on Ubuntu 21.04

icmptx is Tunnel IP over ICMP

How To Install icmpush on Ubuntu 21.04

icmpush is ICMP packet builder

How To Install icnsutils on Ubuntu 21.04

icnsutils is utilities for manipulating Mac OS icns files

How To Install icoextract on Ubuntu 21.04

icoextract is icon extraction library for Windows PE files (utilities)

How To Install icom on Ubuntu 21.04

icom is Software control for ICOM radios with CI-V interface

How To Install icont on Ubuntu 21.04

icont is Interpreter for Icon, a high-level programming language

How To Install icontool on Ubuntu 21.04

icontool is tools for maintaining icons in software projects

How To Install iconx on Ubuntu 21.04

iconx is Executor for Icon, a high-level programming language

How To Install icoutils on Ubuntu 21.04

icoutils is Create and extract MS Windows icons and cursors

How To Install iczech on Ubuntu 21.04

iczech is The Czech dictionary for ispell

How To Install id3 on Ubuntu 21.04

id3 is Editor for ID3 tags

How To Install id3ren on Ubuntu 21.04

id3ren is id3 tagger and renamer

How To Install id3tool on Ubuntu 21.04

id3tool is Command line editor for id3 tags

How To Install id3v2 on Ubuntu 21.04

id3v2 is command line id3v2 tag editor

How To Install idanish on Ubuntu 21.04

idanish is The Comprehensive Danish Dictionary (DSDO) - ispell

How To Install idba on Ubuntu 21.04

idba is iterative De Bruijn Graph short read assemblers

How To Install ident2 on Ubuntu 21.04

ident2 is An advanced ident daemon

How To Install idesk on Ubuntu 21.04

idesk is program to show icons on the desktop

How To Install ideviceinstaller on Ubuntu 21.04

ideviceinstaller is Utility to manage installed applications on an iDevice

How To Install idevicerestore on Ubuntu 21.04

idevicerestore is command-line application to restore firmware files to iOS devices

How To Install idle on Ubuntu 21.04

idle is IDE for Python using Tkinter (default version)

How To Install idle3 on Ubuntu 21.04

idle3 is IDE for Python using Tkinter (transitional package)

How To Install idlestat on Ubuntu 21.04

idlestat is measure CPU time in idle and operating states

How To Install idn on Ubuntu 21.04

idn is Command line and Emacs interface to GNU Libidn

How To Install idn2 on Ubuntu 21.04

idn2 is Internationalized domain names (IDNA2008/TR46) command line tool

How To Install idutch on Ubuntu 21.04

idutch is Dutch dictionary for Ispell

How To Install iec16022 on Ubuntu 21.04

iec16022 is Generates 2d ISO/IEC 16022 barcodes (data matrix/semacode)

How To Install iesperanto on Ubuntu 21.04

iesperanto is Esperanto dictionary for ispell

How To Install iestonian on Ubuntu 21.04

iestonian is Estonian dictionary for Ispell

How To Install ifaroese on Ubuntu 21.04

ifaroese is Faroese dictionary for ispell

How To Install ifcico on Ubuntu 21.04

ifcico is Fidonet Technology transport package

How To Install ifcplusplus on Ubuntu 21.04

ifcplusplus is Reader and writer for IFC files in STEP format

How To Install ifenslave on Ubuntu 21.04

ifenslave is configure network interfaces for parallel routing (bonding)

How To Install ifgate on Ubuntu 21.04

ifgate is Internet to Fidonet gateway

How To Install ifhp on Ubuntu 21.04

ifhp is Printer filter for HP LaserJet printers

How To Install ifile on Ubuntu 21.04

ifile is spam filter capable of learning

How To Install ifmail on Ubuntu 21.04

ifmail is Internet to Fidonet gateway

How To Install ifmetric on Ubuntu 21.04

ifmetric is Set routing metrics for a network interface

How To Install ifplugd on Ubuntu 21.04

ifplugd is configuration daemon for ethernet devices

How To Install ifrench on Ubuntu 21.04

ifrench is French dictionary for ispell (Hydro-Quebec version)

How To Install ifscheme on Ubuntu 21.04

ifscheme is scheme control for network interfaces

How To Install ifstat on Ubuntu 21.04

ifstat is InterFace STATistics Monitoring

How To Install iftop on Ubuntu 21.04

iftop is displays bandwidth usage information on an network interface

How To Install ifupdown on Ubuntu 21.04

ifupdown is high level tools to configure network interfaces

How To Install ifuse on Ubuntu 21.04

ifuse is FUSE module for iPhone and iPod Touch devices

How To Install igaelic on Ubuntu 21.04

igaelic is Scots Gaelic dictionary for ispell

How To Install igal2 on Ubuntu 21.04

igal2 is online image gallery generator

How To Install igdiscover on Ubuntu 21.04

igdiscover is analyzes antibody repertoires to find new V genes

How To Install igmpproxy on Ubuntu 21.04

igmpproxy is IGMP multicast routing daemon

How To Install igor on Ubuntu 21.04

igor is infers V(D)J recombination processes from sequencing data

How To Install igv on Ubuntu 21.04

igv is Integrative Genomics Viewer

How To Install ihungarian on Ubuntu 21.04

ihungarian is Hungarian dictionary for ispell

How To Install ii on Ubuntu 21.04

ii is minimalist FIFO and filesystem-based IRC client

How To Install iiod on Ubuntu 21.04

iiod is Daemon to share IIO devices on the network

How To Install iirish on Ubuntu 21.04

iirish is Irish (Gaeilge) dictionary for ispell

How To Install iisemulator on Ubuntu 21.04

iisemulator is Emulation for the IIS web server

How To Install iitalian on Ubuntu 21.04

iitalian is Italian dictionary for ispell

How To Install iitii on Ubuntu 21.04

iitii is Implicit Interval Tree with Interpolation Index

How To Install ikarus on Ubuntu 21.04

ikarus is Scheme compiler and interpreter

How To Install ikiwiki on Ubuntu 21.04

ikiwiki is wiki compiler

How To Install ilisp on Ubuntu 21.04

ilisp is Emacs interface to LISP implementations

How To Install ilithuanian on Ubuntu 21.04

ilithuanian is ispell dictionary for Lithuanian (LT)

How To Install im on Ubuntu 21.04

im is mail/news handling commands and Perl modules

How To Install imageindex on Ubuntu 21.04

imageindex is generate static HTML galleries from images

How To Install imageinfo on Ubuntu 21.04

imageinfo is Displays selected image attributes

How To Install imagej on Ubuntu 21.04

imagej is Image processing program with a focus on microscopy images

How To Install imagemagick on Ubuntu 21.04

imagemagick is image manipulation programs – binaries

How To Install imagetooth on Ubuntu 21.04

imagetooth is library generating images of teeth for odontograms

How To Install imagination on Ubuntu 21.04

imagination is DVD slide show maker

How To Install imanx on Ubuntu 21.04

imanx is Manx Gaelic dictionary for ispell

How To Install imapcopy on Ubuntu 21.04

imapcopy is IMAP backup, copy and migration tool

How To Install imapfilter on Ubuntu 21.04

imapfilter is filter mail in your IMAP account

How To Install imapproxy on Ubuntu 21.04

imapproxy is IMAP protocol proxy

How To Install imaprowl on Ubuntu 21.04

imaprowl is IMAP new mail notification utility for iPhone using Prowl Public API

How To Install imaptool on Ubuntu 21.04

imaptool is tool for creating client-side image maps

How To Install imediff on Ubuntu 21.04

imediff is interactive full screen 2/3-way merge tool

How To Install imediff2 on Ubuntu 21.04

imediff2 is interactive full screen 2-way merge tool

How To Install img2pdf on Ubuntu 21.04

img2pdf is Lossless conversion of raster images to PDF

How To Install img2simg on Ubuntu 21.04

img2simg is Transitional package

How To Install imgp on Ubuntu 21.04

imgp is Superfast batch image resizer and rotator

How To Install imgsizer on Ubuntu 21.04

imgsizer is Adds WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes to IMG tags in HTML files

How To Install imgvtopgm on Ubuntu 21.04

imgvtopgm is PalmPilot/III Image Conversion utility

How To Install impass on Ubuntu 21.04

impass is Simple and secure password management and retrieval system

How To Install impose+ on Ubuntu 21.04

impose+ is Postscript utilities for two-up printing, bbox, etc

How To Install impressive on Ubuntu 21.04

impressive is PDF presentation tool with eye candies

How To Install imv on Ubuntu 21.04

imv is X11/Wayland image viewer intended for use with tiling window managers

How To Install imview on Ubuntu 21.04

imview is Image viewing and analysis application

How To Install imvirt on Ubuntu 21.04

imvirt is detects several virtualizations

How To Install imwheel on Ubuntu 21.04

imwheel is program to support non-standard buttons on mice in Linux

How To Install inadyn on Ubuntu 21.04

inadyn is Simple and small DynDNS client written in the C language

How To Install incron on Ubuntu 21.04

incron is cron-like daemon which handles filesystem events

How To Install indelible on Ubuntu 21.04

indelible is powerful and flexible simulator of biological evolution

How To Install indent on Ubuntu 21.04

indent is C language source code formatting program

How To Install inetsim on Ubuntu 21.04

inetsim is Software suite for simulating common internet services

How To Install infernal on Ubuntu 21.04

infernal is inference of RNA secondary structural alignments

How To Install infinoted on Ubuntu 21.04

infinoted is dedicated server for infinote-based collaborative editing

How To Install influxdb on Ubuntu 21.04

influxdb is Scalable datastore for metrics, events, and real-time analytics

How To Install infnoise on Ubuntu 21.04

infnoise is Infinite Noise TRNG driver and tools

How To Install info on Ubuntu 21.04

info is Standalone GNU Info documentation browser

How To Install info2man on Ubuntu 21.04

info2man is Convert GNU info files to POD or man pages

How To Install info2www on Ubuntu 21.04

info2www is Read info files with a WWW browser

How To Install inform on Ubuntu 21.04

inform is story file compiler for the Inform interactive fiction language (v6)

How To Install ingerman on Ubuntu 21.04

ingerman is New German orthography dictionary for ispell

How To Install inhomog on Ubuntu 21.04

inhomog is kinematical backreaction and average scale factor evolution

How To Install init on Ubuntu 21.04

init is metapackage ensuring an init system is installed

How To Install initz on Ubuntu 21.04

initz is Handles the switching of various initialization files of emacsen

How To Install ink on Ubuntu 21.04

ink is tool for checking the ink level of your local printer

How To Install inkscape on Ubuntu 21.04

inkscape is vector-based drawing program

How To Install inn on Ubuntu 21.04

inn is News transport system `InterNetNews’ by the ISC and Rich Salz

How To Install inn2 on Ubuntu 21.04

inn2 is ‘InterNetNews’ news server

How To Install innoextract on Ubuntu 21.04

innoextract is Tool for extracting data from an Inno Setup installer

How To Install inorwegian on Ubuntu 21.04

inorwegian is Norwegian dictionary for ispell

How To Install inoticoming on Ubuntu 21.04

inoticoming is trigger actions when files hit an incoming directory

How To Install inputattach on Ubuntu 21.04

inputattach is utility to connect serial-attached peripherals to the input subsystem

How To Install inputlirc on Ubuntu 21.04

inputlirc is Zeroconf LIRC daemon using input event devices

How To Install inputplug on Ubuntu 21.04

inputplug is XInput monitor

How To Install insilicoseq on Ubuntu 21.04

insilicoseq is sequencing simulator producing realistic Illumina reads

How To Install inspectrum on Ubuntu 21.04

inspectrum is tool for visualising captured radio signals

How To Install inspircd on Ubuntu 21.04

inspircd is Modular IRCd written in C++

How To Install instead on Ubuntu 21.04

instead is Simple text adventures/visual novels engine

How To Install integrit on Ubuntu 21.04

integrit is A file integrity verification program

How To Install intel2gas on Ubuntu 21.04

intel2gas is converter from NASM assembly language to GAS

How To Install intercal on Ubuntu 21.04

intercal is INTERCAL de-obfuscator

How To Install interimap on Ubuntu 21.04

interimap is Fast bidirectional synchronization for QRESYNC-capable IMAP servers

How To Install internetarchive on Ubuntu 21.04

internetarchive is commandline interface to archive.org

How To Install intltool on Ubuntu 21.04

intltool is Utility scripts for internationalizing XML

How To Install invesalius on Ubuntu 21.04

invesalius is 3D medical imaging reconstruction software

How To Install inxi on Ubuntu 21.04

inxi is full featured system information script

How To Install iodbc on Ubuntu 21.04

iodbc is GTK+ config frontend for the iODBC Driver Manager

How To Install iodine on Ubuntu 21.04

iodine is tool for tunneling IPv4 data through a DNS server

How To Install iog on Ubuntu 21.04

iog is network I/O grapher

How To Install iogerman on Ubuntu 21.04

iogerman is Traditional German orthography dictionary for ispell

How To Install ion on Ubuntu 21.04

ion is NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN)

How To Install ionit on Ubuntu 21.04

ionit is Render configuration files from Jinja templates

How To Install ioping on Ubuntu 21.04

ioping is Simple disk I/O latency measuring tool

How To Install ioport on Ubuntu 21.04

ioport is direct access to I/O ports from the command line

How To Install ioquake3 on Ubuntu 21.04

ioquake3 is Game engine for 3D first person shooter games

How To Install iotjs on Ubuntu 21.04

iotjs is Javascript Framework for Internet of Things

How To Install iotop on Ubuntu 21.04

iotop is simple top-like I/O monitor

How To Install iozone3 on Ubuntu 21.04

iozone3 is Filesystem and Disk Benchmarking Tool

How To Install ip2host on Ubuntu 21.04

ip2host is Resolve IPs to hostnames in web server logs

How To Install ipadic on Ubuntu 21.04

ipadic is Dictionaries for ChaSen (Binary data)

How To Install ipband on Ubuntu 21.04

ipband is daemon for subnet bandwidth monitoring with reporting via email

How To Install ipcalc on Ubuntu 21.04

ipcalc is parameter calculator for IPv4 addresses

How To Install ipe on Ubuntu 21.04

ipe is drawing editor for creating figures in PDF or PS formats

How To Install ipe5toxml on Ubuntu 21.04

ipe5toxml is converts Ipe5 figures to an XML file readable by Ipe

How To Install iperf on Ubuntu 21.04

iperf is Internet Protocol bandwidth measuring tool

How To Install iperf3 on Ubuntu 21.04

iperf3 is Internet Protocol bandwidth measuring tool

How To Install ipfm on Ubuntu 21.04

ipfm is a bandwidth analysis tool

How To Install ipgrab on Ubuntu 21.04

ipgrab is tcpdump-like utility that prints detailed header information

How To Install ipig on Ubuntu 21.04

ipig is integrating PSMs into genome browser visualisations

How To Install ipip on Ubuntu 21.04

ipip is IP over IP Encapsulation Daemon

How To Install ipkungfu on Ubuntu 21.04

ipkungfu is iptables-based Linux firewall

How To Install ipmctl on Ubuntu 21.04

ipmctl is utility for configuring and managing Intel Optane DC persistent memory modules

How To Install ipmitool on Ubuntu 21.04

ipmitool is utility for IPMI control with kernel driver or LAN interface (daemon)

How To Install ipmiutil on Ubuntu 21.04

ipmiutil is IPMI management utilities

How To Install ipolish on Ubuntu 21.04

ipolish is Polish dictionary for ispell

How To Install iportuguese on Ubuntu 21.04

iportuguese is European Portuguese dictionary for ispell

How To Install ippl on Ubuntu 21.04

ippl is IP protocols logger

How To Install ippsample on Ubuntu 21.04

ippsample is ippsample - Samples/development tools for the IPP

How To Install ipqalc on Ubuntu 21.04

ipqalc is graphical utility for IPv4 subnet calculation

How To Install iprange on Ubuntu 21.04

iprange is optimizing ipsets for iptables

How To Install iproute2 on Ubuntu 21.04

iproute2 is networking and traffic control tools

How To Install ips on Ubuntu 21.04

ips is Intelligent process status

How To Install ipset on Ubuntu 21.04

ipset is administration tool for kernel IP sets

How To Install ipsvd on Ubuntu 21.04

ipsvd is Internet protocol service daemons

How To Install iptables on Ubuntu 21.04

iptables is administration tools for packet filtering and NAT

How To Install iptotal on Ubuntu 21.04

iptotal is monitor for IP traffic, not requiring SNMP

How To Install iptstate on Ubuntu 21.04

iptstate is top-like interface to your netfilter connection-tracking table

How To Install iptux on Ubuntu 21.04

iptux is Intranet communication tool for Linux

How To Install ipv6calc on Ubuntu 21.04

ipv6calc is small utility for manipulating IPv6 addresses

How To Install ipv6pref on Ubuntu 21.04

ipv6pref is utility to set IPv6 address preferences

How To Install ipv6toolkit on Ubuntu 21.04

ipv6toolkit is Security assessment and troubleshooting tool for the IPv6 protocols

How To Install ipvsadm on Ubuntu 21.04

ipvsadm is Linux Virtual Server support programs

How To Install ipwatchd on Ubuntu 21.04

ipwatchd is IP conflict detection tool

How To Install ipxe on Ubuntu 21.04

ipxe is PXE boot firmware

How To Install ipython3 on Ubuntu 21.04

ipython3 is Enhanced interactive Python 3 shell

How To Install iqtree on Ubuntu 21.04

iqtree is efficient phylogenetic software by maximum likelihood

How To Install ir.lv2 on Ubuntu 21.04

ir.lv2 is LV2 IR reverb

How To Install iraf on Ubuntu 21.04

iraf is Image Reduction and Analysis Facility

How To Install ircii on Ubuntu 21.04

ircii is Internet Relay Chat client

How To Install irclog2html on Ubuntu 21.04

irclog2html is Converts IRC log files to HTML with pretty colours

How To Install ircmarkers on Ubuntu 21.04

ircmarkers is place markers on maps at given coordinates

How To Install irecovery on Ubuntu 21.04

irecovery is Command line utility to communication with iOS recovery systems

How To Install iredis on Ubuntu 21.04

iredis is CLI for Redis with auto-completion and syntax highlighting

How To Install irker on Ubuntu 21.04

irker is submission tools for IRC notifications

How To Install iroffer on Ubuntu 21.04

iroffer is IRC file distribution bot

How To Install ironseed on Ubuntu 21.04

ironseed is science-fiction exploration/strategy adventure game in space

How To Install irpas on Ubuntu 21.04

irpas is Internetwork Routing Protocol Attack Suite

How To Install irqbalance on Ubuntu 21.04

irqbalance is Daemon to balance interrupts for SMP systems

How To Install irqtop on Ubuntu 21.04

irqtop is Observe IRQ and SoftIRQ in a top-like fashion

How To Install irsim on Ubuntu 21.04

irsim is Switch-level simulator

How To Install irssi on Ubuntu 21.04

irssi is terminal based IRC client

How To Install irstlm on Ubuntu 21.04

irstlm is IRST Language Modeling Toolkit

How To Install irtt on Ubuntu 21.04

irtt is Isochronous Round-Trip Tester

How To Install irussian on Ubuntu 21.04

irussian is Russian dictionary for Ispell

How To Install isag on Ubuntu 21.04

isag is Interactive System Activity Grapher for sysstat

How To Install isakmpd on Ubuntu 21.04

isakmpd is The Internet Key Exchange protocol openbsd implementation

How To Install isal on Ubuntu 21.04

isal is Intel(R) Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library - tools

How To Install isatapd on Ubuntu 21.04

isatapd is creates and maintains an ISATAP client tunnel (RFC 5214)

How To Install isbg on Ubuntu 21.04

isbg is scan spam with SpamAssassin via IMAP

How To Install iscsiuio on Ubuntu 21.04

iscsiuio is iSCSI offloading daemon for QLogic devices

How To Install iselect on Ubuntu 21.04

iselect is ncurses-based interactive line selection tool

How To Install isenkram on Ubuntu 21.04

isenkram is Suggest packages to install when inserting new hardware (GUI popup)

How To Install isolinux on Ubuntu 21.04

isolinux is collection of bootloaders (ISO 9660 bootloader)

How To Install isomaster on Ubuntu 21.04

isomaster is Graphical CD image editor

How To Install isomd5sum on Ubuntu 21.04

isomd5sum is ISO9660 checksum utilities

How To Install isoqlog on Ubuntu 21.04

isoqlog is Mail Transport Agent log analysis program

How To Install isoquery on Ubuntu 21.04

isoquery is Search and display various ISO codes (country, language, …)

How To Install isort on Ubuntu 21.04

isort is utility for sorting Python imports

How To Install ispanish on Ubuntu 21.04

ispanish is Spanish dictionary for ispell

How To Install ispell on Ubuntu 21.04

ispell is International Ispell (an interactive spelling corrector)

How To Install isrcsubmit on Ubuntu 21.04

isrcsubmit is extract ISRCs from audio CDs and submit them to MusicBrainz

How To Install isso on Ubuntu 21.04

isso is lightweight web-based commenting system

How To Install istgt on Ubuntu 21.04

istgt is iSCSI userspace target daemon for Unix-like operating systems

How To Install iswedish on Ubuntu 21.04

iswedish is Swedish dictionary for ispell

How To Install iswiss on Ubuntu 21.04

iswiss is Swiss (German) orthography dictionary for ispell

How To Install isympy3 on Ubuntu 21.04

isympy3 is Python3 shell for SymPy

How To Install isync on Ubuntu 21.04

isync is IMAP and MailDir mailbox synchronizer

How To Install itagalog on Ubuntu 21.04

itagalog is Tagalog dictionary for Ispell

How To Install itamae on Ubuntu 21.04

itamae is Simple Configuration Management Tool

How To Install itcl3 on Ubuntu 21.04

itcl3 is [incr Tcl] OOP extension for Tcl - run-time files

How To Install itk3 on Ubuntu 21.04

itk3 is [incr Tk] OOP extension for Tk - run-time files

How To Install itksnap on Ubuntu 21.04

itksnap is semi-automatic segmentation of structures in 3D images

How To Install itools on Ubuntu 21.04

itools is Islamic hijri date and prayer time utilities

How To Install itop on Ubuntu 21.04

itop is simple top-like interrupt load monitor

How To Install itstool on Ubuntu 21.04

itstool is tool for translating XML documents with PO files

How To Install iukrainian on Ubuntu 21.04

iukrainian is Ukrainian dictionary for ispell

How To Install iva on Ubuntu 21.04

iva is iterative virus sequence assembler

How To Install ivar on Ubuntu 21.04

ivar is functions broadly useful for viral amplicon-based sequencing

How To Install iverilog on Ubuntu 21.04

iverilog is Icarus verilog compiler

How To Install ivy on Ubuntu 21.04

ivy is agile dependency manager

How To Install ivyplusplus on Ubuntu 21.04

ivyplusplus is Adds features to ivy for creating projects

How To Install iw on Ubuntu 21.04

iw is tool for configuring Linux wireless devices

How To Install iwatch on Ubuntu 21.04

iwatch is realtime filesystem monitoring program using inotify

How To Install iwd on Ubuntu 21.04

iwd is wireless daemon for Linux

How To Install iwidgets4 on Ubuntu 21.04

iwidgets4 is [incr Widgets] Tk-based widget collection - run-time files

How To Install iwyu on Ubuntu 21.04

iwyu is Analyze #includes in C and C++ source files

How To Install j2cli on Ubuntu 21.04

j2cli is Command line tool for templating in shell-scripts, leveraging

How To Install jaaa on Ubuntu 21.04

jaaa is audio signal generator and spectrum analyser

How To Install jabberd2 on Ubuntu 21.04

jabberd2 is Jabber instant messenger server

How To Install jabref on Ubuntu 21.04

jabref is graphical frontend to manage BibTeX and BibLaTeX databases

How To Install jacal on Ubuntu 21.04

jacal is Interactive symbolic math system

How To Install jackd on Ubuntu 21.04

jackd is JACK Audio Connection Kit (default server package)

How To Install jackd1 on Ubuntu 21.04

jackd1 is JACK Audio Connection Kit (server and example clients)

How To Install jackd2 on Ubuntu 21.04

jackd2 is JACK Audio Connection Kit (server and example clients)

How To Install jackmeter on Ubuntu 21.04

jackmeter is a basic command line meter for the JACK audio system

How To Install jacktrip on Ubuntu 21.04

jacktrip is high-quality system for audio network performances

How To Install jag on Ubuntu 21.04

jag is arcade and puzzle 2D game

How To Install jags on Ubuntu 21.04

jags is Just Another Gibbs Sampler for Bayesian MCMC - binary

How To Install jailkit on Ubuntu 21.04

jailkit is tools to generate chroot jails easily

How To Install jajuk on Ubuntu 21.04

jajuk is advanced jukebox and music organizer

How To Install jaligner on Ubuntu 21.04

jaligner is Smith-Waterman algorithm with Gotoh’s improvement

How To Install jalv on Ubuntu 21.04

jalv is tool to run LV2 plugins as stand-alone applications

How To Install jalview on Ubuntu 21.04

jalview is multiple alignment editor

How To Install jam on Ubuntu 21.04

jam is Software-build tool, replacement for make

How To Install jameica on Ubuntu 21.04

jameica is Run-time system for Java applications

How To Install jami on Ubuntu 21.04

jami is Secure and distributed voice, video and chat platform - desktop client

How To Install jamin on Ubuntu 21.04

jamin is Audio mastering from a mixed down multitrack source with JACK

How To Install jamnntpd on Ubuntu 21.04

jamnntpd is NNTP Server allowing newsreaders to access a JAM messagebase

How To Install jamulus on Ubuntu 21.04

jamulus is real-time collaborative music session client and server

How To Install janino on Ubuntu 21.04

janino is runtime compiler for Java expressions - binary

How To Install janus on Ubuntu 21.04

janus is general purpose WebRTC server/gateway

How To Install japa on Ubuntu 21.04

japa is JACK and ALSA Perceptual Analyser

How To Install japitools on Ubuntu 21.04

japitools is Java API compatibility testing tools

How To Install jardiff on Ubuntu 21.04

jardiff is tool to visualise API differences between two JAR files

How To Install jargon on Ubuntu 21.04

jargon is the definitive compendium of hacker slang

How To Install jargoninformatique on Ubuntu 21.04

jargoninformatique is French dictionary of computer vocabulary

How To Install jarwrapper on Ubuntu 21.04

jarwrapper is Run executable Java .jar files

How To Install jasper on Ubuntu 21.04

jasper is Configure a preinstalled ext2/3 system image

How To Install jattach on Ubuntu 21.04

jattach is JVM Dynamic Attach utility all in one jmap jstack jcmd jinfo

How To Install java2html on Ubuntu 21.04

java2html is Highlight Java and C++ sources for WWW presentation

How To Install javacc on Ubuntu 21.04

javacc is Parser generator for use with Java

How To Install javacc4 on Ubuntu 21.04

javacc4 is Parser generator for use with Java

How To Install javahelp2 on Ubuntu 21.04

javahelp2 is Java based help system

How To Install javahelper on Ubuntu 21.04

javahelper is Helper scripts for packaging Java programs

How To Install javamorph on Ubuntu 21.04

javamorph is Java morphing film-make program for pixel picture-input

How To Install jaxb on Ubuntu 21.04

jaxb is JAXB Reference Implementation (Command Line Tools)

How To Install jaxe on Ubuntu 21.04

jaxe is JAva Xml Editor

How To Install jaxws on Ubuntu 21.04

jaxws is JAX-WS Reference Implementation (Command Line Tools)

How To Install jayatana on Ubuntu 21.04

jayatana is Java Native Library for ayatana project

How To Install jbig2dec on Ubuntu 21.04

jbig2dec is JBIG2 decoder library - tools

How To Install jblas on Ubuntu 21.04

jblas is fast linear algebra library for Java

How To Install jc on Ubuntu 21.04

jc is JSON CLI output utility

How To Install jcadencii on Ubuntu 21.04

jcadencii is Piano roll editor for singing synthesis

How To Install jcal on Ubuntu 21.04

jcal is UNIX-cal-like tool to display Jalali calendar

How To Install jcat on Ubuntu 21.04

jcat is JSON catalog library tool

How To Install jclassinfo on Ubuntu 21.04

jclassinfo is extracts information from Java class files

How To Install jclic on Ubuntu 21.04

jclic is Tool for the development & use of multimedia educational activities

How To Install jconvolver on Ubuntu 21.04

jconvolver is Convolution reverb Engine for JACK

How To Install jdelay on Ubuntu 21.04

jdelay is Sound card latency measurement tool

How To Install jdim on Ubuntu 21.04

jdim is simple browser for “2ch-style” web forum sites

How To Install jdns on Ubuntu 21.04

jdns is command-line tool to test functionality

How To Install jdresolve on Ubuntu 21.04

jdresolve is fast alternative to apache logresolve

How To Install jdupes on Ubuntu 21.04

jdupes is identify and delete or link duplicate files

How To Install jed on Ubuntu 21.04

jed is editor for programmers (textmode version)

How To Install jedit on Ubuntu 21.04

jedit is Plugin-based editor for programmers

How To Install jeepyb on Ubuntu 21.04

jeepyb is tools for managing gerrit projects and external sources

How To Install jeex on Ubuntu 21.04

jeex is visual editor to view and edit files in hexadecimal

How To Install jekyll on Ubuntu 21.04

jekyll is simple, blog aware, static site generator

How To Install jellyfish on Ubuntu 21.04

jellyfish is count k-mers in DNA sequences

How To Install jellyfish1 on Ubuntu 21.04

jellyfish1 is count k-mers in DNA sequences

How To Install jemboss on Ubuntu 21.04

jemboss is graphical user interface to EMBOSS

How To Install jesred on Ubuntu 21.04

jesred is Redirector for the Squid proxy

How To Install jest on Ubuntu 21.04

jest is Delightful JavaScript Testing

How To Install jester on Ubuntu 21.04

jester is board game similar to Othello

How To Install jetring on Ubuntu 21.04

jetring is gpg keyring maintenance using changesets

How To Install jets3t on Ubuntu 21.04

jets3t is graphical and command-line tools for Amazon S3 and CloudFront

How To Install jetty9 on Ubuntu 21.04

jetty9 is Java servlet engine and webserver

How To Install jflex on Ubuntu 21.04

jflex is lexical analyzer generator for Java

How To Install jfractionlab on Ubuntu 21.04

jfractionlab is Educative program to practice fractions

How To Install jfsutils on Ubuntu 21.04

jfsutils is utilities for managing the JFS filesystem

How To Install jftp on Ubuntu 21.04

jftp is Java GUI client for FTP, SMB, SFTP and NFS

How To Install jgraph on Ubuntu 21.04

jgraph is Jim Plank’s program for producing PostScript graphs

How To Install jgrep on Ubuntu 21.04

jgrep is Filter JSON documents with a simple logical language

How To Install jhbuild on Ubuntu 21.04

jhbuild is flexible build script for package collections

How To Install jhead on Ubuntu 21.04

jhead is manipulate the non-image part of Exif compliant JPEG files

How To Install jhove on Ubuntu 21.04

jhove is JSTOR/Harvard Object Validation Environment

How To Install jid on Ubuntu 21.04

jid is json incremental digger

How To Install jigit on Ubuntu 21.04

jigit is tools for working with jigdo files

How To Install jigl on Ubuntu 21.04

jigl is Generates a static html photo gallery from one or more directories of images

How To Install jigzo on Ubuntu 21.04

jigzo is Photo puzzle game for children

How To Install jikespg on Ubuntu 21.04

jikespg is Jikes Parser Generator

How To Install jimsh on Ubuntu 21.04

jimsh is small-footprint implementation of Tcl named Jim

How To Install jing on Ubuntu 21.04

jing is RELAX NG validator

How To Install jison on Ubuntu 21.04

jison is parser generator with Bison’s API

How To Install jitterdebugger on Ubuntu 21.04

jitterdebugger is Real time response measurement tool

How To Install jkmeter on Ubuntu 21.04

jkmeter is horizontal or vertical bargraph audio level meter for Jack Audio Connection Kit

How To Install jlex on Ubuntu 21.04

jlex is Lex-style lexical analyser generator for Java

How To Install jmacro on Ubuntu 21.04

jmacro is utility for jmacro JavaScript generation library

How To Install jmapviewer on Ubuntu 21.04

jmapviewer is Java OpenStreetMap Tile Viewer

How To Install jmeter on Ubuntu 21.04

jmeter is Load testing and performance measurement application (main application)

How To Install jmeters on Ubuntu 21.04

jmeters is multichannel audio level meter

How To Install jmodeltest on Ubuntu 21.04

jmodeltest is HPC selection of models of nucleotide substitution

How To Install jmol on Ubuntu 21.04

jmol is Molecular Viewer

How To Install jmtpfs on Ubuntu 21.04

jmtpfs is FUSE based filesystem for accessing MTP devices

How To Install jnettop on Ubuntu 21.04

jnettop is View hosts/ports taking up the most network traffic

How To Install jnoise on Ubuntu 21.04

jnoise is white and pink noise generator

How To Install jnoisemeter on Ubuntu 21.04

jnoisemeter is audio test signals meter

How To Install jo on Ubuntu 21.04

jo is command-line processor to output JSON from a shell

How To Install jodconverter on Ubuntu 21.04

jodconverter is Office formats converter

How To Install joe on Ubuntu 21.04

joe is user friendly full screen text editor

How To Install john on Ubuntu 21.04

john is active password cracking tool

How To Install jose on Ubuntu 21.04

jose is C implementation of Javascript Object Signing and Encryption standards

How To Install josm on Ubuntu 21.04

josm is Editor for OpenStreetMap

How To Install jove on Ubuntu 21.04

jove is Jonathan’s Own Version of Emacs - a compact, powerful editor

How To Install joy2key on Ubuntu 21.04

joy2key is Translate joystick movements into equivalent keystrokes

How To Install joystick on Ubuntu 21.04

joystick is set of testing and calibration tools for joysticks

How To Install jp on Ubuntu 21.04

jp is command-line interface to JMESPath

How To Install jp2a on Ubuntu 21.04

jp2a is converts jpg and png images to ascii

How To Install jparse on Ubuntu 21.04

jparse is JSON parser utility

How To Install jpeginfo on Ubuntu 21.04

jpeginfo is Prints information and tests integrity of JPEG/JFIF files

How To Install jpegjudge on Ubuntu 21.04

jpegjudge is determine which of two given jpegs (same size) is the original

How To Install jpegoptim on Ubuntu 21.04

jpegoptim is utility to optimize jpeg files

How To Install jpegpixi on Ubuntu 21.04

jpegpixi is Remove hot spots from JPEG images with minimal quality loss

How To Install jpnevulator on Ubuntu 21.04

jpnevulator is Serial sniffer

How To Install jq on Ubuntu 21.04

jq is lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor

How To Install jruby on Ubuntu 21.04

jruby is 100% pure-Java implementation of Ruby

How To Install js8call on Ubuntu 21.04

js8call is Amateur Radio Digital Mode providing weak signal messaging

How To Install jsamp on Ubuntu 21.04

jsamp is Java Simple Application Messaging Protocol tool for VO

How To Install jsbeautifier on Ubuntu 21.04

jsbeautifier is JavaScript unobfuscator and beautifier

How To Install jshon on Ubuntu 21.04

jshon is Command line tool to parse, read and create JSON

How To Install jskeus on Ubuntu 21.04

jskeus is Lisp based intelligent robots programming system

How To Install jsmath on Ubuntu 21.04

jsmath is TeX equations in HTML documents

How To Install jsonlint on Ubuntu 21.04

jsonlint is validating parser of JSON data structures

How To Install jsonnet on Ubuntu 21.04

jsonnet is data templating language

How To Install jsvc on Ubuntu 21.04

jsvc is Wrapper to launch Java applications as daemons

How To Install jsxcompressor on Ubuntu 21.04

jsxcompressor is Pure Javascript implementation of deflate, unzip, base64_decode

How To Install jsxgraph on Ubuntu 21.04

jsxgraph is Interactive Geometry with JavaScript

How To Install jtb on Ubuntu 21.04

jtb is syntax tree builder and visitors generator for JavaCC

How To Install jtreg on Ubuntu 21.04

jtreg is Regression Test Harness for the OpenJDK platform

How To Install jube on Ubuntu 21.04

jube is JUBE Benchmarking Environment

How To Install juffed on Ubuntu 21.04

juffed is Lightweight yet powerful Qt text editor

How To Install jugglinglab on Ubuntu 21.04

jugglinglab is Application for creating and animating juggling patterns

How To Install juk on Ubuntu 21.04

juk is music jukebox / music player

How To Install julia on Ubuntu 21.04

julia is high-performance programming language for technical computing

How To Install julius on Ubuntu 21.04

julius is speech recognition engine

How To Install juman on Ubuntu 21.04

juman is Japanese morphological analysis system

How To Install jumpnbump on Ubuntu 21.04

jumpnbump is cute multiplayer platform game with bunnies

How To Install junit on Ubuntu 21.04

junit is Automated testing framework for Java

How To Install junit4 on Ubuntu 21.04

junit4 is JUnit regression test framework for Java

How To Install junit5 on Ubuntu 21.04

junit5 is JUnit regression test framework for Java

How To Install junitparser on Ubuntu 21.04

junitparser is Merges JUnit/xUnit Result XML files

How To Install jupp on Ubuntu 21.04

jupp is user friendly full screen text editor

How To Install jupyter on Ubuntu 21.04

jupyter is Interactive computing environment (metapackage)

How To Install jverein on Ubuntu 21.04

jverein is Tool to administrate an association

How To Install jwchat on Ubuntu 21.04

jwchat is full featured, web-based Jabber chat client

How To Install jwm on Ubuntu 21.04

jwm is very small lightweight pure X11 window manager with tray and menus

How To Install jxplorer on Ubuntu 21.04

jxplorer is Java LDAP Browser

How To Install jython on Ubuntu 21.04

jython is Python seamlessly integrated with Java

How To Install jzip on Ubuntu 21.04

jzip is Text mode interpreter for Z-Code adventures

How To Install k2pdfopt on Ubuntu 21.04

k2pdfopt is PDF Reflow tool

How To Install k3b on Ubuntu 21.04

k3b is Sophisticated CD/DVD burning application

How To Install k4dirstat on Ubuntu 21.04

k4dirstat is graphical disk usage display with cleanup facilities

How To Install kacpimon on Ubuntu 21.04

kacpimon is Kernel ACPI Event Monitor

How To Install kactivitymanagerd on Ubuntu 21.04

kactivitymanagerd is System service to manage user’s activities

How To Install kaddressbook on Ubuntu 21.04

kaddressbook is address book and contact data manager

How To Install kaffeine on Ubuntu 21.04

kaffeine is versatile media player for KDE

How To Install kafkacat on Ubuntu 21.04

kafkacat is generic producer and consumer for Apache Kafka

How To Install kaidan on Ubuntu 21.04

kaidan is Simple and user-friendly Jabber/XMPP client

How To Install kajongg on Ubuntu 21.04

kajongg is classical Mah Jongg game

How To Install kakasi on Ubuntu 21.04

kakasi is KAnji KAna Simple Inverter

How To Install kakoune on Ubuntu 21.04

kakoune is Vim-inspired, selection-oriented code editor

How To Install kalarm on Ubuntu 21.04

kalarm is alarm message, command and email scheduler

How To Install kalgebra on Ubuntu 21.04

kalgebra is algebraic graphing calculator

How To Install kalgebramobile on Ubuntu 21.04

kalgebramobile is algebraic graphing calculator for small touch based interfaces

How To Install kali on Ubuntu 21.04

kali is Draw tilings, frieze patterns, and so on

How To Install kalign on Ubuntu 21.04

kalign is Global and progressive multiple sequence alignment

How To Install kallisto on Ubuntu 21.04

kallisto is near-optimal RNA-Seq quantification

How To Install kalzium on Ubuntu 21.04

kalzium is periodic table and chemistry tools

How To Install kamailio on Ubuntu 21.04

kamailio is very fast, dynamic and configurable SIP server

How To Install kamcli on Ubuntu 21.04

kamcli is Kamailio Command Line Interface Control Tool

How To Install kamera on Ubuntu 21.04

kamera is digital camera support for KDE applications

How To Install kamoso on Ubuntu 21.04

kamoso is tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam

How To Install kanadic on Ubuntu 21.04

kanadic is katakana and hiragana drill files for KDrill

How To Install kanagram on Ubuntu 21.04

kanagram is jumble word puzzle

How To Install kanatest on Ubuntu 21.04

kanatest is beginner’s drill game to learn Japanese kana characters

How To Install kanif on Ubuntu 21.04

kanif is cluster management and administration swiss army knife

How To Install kanjidic on Ubuntu 21.04

kanjidic is Kanji Dictionary

How To Install kanjipad on Ubuntu 21.04

kanjipad is handwriting recognition tool for Kanji

How To Install kannel on Ubuntu 21.04

kannel is WAP and SMS gateway

How To Install kanshi on Ubuntu 21.04

kanshi is Define output profiles that are automatically enabled and disabled on hotplug

How To Install kanyremote on Ubuntu 21.04

kanyremote is KDE frontend for anyRemote

How To Install kapidox on Ubuntu 21.04

kapidox is API documentation generation tool for KDE frameworks

How To Install kapman on Ubuntu 21.04

kapman is Pac-Man clone

How To Install kapptemplate on Ubuntu 21.04

kapptemplate is application template generator

How To Install kaptive on Ubuntu 21.04

kaptive is obtain information about K and O types for Klebsiella genome assemblies

How To Install karbon on Ubuntu 21.04

karbon is vector graphics application for the Calligra Suite

How To Install kas on Ubuntu 21.04

kas is Setup tool for bitbake based projects

How To Install kasumi on Ubuntu 21.04

kasumi is Simple dictionary utility for Anthy

How To Install katarakt on Ubuntu 21.04

katarakt is simple PDF viewer with two layouts

How To Install kate on Ubuntu 21.04

kate is powerful text editor

How To Install katex on Ubuntu 21.04

katex is Fast math typesetting for the web (command line interface)

How To Install katomic on Ubuntu 21.04

katomic is atomix puzzle game

How To Install kawari8 on Ubuntu 21.04

kawari8 is Pseudo AI Shiori module used to create ghosts for Ukagaka

How To Install kazam on Ubuntu 21.04

kazam is screencast and screenshot application created with design in mind

How To Install kbackup on Ubuntu 21.04

kbackup is Easy to use backup program

How To Install kball on Ubuntu 21.04

kball is game of skill and reflexes for all the family

How To Install kbd on Ubuntu 21.04

kbd is Linux console font and keytable utilities

How To Install kbdd on Ubuntu 21.04

kbdd is Per-window keyboard layout switching daemon for X

How To Install kbibtex on Ubuntu 21.04

kbibtex is BibTeX editor for KDE

How To Install kblackbox on Ubuntu 21.04

kblackbox is Black Box puzzle game

How To Install kblocks on Ubuntu 21.04

kblocks is falling blocks game

How To Install kbounce on Ubuntu 21.04

kbounce is Jezzball arcade game

How To Install kbreakout on Ubuntu 21.04

kbreakout is ball and paddle game

How To Install kbruch on Ubuntu 21.04

kbruch is fraction learning aid for KDE

How To Install kbtin on Ubuntu 21.04

kbtin is tintin++ style text-based MUD client

How To Install kbuild on Ubuntu 21.04

kbuild is framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks

How To Install kcachegrind on Ubuntu 21.04

kcachegrind is visualisation tool for the Valgrind profiler

How To Install kcalc on Ubuntu 21.04

kcalc is simple and scientific calculator

How To Install kcc on Ubuntu 21.04

kcc is Kanji code filter

How To Install kcemu on Ubuntu 21.04

kcemu is KC 85/4 emulator

How To Install kcharselect on Ubuntu 21.04

kcharselect is special character utility

How To Install kcheckers on Ubuntu 21.04

kcheckers is Checkers boardgame

How To Install kchmviewer on Ubuntu 21.04

kchmviewer is CHM viewer for KDE

How To Install kcollectd on Ubuntu 21.04

kcollectd is simple collectd graphing front-end for KDE

How To Install kcolorchooser on Ubuntu 21.04

kcolorchooser is color chooser and palette editor

How To Install kcov on Ubuntu 21.04

kcov is Code coverage analysis using DWARF debugging information

How To Install kcptun on Ubuntu 21.04

kcptun is Simple UDP Tunnel Based On KCP

How To Install kdc2tiff on Ubuntu 21.04

kdc2tiff is convert Kodac kdc files to jpeg or tiff

How To Install kdeaccessibility on Ubuntu 21.04

kdeaccessibility is accessibility packages from the official KDE release

How To Install kdeadmin on Ubuntu 21.04

kdeadmin is system administration tools from the official KDE release

How To Install kdebugsettings on Ubuntu 21.04

kdebugsettings is application to enable/disable qCDebug settings

How To Install kdeconnect on Ubuntu 21.04

kdeconnect is connect smartphones to your desktop devices

How To Install kded5 on Ubuntu 21.04

kded5 is Extensible daemon for providing session services

How To Install kdeedu on Ubuntu 21.04

kdeedu is educational applications from the official KDE release

How To Install kdegames on Ubuntu 21.04

kdegames is games from the official KDE release

How To Install kdegraphics on Ubuntu 21.04

kdegraphics is graphics applications from the official KDE release

How To Install kdemultimedia on Ubuntu 21.04

kdemultimedia is multimedia applications from the official KDE release

How To Install kdenetwork on Ubuntu 21.04

kdenetwork is networking applications from the official KDE release

How To Install kdenlive on Ubuntu 21.04

kdenlive is non-linear video editor

How To Install kdepim on Ubuntu 21.04

kdepim is Personal Information Management apps from the official KDE release

How To Install kdesdk on Ubuntu 21.04

kdesdk is Software Development Kit from the official KDE release

How To Install kdesvn on Ubuntu 21.04

kdesvn is Subversion client with tight KDE integration

How To Install kdetoys on Ubuntu 21.04

kdetoys is desktop toys from the official KDE release

How To Install kdeutils on Ubuntu 21.04

kdeutils is general-purpose utilities from the official KDE release

How To Install kdevelop on Ubuntu 21.04

kdevelop is integrated development environment for C/C++ and other languages

How To Install kdewebdev on Ubuntu 21.04

kdewebdev is web development apps from the official KDE release

How To Install kdf on Ubuntu 21.04

kdf is disk information utility

How To Install kdialog on Ubuntu 21.04

kdialog is Dialog display utility

How To Install kdiamond on Ubuntu 21.04

kdiamond is three-in-a-row game

How To Install kdiff3 on Ubuntu 21.04

kdiff3 is compares and merges 2 or 3 files or directories

How To Install kdocker on Ubuntu 21.04

kdocker is lets you dock any application into the system tray

How To Install kdoctools5 on Ubuntu 21.04

kdoctools5 is Tools to generate documentation in various formats from DocBook

How To Install kdrill on Ubuntu 21.04

kdrill is kanji drill and dictionary program

How To Install keditbookmarks on Ubuntu 21.04

keditbookmarks is bookmarks editor utility for KDE

How To Install keepalived on Ubuntu 21.04

keepalived is Failover and monitoring daemon for LVS clusters

How To Install keepass2 on Ubuntu 21.04

keepass2 is Password manager

How To Install keepassx on Ubuntu 21.04

keepassx is Cross Platform Password Manager

How To Install keepassxc on Ubuntu 21.04

keepassxc is Cross Platform Password Manager

How To Install kelbt on Ubuntu 21.04

kelbt is backtracking LR parser generator

How To Install kephra on Ubuntu 21.04

kephra is gui text editor along Perl alike Paradigms

How To Install kerneloops on Ubuntu 21.04

kerneloops is kernel oops tracker

How To Install kernelshark on Ubuntu 21.04

kernelshark is Utilities for graphically analyzing function tracing in the kernel.

How To Install kerneltop on Ubuntu 21.04

kerneltop is shows Linux kernel function usage in a style like top

How To Install ketm on Ubuntu 21.04

ketm is old school 2D-scrolling shooter

How To Install keurocalc on Ubuntu 21.04

keurocalc is universal currency converter and calculator

How To Install kexi on Ubuntu 21.04

kexi is visual database applications builder

How To Install key2odp on Ubuntu 21.04

key2odp is Keynote to OpenDocument converter

How To Install keyboardcast on Ubuntu 21.04

keyboardcast is A keyboard multiplexer for the gnome desktop

How To Install keychain on Ubuntu 21.04

keychain is key manager for OpenSSH

How To Install keylaunch on Ubuntu 21.04

keylaunch is A small utility for binding commands to a hot key

How To Install keyman on Ubuntu 21.04

keyman is Type in your language with Keyman for Linux

How To Install keymapper on Ubuntu 21.04

keymapper is Keyboard map decision tree builder and interpreter

How To Install keynav on Ubuntu 21.04

keynav is keyboard-driven mouse cursor mover

How To Install keyringer on Ubuntu 21.04

keyringer is Distributed secret management using GnuPG and Git

How To Install keystone on Ubuntu 21.04

keystone is OpenStack identity service - Daemons

How To Install keyutils on Ubuntu 21.04

keyutils is Linux Key Management Utilities

How To Install kfind on Ubuntu 21.04

kfind is file search utility by KDE

How To Install kfloppy on Ubuntu 21.04

kfloppy is floppy formatter

How To Install kfourinline on Ubuntu 21.04

kfourinline is Connect Four game

How To Install kgames on Ubuntu 21.04

kgames is Venerable selection of Xaw-based games

How To Install kgamma5 on Ubuntu 21.04

kgamma5 is monitor calibration panel for KDE

How To Install kgb on Ubuntu 21.04

kgb is Archiver for .kgb files

How To Install kgendesignerplugin on Ubuntu 21.04

kgendesignerplugin is Integration of KF5 widgets in Qt Designer/Creator

How To Install kgeography on Ubuntu 21.04

kgeography is geography learning aid for KDE

How To Install kget on Ubuntu 21.04

kget is download manager

How To Install kgoldrunner on Ubuntu 21.04

kgoldrunner is Lode Runner arcade game

How To Install kgpg on Ubuntu 21.04

kgpg is graphical front end for GNU Privacy Guard

How To Install kgx on Ubuntu 21.04

kgx is Simple user-friendly terminal emulator for the GNOME desktop

How To Install khal on Ubuntu 21.04

khal is Standards based CLI and terminal calendar program

How To Install khangman on Ubuntu 21.04

khangman is Hangman word puzzle

How To Install khard on Ubuntu 21.04

khard is address book for the Linux console

How To Install khelpcenter on Ubuntu 21.04

khelpcenter is KDE documentation viewer

How To Install khmer on Ubuntu 21.04

khmer is in-memory DNA sequence kmer counting, filtering & graph traversal

How To Install khotkeys on Ubuntu 21.04

khotkeys is configure input actions settings

How To Install kic on Ubuntu 21.04

kic is Enhanced KIC layout editor

How To Install kicad on Ubuntu 21.04

kicad is Electronic schematic and PCB design software

How To Install kickpass on Ubuntu 21.04

kickpass is simple password safe

How To Install kid3 on Ubuntu 21.04

kid3 is KDE audio tag editor

How To Install kig on Ubuntu 21.04

kig is interactive geometry tool

How To Install kigo on Ubuntu 21.04

kigo is go game

How To Install kildclient on Ubuntu 21.04

kildclient is powerful MUD client with a built-in Perl interpreter

How To Install kile on Ubuntu 21.04

kile is KDE Integrated LaTeX Environment

How To Install killbots on Ubuntu 21.04

killbots is port of the classic BSD console game robots

How To Install killer on Ubuntu 21.04

killer is Background job killer

How To Install kimagemapeditor on Ubuntu 21.04

kimagemapeditor is HTML image map editor

How To Install kindleclip on Ubuntu 21.04

kindleclip is User interface for managing Amazon Kindle’s “My Clippings” file

How To Install kineticstools on Ubuntu 21.04

kineticstools is detection of DNA modifications

How To Install kinfocenter on Ubuntu 21.04

kinfocenter is system information viewer

How To Install king on Ubuntu 21.04

king is interactive system for three-dimensional vector graphics

How To Install kinit on Ubuntu 21.04

kinit is process launcher to speed up launching KDE applications

How To Install kino on Ubuntu 21.04

kino is Non-linear editor for Digital Video data

How To Install kio on Ubuntu 21.04

kio is resource and network access abstraction

How To Install kiriki on Ubuntu 21.04

kiriki is Yahtzee dice game

How To Install kism3d on Ubuntu 21.04

kism3d is 802.11 visualizer for s3d

How To Install kissplice on Ubuntu 21.04

kissplice is Detection of various kinds of polymorphisms in RNA-seq data

How To Install kiten on Ubuntu 21.04

kiten is Japanese reference and study aid for KDE

How To Install kitty on Ubuntu 21.04

kitty is fast, featureful, GPU based terminal emulator

How To Install kiwix on Ubuntu 21.04

kiwix is offline Wikipedia reader

How To Install kjots on Ubuntu 21.04

kjots is note-taking utility

How To Install kjumpingcube on Ubuntu 21.04

kjumpingcube is simple tactical game

How To Install klatexformula on Ubuntu 21.04

klatexformula is GUI to easily get an image from a LaTeX formula or equation

How To Install klaus on Ubuntu 21.04

klaus is simple easy-to-set-up Git web viewer

How To Install klavaro on Ubuntu 21.04

klavaro is Flexible touch typing tutor

How To Install klayout on Ubuntu 21.04

klayout is High Performance Layout Viewer and Editor

How To Install kleborate on Ubuntu 21.04

kleborate is tool to screen Klebsiella genome assemblies

How To Install kleopatra on Ubuntu 21.04

kleopatra is Certificate Manager and Unified Crypto GUI

How To Install klettres on Ubuntu 21.04

klettres is foreign alphabet tutor for KDE

How To Install klick on Ubuntu 21.04

klick is advanced metronome for JACK

How To Install klickety on Ubuntu 21.04

klickety is SameGame puzzle game

How To Install klines on Ubuntu 21.04

klines is color lines game

How To Install klog on Ubuntu 21.04

klog is Multiplatform ham radio logging program

How To Install kluppe on Ubuntu 21.04

kluppe is loop-player and recorder designed for live use

How To Install klustakwik on Ubuntu 21.04

klustakwik is automatic sorting of the samples (spikes) into clusters

How To Install klystrack on Ubuntu 21.04

klystrack is Chiptune tracker

How To Install kma on Ubuntu 21.04

kma is mapping genomic sequences to raw reads directly against redundant databases

How To Install kmag on Ubuntu 21.04

kmag is screen magnifier tool

How To Install kmahjongg on Ubuntu 21.04

kmahjongg is mahjongg solitaire game

How To Install kmail on Ubuntu 21.04

kmail is full featured graphical email client

How To Install kmc on Ubuntu 21.04

kmc is count kmers in genomic sequences

How To Install kmenuedit on Ubuntu 21.04

kmenuedit is XDG menu editor

How To Install kmer on Ubuntu 21.04

kmer is suite of tools for DNA sequence analysis

How To Install kmerresistance on Ubuntu 21.04

kmerresistance is correlates mapped genes with the predicted species of WGS samples

How To Install kmetronome on Ubuntu 21.04

kmetronome is ALSA MIDI Metronome

How To Install kmflcomp on Ubuntu 21.04

kmflcomp is KMFL (Keyboard Mapping for Linux) Compiler

How To Install kmines on Ubuntu 21.04

kmines is minesweeper game

How To Install kmix on Ubuntu 21.04

kmix is volume control and mixer

How To Install kmod on Ubuntu 21.04

kmod is tools for managing Linux kernel modules

How To Install kmon on Ubuntu 21.04

kmon is Interactive kernel monitor that combines dmesg and kmod

How To Install kmousetool on Ubuntu 21.04

kmousetool is mouse manipulation tool for the disabled

How To Install kmouth on Ubuntu 21.04

kmouth is type-and-say frontend for speech synthesizers

How To Install kmplayer on Ubuntu 21.04

kmplayer is media player for KDE

How To Install kmplot on Ubuntu 21.04

kmplot is mathematical function plotter for KDE

How To Install kmscube on Ubuntu 21.04

kmscube is Example KMS/GBM/EGL application

How To Install kmymoney on Ubuntu 21.04

kmymoney is personal finance manager for KDE

How To Install knavalbattle on Ubuntu 21.04

knavalbattle is battleship board game

How To Install knetwalk on Ubuntu 21.04

knetwalk is wire puzzle game

How To Install knews on Ubuntu 21.04

knews is Graphical threaded news reader

How To Install knights on Ubuntu 21.04

knights is chess interface for the KDE Platform

How To Install knockd on Ubuntu 21.04

knockd is small port-knock daemon

How To Install knockpy on Ubuntu 21.04

knockpy is Python3 tool designed to enumerate subdomains on a target domain

How To Install knot on Ubuntu 21.04

knot is Authoritative domain name server

How To Install knotes on Ubuntu 21.04

knotes is sticky notes application

How To Install knowthelist on Ubuntu 21.04

knowthelist is awesome party music player

How To Install knxd on Ubuntu 21.04

knxd is daemon to access the KNX bus

How To Install kobodeluxe on Ubuntu 21.04

kobodeluxe is game of space battle

How To Install kodi on Ubuntu 21.04

kodi is Open Source Home Theatre (executable binaries)

How To Install kolf on Ubuntu 21.04

kolf is miniature golf game

How To Install kollision on Ubuntu 21.04

kollision is simple ball dodging game

How To Install kolourpaint on Ubuntu 21.04

kolourpaint is simple image editor and drawing application

How To Install kolourpaint4 on Ubuntu 21.04

kolourpaint4 is transitional package for kolourpaint

How To Install komi on Ubuntu 21.04

komi is Single player arcade game with Komi the Space Frog!

How To Install kompare on Ubuntu 21.04

kompare is file difference viewer

How To Install konclude on Ubuntu 21.04

konclude is tableau-based description logic reasoner for the semantic web

How To Install konfont on Ubuntu 21.04

konfont is Public domain japanese fonts for KON2

How To Install kongress on Ubuntu 21.04

kongress is companion application for conferences made by KDE

How To Install konqueror on Ubuntu 21.04

konqueror is advanced file manager, web browser and document viewer

How To Install konquest on Ubuntu 21.04

konquest is simple turn-based strategy game

How To Install konsole on Ubuntu 21.04

konsole is X terminal emulator

How To Install konsolekalendar on Ubuntu 21.04

konsolekalendar is konsole personal organizer

How To Install kontact on Ubuntu 21.04

kontact is integrated application for personal information management

How To Install kontrast on Ubuntu 21.04

kontrast is check contrast ratio between 2 colors

How To Install konversation on Ubuntu 21.04

konversation is user friendly Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for KDE user friendly Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for KDE

How To Install konwert on Ubuntu 21.04

konwert is Charset conversion for files or terminal I/O

How To Install kookbook on Ubuntu 21.04

kookbook is simple recipe manager taking structured markdown for recipes

How To Install kopete on Ubuntu 21.04

kopete is instant messaging and chat application

How To Install kore on Ubuntu 21.04

kore is Fast SPDY capable web server for web development in C

How To Install korganizer on Ubuntu 21.04

korganizer is calendar and personal organizer

How To Install koules on Ubuntu 21.04

koules is abstract space action game

How To Install kpackagelauncherqml on Ubuntu 21.04

kpackagelauncherqml is commandline tool for launching kpackage QML application

How To Install kpackagetool5 on Ubuntu 21.04

kpackagetool5 is command line kpackage tool

How To Install kpartloader on Ubuntu 21.04

kpartloader is test tool for KParts

How To Install kpartx on Ubuntu 21.04

kpartx is create device mappings for partitions

How To Install kpat on Ubuntu 21.04

kpat is solitaire card games

How To Install kpatch on Ubuntu 21.04

kpatch is Runtime tools for Kpatch

How To Install kpcli on Ubuntu 21.04

kpcli is command line interface to KeePassX password manager databases

How To Install kphotoalbum on Ubuntu 21.04

kphotoalbum is tool for indexing, searching and viewing images by keywords for KDE

How To Install kraft on Ubuntu 21.04

kraft is small business-management application

How To Install kraken on Ubuntu 21.04

kraken is assigning taxonomic labels to short DNA sequences

How To Install kraken2 on Ubuntu 21.04

kraken2 is taxonomic classification system using exact k-mer matches

How To Install kramdown on Ubuntu 21.04

kramdown is Fast, pure-Ruby Markdown-superset converter - kramdown command

How To Install krank on Ubuntu 21.04

krank is game of dexterity where you match stones together

How To Install kraptor on Ubuntu 21.04

kraptor is Classic shoot ’em up scroller game

How To Install krdc on Ubuntu 21.04

krdc is Remote Desktop Connection client

How To Install krename on Ubuntu 21.04

krename is powerful batch renamer for KDE

How To Install kreversi on Ubuntu 21.04

kreversi is reversi board game

How To Install krfb on Ubuntu 21.04

krfb is Desktop Sharing utility

How To Install krita on Ubuntu 21.04

krita is pixel-based image manipulation program

How To Install kronometer on Ubuntu 21.04

kronometer is simple stopwatch application

How To Install krop on Ubuntu 21.04

krop is tool to crop PDF files

How To Install kross on Ubuntu 21.04

kross is Multi-language application scripting.

How To Install krosspython on Ubuntu 21.04

krosspython is Python module for Kross

How To Install krossruby on Ubuntu 21.04

krossruby is Ruby module for Kross

How To Install kruler on Ubuntu 21.04

kruler is screen ruler

How To Install krusader on Ubuntu 21.04

krusader is twin-panel (commander-style) file manager

How To Install kscreen on Ubuntu 21.04

kscreen is KDE monitor hotplug and screen handling

How To Install ksh on Ubuntu 21.04

ksh is Real, AT&T version of the Korn shell

How To Install kshisen on Ubuntu 21.04

kshisen is Shisen-Sho solitaire game

How To Install kshutdown on Ubuntu 21.04

kshutdown is advanced shut down utility for KDE

How To Install ksirk on Ubuntu 21.04

ksirk is Risk strategy game

How To Install ksmtuned on Ubuntu 21.04

ksmtuned is enables and tunes Kernel Samepage Merging

How To Install ksnakeduel on Ubuntu 21.04

ksnakeduel is snake race game

How To Install ksnip on Ubuntu 21.04

ksnip is Qt-based cross-platform screenshot tool

How To Install kspaceduel on Ubuntu 21.04

kspaceduel is SpaceWar! arcade game

How To Install ksquares on Ubuntu 21.04

ksquares is Dots and Boxes game

How To Install ksshaskpass on Ubuntu 21.04

ksshaskpass is interactively prompt users for a passphrase for ssh-add

How To Install kst on Ubuntu 21.04

kst is scientific data plotting tool

How To Install kstars on Ubuntu 21.04

kstars is desktop planetarium, observation planning and telescope control

How To Install kstart on Ubuntu 21.04

kstart is Kerberos kinit supporting AFS and ticket refreshing

How To Install ksudoku on Ubuntu 21.04

ksudoku is Sudoku puzzle game and solver

How To Install ksysguard on Ubuntu 21.04

ksysguard is process monitor and system statistics

How To Install ksysguardd on Ubuntu 21.04

ksysguardd is System Guard Daemon

How To Install ksystemlog on Ubuntu 21.04

ksystemlog is system log viewer

How To Install kteatime on Ubuntu 21.04

kteatime is utility for making a fine cup of tea

How To Install ktechlab on Ubuntu 21.04

ktechlab is IDE for microcontrollers and electronics

How To Install kthresher on Ubuntu 21.04

kthresher is Purge Unused Kernels

How To Install ktikz on Ubuntu 21.04

ktikz is editor for the TikZ drawing language - KDE version

How To Install ktimer on Ubuntu 21.04

ktimer is countdown timer

How To Install ktimetracker on Ubuntu 21.04

ktimetracker is time tracker tool

How To Install ktnef on Ubuntu 21.04

ktnef is Viewer for mail attachments using TNEF format

How To Install ktoblzcheck on Ubuntu 21.04

ktoblzcheck is tool for verification of account numbers and bank codes

How To Install ktorrent on Ubuntu 21.04

ktorrent is BitTorrent client based on the KDE platform

How To Install ktouch on Ubuntu 21.04

ktouch is touch typing tutor for KDE

How To Install ktuberling on Ubuntu 21.04

ktuberling is stamp drawing toy

How To Install kturtle on Ubuntu 21.04

kturtle is educational programming environment

How To Install kubecolor on Ubuntu 21.04

kubecolor is colorizes kubectl output

How To Install kubernetes on Ubuntu 21.04

kubernetes is Installer package for Kubernetes

How To Install kubetail on Ubuntu 21.04

kubetail is Aggregate logs from multiple Kubernetes pods into one stream

How To Install kubrick on Ubuntu 21.04

kubrick is game based on Rubik’s Cube

How To Install kuiviewer on Ubuntu 21.04

kuiviewer is viewer for Qt Designer user interface files

How To Install kunststoff on Ubuntu 21.04

kunststoff is suite of skins for different applications

How To Install kupfer on Ubuntu 21.04

kupfer is fast and lightweight desktop summoner/launcher

How To Install kuvert on Ubuntu 21.04

kuvert is wrapper that encrypts or signs outgoing mail

How To Install kvirc on Ubuntu 21.04

kvirc is KDE-based next generation IRC client with module support

How To Install kvmtool on Ubuntu 21.04

kvmtool is Native Linux KVM TOOL

How To Install kwalify on Ubuntu 21.04

kwalify is parser, schema validator, and data-binding tool for YAML and JSON

How To Install kwalletcli on Ubuntu 21.04

kwalletcli is command line interface to the KDE Wallet

How To Install kwalletmanager on Ubuntu 21.04

kwalletmanager is secure password wallet manager

How To Install kwave on Ubuntu 21.04

kwave is sound editor for KDE

How To Install kwordquiz on Ubuntu 21.04

kwordquiz is flashcard learning program

How To Install kworkflow on Ubuntu 21.04

kworkflow is Inglorious kernel developer workflow scripts

How To Install kwrite on Ubuntu 21.04

kwrite is simple text editor

How To Install kwrited on Ubuntu 21.04

kwrited is Read and write console output to X

How To Install kwstyle on Ubuntu 21.04

kwstyle is Style checker for source code

How To Install kxc on Ubuntu 21.04

kxc is Key exchange daemon – client

How To Install kxd on Ubuntu 21.04

kxd is Key exchange daemon

How To Install kxgencert on Ubuntu 21.04

kxgencert is Key exchange daemon – certificate generator

How To Install kxstitch on Ubuntu 21.04

kxstitch is Cross stitch pattern editor

How To Install kyua on Ubuntu 21.04

kyua is testing framework for infrastructure software

How To Install l2tpns on Ubuntu 21.04

l2tpns is layer 2 tunnelling protocol network server (LNS)

How To Install labelme on Ubuntu 21.04

labelme is Image Polygonal Annotation with Python

How To Install labgrid on Ubuntu 21.04

labgrid is Embedded board control programs

How To Install lablie on Ubuntu 21.04

lablie is CLI tool for printable labels generation from SVG templates

How To Install labltk on Ubuntu 21.04

labltk is OCaml bindings to Tcl/Tk (executables)

How To Install labplot on Ubuntu 21.04

labplot is interactive graphing and analysis of scientific data

How To Install labrea on Ubuntu 21.04

labrea is a “sticky” honeypot and IDS

How To Install laby on Ubuntu 21.04

laby is Learn how to program with ants and spider webs

How To Install lacheck on Ubuntu 21.04

lacheck is Simple syntax checker for LaTeX

How To Install lacme on Ubuntu 21.04

lacme is ACME client written with process isolation and minimal privileges in mind

How To Install ladspalist on Ubuntu 21.04

ladspalist is List LADSPA plugins for use by LADSPA UGen

How To Install ladvd on Ubuntu 21.04

ladvd is LLDP/CDP sender

How To Install lagan on Ubuntu 21.04

lagan is highly parametrizable pairwise global genome sequence aligner

How To Install lakai on Ubuntu 21.04

lakai is transfers samples between a PC and an AKAI sampler

How To Install lalrpop on Ubuntu 21.04

lalrpop is Convenient LR(1) parser generator

How To Install lamarc on Ubuntu 21.04

lamarc is Likelihood Analysis with Metropolis Algorithm using Random Coalescence

How To Install lambdabot on Ubuntu 21.04

lambdabot is Development tool and advanced IRC bot

How To Install lambdahack on Ubuntu 21.04

lambdahack is tactical squad ASCII roguelike dungeon crawler game engine

How To Install lame on Ubuntu 21.04

lame is MP3 encoding library (frontend)

How To Install laminar on Ubuntu 21.04

laminar is lightweight and modular continuous integration service (metapackage)

How To Install laminarc on Ubuntu 21.04

laminarc is lightweight and modular continuous integration service (client)

How To Install laminard on Ubuntu 21.04

laminard is lightweight and modular continuous integration service (server)

How To Install lammps on Ubuntu 21.04

lammps is Molecular Dynamics Simulator

How To Install langdrill on Ubuntu 21.04

langdrill is language drills to test vocabulary

How To Install larch on Ubuntu 21.04

larch is tool to copy messages from one IMAP server to another

How To Install largetifftools on Ubuntu 21.04

largetifftools is process very large TIFF files

How To Install laserboy on Ubuntu 21.04

laserboy is Laser show software for soundcard operation

How To Install lastz on Ubuntu 21.04

lastz is pairwise aligning DNA sequences

How To Install latd on Ubuntu 21.04

latd is LAT (Local Area Transport) Daemon

How To Install late on Ubuntu 21.04

late is simple game of capturing balls

How To Install latencytop on Ubuntu 21.04

latencytop is A tool for developers to visualize system latencies

How To Install latex2html on Ubuntu 21.04

latex2html is LaTeX to HTML translator

How To Install latex2rtf on Ubuntu 21.04

latex2rtf is Converts documents from LaTeX to RTF format

How To Install latexdiff on Ubuntu 21.04

latexdiff is utility to mark up significant differences between LaTeX files

How To Install latexdraw on Ubuntu 21.04

latexdraw is vector drawing program for LaTeX using PSTricks

How To Install latexila on Ubuntu 21.04

latexila is LaTeX editor designed for the GNOME desktop

How To Install latexmk on Ubuntu 21.04

latexmk is Perl script for running LaTeX the correct number of times

How To Install latexml on Ubuntu 21.04

latexml is LaTeX to XML Converter

How To Install latrace on Ubuntu 21.04

latrace is traces library calls in dynamically linked programs

How To Install lava on Ubuntu 21.04

lava is Linaro Automated Validation Architecture metapackage

How To Install lavacli on Ubuntu 21.04

lavacli is LAVA XML-RPC command line interface

How To Install lazarus on Ubuntu 21.04

lazarus is IDE for Free Pascal - SDK dependency package

How To Install lazygal on Ubuntu 21.04

lazygal is static web gallery generator

How To Install lbcd on Ubuntu 21.04

lbcd is Return system load via UDP for remote load balancers

How To Install lbdb on Ubuntu 21.04

lbdb is Little Brother’s DataBase for the mutt mail reader

How To Install lbreakout2 on Ubuntu 21.04

lbreakout2 is ball-and-paddle game with nice graphics

How To Install lbt on Ubuntu 21.04

lbt is converts from LTL formulas to Büchi automata

How To Install lbzip2 on Ubuntu 21.04

lbzip2 is fast, multi-threaded bzip2 utility

How To Install lcab on Ubuntu 21.04

lcab is create cabinet (.cab) archives

How To Install lcalc on Ubuntu 21.04

lcalc is program for calculating with L-functions

How To Install lcd4linux on Ubuntu 21.04

lcd4linux is Grabs information and displays it on an external lcd

How To Install lcdproc on Ubuntu 21.04

lcdproc is LCD display driver daemon and clients

How To Install lcl on Ubuntu 21.04

lcl is Lazarus Components Library - LCL dependency package

How To Install lcov on Ubuntu 21.04

lcov is Summarise Code coverage information from GCOV

How To Install ld10k1 on Ubuntu 21.04

ld10k1 is ALSA emu10k1/2 patch loader

How To Install ldap2dns on Ubuntu 21.04

ldap2dns is LDAP based DNS management system

How To Install ldap2zone on Ubuntu 21.04

ldap2zone is Extract DNS zones from LDAP trees

How To Install ldapscripts on Ubuntu 21.04

ldapscripts is Add and remove users and groups (stored in a LDAP directory)

How To Install ldapvi on Ubuntu 21.04

ldapvi is perform an LDAP search and update results using a text editor

How To Install ldc on Ubuntu 21.04

ldc is LLVM D Compiler

How To Install ldirectord on Ubuntu 21.04

ldirectord is Monitors virtual services provided by LVS

How To Install ldmtool on Ubuntu 21.04

ldmtool is tool for managing Microsoft Windows dynamic disks

How To Install ldnsutils on Ubuntu 21.04

ldnsutils is ldns library for DNS programming

How To Install le on Ubuntu 21.04

le is Text editor with block and binary operations

How To Install leaff on Ubuntu 21.04

leaff is biological sequence library utilities and applications

How To Install leafnode on Ubuntu 21.04

leafnode is NNTP server for small sites

How To Install leaktracer on Ubuntu 21.04

leaktracer is Simple and efficient memory-leak tracer for C++ programs

How To Install leave on Ubuntu 21.04

leave is Reminds you when you have to leave

How To Install lebiniou on Ubuntu 21.04

lebiniou is user-friendly, powerful music visualization / VJing tool

How To Install lecm on Ubuntu 21.04

lecm is Let’s Encrypt Certificate Manager

How To Install ledger on Ubuntu 21.04

ledger is command-line double-entry accounting program

How To Install ledger2beancount on Ubuntu 21.04

ledger2beancount is Convert Ledger-based textual ledgers to Beancount ones

How To Install ledgersmb on Ubuntu 21.04

ledgersmb is financial accounting and ERP program

How To Install ledit on Ubuntu 21.04

ledit is line editor for interactive programs

How To Install ledmon on Ubuntu 21.04

ledmon is Enclosure LED Utilities

How To Install lefse on Ubuntu 21.04

lefse is determine features of organisms, clades, taxonomic units, genes

How To Install legit on Ubuntu 21.04

legit is Git extension to assist in manipulating branches

How To Install lego on Ubuntu 21.04

lego is Let’s Encrypt client

How To Install leiningen on Ubuntu 21.04

leiningen is Automation tool and dependency manager for Clojure projects

How To Install lektor on Ubuntu 21.04

lektor is Python-based static website generator

How To Install lemon on Ubuntu 21.04

lemon is LALR(1) Parser Generator for C or C++

How To Install lemonbar on Ubuntu 21.04

lemonbar is lightweight bar based on XCB

How To Install leocad on Ubuntu 21.04

leocad is virtual brick CAD software

How To Install lesana on Ubuntu 21.04

lesana is manage collection inventories through yaml files

How To Install less on Ubuntu 21.04

less is pager program similar to more

How To Install letterize on Ubuntu 21.04

letterize is phone digits to letter-mnemonics

How To Install levee on Ubuntu 21.04

levee is very small vi clone

How To Install lexicon on Ubuntu 21.04

lexicon is CLI for manipulating DNS records on various DNS providers (Python 3)

How To Install lfm on Ubuntu 21.04

lfm is simple but powerful file manager for the UNIX console

How To Install lft on Ubuntu 21.04

lft is layer-four traceroute

How To Install lftp on Ubuntu 21.04

lftp is Sophisticated command-line FTP/HTTP/BitTorrent client programs

How To Install lgeneral on Ubuntu 21.04

lgeneral is strategy game in the tradition of Panzer General

How To Install lgogdownloader on Ubuntu 21.04

lgogdownloader is downloader for GOG.com files

How To Install lgrind on Ubuntu 21.04

lgrind is A pretty printer for various programming languages

How To Install lhasa on Ubuntu 21.04

lhasa is lzh archive decompressor

How To Install lhs2tex on Ubuntu 21.04

lhs2tex is Generates LaTeX code from literate Haskell sources

How To Install licensecheck on Ubuntu 21.04

licensecheck is simple license checker for source files

How To Install licenseutils on Ubuntu 21.04

licenseutils is Put copyright and license notices at the head of source code files

How To Install lie on Ubuntu 21.04

lie is Computer algebra package for Lie group computations

How To Install liece on Ubuntu 21.04

liece is IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for Emacs

How To Install lieer on Ubuntu 21.04

lieer is Fast fetch and two-way tag synchronization between notmuch and GMail

How To Install lierolibre on Ubuntu 21.04

lierolibre is old-school earthworm action game

How To Install lifelines on Ubuntu 21.04

lifelines is text-based genealogy software

How To Install lifeograph on Ubuntu 21.04

lifeograph is Private digital diary

How To Install liferea on Ubuntu 21.04

liferea is feed/news/podcast client with plugin support

How To Install lift on Ubuntu 21.04

lift is Integration and functional testing framework

How To Install liggghts on Ubuntu 21.04

liggghts is Open Source DEM Particle Simulation Software.

How To Install light on Ubuntu 21.04

light is control display backlight controllers and LEDs

How To Install lightdm on Ubuntu 21.04

lightdm is Display Manager

How To Install lighter on Ubuntu 21.04

lighter is fast and memory-efficient sequencing error corrector

How To Install lightsoff on Ubuntu 21.04

lightsoff is Light puzzle game

How To Install lightspeed on Ubuntu 21.04

lightspeed is Shows how objects moving at relativistic speeds look like

How To Install lightsquid on Ubuntu 21.04

lightsquid is Lite and fast log analizer for squid proxy

How To Install lighttpd on Ubuntu 21.04

lighttpd is fast webserver with minimal memory footprint

How To Install likwid on Ubuntu 21.04

likwid is toolsuite for performance oriented programmers

How To Install lilo on Ubuntu 21.04

lilo is LInux LOader - the classic OS boot loader

How To Install lilypond on Ubuntu 21.04

lilypond is program for typesetting sheet music

How To Install lilyterm on Ubuntu 21.04

lilyterm is Light and eazy-to-use terminal emulator for X

How To Install limesuite on Ubuntu 21.04

limesuite is tools to test, control and update LMS7 transceiver based hardware

How To Install limnoria on Ubuntu 21.04

limnoria is robust and user-friendly Python IRC bot

How To Install lincity on Ubuntu 21.04

lincity is build & maintain a city/country

How To Install lincredits on Ubuntu 21.04

lincredits is Generate nicely-formatted versions of the Linux CREDITS file

How To Install lingot on Ubuntu 21.04

lingot is accurate and easy to use musical instrument tuner

How To Install linkchecker on Ubuntu 21.04

linkchecker is check websites and HTML documents for broken links

How To Install linklint on Ubuntu 21.04

linklint is A fast link checker and web site maintenance tool

How To Install links on Ubuntu 21.04

links is Web browser running in text mode

How To Install links2 on Ubuntu 21.04

links2 is Web browser running in both graphics and text mode

How To Install linpac on Ubuntu 21.04

linpac is terminal for packet radio with mail client

How To Install linphone on Ubuntu 21.04

linphone is SIP softphone - graphical client (transitional package)

How To Install linssid on Ubuntu 21.04

linssid is graphical wireless scanner

How To Install lintex on Ubuntu 21.04

lintex is automatic cleanup of old TeX-related files

How To Install lintian on Ubuntu 21.04

lintian is Debian package checker Debian package checker

How To Install linuxinfo on Ubuntu 21.04

linuxinfo is Displays extended system information

How To Install linuxlogo on Ubuntu 21.04

linuxlogo is Color ANSI System Logo

How To Install linuxptp on Ubuntu 21.04

linuxptp is Precision Time Protocol (PTP, IEEE1588) implementation for Linux

How To Install linuxvnc on Ubuntu 21.04

linuxvnc is VNC server to allow remote access to a tty

How To Install lios on Ubuntu 21.04

lios is Linux intelligent OCR solution

How To Install liquidctl on Ubuntu 21.04

liquidctl is CLI and Python drivers for AIO liquid coolers and other devices

How To Install liquidprompt on Ubuntu 21.04

liquidprompt is adaptative prompt for bash & zsh

How To Install liquidsoap on Ubuntu 21.04

liquidsoap is audio streaming language

How To Install liquidwar on Ubuntu 21.04

liquidwar is truly original multiplayer wargame

How To Install lirc on Ubuntu 21.04

lirc is Infra-red remote control support - daemons and utils

How To Install lisaac on Ubuntu 21.04

lisaac is Object-oriented language based on prototype

How To Install listadmin on Ubuntu 21.04

listadmin is command line mailman moderator queue manipulation

How To Install listserialportsc on Ubuntu 21.04

listserialportsc is list serial ports

How To Install litecli on Ubuntu 21.04

litecli is CLI for SQlite with auto-completion and syntax highlighting

How To Install literki on Ubuntu 21.04

literki is Keyboard with configurable layout and transparency

How To Install litmus on Ubuntu 21.04

litmus is WebDAV server test suite

How To Install littler on Ubuntu 21.04

littler is GNU R scripting and command-line front-end – transition package

How To Install littlewizard on Ubuntu 21.04

littlewizard is development environment for children

How To Install lives on Ubuntu 21.04

lives is Video Editing system allowing users to edit and create video

How To Install livescript on Ubuntu 21.04

livescript is language which compiles to JavaScript

How To Install liwc on Ubuntu 21.04

liwc is Tools for manipulating C source code

How To Install lix on Ubuntu 21.04

lix is Puzzle game inspired by Lemmings

How To Install lld on Ubuntu 21.04

lld is LLVM-based linker

How To Install lldb on Ubuntu 21.04

lldb is Next generation, high-performance debugger

How To Install lldpad on Ubuntu 21.04

lldpad is Link Layer Discovery Protocol Implementation (Runtime)

How To Install lldpd on Ubuntu 21.04

lldpd is implementation of IEEE 802.1ab (LLDP)

How To Install llgal on Ubuntu 21.04

llgal is Command-line online gallery generator

How To Install llmnrd on Ubuntu 21.04

llmnrd is Link-Local Multicast Resolution (LLMNR) Daemon for Linux

How To Install lloconv on Ubuntu 21.04

lloconv is command line document converter using LibreOfficeKit

How To Install lltag on Ubuntu 21.04

lltag is Automatic command-line mp3/ogg/flac file tagger and renamer

How To Install lltdscan on Ubuntu 21.04

lltdscan is Scan for LLTD-enabled hosts on your network

How To Install lltsv on Ubuntu 21.04

lltsv is List specified keys of LTSV (Labeled Tab Separated Values)

How To Install llvm on Ubuntu 21.04

llvm is Low-Level Virtual Machine (LLVM)

How To Install lm4flash on Ubuntu 21.04

lm4flash is Command-line firmware flashing tool to communicate with the Stellaris Launchpad

How To Install lmarbles on Ubuntu 21.04

lmarbles is game where you build figures out of colored marbles

How To Install lmbench on Ubuntu 21.04

lmbench is Utilities to benchmark UNIX systems

How To Install lmemory on Ubuntu 21.04

lmemory is Children’s game based on the “memory” card game

How To Install lmicdiusb on Ubuntu 21.04

lmicdiusb is Remote GDB socket over USB for Stellaris Launchpad ICDI

How To Install lmms on Ubuntu 21.04

lmms is Linux Multimedia Studio

How To Install lmod on Ubuntu 21.04

lmod is Lua based environment modules

How To Install lmodern on Ubuntu 21.04

lmodern is scalable PostScript and OpenType fonts based on Computer Modern

How To Install lnav on Ubuntu 21.04

lnav is ncurses-based log file viewer

How To Install lnpd on Ubuntu 21.04

lnpd is daemon for LNP communication with BrickOS

How To Install loadlin on Ubuntu 21.04

loadlin is loader (running under DOS) for LINUX kernel images

How To Install loadwatch on Ubuntu 21.04

loadwatch is Run a program using only idle cycles

How To Install localehelper on Ubuntu 21.04

localehelper is locale helper tool

How To Install localepurge on Ubuntu 21.04

localepurge is reclaim disk space by removing unneeded localizations

How To Install locales on Ubuntu 21.04

locales is GNU C Library

How To Install localslackirc on Ubuntu 21.04

localslackirc is IRC gateway for slack, running on localhost for one user

How To Install locate on Ubuntu 21.04

locate is maintain and query an index of a directory tree

How To Install lockout on Ubuntu 21.04

lockout is Self-imposed discipline and productivity enforcer

How To Install loganalyzer on Ubuntu 21.04

loganalyzer is web interface to syslog and event data

How To Install logapp on Ubuntu 21.04

logapp is supervise execution of applications producing heavy output

How To Install logaricheck on Ubuntu 21.04

logaricheck is Nagios plugin to check disk, memory and swap usage

How To Install logcheck on Ubuntu 21.04

logcheck is mails anomalies in the system logfiles to the administrator

How To Install loggedfs on Ubuntu 21.04

loggedfs is Fuse-filesystem daemon logging every filesystem operations

How To Install loggerhead on Ubuntu 21.04

loggerhead is Web viewer for Breezy

How To Install login on Ubuntu 21.04

login is system login tools

How To Install logisim on Ubuntu 21.04

logisim is graphical tool for designing and simulating logic circuits

How To Install logol on Ubuntu 21.04

logol is Pattern matching tool using Logol language

How To Install logrotate on Ubuntu 21.04

logrotate is Log rotation utility

How To Install logsave on Ubuntu 21.04

logsave is save the output of a command in a log file

How To Install logstalgia on Ubuntu 21.04

logstalgia is web server access log visualizer

How To Install logswan on Ubuntu 21.04

logswan is fast Web log analyzer using probabilistic data structures

How To Install logtail on Ubuntu 21.04

logtail is Print log file lines that have not been read

How To Install logtool on Ubuntu 21.04

logtool is Syslog-style logfile parser with lots of output options

How To Install logtools on Ubuntu 21.04

logtools is Russell’s misc tools for managing log files.

How To Install logtop on Ubuntu 21.04

logtop is real time log line rate analyzer

How To Install logwatch on Ubuntu 21.04

logwatch is log analyser with nice output written in Perl

How To Install lokalize on Ubuntu 21.04

lokalize is computer-aided translation system

How To Install loki on Ubuntu 21.04

loki is MCMC linkage analysis on general pedigrees

How To Install lola on Ubuntu 21.04

lola is LL parser generator

How To Install lolcat on Ubuntu 21.04

lolcat is colorful cat

How To Install lollypop on Ubuntu 21.04

lollypop is modern music player

How To Install lomoco on Ubuntu 21.04

lomoco is Logitech Mouse Control for USB mice

How To Install lookatme on Ubuntu 21.04

lookatme is interactive command-line presentation tool

How To Install lookup on Ubuntu 21.04

lookup is interactive utility to search text files quickly

How To Install loook on Ubuntu 21.04

loook is Search strings in ODF and OOXML documents

How To Install looptools on Ubuntu 21.04

looptools is Integral Evaluator of One-loop Feynman Diagram

How To Install loqui on Ubuntu 21.04

loqui is GTK+ based multipane IRC/Chat Client

How To Install lordsawar on Ubuntu 21.04

lordsawar is Clone of the popular SSG game Warlords II

How To Install lorene on Ubuntu 21.04

lorene is framework for numerical relativity

How To Install lostirc on Ubuntu 21.04

lostirc is simple gtk-based IRC client

How To Install loudgain on Ubuntu 21.04

loudgain is ReplayGain 2.0 loudness normalizer based on the EBU R128 standard

How To Install love on Ubuntu 21.04

love is 2D game development framework based on Lua and OpenGL

How To Install lowdown on Ubuntu 21.04

lowdown is Simple markdown translator

How To Install lpc21isp on Ubuntu 21.04

lpc21isp is In-circuit programming (ISP) of ARM and Cortex microcontrollers

How To Install lpctools on Ubuntu 21.04

lpctools is interface to NXP LPC Microcontrollers ISP serial interface

How To Install lpe on Ubuntu 21.04

lpe is Lightweight Programmer’s Editor

How To Install lpr on Ubuntu 21.04

lpr is BSD lpr/lpd line printer spooling system

How To Install lprint on Ubuntu 21.04

lprint is Label Printer

How To Install lprng on Ubuntu 21.04

lprng is lpr/lpd printer spooling system

How To Install lptools on Ubuntu 21.04

lptools is Tools for working with Launchpad

How To Install lqa on Ubuntu 21.04

lqa is lava qa tool

How To Install lr on Ubuntu 21.04

lr is list files, recursively

How To Install lrcalc on Ubuntu 21.04

lrcalc is programs for calculating Littlewood-Richardson coefficients

How To Install lrslib on Ubuntu 21.04

lrslib is package to enumerate vertices and extreme rays of a convex polyhedron

How To Install lrzip on Ubuntu 21.04

lrzip is compression program with a very high compression ratio

How To Install lrzsz on Ubuntu 21.04

lrzsz is Tools for zmodem/xmodem/ymodem file transfer

How To Install lsb on Ubuntu 21.04

lsb is Linux Standard Base support package

How To Install lscolors on Ubuntu 21.04

lscolors is Colorize paths using the LS_COLORS environment variable

How To Install lsdb on Ubuntu 21.04

lsdb is The Lovely Sister Database (email rolodex) for Emacs

How To Install lsdvd on Ubuntu 21.04

lsdvd is read the content info of a DVD

How To Install lshw on Ubuntu 21.04

lshw is information about hardware configuration

How To Install lskat on Ubuntu 21.04

lskat is Lieutnant Skat card game

How To Install lsm on Ubuntu 21.04

lsm is Link connectivity monitor tool

How To Install lsmbox on Ubuntu 21.04

lsmbox is List number of total/unread messages for mailboxes

How To Install lsmount on Ubuntu 21.04

lsmount is is a small program for formatting the /proc/mounts output

How To Install lsof on Ubuntu 21.04

lsof is utility to list open files

How To Install lsscsi on Ubuntu 21.04

lsscsi is list all SCSI devices (or hosts) currently on system

How To Install lswm on Ubuntu 21.04

lswm is wiimote discover utility

How To Install lsyncd on Ubuntu 21.04

lsyncd is daemon to synchronize local directories using rsync

How To Install ltpanel on Ubuntu 21.04

ltpanel is lightweight tasklist panel for minimalist WMs

How To Install ltrace on Ubuntu 21.04

ltrace is Tracks runtime library calls in dynamically linked programs

How To Install ltris on Ubuntu 21.04

ltris is very polished Tetris clone with CPU opponents

How To Install ltrsift on Ubuntu 21.04

ltrsift is postprocessing and classification of LTR retrotransposons

How To Install ltsp on Ubuntu 21.04

ltsp is Linux Terminal Server Project

How To Install lttoolbox on Ubuntu 21.04

lttoolbox is Apertium lexical processing modules and tools

How To Install ltunify on Ubuntu 21.04

ltunify is manage Logitech unifying receivers

How To Install lua5.1 on Ubuntu 21.04

lua5.1 is Simple, extensible, embeddable programming language

How To Install lua5.2 on Ubuntu 21.04

lua5.2 is Simple, extensible, embeddable programming language

How To Install lua5.3 on Ubuntu 21.04

lua5.3 is Simple, extensible, embeddable programming language

How To Install lua5.4 on Ubuntu 21.04

lua5.4 is Simple, extensible, embeddable programming language

How To Install lua50 on Ubuntu 21.04

lua50 is Small embeddable language with simple procedural syntax

How To Install luadoc on Ubuntu 21.04

luadoc is Documentation generation library for the Lua language

How To Install luajit on Ubuntu 21.04

luajit is Just in time compiler for Lua programming language version 5.1

How To Install luakit on Ubuntu 21.04

luakit is fast and small web browser extensible by Lua

How To Install luarocks on Ubuntu 21.04

luarocks is deployment and management system for Lua modules

How To Install luckybackup on Ubuntu 21.04

luckybackup is rsync-based GUI data backup utility

How To Install lucy on Ubuntu 21.04

lucy is DNA sequence quality and vector trimming tool

How To Install ludevit on Ubuntu 21.04

ludevit is converter from standard Slovak into the L. Štúr version

How To Install lugaru on Ubuntu 21.04

lugaru is third person ninja rabbit fighting game

How To Install luksmeta on Ubuntu 21.04

luksmeta is Utility to access metadata in a LUKSv1 header

How To Install lunar on Ubuntu 21.04

lunar is Chinese Lunar Calendar conversion utility

How To Install lunzip on Ubuntu 21.04

lunzip is data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm (decompressor)

How To Install luola on Ubuntu 21.04

luola is multiplayer cave-flying game

How To Install lurker on Ubuntu 21.04

lurker is archive tool for mailing lists with search engine

How To Install lusernet.app on Ubuntu 21.04

lusernet.app is News reader for GNUstep

How To Install lutefisk on Ubuntu 21.04

lutefisk is de novo interpretation of peptide CID spectra

How To Install lutris on Ubuntu 21.04

lutris is open source gaming platform

How To Install lv on Ubuntu 21.04

lv is Powerful Multilingual File Viewer

How To Install lv2file on Ubuntu 21.04

lv2file is Command-line program to apply LV2 effects to audio files

How To Install lv2proc on Ubuntu 21.04

lv2proc is command line effect processor

How To Install lv2vocoder on Ubuntu 21.04

lv2vocoder is LV2 vocoder plugin

How To Install lvm2 on Ubuntu 21.04

lvm2 is Linux Logical Volume Manager

How To Install lwatch on Ubuntu 21.04

lwatch is Simple log colorizer

How To Install lwm on Ubuntu 21.04

lwm is lightweight window manager

How To Install lxappearance on Ubuntu 21.04

lxappearance is LXDE GTK+ theme switcher

How To Install lxc on Ubuntu 21.04

lxc is Transitional package - lxc -> lxc-utils

How To Install lxc1 on Ubuntu 21.04

lxc1 is Transitional package - lxc1 -> lxc-utils

How To Install lxcfs on Ubuntu 21.04

lxcfs is FUSE based filesystem for LXC

How To Install lxctl on Ubuntu 21.04

lxctl is Utility to manage LXC

How To Install lxd on Ubuntu 21.04

lxd is Transitional package - lxd -> snap (lxd)

How To Install lxde on Ubuntu 21.04

lxde is metapackage for LXDE

How To Install lxdm on Ubuntu 21.04

lxdm is LXDE display manager

How To Install lxinput on Ubuntu 21.04

lxinput is LXDE keyboard and mouse configuration

How To Install lxlauncher on Ubuntu 21.04

lxlauncher is LXDE launcher for netbooks

How To Install lxlock on Ubuntu 21.04

lxlock is simple locking utility for LXDE

How To Install lxmms2 on Ubuntu 21.04

lxmms2 is control XMMS2 with a LIRC compatible remote control

How To Install lxmusic on Ubuntu 21.04

lxmusic is LXDE music player

How To Install lxpanel on Ubuntu 21.04

lxpanel is LXDE panel

How To Install lxpolkit on Ubuntu 21.04

lxpolkit is LXDE PolicyKit authentication agent

How To Install lxqt on Ubuntu 21.04

lxqt is Metapackage for LXQt

How To Install lxrandr on Ubuntu 21.04

lxrandr is LXDE monitor configuration tool

How To Install lxsession on Ubuntu 21.04

lxsession is LXDE default session manager

How To Install lxsplit on Ubuntu 21.04

lxsplit is This program is a simple tool for splitting and joining files

How To Install lxtask on Ubuntu 21.04

lxtask is LXDE task manager

How To Install lxterminal on Ubuntu 21.04

lxterminal is LXDE terminal emulator

How To Install lybniz on Ubuntu 21.04

lybniz is mathematical function graph plotter

How To Install lynis on Ubuntu 21.04

lynis is security auditing tool for Unix based systems

How To Install lynkeos.app on Ubuntu 21.04

lynkeos.app is GNUstep app for processing planetary astronomical images

How To Install lynx on Ubuntu 21.04

lynx is classic non-graphical (text-mode) web browser

How To Install lyricue on Ubuntu 21.04

lyricue is The GNU Lyric Display System

How To Install lyx on Ubuntu 21.04

lyx is document processor

How To Install lz4 on Ubuntu 21.04

lz4 is Fast LZ compression algorithm library - tool Fast LZ compression algorithm library - tool

How To Install lz4json on Ubuntu 21.04

lz4json is unpack lz4json files, usually generated by Mozilla programs

How To Install lzd on Ubuntu 21.04

lzd is Educational, lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm

How To Install lzip on Ubuntu 21.04

lzip is lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm

How To Install lziprecover on Ubuntu 21.04

lziprecover is lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm (recovery)

How To Install lzma on Ubuntu 21.04

lzma is Compression and decompression in the LZMA format - command line utility

How To Install lzop on Ubuntu 21.04

lzop is fast compression program

How To Install m2r on Ubuntu 21.04

m2r is Markdown and reStructuredText in a single file - CLI tool

How To Install m2vrequantiser on Ubuntu 21.04

m2vrequantiser is MPEG-2 streams requantization

How To Install m4 on Ubuntu 21.04

m4 is macro processing language

How To Install m4api on Ubuntu 21.04

m4api is access Mini-Box M4-ATX power supplies (utility)

How To Install macaulay2 on Ubuntu 21.04

macaulay2 is Software system for algebraic geometry research

How To Install macchanger on Ubuntu 21.04

macchanger is utility for manipulating the MAC address of network interfaces

How To Install macfanctld on Ubuntu 21.04

macfanctld is fan control daemon for Apple MacBook / MacBook Pro computers

How To Install macopix on Ubuntu 21.04

macopix is Mascot Constructive Pilot for X

How To Install macs on Ubuntu 21.04

macs is Model-based Analysis of ChIP-Seq on short reads sequencers

How To Install macsyfinder on Ubuntu 21.04

macsyfinder is detection of macromolecular systems in protein datasets

How To Install macutils on Ubuntu 21.04

macutils is Set of tools to deal with specially encoded Macintosh files

How To Install madbomber on Ubuntu 21.04

madbomber is Kaboom! clone

How To Install madfuload on Ubuntu 21.04

madfuload is Firmware loader for M-Audio DFU audio devices

How To Install madplay on Ubuntu 21.04

madplay is MPEG audio player in fixed point

How To Install madwimax on Ubuntu 21.04

madwimax is user-space driver for mWiMAX equipment based on Samsung CMC-730

How To Install maelstrom on Ubuntu 21.04

maelstrom is Arcade-style game resembling Asteroids

How To Install maffilter on Ubuntu 21.04

maffilter is process genome alignment in the Multiple Alignment Format

How To Install mafft on Ubuntu 21.04

mafft is Multiple alignment program for amino acid or nucleotide sequences

How To Install magic on Ubuntu 21.04

magic is VLSI layout tool

How To Install magicfilter on Ubuntu 21.04

magicfilter is automatic printer filter

How To Install magicmaze on Ubuntu 21.04

magicmaze is rescue the maiden while avoiding the monsters

How To Install magicrescue on Ubuntu 21.04

magicrescue is recover files by looking for magic bytes

How To Install magics++ on Ubuntu 21.04

magics++ is Executables for the magics++ library

How To Install magnus on Ubuntu 21.04

magnus is Very simple screen magnifier

How To Install mahimahi on Ubuntu 21.04

mahimahi is tools for network emulation and analysis

How To Install mahonia on Ubuntu 21.04

mahonia is Character-set conversion library implemented in Go. (program)

How To Install mailagent on Ubuntu 21.04

mailagent is automatic mail-processing tool and filter

How To Install mailavenger on Ubuntu 21.04

mailavenger is Highly configurable, MTA-independent SMTP filter server

How To Install mailcap on Ubuntu 21.04

mailcap is Debian’s mailcap system, and support programs

How To Install mailcheck on Ubuntu 21.04

mailcheck is check multiple mailboxes/maildirs for mail

How To Install maildirsync on Ubuntu 21.04

maildirsync is simple and efficient Maildir synchronisation utility

How To Install maildrop on Ubuntu 21.04

maildrop is mail delivery agent with filtering abilities (set-GID=mail)

How To Install mailfilter on Ubuntu 21.04

mailfilter is Program that filters your incoming e-mail to help remove spam

How To Install mailfront on Ubuntu 21.04

mailfront is mail server network protocol front-ends

How To Install mailgraph on Ubuntu 21.04

mailgraph is RRDtool frontend for Mail statistics

How To Install mailman3 on Ubuntu 21.04

mailman3 is Mailing list management system

How To Install mailnag on Ubuntu 21.04

mailnag is extensible mail notification daemon

How To Install mailscripts on Ubuntu 21.04

mailscripts is collection of scripts for manipulating e-mail on Debian

How To Install mailsync on Ubuntu 21.04

mailsync is Synchronize IMAP mailboxes

How To Install mailtextbody on Ubuntu 21.04

mailtextbody is tool to return the body of an email message

How To Install mailto on Ubuntu 21.04

mailto is WWW Forms to Mail Gateway

How To Install mailutils on Ubuntu 21.04

mailutils is GNU mailutils utilities for handling mail

How To Install maim on Ubuntu 21.04

maim is takes screenshots of your desktop

How To Install mairix on Ubuntu 21.04

mairix is indexes and searches locally-stored email

How To Install make on Ubuntu 21.04

make is utility for directing compilation

How To Install makebootfat on Ubuntu 21.04

makebootfat is Utility to create a bootable FAT filesystem

How To Install makedepf90 on Ubuntu 21.04

makedepf90 is Fortran-90 dependency processor for Makefiles

How To Install makedev on Ubuntu 21.04

makedev is creates device files in /dev

How To Install makedic on Ubuntu 21.04

makedic is dictionary compiler for KDrill

How To Install makedumpfile on Ubuntu 21.04

makedumpfile is VMcore extraction tool

How To Install makefile2graph on Ubuntu 21.04

makefile2graph is creates a graph of dependencies from GNU-Make

How To Install makefs on Ubuntu 21.04

makefs is create a cd9660 or ffs filesystem image from a directory tree

How To Install makehrtf on Ubuntu 21.04

makehrtf is HRTF Processing and Composition Utility

How To Install makeparallel on Ubuntu 21.04

makeparallel is Command line tool for communication with the GNU make jobserver

How To Install makepasswd on Ubuntu 21.04

makepasswd is Generate and encrypt passwords

How To Install makepatch on Ubuntu 21.04

makepatch is generate/apply patch files with more functionality than plain diff

How To Install makepp on Ubuntu 21.04

makepp is GNU make compatible but reliable and simpler build tool

How To Install makeself on Ubuntu 21.04

makeself is utility to generate self-extractable archives

How To Install makexvpics on Ubuntu 21.04

makexvpics is updates .xvpics thumbnails from the command line

How To Install malcontent on Ubuntu 21.04

malcontent is framework for parental control of applications

How To Install mame on Ubuntu 21.04

mame is Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME)

How To Install man2html on Ubuntu 21.04

man2html is browse man pages in your web browser

How To Install manaplus on Ubuntu 21.04

manaplus is Extended client for Evol Online and The Mana World

How To Install mancala on Ubuntu 21.04

mancala is Implementation of the simple board game called Mancala

How To Install mandelbulber2 on Ubuntu 21.04

mandelbulber2 is 3D fractal renderer and animator

How To Install manderlbot on Ubuntu 21.04

manderlbot is IRC bot, written in Erlang

How To Install mandoc on Ubuntu 21.04

mandoc is BSD manpage compiler toolset

How To Install mandos on Ubuntu 21.04

mandos is server giving encrypted passwords to Mandos clients

How To Install mangler on Ubuntu 21.04

mangler is Ventrilo compatible client for Linux

How To Install mangohud on Ubuntu 21.04

mangohud is Vulkan/OpenGL overlay for monitoring FPS, temperatures, CPU/GPU load and more

How To Install manpages on Ubuntu 21.04

manpages is Manual pages about using a GNU/Linux system Manual pages about using a GNU/Linux system

How To Install manuskript on Ubuntu 21.04

manuskript is open-source tool for writers

How To Install mapcode on Ubuntu 21.04

mapcode is Convert geo coordinates to/from mapcodes

How To Install mapdamage on Ubuntu 21.04

mapdamage is tracking and quantifying damage patterns in ancient DNA sequences

How To Install mapivi on Ubuntu 21.04

mapivi is Photo viewer and organizer with emphasis on IPTC fields

How To Install mapproxy on Ubuntu 21.04

mapproxy is open source proxy for geospatial data

How To Install mapsembler2 on Ubuntu 21.04

mapsembler2 is bioinformatics targeted assembly software

How To Install maptool on Ubuntu 21.04

maptool is Converts OpenStreetMap maps to Navit

How To Install maq on Ubuntu 21.04

maq is maps short fixed-length polymorphic DNA sequence reads to reference sequences

How To Install maqview on Ubuntu 21.04

maqview is graphical read alignment viewer for short gene sequences

How To Install maradns on Ubuntu 21.04

maradns is simple security-focused authoritative Domain Name Service server

How To Install marble on Ubuntu 21.04

marble is globe and map widget

How To Install marco on Ubuntu 21.04

marco is lightweight GTK+ window manager for MATE

How To Install maria on Ubuntu 21.04

maria is reachability analyzer for Algebraic System Nets

How To Install marisa on Ubuntu 21.04

marisa is command line tools for libmarisa

How To Install markdent on Ubuntu 21.04

markdent is event-based Markdown parser toolkit - command-line tool

How To Install markdown on Ubuntu 21.04

markdown is Text-to-HTML conversion tool

How To Install markdownpart on Ubuntu 21.04

markdownpart is KDE Markdown KPart

How To Install marsshooter on Ubuntu 21.04

marsshooter is ridiculous space shooter governed by the laws of gravity

How To Install mash on Ubuntu 21.04

mash is fast genome and metagenome distance estimation using MinHash

How To Install maskprocessor on Ubuntu 21.04

maskprocessor is high-performance word generator with a per-position configurable charset

How To Install mason on Ubuntu 21.04

mason is Interactively creates a Linux packet filtering firewall

How To Install masqmail on Ubuntu 21.04

masqmail is mail transport agent for intermittently connected hosts

How To Install masscan on Ubuntu 21.04

masscan is TCP port scanner

How To Install massxpert on Ubuntu 21.04

massxpert is polymer chemistry modelling and mass spectrometry data simulation (runtime)

How To Install mat on Ubuntu 21.04

mat is Transitional package to migrate to mat2

How To Install mat2 on Ubuntu 21.04

mat2 is Metadata anonymisation toolkit v2

How To Install matanza on Ubuntu 21.04

matanza is Space ascii war game

How To Install matchbox on Ubuntu 21.04

matchbox is base X environment for resource-limited systems

How To Install mathgl on Ubuntu 21.04

mathgl is library for scientific graphs (utilities and examples)

How To Install mathicgb on Ubuntu 21.04

mathicgb is Compute Groebner bases (command line tool)

How To Install mathomatic on Ubuntu 21.04

mathomatic is portable Computer Algebra System (CAS)

How To Install mathpiper on Ubuntu 21.04

mathpiper is Java Computer Algebra System

How To Install mathtex on Ubuntu 21.04

mathtex is Generate image from LaTeX command

How To Install matlab2tikz on Ubuntu 21.04

matlab2tikz is converter of Octave plots to TikZ figures (for integration into LaTeX)

How To Install matroxset on Ubuntu 21.04

matroxset is switch output modes, including TV out, of Matrox video cards

How To Install maude on Ubuntu 21.04

maude is high-performance logical framework

How To Install maven on Ubuntu 21.04

maven is Java software project management and comprehension tool

How To Install mawk on Ubuntu 21.04

mawk is Pattern scanning and text processing language

How To Install maxima on Ubuntu 21.04

maxima is Computer algebra system – base system

How To Install mayavi2 on Ubuntu 21.04

mayavi2 is scientific visualization package for 2-D and 3-D data

How To Install maybe on Ubuntu 21.04

maybe is control filesystem modifications before they occur

How To Install mazeofgalious on Ubuntu 21.04

mazeofgalious is The Maze of Galious

How To Install mb2md on Ubuntu 21.04

mb2md is Convert Mbox mailboxes to Maildir format

How To Install mblaze on Ubuntu 21.04

mblaze is UNIX utilities to deal with Maildir

How To Install mbmon on Ubuntu 21.04

mbmon is Hardware monitoring without kernel dependencies (text client)

How To Install mboxgrep on Ubuntu 21.04

mboxgrep is Grep through mailboxes

How To Install mbpfan on Ubuntu 21.04

mbpfan is fan control daemon for Apple Macbooks

How To Install mbpoll on Ubuntu 21.04

mbpoll is command line utility to communicate with ModBus slave (RTU or TCP)

How To Install mbr on Ubuntu 21.04

mbr is Master Boot Record for IBM-PC compatible computers.

How To Install mbrola on Ubuntu 21.04

mbrola is Multilingual software speech synthesizer

How To Install mbt on Ubuntu 21.04

mbt is memory-based tagger-generator and tagger

How To Install mbtserver on Ubuntu 21.04

mbtserver is Server extensions for the MBT tagger

How To Install mbuffer on Ubuntu 21.04

mbuffer is tool for buffering data streams

How To Install mbw on Ubuntu 21.04

mbw is memory bandwidth benchmark program

How To Install mc on Ubuntu 21.04

mc is Midnight Commander - a powerful file manager

How To Install mcabber on Ubuntu 21.04

mcabber is small Jabber (XMPP) console client

How To Install mccs on Ubuntu 21.04

mccs is multi-criteria CUDF solver

How To Install mcl on Ubuntu 21.04

mcl is Markov Cluster algorithm

How To Install mcollective on Ubuntu 21.04

mcollective is Marionette Collective clustering framework - server

How To Install mcomix on Ubuntu 21.04

mcomix is GTK+ image viewer for comic books

How To Install mcpdisp on Ubuntu 21.04

mcpdisp is Mackie Control Protocol Display Program.

How To Install mcpp on Ubuntu 21.04

mcpp is Alternative C/C++ preprocessor

How To Install mcron on Ubuntu 21.04

mcron is Guile-based program for running jobs at regular times

How To Install mcrypt on Ubuntu 21.04

mcrypt is Replacement for old unix crypt(1)

How To Install mcstrans on Ubuntu 21.04

mcstrans is SELinux core policy utilities (mcstrans utilities)

How To Install mcu8051ide on Ubuntu 21.04

mcu8051ide is Graphical Integrated Development Environment for 8051

How To Install mdadm on Ubuntu 21.04

mdadm is Tool to administer Linux MD arrays (software RAID)

How To Install mdbtools on Ubuntu 21.04

mdbtools is JET / MS Access database (MDB) tools

How To Install mdetect on Ubuntu 21.04

mdetect is mouse device autodetection tool

How To Install mdevctl on Ubuntu 21.04

mdevctl is Mediated device management utility for Linux

How To Install mdf2iso on Ubuntu 21.04

mdf2iso is simple utility to convert mdf to iso / cue / toc images

How To Install mdfinder.app on Ubuntu 21.04

mdfinder.app is GNUstep Finder and system-wide search system

How To Install mdk on Ubuntu 21.04

mdk is MIX Development Kit

How To Install mdk3 on Ubuntu 21.04

mdk3 is Wireless attack tool for IEEE 802.11 networks

How To Install mdk4 on Ubuntu 21.04

mdk4 is Wireless attack tool for IEEE 802.11 networks

How To Install mdm on Ubuntu 21.04

mdm is Utilities for single-host parallel shell scripting

How To Install mdp on Ubuntu 21.04

mdp is command-line based Markdown presentation tool

How To Install mecab on Ubuntu 21.04

mecab is Japanese morphological analysis system

How To Install mecat2 on Ubuntu 21.04

mecat2 is ultra-fast and accurate de novo assembly tools for SMRT reads

How To Install medcon on Ubuntu 21.04

medcon is Medical Image (DICOM, ECAT, …) conversion tool

How To Install mediaconch on Ubuntu 21.04

mediaconch is implementation and policy checker, reporter and fixer for media files

How To Install mediainfo on Ubuntu 21.04

mediainfo is command-line utility for reading information from audio/video files

How To Install mediathekview on Ubuntu 21.04

mediathekview is view streams from German public television stations

How To Install mediawiki on Ubuntu 21.04

mediawiki is website engine for collaborative work

How To Install mediawiki2latex on Ubuntu 21.04

mediawiki2latex is Loads pages from MediaWiki and converts to LaTeX and PDF

How To Install mediawiki2latexguipyqt on Ubuntu 21.04

mediawiki2latexguipyqt is lightweight GUI for mediawiki2latex

How To Install mednafen on Ubuntu 21.04

mednafen is multi-platform emulator, including NES, GB/A, Lynx, PC Engine

How To Install mednaffe on Ubuntu 21.04

mednaffe is front-end for the Mednafen multi-system emulator

How To Install medusa on Ubuntu 21.04

medusa is fast, parallel, modular, login brute-forcer for network services

How To Install meep on Ubuntu 21.04

meep is software package for FDTD simulation

How To Install megadown on Ubuntu 21.04

megadown is Script for downloading files from mega.nz and megacrypter

How To Install megaglest on Ubuntu 21.04

megaglest is 3D multi-player real time strategy game

How To Install megahit on Ubuntu 21.04

megahit is ultra-fast and memory-efficient meta-genome assembler

How To Install megapixels on Ubuntu 21.04

megapixels is GTK3 camera app for mobile using the V4L2 media request API

How To Install megatools on Ubuntu 21.04

megatools is Command-line client for the Mega cloud storage service

How To Install meld on Ubuntu 21.04

meld is graphical tool to diff and merge files

How To Install melt on Ubuntu 21.04

melt is command line media player and video editor

How To Install melting on Ubuntu 21.04

melting is compute the melting temperature of nucleic acid duplex

How To Install membernator on Ubuntu 21.04

membernator is Tool to scan membership cards to establish if they are valid

How To Install members on Ubuntu 21.04

members is Shows the members of a group; by default, all members

How To Install memcached on Ubuntu 21.04

memcached is High-performance in-memory object caching system

How To Install memdump on Ubuntu 21.04

memdump is utility to dump memory contents to standard output

How To Install memlockd on Ubuntu 21.04

memlockd is daemon to lock files into RAM

How To Install memo on Ubuntu 21.04

memo is unix-style note-taking software

How To Install memstat on Ubuntu 21.04

memstat is Identify what’s using up virtual memory

How To Install memtest86+ on Ubuntu 21.04

memtest86+ is thorough real-mode memory tester

How To Install memtester on Ubuntu 21.04

memtester is Utility for testing the memory subsystem

How To Install memtool on Ubuntu 21.04

memtool is Development tool to modify memory mapped registers

How To Install mencal on Ubuntu 21.04

mencal is menstruation calendar

How To Install mencoder on Ubuntu 21.04

mencoder is MPlayer’s Movie Encoder

How To Install menhir on Ubuntu 21.04

menhir is Parser generator for OCaml

How To Install menu on Ubuntu 21.04

menu is generates programs menu for all menu-aware applications

How To Install menulibre on Ubuntu 21.04

menulibre is advanced FreeDesktop.org compliant menu editor

How To Install mercantile on Ubuntu 21.04

mercantile is Command line utility of mercantile Python package

How To Install mercurial on Ubuntu 21.04

mercurial is easy-to-use, scalable distributed version control system

How To Install mergelog on Ubuntu 21.04

mergelog is utility that merges httpd log files by date

How To Install mergerfs on Ubuntu 21.04

mergerfs is another FUSE union filesystem

How To Install meritous on Ubuntu 21.04

meritous is action-adventure dungeon crawl game

How To Install merkaartor on Ubuntu 21.04

merkaartor is map editor for OpenStreetMap.org

How To Install meryl on Ubuntu 21.04

meryl is in- and out-of-core kmer counting and utilities

How To Install mes on Ubuntu 21.04

mes is Maxwell Equations of Software

How To Install meshlab on Ubuntu 21.04

meshlab is System for processing and editing triangular meshes

How To Install meshs3d on Ubuntu 21.04

meshs3d is OLSR/B.A.T.M.A.N. topology visualizer for s3d

How To Install meson on Ubuntu 21.04

meson is high-productivity build system

How To Install metabat on Ubuntu 21.04

metabat is robust statistical framework for reconstructing genomes from metagenomic data

How To Install metacam on Ubuntu 21.04

metacam is extract EXIF information from digital camera files

How To Install metacity on Ubuntu 21.04

metacity is lightweight GTK+ window manager

How To Install metamath on Ubuntu 21.04

metamath is Language for mathematical proofs

How To Install metamonger on Ubuntu 21.04

metamonger is Save, diff, and restore filesystem metadata

How To Install metaphlan2 on Ubuntu 21.04

metaphlan2 is Metagenomic Phylogenetic Analysis

How To Install metapixel on Ubuntu 21.04

metapixel is generator for photomosaics

How To Install metar on Ubuntu 21.04

metar is utility to download/decode METAR reports

How To Install metastore on Ubuntu 21.04

metastore is Store and restore metadata from a filesystem

How To Install metastudent on Ubuntu 21.04

metastudent is predictor of Gene Ontology terms from protein sequence

How To Install metche on Ubuntu 21.04

metche is configuration monitor to ease collective administration

How To Install meterbridge on Ubuntu 21.04

meterbridge is Collection of Audio meters for the JACK audio server

How To Install meterec on Ubuntu 21.04

meterec is minimalistic multi track recorder

How To Install metis on Ubuntu 21.04

metis is Serial Graph Partitioning and Fill-reducing Matrix Ordering. Binaries

How To Install metview on Ubuntu 21.04

metview is Interactive data visualization and analysis environment,

How To Install mew on Ubuntu 21.04

mew is mail reader supporting PGP/MIME for Emacs

How To Install mfcuk on Ubuntu 21.04

mfcuk is MiFare Classic Universal toolKit

How To Install mfoc on Ubuntu 21.04

mfoc is MIFARE Classic offline cracker

How To Install mftrace on Ubuntu 21.04

mftrace is Converts Metafont fonts into Type1 fonts

How To Install mg on Ubuntu 21.04

mg is microscopic GNU Emacs-style editor

How To Install mgdiff on Ubuntu 21.04

mgdiff is xdiff clone

How To Install mgen on Ubuntu 21.04

mgen is packet generator for IP network performance tests

How To Install mgetty on Ubuntu 21.04

mgetty is Smart Modem getty replacement

How To Install mgitstatus on Ubuntu 21.04

mgitstatus is Show status of multiple Git repositories

How To Install mgp on Ubuntu 21.04

mgp is MagicPoint — an X11-based presentation tool

How To Install mgt on Ubuntu 21.04

mgt is game record display/editor for the oriental game of go

How To Install mhap on Ubuntu 21.04

mhap is locality-sensitive hashing to detect long-read overlaps

How To Install mhc on Ubuntu 21.04

mhc is schedule management tool for Emacs

How To Install mhddfs on Ubuntu 21.04

mhddfs is file system for unifying several mount points into one

How To Install mhonarc on Ubuntu 21.04

mhonarc is Mail to HTML converter

How To Install mhwaveedit on Ubuntu 21.04

mhwaveedit is Simple and fast GTK2 sound editor

How To Install mi2svg on Ubuntu 21.04

mi2svg is tool for creating svg presentations of Mapinfo mif/mid maps

How To Install mialmpick on Ubuntu 21.04

mialmpick is Tools for landmark picking in 3D volume data sets

How To Install miceamaze on Ubuntu 21.04

miceamaze is video game with mice in a maze

How To Install micro on Ubuntu 21.04

micro is modern and intuitive terminal-based text editor

How To Install microbegps on Ubuntu 21.04

microbegps is explorative taxonomic profiling tool for metagenomic data

How To Install microbiomeutil on Ubuntu 21.04

microbiomeutil is Microbiome Analysis Utilities

How To Install microcode.ctl on Ubuntu 21.04

microcode.ctl is Intel IA32/IA64 CPU Microcode Utility (transitional package)

How To Install microcom on Ubuntu 21.04

microcom is minimalistic terminal program

How To Install microdc2 on Ubuntu 21.04

microdc2 is command-line based Direct Connect client

How To Install microhope on Ubuntu 21.04

microhope is hardware & software framework to learn microcontrollers

How To Install micropolis on Ubuntu 21.04

micropolis is real-time city management simulator

How To Install micropython on Ubuntu 21.04

micropython is Unix/Linux port of MicroPython for board-independent use on the host

How To Install microsocks on Ubuntu 21.04

microsocks is multithreaded, small, efficient SOCKS5 server.

How To Install midge on Ubuntu 21.04

midge is A text to MIDI program

How To Install midicsv on Ubuntu 21.04

midicsv is translate MIDI file to CSV

How To Install midish on Ubuntu 21.04

midish is shell-like MIDI sequencer/filter

How To Install midisnoop on Ubuntu 21.04

midisnoop is MIDI monitor and prober

How To Install midori on Ubuntu 21.04

midori is fast, lightweight graphical web browser

How To Install mighttpd2 on Ubuntu 21.04

mighttpd2 is classical web server on WAI/warp

How To Install migrationtools on Ubuntu 21.04

migrationtools is Migration scripts for LDAP

How To Install mikmod on Ubuntu 21.04

mikmod is Portable tracked music player

How To Install mikutter on Ubuntu 21.04

mikutter is plugin-extensible Twitter client

How To Install milkytracker on Ubuntu 21.04

milkytracker is music creation tool inspired by Fast Tracker 2

How To Install miller on Ubuntu 21.04

miller is name-indexed data processing tool

How To Install milou on Ubuntu 21.04

milou is Dedicated search plasmoid

How To Install miltertest on Ubuntu 21.04

miltertest is utility for testing milter applications

How To Install mimedefang on Ubuntu 21.04

mimedefang is e-mail filter program for sendmail

How To Install mimefilter on Ubuntu 21.04

mimefilter is Strips some unwanted MIME parts out of a MIME message

How To Install mimetex on Ubuntu 21.04

mimetex is LaTeX math expressions to anti-aliased GIF images converter

How To Install mina on Ubuntu 21.04

mina is deployer and server automation tool

How To Install minbif on Ubuntu 21.04

minbif is IRC-to-other-IM-networks gateway using Pidgin library

How To Install minder on Ubuntu 21.04

minder is Mind-mapping application

How To Install mindthegap on Ubuntu 21.04

mindthegap is performs detection and assembly of DNA insertion variants in NGS read datasets

How To Install minetest on Ubuntu 21.04

minetest is Multiplayer infinite-world block sandbox

How To Install minetestmapper on Ubuntu 21.04

minetestmapper is map generator from minetest worlds

How To Install minexpert2 on Ubuntu 21.04

minexpert2 is MS^n mass spectrometric data visualization and mining (runtime)

How To Install mingetty on Ubuntu 21.04

mingetty is Console-only getty

How To Install minia on Ubuntu 21.04

minia is short-read biological sequence assembler

How To Install miniasm on Ubuntu 21.04

miniasm is ultrafast de novo assembler for long noisy DNA sequencing reads

How To Install minica on Ubuntu 21.04

minica is super micro binary to issue new CAs

How To Install minicom on Ubuntu 21.04

minicom is Friendly menu driven serial communication program

How To Install minicoredumper on Ubuntu 21.04

minicoredumper is generate minimal and customized core dump files on Linux

How To Install minidjvu on Ubuntu 21.04

minidjvu is Monochrome DjVu multipage encoder, single page encoder/decoder

How To Install minidlna on Ubuntu 21.04

minidlna is lightweight DLNA/UPnP-AV server targeted at embedded systems

How To Install minify on Ubuntu 21.04

minify is CLI implementation of the Go minify library package

How To Install minigalaxy on Ubuntu 21.04

minigalaxy is Simple GOG Linux client

How To Install minilla on Ubuntu 21.04

minilla is CPAN module authoring tool

How To Install minilzip on Ubuntu 21.04

minilzip is minified, lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm

How To Install minimac4 on Ubuntu 21.04

minimac4 is Fast Imputation Based on State Space Reduction HMM

How To Install minimap on Ubuntu 21.04

minimap is tool for approximate mapping of long biosequences such as DNA reads

How To Install minimap2 on Ubuntu 21.04

minimap2 is versatile pairwise aligner for genomic and spliced nucleotide sequences

How To Install minimodem on Ubuntu 21.04

minimodem is general-purpose software audio FSK modem

How To Install mininet on Ubuntu 21.04

mininet is process-based network emulator

How To Install minisapserver on Ubuntu 21.04

minisapserver is Mini SAP Server

How To Install minisat on Ubuntu 21.04

minisat is Fast and lightweight SAT solver

How To Install minisat+ on Ubuntu 21.04

minisat+ is solver for pseudo-Boolean constraints

How To Install minisat2 on Ubuntu 21.04

minisat2 is Transitional package for minisat

How To Install minissdpd on Ubuntu 21.04

minissdpd is keep memory of all UPnP devices that announced themselves

How To Install ministat on Ubuntu 21.04

ministat is simple tool for statistical comparison of data sets

How To Install ministocks on Ubuntu 21.04

ministocks is minimalistic QT stock ticker for Linux

How To Install minitube on Ubuntu 21.04

minitube is Native YouTube client

How To Install miniupnpc on Ubuntu 21.04

miniupnpc is UPnP IGD client lightweight library client

How To Install miniupnpd on Ubuntu 21.04

miniupnpd is UPnP and NAT-PMP daemon for gateway routers

How To Install minizinc on Ubuntu 21.04

minizinc is constraint modelling language and tool chain

How To Install minizip on Ubuntu 21.04

minizip is compression library - minizip tools

How To Install minlog on Ubuntu 21.04

minlog is Proof assistant based on first order natural deduction calculus

How To Install minuet on Ubuntu 21.04

minuet is KDE Software for Music Education

How To Install mipe on Ubuntu 21.04

mipe is Tools to store PCR-derived data

How To Install mirage on Ubuntu 21.04

mirage is fast and simple GTK+ image viewer

How To Install miredo on Ubuntu 21.04

miredo is Teredo IPv6 tunneling through NATs

How To Install mirmon on Ubuntu 21.04

mirmon is monitor the state of mirrors

How To Install mirrorkit on Ubuntu 21.04

mirrorkit is Python frontend to debmirror

How To Install mirrormagic on Ubuntu 21.04

mirrormagic is Shoot around obstacles to collect energy using your beam.

How To Install mirtop on Ubuntu 21.04

mirtop is annotate miRNAs with a standard mirna/isomir naming

How To Install miscfiles on Ubuntu 21.04

miscfiles is Dictionaries and other interesting files

How To Install misery on Ubuntu 21.04

misery is Simple accounting package for groups, clubs, holidays

How To Install missfits on Ubuntu 21.04

missfits is Basic maintenance and packaging tasks on FITS files

How To Install missidentify on Ubuntu 21.04

missidentify is find win32 applications

How To Install mitmproxy on Ubuntu 21.04

mitmproxy is SSL-capable man-in-the-middle HTTP proxy

How To Install mitools on Ubuntu 21.04

mitools is view, convert and perform basic maths with medical image datasets

How To Install miwm on Ubuntu 21.04

miwm is minimalist window manager with virtual workspaces

How To Install mixer.app on Ubuntu 21.04

mixer.app is Another mixer application designed for WindowMaker

How To Install mixxx on Ubuntu 21.04

mixxx is Digital Disc Jockey Interface

How To Install mjpegtools on Ubuntu 21.04

mjpegtools is MJPEG capture/editing/replay and MPEG encoding toolset

How To Install mkalias on Ubuntu 21.04

mkalias is Bash alias management to facilitate alias creation

How To Install mkbootimg on Ubuntu 21.04

mkbootimg is Creates Android boot images

How To Install mkchromecast on Ubuntu 21.04

mkchromecast is Cast your Linux audio or video to your Google Cast devices

How To Install mkcue on Ubuntu 21.04

mkcue is Generates a CUE sheet from a CD

How To Install mkdepend on Ubuntu 21.04

mkdepend is generate Makefile dependency lists from source files

How To Install mkdocs on Ubuntu 21.04

mkdocs is Static site generator geared towards building project documentation

How To Install mkelfimage on Ubuntu 21.04

mkelfimage is utility to create ELF boot images from Linux kernel images

How To Install mkgmap on Ubuntu 21.04

mkgmap is Generate Garmin maps from OpenStreetMap data

How To Install mkgmapgui on Ubuntu 21.04

mkgmapgui is Graphical User Interface for mkgmap

How To Install mklibs on Ubuntu 21.04

mklibs is Shared library reduction script

How To Install mknfonts.tool on Ubuntu 21.04

mknfonts.tool is Create nfont packages for GNUstep

How To Install mkosi on Ubuntu 21.04

mkosi is create legacy-free OS images

How To Install mksh on Ubuntu 21.04

mksh is MirBSD Korn Shell

How To Install mktorrent on Ubuntu 21.04

mktorrent is simple command line utility to create BitTorrent metainfo files

How To Install mkvtoolnix on Ubuntu 21.04

mkvtoolnix is Set of command-line tools to work with Matroska files

How To Install mlbstreamer on Ubuntu 21.04

mlbstreamer is Interface to the MLB.TV media offering

How To Install mle on Ubuntu 21.04

mle is flexible terminal-based editor

How To Install mlmmj on Ubuntu 21.04

mlmmj is mail server independent mailing list manager

How To Install mlocate on Ubuntu 21.04

mlocate is quickly find files on the filesystem based on their name

How To Install mlock on Ubuntu 21.04

mlock is mailbox locking program

How To Install mlpost on Ubuntu 21.04

mlpost is OCaml interface to Metapost (command-line tool)

How To Install mlterm on Ubuntu 21.04

mlterm is MultiLingual TERMinal

How To Install mlucas on Ubuntu 21.04

mlucas is program to perform Lucas-Lehmer test on a Mersenne number

How To Install mm3d on Ubuntu 21.04

mm3d is OpenGL based 3D model editor

How To Install mma on Ubuntu 21.04

mma is Musical MIDI Accompaniment Generator

How To Install mmake on Ubuntu 21.04

mmake is Makefile generator for Java programs

How To Install mmb on Ubuntu 21.04

mmb is model the structure and dynamics of macromolecules

How To Install mmdebstrap on Ubuntu 21.04

mmdebstrap is create a Debian chroot

How To Install mmh on Ubuntu 21.04

mmh is set of electronic mail handling programs

How To Install mmmulti on Ubuntu 21.04

mmmulti is memory backed multimap

How To Install mmorph on Ubuntu 21.04

mmorph is two-level morphology tool for natural language processing

How To Install mmseqs2 on Ubuntu 21.04

mmseqs2 is ultra fast and sensitive protein search and clustering

How To Install mmv on Ubuntu 21.04

mmv is Move/Copy/Append/Link multiple files

How To Install mnemosyne on Ubuntu 21.04

mnemosyne is spaced repetition flash-card program

How To Install moarvm on Ubuntu 21.04

moarvm is virtual machine for Rakudo Perl 6 and NQP

How To Install moc on Ubuntu 21.04

moc is ncurses based console audio player

How To Install mocassin on Ubuntu 21.04

mocassin is MOnte CArlo SimulationS of Ionised Nebulae

How To Install mocha on Ubuntu 21.04

mocha is simple, flexible, fun test framework - Node.js module

How To Install mockery on Ubuntu 21.04

mockery is mock code autogenerator for Golang

How To Install mockgen on Ubuntu 21.04

mockgen is mocking framework for the Go programming language - mockgen

How To Install modemmanager on Ubuntu 21.04

modemmanager is D-Bus service for managing modems

How To Install modernize on Ubuntu 21.04

modernize is Modernizes Python code for eventual Python 3 migration

How To Install mokomaze on Ubuntu 21.04

mokomaze is Ball in labyrinth game for the OpenMoko FreeRunner

How To Install mokutil on Ubuntu 21.04

mokutil is tools for manipulating machine owner keys

How To Install mom on Ubuntu 21.04

mom is Dynamically manage system resources on virtualization hosts

How To Install mon on Ubuntu 21.04

mon is monitor hosts/services/whatever and alert about problems

How To Install mona on Ubuntu 21.04

mona is theorem prover based on automata

How To Install monero on Ubuntu 21.04

monero is cryptocoin client for Monero network - daemon and tools

How To Install mongoose on Ubuntu 21.04

mongoose is graph partitioning tool that can quickly compute edge cuts (executable)

How To Install monit on Ubuntu 21.04

monit is utility for monitoring and managing daemons or similar programs

How To Install monitorix on Ubuntu 21.04

monitorix is lightweight system monitoring tool

How To Install monkeysphere on Ubuntu 21.04

monkeysphere is leverage the OpenPGP web of trust for SSH and TLS authentication

How To Install monobristol on Ubuntu 21.04

monobristol is simple GUI for Bristol

How To Install monopd on Ubuntu 21.04

monopd is Monopoly game network server

How To Install monsterz on Ubuntu 21.04

monsterz is arcade puzzle game

How To Install montage on Ubuntu 21.04

montage is Toolkit for assembling FITS images into mosaics

How To Install monteverdi on Ubuntu 21.04

monteverdi is ORFEO Toolbox image processing GUI

How To Install mopidy on Ubuntu 21.04

mopidy is extensible music server

How To Install morbig on Ubuntu 21.04

morbig is Parser for POSIX shell scripts

How To Install moreutils on Ubuntu 21.04

moreutils is additional Unix utilities

How To Install moria on Ubuntu 21.04

moria is Rogue-like game with an infinite dungeon, also known as umoria

How To Install morla on Ubuntu 21.04

morla is GTK+ RDF editor

How To Install morris on Ubuntu 21.04

morris is Nine men’s morris game

How To Install morse on Ubuntu 21.04

morse is training program about morse-code for aspiring radio hams

How To Install morse2ascii on Ubuntu 21.04

morse2ascii is tool for decoding the morse codes from a PCM WAV file

How To Install morsegen on Ubuntu 21.04

morsegen is convert text file to ASCII morse code

How To Install morty on Ubuntu 21.04

morty is Privacy aware web content sanitizer proxy as a service

How To Install mosdepth on Ubuntu 21.04

mosdepth is BAM/CRAM depth calculation biological sequencing

How To Install moserial on Ubuntu 21.04

moserial is Gtk-based serial terminal for the GNOME desktop

How To Install mosh on Ubuntu 21.04

mosh is Mobile shell that supports roaming and intelligent local echo

How To Install mosquitto on Ubuntu 21.04

mosquitto is MQTT version 5.0/3.1.1/3.1 compatible message broker

How To Install most on Ubuntu 21.04

most is Pager program similar to more and less

How To Install mothur on Ubuntu 21.04

mothur is sequence analysis suite for research on microbiota

How To Install motion on Ubuntu 21.04

motion is V4L capture program supporting motion detection

How To Install mount on Ubuntu 21.04

mount is tools for mounting and manipulating filesystems

How To Install mountpy on Ubuntu 21.04

mountpy is script for quick mounting of removable devices

How To Install mousepad on Ubuntu 21.04

mousepad is simple Xfce oriented text editor

How To Install mousetrap on Ubuntu 21.04

mousetrap is Simple game of ball chasing

How To Install mousetweaks on Ubuntu 21.04

mousetweaks is mouse accessibility enhancements for the GNOME desktop

How To Install movim on Ubuntu 21.04

movim is decentralised social network fully based on XMPP

How To Install mozo on Ubuntu 21.04

mozo is easy MATE menu editing tool

How To Install mp3blaster on Ubuntu 21.04

mp3blaster is Full-screen console mp3 and Ogg Vorbis player

How To Install mp3burn on Ubuntu 21.04

mp3burn is burn audio CDs directly from MP3, Ogg Vorbis, or FLAC files

How To Install mp3cd on Ubuntu 21.04

mp3cd is Burns normalized audio CDs from lists of MP3s/WAVs/Oggs/FLACs

How To Install mp3check on Ubuntu 21.04

mp3check is tool to check mp3 files for consistency

How To Install mp3diags on Ubuntu 21.04

mp3diags is find issues in MP3 files and help to solve them

How To Install mp3fs on Ubuntu 21.04

mp3fs is FUSE filesystem for transcoding FLAC to MP3 on the fly

How To Install mp3gain on Ubuntu 21.04

mp3gain is Lossless mp3 normalizer with statistical analysis

How To Install mp3guessenc on Ubuntu 21.04

mp3guessenc is Utility for analysis of audio mpeg files

How To Install mp3info on Ubuntu 21.04

mp3info is An MP3 technical info viewer and ID3 1.x tag editor

How To Install mp3rename on Ubuntu 21.04

mp3rename is Rename mp3 files based on id3tags

How To Install mp3report on Ubuntu 21.04

mp3report is Script to create an HTML report of MP3 files in a directory

How To Install mp3roaster on Ubuntu 21.04

mp3roaster is Perl hack for burning audio CDs out of MP3/OGG/FLAC/WAV files

How To Install mp3splt on Ubuntu 21.04

mp3splt is split MP3, Ogg Vorbis, or FLAC files without re-encoding

How To Install mp3val on Ubuntu 21.04

mp3val is program for MPEG audio stream validation

How To Install mp3wrap on Ubuntu 21.04

mp3wrap is Utility for MP3 wrapping (rolling multiple MP3s into one)

How To Install mp4h on Ubuntu 21.04

mp4h is Macro processor for HTML documents

How To Install mpack on Ubuntu 21.04

mpack is tools for encoding/decoding MIME messages

How To Install mpb on Ubuntu 21.04

mpb is MIT Photonic-Bands

How To Install mpc on Ubuntu 21.04

mpc is command-line tool to interface MPD

How To Install mpc123 on Ubuntu 21.04

mpc123 is command-line Musepack audio player

How To Install mpd on Ubuntu 21.04

mpd is Music Player Daemon

How To Install mpdas on Ubuntu 21.04

mpdas is AudioScrobbler client for MPD

How To Install mpdcon.app on Ubuntu 21.04

mpdcon.app is MPD controller for GNUstep

How To Install mpdcron on Ubuntu 21.04

mpdcron is add scrobbler, rating, play counts and other functionalities to MPD

How To Install mpdris2 on Ubuntu 21.04

mpdris2 is media player interface (MPRIS2) bridge for MPD

How To Install mpdscribble on Ubuntu 21.04

mpdscribble is Last.fm reporting client for mpd

How To Install mpdtoys on Ubuntu 21.04

mpdtoys is small command line tools and toys for MPD

How To Install mpeg2dec on Ubuntu 21.04

mpeg2dec is Simple libmpeg2 video decoder application

How To Install mpegdemux on Ubuntu 21.04

mpegdemux is MPEG1/2 system stream demultiplexer

How To Install mpg123 on Ubuntu 21.04

mpg123 is MPEG layer 1/2/3 audio player

How To Install mpg321 on Ubuntu 21.04

mpg321 is Simple and lightweight command line MP3 player

How To Install mpglen on Ubuntu 21.04

mpglen is scan through a MPEG file and count the number of GOPs and frames

How To Install mpgrafic on Ubuntu 21.04

mpgrafic is MPI version of N-body initial conditions grafic package

How To Install mpgtx on Ubuntu 21.04

mpgtx is toolbox to manipulate MPEG files (video, system, and audio)

How To Install mpich on Ubuntu 21.04

mpich is Implementation of the MPI Message Passing Interface standard

How To Install mplayer on Ubuntu 21.04

mplayer is movie player for Unix-like systems

How To Install mplinuxman on Ubuntu 21.04

mplinuxman is mp3 player manager for mpman F50/F60

How To Install mplrs on Ubuntu 21.04

mplrs is package to enumerate vertices and extreme rays of a convex polyhedron (parallel binary)

How To Install mpop on Ubuntu 21.04

mpop is POP3 mail retriever

How To Install mppenc on Ubuntu 21.04

mppenc is Musepack lossy audio codec encoder

How To Install mpqc on Ubuntu 21.04

mpqc is Massively Parallel Quantum Chemistry Program

How To Install mpsolve on Ubuntu 21.04

mpsolve is Multiprecision polynomial solver (command line version)

How To Install mptp on Ubuntu 21.04

mptp is single-locus species delimitation

How To Install mpv on Ubuntu 21.04

mpv is video player based on MPlayer/mplayer2

How To Install mrb on Ubuntu 21.04

mrb is Manage incremental data snapshots with make/rsync

How To Install mrbayes on Ubuntu 21.04

mrbayes is Bayesian Inference of Phylogeny

How To Install mrboom on Ubuntu 21.04

mrboom is 8 player Bomberman

How To Install mrc on Ubuntu 21.04

mrc is resource compiler to store data in ELF object files

How To Install mrename on Ubuntu 21.04

mrename is tool for easy and automatic renaming of many files

How To Install mriconvert on Ubuntu 21.04

mriconvert is medical image file conversion utility

How To Install mricron on Ubuntu 21.04

mricron is magnetic resonance image conversion, viewing and analysis

How To Install mrrescue on Ubuntu 21.04

mrrescue is Mr Rescue is an arcade 2d action game

How To Install mrtdreader on Ubuntu 21.04

mrtdreader is Reader for machine-readable travel documents (MRTDs / passports)

How To Install mrtg on Ubuntu 21.04

mrtg is multi router traffic grapher

How To Install mrtgutils on Ubuntu 21.04

mrtgutils is Utilities to generate statistics for mrtg

How To Install mrtparse on Ubuntu 21.04

mrtparse is read and analyze the MRT format data (utilities)

How To Install mrtrix3 on Ubuntu 21.04

mrtrix3 is diffusion-weighted MRI white matter tractography

How To Install mruby on Ubuntu 21.04

mruby is lightweight implementation of the Ruby language

How To Install mscgen on Ubuntu 21.04

mscgen is Message Sequence Chart (MSC) generator

How To Install mscompress on Ubuntu 21.04

mscompress is Microsoft “compress.exe/expand.exe” compatible (de)compressor

How To Install mseed2sac on Ubuntu 21.04

mseed2sac is Convert MiniSEED time series data to SAC

How To Install msgp on Ubuntu 21.04

msgp is Go code generator for MessagePack

How To Install msitools on Ubuntu 21.04

msitools is Windows Installer file manipulation tool

How To Install msktutil on Ubuntu 21.04

msktutil is Utility for interoperability with Active Directory

How To Install msmtp on Ubuntu 21.04

msmtp is light SMTP client with support for server profiles

How To Install msort on Ubuntu 21.04

msort is utility for sorting records in complex ways

How To Install msp430mcu on Ubuntu 21.04

msp430mcu is Spec files, headers and linker scripts for TI’s MSP430 targets

How To Install mspdebug on Ubuntu 21.04

mspdebug is debugging tool for MSP430 microcontrollers

How To Install mssh on Ubuntu 21.04

mssh is tool to administrate multiple servers at once

How To Install mssstest on Ubuntu 21.04

mssstest is Normalisation of disease scores for patients with Multiple Sclerosis

How To Install mstflint on Ubuntu 21.04

mstflint is Mellanox firmware burning application and diagnostics tools

How To Install mswatch on Ubuntu 21.04

mswatch is watch mailstores for changes and initiate mailbox syncs - client tools

How To Install msxpertsuite on Ubuntu 21.04

msxpertsuite is mass spectrometry software suite - metapackage

How To Install mtail on Ubuntu 21.04

mtail is Extract monitoring data from logs for collection in a timeseries database

How To Install mtink on Ubuntu 21.04

mtink is Status monitor tool for Epson inkjet printers

How To Install mtkbabel on Ubuntu 21.04

mtkbabel is Tool for managing i-Blue 747 and compatible GPS data loggers

How To Install mtools on Ubuntu 21.04

mtools is Tools for manipulating MSDOS files

How To Install mtpaint on Ubuntu 21.04

mtpaint is painting program to create pixel art and manipulate digital photos

How To Install mtpolicyd on Ubuntu 21.04

mtpolicyd is modular policy daemon for postfix

How To Install mtr on Ubuntu 21.04

mtr is Full screen ncurses and X11 traceroute tool

How To Install mtx on Ubuntu 21.04

mtx is controls autoloaders and tape libraries

How To Install mu4e on Ubuntu 21.04

mu4e is e-mail client for Emacs based on mu (maildir-utils)

How To Install muchsync on Ubuntu 21.04

muchsync is synchronize maildirs and notmuch databases

How To Install mudita24 on Ubuntu 21.04

mudita24 is ALSA GUI control tool for Envy24 (ice1712) soundcards

How To Install mueval on Ubuntu 21.04

mueval is Safely evaluate pure Haskell expressions - executables

How To Install muffin on Ubuntu 21.04

muffin is lightweight window and compositing manager

How To Install mugshot on Ubuntu 21.04

mugshot is lightweight user-configuration application

How To Install mujs on Ubuntu 21.04

mujs is Lightweight JavaScript interpreter

How To Install multiboot on Ubuntu 21.04

multiboot is The Multiboot specification

How To Install multicat on Ubuntu 21.04

multicat is Set of tools for multicast and transport stream manipulation

How To Install multimail on Ubuntu 21.04

multimail is Offline reader for Blue Wave, QWK, OMEN and SOUP

How To Install multimon on Ubuntu 21.04

multimon is Linux Radio Transmission Decoder

How To Install multiplex on Ubuntu 21.04

multiplex is View output of multiple processes, in parallel - executable

How To Install multiqc on Ubuntu 21.04

multiqc is output integration for RNA sequencing across tools and samples

How To Install multistrap on Ubuntu 21.04

multistrap is multiple repository bootstrap based on apt

How To Install multitail on Ubuntu 21.04

multitail is view multiple logfiles windowed on console

How To Install multitee on Ubuntu 21.04

multitee is send multiple inputs to multiple outputs

How To Install multitime on Ubuntu 21.04

multitime is time-like tool which does multiple runs

How To Install multiwatch on Ubuntu 21.04

multiwatch is Forks and watches multiple instances of a program

How To Install mumble on Ubuntu 21.04

mumble is Low latency encrypted VoIP client

How To Install mummer on Ubuntu 21.04

mummer is Efficient sequence alignment of full genomes

How To Install mumudvb on Ubuntu 21.04

mumudvb is multicasts all channels of a DVB transponder on a network

How To Install munge on Ubuntu 21.04

munge is authentication service to create and validate credentials

How To Install munin on Ubuntu 21.04

munin is network-wide graphing framework (grapher/gatherer)

How To Install munipack on Ubuntu 21.04

munipack is Astronomical photometry software package

How To Install muon on Ubuntu 21.04

muon is graphical package manager

How To Install mupdf on Ubuntu 21.04

mupdf is lightweight PDF viewer

How To Install murasaki on Ubuntu 21.04

murasaki is homology detection tool across multiple large genomes

How To Install muroard on Ubuntu 21.04

muroard is minimalist RoarAudio sound daemon

How To Install muscle on Ubuntu 21.04

muscle is Multiple alignment program of protein sequences

How To Install muse on Ubuntu 21.04

muse is Qt-based audio/MIDI sequencer

How To Install musescore on Ubuntu 21.04

musescore is cross-platform multi-lingual music composition and notation, v2

How To Install musescore3 on Ubuntu 21.04

musescore3 is cross-platform multi-lingual music composition and notation, v3

How To Install music123 on Ubuntu 21.04

music123 is Command-line shell for sound-file players

How To Install musl on Ubuntu 21.04

musl is standard C library

How To Install mussh on Ubuntu 21.04

mussh is MUltihost SSH Wrapper

How To Install mussort on Ubuntu 21.04

mussort is simple tool that sorts a music collection

How To Install mustang on Ubuntu 21.04

mustang is multiple structural alignment of proteins

How To Install mutextrace on Ubuntu 21.04

mutextrace is Lock debugging tool

How To Install mutrace on Ubuntu 21.04

mutrace is mutex and realtime memory allocation profiling tools

How To Install mutt on Ubuntu 21.04

mutt is text-based mailreader supporting MIME, GPG, PGP and threading

How To Install muttdown on Ubuntu 21.04

muttdown is Compiles annotated text mail into html using the Markdown standard

How To Install mutter on Ubuntu 21.04

mutter is Example window manager using GNOME’s window manager library

How To Install muttprint on Ubuntu 21.04

muttprint is Pretty printing of mails

How To Install muttprofile on Ubuntu 21.04

muttprofile is utility to choose profiles in Mutt

How To Install mwaw2epub on Ubuntu 21.04

mwaw2epub is old Mac formats to EPUB converter

How To Install mwaw2odf on Ubuntu 21.04

mwaw2odf is old Mac formats to OpenDocument converter

How To Install mwc on Ubuntu 21.04

mwc is Powerful website-tracking tool

How To Install mwic on Ubuntu 21.04

mwic is spell-checker to find misspellings and to show their contexts

How To Install mwm on Ubuntu 21.04

mwm is Motif Window Manager

How To Install mwrap on Ubuntu 21.04

mwrap is Octave/MATLAB mex generator

How To Install mx44 on Ubuntu 21.04

mx44 is polyphonic, multichannel midi realtime software synthesizer

How To Install mycli on Ubuntu 21.04

mycli is CLI for MySQL/MariaDB with auto-completion and syntax highlighting

How To Install mydumper on Ubuntu 21.04

mydumper is High-performance MySQL backup tool

How To Install mylvmbackup on Ubuntu 21.04

mylvmbackup is quickly creating backups of MySQL server’s data files

How To Install mypager on Ubuntu 21.04

mypager is pager for MySQL/PostgreSQL command line clients

How To Install mypaint on Ubuntu 21.04

mypaint is paint program for use with graphics tablets

How To Install myproxy on Ubuntu 21.04

myproxy is Credential Management Service Client

How To Install mypy on Ubuntu 21.04

mypy is optional static typing for Python

How To Install myrepos on Ubuntu 21.04

myrepos is tool to manage all your version control repos

How To Install myrescue on Ubuntu 21.04

myrescue is rescue data from damaged disks

How To Install mysecureshell on Ubuntu 21.04

mysecureshell is SFTP Server with ACL

How To Install mysqltcl on Ubuntu 21.04

mysqltcl is interface to the MySQL database for the Tcl language

How To Install mysqltuner on Ubuntu 21.04

mysqltuner is high-performance MySQL tuning script

How To Install mysqmail on Ubuntu 21.04

mysqmail is real-time logging system in MySQL

How To Install mystiq on Ubuntu 21.04

mystiq is Powerful FFmpeg GUI front-end based on Qt5 and written in C++

How To Install mytharchive on Ubuntu 21.04

mytharchive is create and burn DVD’s from MythTV - binary file

How To Install mythbrowser on Ubuntu 21.04

mythbrowser is Web browser plugin for MythTV

How To Install mythexport on Ubuntu 21.04

mythexport is Export MythTV recording to portable media players

How To Install mythgame on Ubuntu 21.04

mythgame is Emulator & PC Game frontend module for MythTV

How To Install mythimport on Ubuntu 21.04

mythimport is Import On The Go recordings from MythExport

How To Install mythmusic on Ubuntu 21.04

mythmusic is Music add-on module for MythTV

How To Install mythnews on Ubuntu 21.04

mythnews is RSS feed news reader module for MythTV

How To Install mythplugins on Ubuntu 21.04

mythplugins is Metapackage package for MythTV plugins

How To Install mythtv on Ubuntu 21.04

mythtv is Personal video recorder application (client and server)

How To Install mythweather on Ubuntu 21.04

mythweather is Weather add-on module for MythTV

How To Install mythweb on Ubuntu 21.04

mythweb is Web interface add-on module for MythTV

How To Install mythzoneminder on Ubuntu 21.04

mythzoneminder is view status and display footage recorded with zoneminder

How To Install mytop on Ubuntu 21.04

mytop is top like query monitor for MySQL

How To Install mz on Ubuntu 21.04

mz is versatile packet creation and network traffic generation tool

How To Install mzclient on Ubuntu 21.04

mzclient is CLI library for multicast DNS service discovery (commandline tool)

How To Install n2n on Ubuntu 21.04

n2n is Peer-to-Peer VPN network daemon

How To Install nabi on Ubuntu 21.04

nabi is Korean X input method server plus imhangul status monitor

How To Install nadoka on Ubuntu 21.04

nadoka is IRC logger, monitor and proxy program (“bot”) in Ruby

How To Install naev on Ubuntu 21.04

naev is 2D action/rpg space game

How To Install nagcon on Ubuntu 21.04

nagcon is console application interfacing to Nagios

How To Install nageru on Ubuntu 21.04

nageru is modern free software video mixer

How To Install nagios4 on Ubuntu 21.04

nagios4 is host/service/network monitoring and management system

How To Install nagstamon on Ubuntu 21.04

nagstamon is Nagios status monitor which takes place in systray or on desktop

How To Install nagvis on Ubuntu 21.04

nagvis is visualization addon for Nagios or Icinga

How To Install nagzilla on Ubuntu 21.04

nagzilla is jabber relay bot

How To Install nailgun on Ubuntu 21.04

nailgun is client, protocol, and server for running Java programs from CLI

How To Install nam on Ubuntu 21.04

nam is Network Animator for network simulation

How To Install nama on Ubuntu 21.04

nama is Ecasound-based multitrack recorder/mixer

How To Install namazu2 on Ubuntu 21.04

namazu2 is full text search engine - binary and CGI script

How To Install namecheap on Ubuntu 21.04

namecheap is API command line client for DNS provider Namecheap (Python 3)

How To Install nano on Ubuntu 21.04

nano is small, friendly text editor inspired by Pico

How To Install nanoc on Ubuntu 21.04

nanoc is static site generator written in Ruby

How To Install nanofilt on Ubuntu 21.04

nanofilt is filtering and trimming of long read sequencing data

How To Install nanolyse on Ubuntu 21.04

nanolyse is remove lambda phage reads from a fastq file

How To Install nanook on Ubuntu 21.04

nanook is pre- and post-alignment analysis of nanopore sequencing data

How To Install nanopb on Ubuntu 21.04

nanopb is Protocol Buffers with small code size

How To Install nanopolish on Ubuntu 21.04

nanopolish is consensus caller for nanopore sequencing data

How To Install nanostat on Ubuntu 21.04

nanostat is statistics on long biological sequences

How To Install nanosv on Ubuntu 21.04

nanosv is structural variant caller for nanopore data

How To Install nant on Ubuntu 21.04

nant is build tool similar to Ant

How To Install nas on Ubuntu 21.04

nas is Network Audio System - local server

How To Install nasm on Ubuntu 21.04

nasm is General-purpose x86 assembler

How To Install nast on Ubuntu 21.04

nast is packet sniffer and lan analyzer

How To Install nastran on Ubuntu 21.04

nastran is NASA Structural Analysis System

How To Install nasty on Ubuntu 21.04

nasty is tool which helps you to recover your GPG passphrase

How To Install natbraille on Ubuntu 21.04

natbraille is French braille typesetting program

How To Install natlog on Ubuntu 21.04

natlog is Source-natting firewall logging utility

How To Install natpmpc on Ubuntu 21.04

natpmpc is portable and fully compliant implementation of NAT-PMP (client)

How To Install naturaldocs on Ubuntu 21.04

naturaldocs is an extensible, multi-language documentation generator

How To Install nautic on Ubuntu 21.04

nautic is computation of observer position in astro-navigation

How To Install nautilus on Ubuntu 21.04

nautilus is file manager and graphical shell for GNOME file manager and graphical shell for GNOME

How To Install nauty on Ubuntu 21.04

nauty is library for graph automorphisms – interface and tools

How To Install navi2ch on Ubuntu 21.04

navi2ch is 2channel Navigator for Emacs

How To Install navit on Ubuntu 21.04

navit is Car navigation system with routing engine

How To Install nbc on Ubuntu 21.04

nbc is C compiler for LEGO Mindstorms NXT bricks

How To Install nbdkit on Ubuntu 21.04

nbdkit is toolkit for creating NBD servers

How To Install nbibtex on Ubuntu 21.04

nbibtex is Powerful, flexible replacement for bibtex

How To Install nbtscan on Ubuntu 21.04

nbtscan is scan networks searching for NetBIOS information

How To Install ncal on Ubuntu 21.04

ncal is display a calendar and the date of Easter

How To Install ncaptool on Ubuntu 21.04

ncaptool is network capture tool

How To Install ncat on Ubuntu 21.04

ncat is NMAP netcat reimplementation

How To Install ncdt on Ubuntu 21.04

ncdt is Display directory tree

How To Install ncdu on Ubuntu 21.04

ncdu is ncurses disk usage viewer

How To Install ncftp on Ubuntu 21.04

ncftp is User-friendly and well-featured FTP client

How To Install ncmpc on Ubuntu 21.04

ncmpc is ncurses-based audio player

How To Install ncmpcpp on Ubuntu 21.04

ncmpcpp is ncurses-based client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD)

How To Install nco on Ubuntu 21.04

nco is Command-line operators to analyze netCDF files

How To Install ncoils on Ubuntu 21.04

ncoils is coiled coil secondary structure prediction

How To Install ncompress on Ubuntu 21.04

ncompress is original Lempel-Ziv compress/uncompress programs

How To Install ncrack on Ubuntu 21.04

ncrack is High-speed network authentication cracking tool

How To Install ncview on Ubuntu 21.04

ncview is X11 visual browser for NetCDF format files

How To Install nd on Ubuntu 21.04

nd is small command line interface to WebDAV servers

How To Install ndctl on Ubuntu 21.04

ndctl is Utility for managing the nvdimm subsystem

How To Install ndiff on Ubuntu 21.04

ndiff is The Network Mapper - result compare utility

How To Install ndisc6 on Ubuntu 21.04

ndisc6 is IPv6 diagnostic tools

How To Install ndppd on Ubuntu 21.04

ndppd is daemon that proxies IPv6 NDP messages

How To Install ne on Ubuntu 21.04

ne is easy-to-use and powerful text editor

How To Install neat on Ubuntu 21.04

neat is Nebular Empirical Analysis Tool

How To Install nec2c on Ubuntu 21.04

nec2c is Translation of the NEC2 FORTRAN source code to the C language

How To Install nedit on Ubuntu 21.04

nedit is powerful, customizable, Motif based text editor

How To Install needrestart on Ubuntu 21.04

needrestart is check which daemons need to be restarted after library upgrades

How To Install neko on Ubuntu 21.04

neko is Lightweight virtual machine - compiler and tools

How To Install nemiver on Ubuntu 21.04

nemiver is Standalone graphical debugger for GNOME

How To Install nemo on Ubuntu 21.04

nemo is File manager and graphical shell for Cinnamon

How To Install neobio on Ubuntu 21.04

neobio is computes alignments of amino acid and nucleotide sequences

How To Install neofetch on Ubuntu 21.04

neofetch is Shows Linux System Information with Distribution Logo

How To Install neomutt on Ubuntu 21.04

neomutt is command line mail reader based on Mutt, with added features

How To Install neovim on Ubuntu 21.04

neovim is heavily refactored vim fork

How To Install nescc on Ubuntu 21.04

nescc is Programming Language for Deeply Networked Systems

How To Install nestopia on Ubuntu 21.04

nestopia is Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom emulator

How To Install netatalk on Ubuntu 21.04

netatalk is Apple Filing Protocol service

How To Install netbase on Ubuntu 21.04

netbase is Basic TCP/IP networking system

How To Install netcat on Ubuntu 21.04

netcat is TCP/IP swiss army knife – transitional package

How To Install netcf on Ubuntu 21.04

netcf is programs for the netcf library

How To Install netconfd on Ubuntu 21.04

netconfd is NETCONF (RFC-6241) agent

How To Install netconsole on Ubuntu 21.04

netconsole is Dynamically configure Linux netconsole

How To Install netctl on Ubuntu 21.04

netctl is Profile based systemd network management

How To Install netdata on Ubuntu 21.04

netdata is real-time performance monitoring (metapackage)

How To Install netdiag on Ubuntu 21.04

netdiag is Net-Diagnostics (trafshow,netwatch,statnet,tcpspray,tcpblast)

How To Install netdiscover on Ubuntu 21.04

netdiscover is active/passive network address scanner using ARP requests

How To Install netgen on Ubuntu 21.04

netgen is Automatic 3d tetrahedral mesh generator

How To Install nethogs on Ubuntu 21.04

nethogs is Net top tool grouping bandwidth per process

How To Install netmask on Ubuntu 21.04

netmask is helps determine network masks

How To Install netmate on Ubuntu 21.04

netmate is netdude clone that shows pcap dump lines in network header style

How To Install netmaze on Ubuntu 21.04

netmaze is 3-D Multiplayer Combat Game

How To Install netopeer2 on Ubuntu 21.04

netopeer2 is server for implementing network configuration management

How To Install netpanzer on Ubuntu 21.04

netpanzer is online multiplayer tactical warfare game

How To Install netpbm on Ubuntu 21.04

netpbm is Graphics conversion tools between image formats

How To Install netperf on Ubuntu 21.04

netperf is Network performance benchmark

How To Install netperfmeter on Ubuntu 21.04

netperfmeter is Network Performance Meter (measurement program)

How To Install netpipes on Ubuntu 21.04

netpipes is manipulate BSD TCP/IP stream sockets

How To Install netplan.io on Ubuntu 21.04

netplan.io is YAML network configuration abstraction for various backends YAML network configuration abstraction for various backends

How To Install netplug on Ubuntu 21.04

netplug is network link monitor daemon

How To Install netr on Ubuntu 21.04

netr is Simple network interface monitor showing traffic stats

How To Install netrik on Ubuntu 21.04

netrik is text mode WWW browser with vi like keybindings

How To Install netris on Ubuntu 21.04

netris is free, networked version of T*tris

How To Install netrw on Ubuntu 21.04

netrw is netcat like tool with nice features to transport files over network

How To Install netsed on Ubuntu 21.04

netsed is network packet-altering stream editor

How To Install netsend on Ubuntu 21.04

netsend is a speedy filetransfer and network diagnostic program

How To Install netstress on Ubuntu 21.04

netstress is utility to stress and benchmark networks

How To Install nettoe on Ubuntu 21.04

nettoe is networked version of Tic Tac Toe (3x3 Grid) for the console

How To Install netwag on Ubuntu 21.04

netwag is graphical frontend for netwox

How To Install netwox on Ubuntu 21.04

netwox is networking utilities

How To Install neurodebian on Ubuntu 21.04

neurodebian is neuroscience-oriented distribution - repository configuration

How To Install neuron on Ubuntu 21.04

neuron is Simulation environment for computational models of neurons

How To Install neverball on Ubuntu 21.04

neverball is 3D floor-tilting game

How To Install neverputt on Ubuntu 21.04

neverputt is 3D miniature golf game

How To Install newlisp on Ubuntu 21.04

newlisp is LISP like, general purpose scripting language

How To Install newmail on Ubuntu 21.04

newmail is Notificator for incoming mail

How To Install newpid on Ubuntu 21.04

newpid is run a command in a new PID namespace

How To Install newrole on Ubuntu 21.04

newrole is SELinux core policy utilities (newrole application for RBAC/MLS)

How To Install newsboat on Ubuntu 21.04

newsboat is text mode rss feed reader with podcast support

How To Install nextepc on Ubuntu 21.04

nextepc is Evolved Packet Core implementation for LTE (metapackage)

How To Install nexuiz on Ubuntu 21.04

nexuiz is Fast-paced 3D first-person shooter

How To Install nfacct on Ubuntu 21.04

nfacct is netfilter accounting object tool

How To Install nfct on Ubuntu 21.04

nfct is Tool to interact with the connection tracking system

How To Install nfdump on Ubuntu 21.04

nfdump is netflow capture daemon

How To Install nfoview on Ubuntu 21.04

nfoview is simple viewer for NFO files

How To Install nfstrace on Ubuntu 21.04

nfstrace is NFS tracing/monitoring/capturing/analyzing tool

How To Install nfswatch on Ubuntu 21.04

nfswatch is Program to monitor NFS traffic for the console

How To Install nftables on Ubuntu 21.04

nftables is Program to control packet filtering rules by Netfilter project

How To Install nftlb on Ubuntu 21.04

nftlb is nftables load balancer

How To Install ngetty on Ubuntu 21.04

ngetty is getty replacement - one single daemon for all consoles

How To Install nghttp2 on Ubuntu 21.04

nghttp2 is server, proxy and client implementing HTTP/2

How To Install nginx on Ubuntu 21.04

nginx is small, powerful, scalable web/proxy server small, powerful, scalable web/proxy server

How To Install ngircd on Ubuntu 21.04

ngircd is lightweight Internet Relay Chat server

How To Install ngmlr on Ubuntu 21.04

ngmlr is CoNvex Gap-cost alignMents for Long Reads

How To Install ngrep on Ubuntu 21.04

ngrep is grep for network traffic

How To Install ngspice on Ubuntu 21.04

ngspice is Spice circuit simulator

How To Install nheko on Ubuntu 21.04

nheko is desktop IM client for the Matrix protocol

How To Install nickle on Ubuntu 21.04

nickle is desk calculator language

How To Install nicstat on Ubuntu 21.04

nicstat is print network traffic statistics

How To Install nield on Ubuntu 21.04

nield is generate logs related to network interfaces

How To Install nifti2dicom on Ubuntu 21.04

nifti2dicom is convert 3D medical images to DICOM 2D series

How To Install nik4 on Ubuntu 21.04

nik4 is Mapnik to image export

How To Install nikto on Ubuntu 21.04

nikto is web server security scanner

How To Install nikwi on Ubuntu 21.04

nikwi is platform game where your goal is to collect candies

How To Install nim on Ubuntu 21.04

nim is Nim programming language - compiler

How To Install ninka on Ubuntu 21.04

ninka is license identification tool for source code

How To Install ninvaders on Ubuntu 21.04

ninvaders is A space invaders-like game using ncurses

How To Install nip2 on Ubuntu 21.04

nip2 is spreadsheet-like graphical image manipulation tool

How To Install nis on Ubuntu 21.04

nis is Network Information Service (NIS)

How To Install nitpic on Ubuntu 21.04

nitpic is simulator for the Microchip PIC16C84 microcontroller

How To Install nitrocli on Ubuntu 21.04

nitrocli is command line interface for Nitrokey devices

How To Install nitrogen on Ubuntu 21.04

nitrogen is wallpaper browser and changing utility for X

How To Install nixnote2 on Ubuntu 21.04

nixnote2 is Open Source Evernote client

How To Install njam on Ubuntu 21.04

njam is pacman-like game with multiplayer support

How To Install njplot on Ubuntu 21.04

njplot is phylogenetic tree drawing program

How To Install nkf on Ubuntu 21.04

nkf is Network Kanji code conversion Filter

How To Install nlkt on Ubuntu 21.04

nlkt is non-linear keyboard trainer

How To Install nload on Ubuntu 21.04

nload is realtime console network usage monitor

How To Install nmap on Ubuntu 21.04

nmap is The Network Mapper

How To Install nmapsi4 on Ubuntu 21.04

nmapsi4 is graphical interface to nmap, the network scanner

How To Install nmh on Ubuntu 21.04

nmh is set of electronic mail handling programs

How To Install nml on Ubuntu 21.04

nml is newgrf meta language compiler

How To Install nmon on Ubuntu 21.04

nmon is performance monitoring tool for Linux

How To Install nmrpflash on Ubuntu 21.04

nmrpflash is firmware flash utility for Netgear devices

How To Install nmzmail on Ubuntu 21.04

nmzmail is indexes and searches email in maildir folders

How To Install nn on Ubuntu 21.04

nn is Heavy-duty USENET news reader (curses-based client)

How To Install nnn on Ubuntu 21.04

nnn is Free, fast, friendly file manager

How To Install noblenote on Ubuntu 21.04

noblenote is Qt program for taking notes

How To Install nocache on Ubuntu 21.04

nocache is bypass/minimize file system caching for a program

How To Install nodau on Ubuntu 21.04

nodau is simple console based note taking program

How To Install nodeenv on Ubuntu 21.04

nodeenv is Node.js virtual environment builder

How To Install nodejs on Ubuntu 21.04

nodejs is evented I/O for V8 javascript - runtime executable

How To Install nodeunit on Ubuntu 21.04

nodeunit is Unit test framework for Node.js and the browser

How To Install nodm on Ubuntu 21.04

nodm is automatic display manager

How To Install nohang on Ubuntu 21.04

nohang is sophisticated low memory handler for Linux

How To Install noiz2sa on Ubuntu 21.04

noiz2sa is abstract arcade shooter

How To Install nomacs on Ubuntu 21.04

nomacs is image viewer with capability of syncing multiple instances

How To Install nomad on Ubuntu 21.04

nomad is distributed, highly available, datacenter-aware scheduler

How To Install nomarch on Ubuntu 21.04

nomarch is Unpacks .ARC and .ARK MS-DOS archives

How To Install nordlicht on Ubuntu 21.04

nordlicht is create colorful video barcodes

How To Install normaliz on Ubuntu 21.04

normaliz is math computing tools for affine monoids, rational polytopes and cones

How To Install norsnet on Ubuntu 21.04

norsnet is tool to identify unstructured loops in proteins

How To Install norsp on Ubuntu 21.04

norsp is predictor of non-regular secondary structure

How To Install notary on Ubuntu 21.04

notary is tool for running and interacting with trusted collections

How To Install note on Ubuntu 21.04

note is small program managing notes from commandline

How To Install notepadqq on Ubuntu 21.04

notepadqq is Notepad++-like editor for Linux

How To Install notion on Ubuntu 21.04

notion is tiling tabbed window manager designed for keyboard users

How To Install notmuch on Ubuntu 21.04

notmuch is thread-based email index, search and tagging

How To Install novnc on Ubuntu 21.04

novnc is HTML5 VNC client - daemon and programs

How To Install noweb on Ubuntu 21.04

noweb is WEB-like literate-programming tool

How To Install nowhere on Ubuntu 21.04

nowhere is Translates programs from an extended Standard ML to Standard ML

How To Install nox on Ubuntu 21.04

nox is Flexible test automation

How To Install npd6 on Ubuntu 21.04

npd6 is IPv6 neighbor proxy daemon

How To Install npm on Ubuntu 21.04

npm is package manager for Node.js

How To Install npm2deb on Ubuntu 21.04

npm2deb is tool to help debianize Node.js modules

How To Install nq on Ubuntu 21.04

nq is Lightweight queue system

How To Install nqc on Ubuntu 21.04

nqc is Not Quite C compiler for LEGO Mindstorms RCX

How To Install nqp on Ubuntu 21.04

nqp is Not Quite Perl compiler

How To Install nrg2iso on Ubuntu 21.04

nrg2iso is Extracts ISO9660 data from Nero “.nrg” files

How To Install ns2 on Ubuntu 21.04

ns2 is Discrete event simulator targeted at networking research

How To Install ns3 on Ubuntu 21.04

ns3 is discrete-event network simulator for Internet systems

How To Install nsca on Ubuntu 21.04

nsca is Nagios service monitor agent

How To Install nscd on Ubuntu 21.04

nscd is GNU C Library

How To Install nsd on Ubuntu 21.04

nsd is authoritative domain name server

How To Install nsf on Ubuntu 21.04

nsf is Next Scripting Framework (NSF)

How To Install nsis on Ubuntu 21.04

nsis is Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (modified for Debian)

How To Install nslcd on Ubuntu 21.04

nslcd is daemon for NSS and PAM lookups using LDAP

How To Install nslint on Ubuntu 21.04

nslint is Lint for DNS files, checks integrity

How To Install nsnake on Ubuntu 21.04

nsnake is classic snake game on the terminal

How To Install nsntrace on Ubuntu 21.04

nsntrace is perform network trace of a single process by using network namespaces

How To Install nsscache on Ubuntu 21.04

nsscache is asynchronously synchronise local NSS databases with remote directory services

How To Install nstreams on Ubuntu 21.04

nstreams is network streams - a tcpdump output analyzer

How To Install nted on Ubuntu 21.04

nted is Musical score editor

How To Install ntopng on Ubuntu 21.04

ntopng is High-Speed Web-based Traffic Analysis and Flow Collection Tool

How To Install ntp on Ubuntu 21.04

ntp is Network Time Protocol daemon and utility programs Network Time Protocol daemon and utility programs

How To Install ntpdate on Ubuntu 21.04

ntpdate is client for setting system time from NTP servers (deprecated) client for setting system time from NTP servers (deprecated)

How To Install ntpsec on Ubuntu 21.04

ntpsec is Network Time Protocol daemon and utility programs

How To Install ntpstat on Ubuntu 21.04

ntpstat is show network time protocol (ntp) status

How To Install nttcp on Ubuntu 21.04

nttcp is New test TCP program

How To Install nudoku on Ubuntu 21.04

nudoku is ncurses based sudoku games

How To Install nuget on Ubuntu 21.04

nuget is Package manager for NuGet repos - executable

How To Install nuitka on Ubuntu 21.04

nuitka is Python compiler with full language support and CPython compatibility

How To Install nulib2 on Ubuntu 21.04

nulib2 is NuFX and Binary II archive utility

How To Install nullidentd on Ubuntu 21.04

nullidentd is small, fast identd daemon

How To Install nullmailer on Ubuntu 21.04

nullmailer is simple relay-only mail transport agent

How To Install numactl on Ubuntu 21.04

numactl is NUMA scheduling and memory placement tool

How To Install numad on Ubuntu 21.04

numad is User-level daemon that monitors NUMA topology and usage

How To Install numatop on Ubuntu 21.04

numatop is NUMA runtime observation tool

How To Install numbers2ods on Ubuntu 21.04

numbers2ods is Apple Numbers spreadsheet documents to OpenDocument converter

How To Install numconv on Ubuntu 21.04

numconv is utility for conversion numbers as Unicode strings

How To Install numdiff on Ubuntu 21.04

numdiff is Compare similar files with numeric fields

How To Install numlockx on Ubuntu 21.04

numlockx is enable NumLock in X11 sessions

How To Install numptyphysics on Ubuntu 21.04

numptyphysics is crayon based physics puzzle game

How To Install nunit on Ubuntu 21.04

nunit is Unit test framework for CLI

How To Install nuntius on Ubuntu 21.04

nuntius is share notifications from Android phone or tablet via Bluetooth or LAN

How To Install nurpawiki on Ubuntu 21.04

nurpawiki is Wiki with integrated to-do list and scheduler

How To Install nuspell on Ubuntu 21.04

nuspell is spell checker (program)

How To Install nut on Ubuntu 21.04

nut is network UPS tools - metapackage

How To Install nutcracker on Ubuntu 21.04

nutcracker is Fast, light-weight proxy for memcached and Redis

How To Install nutsqlite on Ubuntu 21.04

nutsqlite is Dietary nutrition analysis software

How To Install nuttcp on Ubuntu 21.04

nuttcp is network performance measurement tool

How To Install nvchecker on Ubuntu 21.04

nvchecker is new-version checker for software releases

How To Install nvi on Ubuntu 21.04

nvi is 4.4BSD re-implementation of vi

How To Install nvpy on Ubuntu 21.04

nvpy is Simplenote-syncing note-taking tool

How To Install nvtop on Ubuntu 21.04

nvtop is Interactive NVIDIA GPU process monitor

How To Install nvtv on Ubuntu 21.04

nvtv is tool to control TV chips on NVidia cards under Linux

How To Install nwall on Ubuntu 21.04

nwall is version of wall that uses GNU readline

How To Install nwchem on Ubuntu 21.04

nwchem is High-performance computational chemistry software

How To Install nwipe on Ubuntu 21.04

nwipe is Utility to securely erase disks

How To Install nwrite on Ubuntu 21.04

nwrite is Enhanced replacement for the write command

How To Install nxagent on Ubuntu 21.04

nxagent is Nested Xserver (aka NX Agent) supporting the NX compression protocol

How To Install nxdialog on Ubuntu 21.04

nxdialog is Dialogs for NX Agent

How To Install nxproxy on Ubuntu 21.04

nxproxy is NX proxy

How To Install nyacc on Ubuntu 21.04

nyacc is Not Yet Another Compiler Compiler

How To Install nyancat on Ubuntu 21.04

nyancat is Animated terminal Nyancat

How To Install nyquist on Ubuntu 21.04

nyquist is language for music composition and sound synthesis

How To Install nyx on Ubuntu 21.04

nyx is terminal status monitor for tor

How To Install nzbget on Ubuntu 21.04

nzbget is command-line based binary newsgrabber for nzb files

How To Install oaklisp on Ubuntu 21.04

oaklisp is Object-oriented dialect of Scheme

How To Install oasis on Ubuntu 21.04

oasis is Build-system generation for OCaml projects – binaries

How To Install oathtool on Ubuntu 21.04

oathtool is OATH Toolkit oathtool command line tool

How To Install obconf on Ubuntu 21.04

obconf is preferences manager for Openbox window manager

How To Install obexfs on Ubuntu 21.04

obexfs is mount filesystem of ObexFTP capable devices

How To Install obexftp on Ubuntu 21.04

obexftp is file transfer utility for devices that use the OBEX protocol

How To Install obexpushd on Ubuntu 21.04

obexpushd is program for receiving files via Bluetooth or IRDA

How To Install obfs4proxy on Ubuntu 21.04

obfs4proxy is pluggable transport proxy for Tor, implementing obfs4

How To Install obitools on Ubuntu 21.04

obitools is programs to analyze NGS data in a DNA metabarcoding context

How To Install obsession on Ubuntu 21.04

obsession is Session management helpers for lightweight desktop environments

How To Install ocaml on Ubuntu 21.04

ocaml is ML language implementation with a class-based object system

How To Install ocamlbuild on Ubuntu 21.04

ocamlbuild is Build tool for building OCaml libraries and programs

How To Install ocamldsort on Ubuntu 21.04

ocamldsort is dependency sorter for OCaml source files

How To Install ocamlify on Ubuntu 21.04

ocamlify is include files in OCaml code

How To Install ocamlmakefile on Ubuntu 21.04

ocamlmakefile is general makefile for the Objective Caml programming language

How To Install ocamlmod on Ubuntu 21.04

ocamlmod is generate OCaml modules from source files

How To Install ocamlviz on Ubuntu 21.04

ocamlviz is real-time profiling tools for Objective Caml (clients)

How To Install ocamlwc on Ubuntu 21.04

ocamlwc is count the lines of code and comments in OCaml sources

How To Install ocamlweb on Ubuntu 21.04

ocamlweb is Literate programming tool for Objective Caml

How To Install oclgrind on Ubuntu 21.04

oclgrind is OpenCL device simulator

How To Install ocproxy on Ubuntu 21.04

ocproxy is SOCKS proxy for openconnect

How To Install ocrad on Ubuntu 21.04

ocrad is optical character recognition program

How To Install ocrfeeder on Ubuntu 21.04

ocrfeeder is Document layout analysis and optical character recognition system

How To Install ocrmypdf on Ubuntu 21.04

ocrmypdf is add an OCR text layer to PDF files

How To Install ocserv on Ubuntu 21.04

ocserv is OpenConnect VPN server compatible with Cisco AnyConnect VPN

How To Install ocsigenserver on Ubuntu 21.04

ocsigenserver is web server of the Ocsigen project

How To Install octave on Ubuntu 21.04

octave is GNU Octave language for numerical computations

How To Install octicons on Ubuntu 21.04

octicons is GitHub’s icons webfont

How To Install octopussy on Ubuntu 21.04

octopussy is log analyzer, alerter & reporter

How To Install octorpki on Ubuntu 21.04

octorpki is Cloudflare’s RPKI validator

How To Install octovis on Ubuntu 21.04

octovis is Visualization tool for OctoMap

How To Install odb on Ubuntu 21.04

odb is C++ Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)

How To Install odbcinst on Ubuntu 21.04

odbcinst is Helper program for accessing odbc ini files

How To Install odbcinst1debian2 on Ubuntu 21.04

odbcinst1debian2 is Support library for accessing odbc ini files

How To Install odc on Ubuntu 21.04

odc is Tools for the Observational Data Processing (ODB)

How To Install oddjob on Ubuntu 21.04

oddjob is D-Bus service which runs odd jobs – daemon

How To Install odil on Ubuntu 21.04

odil is C++11 library for the DICOM standard (application)

How To Install odin on Ubuntu 21.04

odin is develop, simulate and run magnetic resonance sequences

How To Install ods2tsv on Ubuntu 21.04

ods2tsv is ODS to TSV file converter

How To Install odt2txt on Ubuntu 21.04

odt2txt is simple converter from OpenDocument Text to plain text

How To Install offlineimap on Ubuntu 21.04

offlineimap is transitional package

How To Install offlineimap3 on Ubuntu 21.04

offlineimap3 is IMAP/Maildir synchronization and reader support

How To Install ofono on Ubuntu 21.04

ofono is Mobile telephony stack (daemon)

How To Install ofx on Ubuntu 21.04

ofx is Open Financial Exchange programs

How To Install ofxstatement on Ubuntu 21.04

ofxstatement is tool to convert proprietary bank statement to OFX format

How To Install ogamesim on Ubuntu 21.04

ogamesim is Console Ogame Simulator

How To Install oggfwd on Ubuntu 21.04

oggfwd is basic icecast source client for audio and video streaming

How To Install oggvideotools on Ubuntu 21.04

oggvideotools is toolbox for manipulating and creating Ogg video files

How To Install ogmrip on Ubuntu 21.04

ogmrip is Application for ripping and encoding DVD

How To Install ogmtools on Ubuntu 21.04

ogmtools is Tools for manipulating Ogg multimedia streams

How To Install ognibuild on Ubuntu 21.04

ognibuild is Detect and run any build system

How To Install ohcount on Ubuntu 21.04

ohcount is Source code line counter

How To Install oidentd on Ubuntu 21.04

oidentd is replacement ident daemon

How To Install oinkmaster on Ubuntu 21.04

oinkmaster is Snort rules manager

How To Install okteta on Ubuntu 21.04

okteta is hexadecimal editor for binary files

How To Install okular on Ubuntu 21.04

okular is universal document viewer

How To Install ola on Ubuntu 21.04

ola is Open Lighting Architecture

How To Install omake on Ubuntu 21.04

omake is build system with automated dependency analysis

How To Install omegat on Ubuntu 21.04

omegat is Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool

How To Install omins on Ubuntu 21.04

omins is collection of LADSPA plugins aimed at modular synthesizers

How To Install omnievents on Ubuntu 21.04

omnievents is omniORB event service

How To Install omniidl on Ubuntu 21.04

omniidl is omniORB IDL to C++ and Python compiler

How To Install omniorb on Ubuntu 21.04

omniorb is IOR and naming service utilities for omniORB

How To Install onak on Ubuntu 21.04

onak is OpenPGP Key Server

How To Install onboard on Ubuntu 21.04

onboard is Simple On-screen Keyboard

How To Install ondir on Ubuntu 21.04

ondir is Automate tasks specific to certain directories in the shell

How To Install onedrive on Ubuntu 21.04

onedrive is folder synchronization with OneDrive

How To Install oneisenough on Ubuntu 21.04

oneisenough is 2D platform game about the epic struggle of balls

How To Install oneko on Ubuntu 21.04

oneko is cat chases the cursor (now a mouse) around the screen

How To Install onesixtyone on Ubuntu 21.04

onesixtyone is fast and simple SNMP scanner

How To Install onionbalance on Ubuntu 21.04

onionbalance is Tor hidden service load balancer

How To Install onioncircuits on Ubuntu 21.04

onioncircuits is GTK+ application to display Tor circuits and streams

How To Install onionshare on Ubuntu 21.04

onionshare is Share a file over Tor Hidden Services anonymously and securely

How To Install only on Ubuntu 21.04

only is grep-like tool for filtering on words or lines

How To Install onscripter on Ubuntu 21.04

onscripter is Visual novel games engine compatible to NScripter

How To Install ontospy on Ubuntu 21.04

ontospy is query, inspect and visualize RDF/OWL ontologies - CLI tool

How To Install oomd on Ubuntu 21.04

oomd is userspace Out-Of-Memory (OOM) killer for Linux systems

How To Install ooohg on Ubuntu 21.04

ooohg is Set of 1600 free of charge maps for libreoffice/openoffice.org

How To Install opalmod on Ubuntu 21.04

opalmod is A set of Perl modules for various tasks

How To Install opam on Ubuntu 21.04

opam is package manager for OCaml

How To Install opari on Ubuntu 21.04

opari is OpenMP Pragma And Region Instrumentor - translation tool

How To Install opari2 on Ubuntu 21.04

opari2 is OpenMP Pragma And Region Instrumentor - translation tool

How To Install openarena on Ubuntu 21.04

openarena is fast-paced 3D first-person shooter

How To Install openbabel on Ubuntu 21.04

openbabel is Chemical toolbox utilities (cli)

How To Install openboard on Ubuntu 21.04

openboard is Interactive White Board Application

How To Install openbox on Ubuntu 21.04

openbox is standards-compliant, fast, light-weight and extensible window manager

How To Install opencc on Ubuntu 21.04

opencc is simplified-traditional Chinese conversion tool

How To Install opencfu on Ubuntu 21.04

opencfu is count cell colonies (CFUs) on agar plates by processing digital pictures

How To Install opencity on Ubuntu 21.04

opencity is 3D city simulator game

How To Install openclipart on Ubuntu 21.04

openclipart is Open Clip Art Library

How To Install openclonk on Ubuntu 21.04

openclonk is multiplayer game of strategy, action and skill

How To Install openconnect on Ubuntu 21.04

openconnect is open client for Cisco AnyConnect, Pulse, GlobalProtect VPN

How To Install opencpn on Ubuntu 21.04

opencpn is Open Source Chartplotter and Marine GPS Navigation Software

How To Install opencryptoki on Ubuntu 21.04

opencryptoki is PKCS#11 implementation (daemon)

How To Install opencubicplayer on Ubuntu 21.04

opencubicplayer is UNIX port of Open Cubic Player

How To Install opendkim on Ubuntu 21.04

opendkim is DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) signing and verifying milter

How To Install opendmarc on Ubuntu 21.04

opendmarc is Milter implementation of DMARC

How To Install opendnssec on Ubuntu 21.04

opendnssec is dependency package to install full OpenDNSSEC suite

How To Install opendrop on Ubuntu 21.04

opendrop is fully-featured pendant drop tensiometry software

How To Install openems on Ubuntu 21.04

openems is Electromagnetic simulator

How To Install openexr on Ubuntu 21.04

openexr is command-line tools for the OpenEXR image format

How To Install openfoam on Ubuntu 21.04

openfoam is Open source toolbox for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) - binaries

How To Install openfortivpn on Ubuntu 21.04

openfortivpn is Fortinet client for PPP+SSL VPN tunnel services

How To Install opengcs on Ubuntu 21.04

opengcs is Guest Compute Service for Linux Hyper-V Container

How To Install openguides on Ubuntu 21.04

openguides is web application for managing a collaboratively-written city guide

How To Install openhpi on Ubuntu 21.04

openhpi is SAF’s HPI

How To Install openhpid on Ubuntu 21.04

openhpid is OpenHPI daemon, supports gathering of manageability information

How To Install openipmi on Ubuntu 21.04

openipmi is Intelligent Platform Management Interface (for servers)

How To Install openjade on Ubuntu 21.04

openjade is Implementation of the DSSSL language

How To Install openjazz on Ubuntu 21.04

openjazz is Jazz Jackrabbit™ game engine reimplementation

How To Install openjfx on Ubuntu 21.04

openjfx is JavaFX/OpenJFX - Rich client application platform for Java

How To Install openlp on Ubuntu 21.04

openlp is Church lyrics projection application

How To Install openmcdf on Ubuntu 21.04

openmcdf is Structured Storage Explorer

How To Install openmolcas on Ubuntu 21.04

openmolcas is Quantum chemistry software package

How To Install openmotor on Ubuntu 21.04

openmotor is internal ballistics simulator for rocket motor experimenters

How To Install openmpt123 on Ubuntu 21.04

openmpt123 is module music library based on OpenMPT – music player

How To Install openms on Ubuntu 21.04

openms is package for LC/MS data management and analysis

How To Install openmsx on Ubuntu 21.04

openmsx is MSX emulator that aims for perfection

How To Install openmw on Ubuntu 21.04

openmw is Open-world RPG game engine

How To Install openmx on Ubuntu 21.04

openmx is package for nano-scale material simulations

How To Install opennlp on Ubuntu 21.04

opennlp is wrapper for Apache OpenNLP natural language text processing toolkit

How To Install openntpd on Ubuntu 21.04

openntpd is OpenBSD NTP daemon

How To Install openocd on Ubuntu 21.04

openocd is Open on-chip JTAG/SWD debug solution for embedded target devices

How To Install openoverlayrouter on Ubuntu 21.04

openoverlayrouter is deploy programmable overlay networks

How To Install openpace on Ubuntu 21.04

openpace is cryptographic library for EAC version 2 (tools)

How To Install openpref on Ubuntu 21.04

openpref is card game against two virtual players

How To Install openresolv on Ubuntu 21.04

openresolv is management framework for resolv.conf

How To Install openrocket on Ubuntu 21.04

openrocket is Model Rocket Simulator

How To Install opensbi on Ubuntu 21.04

opensbi is RISC-V Open Source Supervisor Binary Interface

How To Install opensc on Ubuntu 21.04

opensc is Smart card utilities with support for PKCS#15 compatible cards

How To Install openscad on Ubuntu 21.04

openscad is script file based graphical CAD environment

How To Install openscenegraph on Ubuntu 21.04

openscenegraph is 3D scene graph, utilities and examples (binaries)

How To Install openshot on Ubuntu 21.04

openshot is create and edit videos and movies (transitional package)

How To Install opensm on Ubuntu 21.04

opensm is InfiniBand subnet manager

How To Install opensmtpd on Ubuntu 21.04

opensmtpd is secure, reliable, lean, and easy-to configure SMTP server

How To Install opensp on Ubuntu 21.04

opensp is OpenJade group’s SGML parsing tools

How To Install openssl on Ubuntu 21.04

openssl is Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - cryptographic utility

How To Install openssn on Ubuntu 21.04

openssn is modern submarine tactical simulator

How To Install opensta on Ubuntu 21.04

opensta is Gate-level Static Timing Analyzer

How To Install openstereogram on Ubuntu 21.04

openstereogram is Stereogram (“Magic Eye”) generator with GUI

How To Install openstructure on Ubuntu 21.04

openstructure is Open-Source Computational Structural Biology Framework

How To Install opensysusers on Ubuntu 21.04

opensysusers is processes sysusers.d directory to create system users

How To Install opentmpfiles on Ubuntu 21.04

opentmpfiles is standalone utility written to process systemd-style tmpfiles.d files

How To Install openttd on Ubuntu 21.04

openttd is reimplementation of Transport Tycoon Deluxe with enhancements

How To Install opentyrian on Ubuntu 21.04

opentyrian is open-source port of the DOS shoot-em-up Tyrian

How To Install openuniverse on Ubuntu 21.04

openuniverse is 3D Universe Simulator

How To Install openvpn on Ubuntu 21.04

openvpn is virtual private network daemon virtual private network daemon

How To Install openwsman on Ubuntu 21.04

openwsman is Open Web Services Manager

How To Install openyahtzee on Ubuntu 21.04

openyahtzee is classic dice game of Yahtzee

How To Install openzwave on Ubuntu 21.04

openzwave is Sample Program for libopenzwave

How To Install opgpcard on Ubuntu 21.04

opgpcard is tool to create printable business cards including OpenPGP

How To Install ophcrack on Ubuntu 21.04

ophcrack is Microsoft Windows password cracker using rainbow tables (gui)

How To Install oping on Ubuntu 21.04

oping is sends ICMP_ECHO requests to network hosts

How To Install oprofile on Ubuntu 21.04

oprofile is system-wide profiler for Linux systems

How To Install opt on Ubuntu 21.04

opt is Options Parsing Tool library

How To Install optgeo on Ubuntu 21.04

optgeo is simulator for geometrical optics

How To Install opticalraytracer on Ubuntu 21.04

opticalraytracer is Virtual lens/mirror design workshop

How To Install optimir on Ubuntu 21.04

optimir is Integrating genetic variations in miRNA alignment

How To Install optipng on Ubuntu 21.04

optipng is advanced PNG (Portable Network Graphics) optimizer

How To Install orca on Ubuntu 21.04

orca is Scriptable screen reader

How To Install oregano on Ubuntu 21.04

oregano is tool for schematical capture of electronic circuits

How To Install origami on Ubuntu 21.04

origami is command-line management tool for Folding @ Home clients

How To Install ormolu on Ubuntu 21.04

ormolu is formatter for Haskell source code

How To Install oroborus on Ubuntu 21.04

oroborus is A lightweight themeable windowmanager for X

How To Install orpie on Ubuntu 21.04

orpie is RPN calculator for the terminal

How To Install orthanc on Ubuntu 21.04

orthanc is Lightweight, RESTful DICOM server for medical imaging

How To Install os8 on Ubuntu 21.04

os8 is DEC OS8 images for a PDP-8 emulator

How To Install osc on Ubuntu 21.04

osc is Open Build Service commander

How To Install oscar on Ubuntu 21.04

oscar is Open Source CPAP Analysis Reporter (OSCAR)

How To Install osdclock on Ubuntu 21.04

osdclock is Clock using the XOSD library

How To Install osdlyrics on Ubuntu 21.04

osdlyrics is Show synchronized lyrics with various media players

How To Install osdsh on Ubuntu 21.04

osdsh is overlays your screen with various system information

How To Install osm2pgrouting on Ubuntu 21.04

osm2pgrouting is Tool to import OpenStreetMap data into a pgRouting database

How To Install osm2pgsql on Ubuntu 21.04

osm2pgsql is OpenStreetMap data to PostgreSQL converter

How To Install osmcoastline on Ubuntu 21.04

osmcoastline is Extract coastline data from OpenStreetMap planet file

How To Install osmctools on Ubuntu 21.04

osmctools is Some tools to manipulate OpenStreetMap files

How To Install osmid on Ubuntu 21.04

osmid is tool to convert MIDI to OSC and OSC to MIDI

How To Install osmo on Ubuntu 21.04

osmo is personal organizer for GTK+

How To Install osmosis on Ubuntu 21.04

osmosis is Command line OpenStreetMap data processor

How To Install ospics on Ubuntu 21.04

ospics is Some images of operating system logos/mascots

How To Install osptoolkit on Ubuntu 21.04

osptoolkit is Open source client side development kit for Open Settlement Protocol

How To Install osslsigncode on Ubuntu 21.04

osslsigncode is Authenticode signing tool

How To Install osspd on Ubuntu 21.04

osspd is OSS Proxy Daemon

How To Install ostinato on Ubuntu 21.04

ostinato is Packet/Traffic Generator and Analyzer

How To Install ostree on Ubuntu 21.04

ostree is content-addressed filesystem for operating system binaries

How To Install otags on Ubuntu 21.04

otags is tags file generator for OCaml

How To Install otf2bdf on Ubuntu 21.04

otf2bdf is generate BDF bitmap fonts from OpenType outline fonts

How To Install othman on Ubuntu 21.04

othman is electronic Quran browser

How To Install otp on Ubuntu 21.04

otp is Generator for One Time Pads or Passwords

How To Install otpclient on Ubuntu 21.04

otpclient is Simple GTK+ software to generate OTPs (TOTP and HOTP)

How To Install otrs on Ubuntu 21.04

otrs is Open Ticket Request System (OTRS 6)

How To Install otrs2 on Ubuntu 21.04

otrs2 is Open Ticket Request System

How To Install ots on Ubuntu 21.04

ots is Open Text Summarizer

How To Install outguess on Ubuntu 21.04

outguess is universal steganographic tool

How To Install overgod on Ubuntu 21.04

overgod is bi-directional scrolling arcade game

How To Install overlayroot on Ubuntu 21.04

overlayroot is use an overlayfs on top of a read-only root filesystem

How To Install ovmf on Ubuntu 21.04

ovmf is UEFI firmware for 64-bit x86 virtual machines

How To Install owfs on Ubuntu 21.04

owfs is Dallas 1-wire support

How To Install owftpd on Ubuntu 21.04

owftpd is FTP daemon providing access to 1-Wire networks

How To Install owhttpd on Ubuntu 21.04

owhttpd is HTTP daemon providing access to 1-Wire networks

How To Install owserver on Ubuntu 21.04

owserver is Backend server for 1-Wire control

How To Install owx on Ubuntu 21.04

owx is utility to program Wouxun dual-band handheld radios

How To Install oxref on Ubuntu 21.04

oxref is cross reference utility

How To Install oysttyer on Ubuntu 21.04

oysttyer is console Twitter client

How To Install oz on Ubuntu 21.04

oz is Install virtual machine guest OSs with minimal input from the user

How To Install p0f on Ubuntu 21.04

p0f is Passive OS fingerprinting tool

How To Install p10cfgd on Ubuntu 21.04

p10cfgd is Remote configuration daemon for Gracilis Packeten

How To Install p7zip on Ubuntu 21.04

p7zip is 7zr file archiver with high compression ratio

How To Install p910nd on Ubuntu 21.04

p910nd is small printer daemon intended for diskless workstations

How To Install pacemaker on Ubuntu 21.04

pacemaker is cluster resource manager

How To Install pachi on Ubuntu 21.04

pachi is Platform game featuring Pachi el marciano

How To Install packagekit on Ubuntu 21.04

packagekit is Provides a package management service

How To Install packagesearch on Ubuntu 21.04

packagesearch is GUI for searching packages and viewing package information

How To Install packer on Ubuntu 21.04

packer is tool for creating machine images for multiple platforms

How To Install packeth on Ubuntu 21.04

packeth is Ethernet packet generator

How To Install packetsender on Ubuntu 21.04

packetsender is Network utility for sending and receiving TCP, UDP, SSL packets

How To Install packit on Ubuntu 21.04

packit is network packet generator and capture tool

How To Install packmol on Ubuntu 21.04

packmol is Initial configurations for Molecular Dynamics Simulations

How To Install packup on Ubuntu 21.04

packup is CUDF solver based on pseudo-Boolean constraints

How To Install pacman on Ubuntu 21.04

pacman is Chase Monsters in a Labyrinth

How To Install pacman4console on Ubuntu 21.04

pacman4console is ncurses-based pacman game

How To Install pacpl on Ubuntu 21.04

pacpl is multi-purpose audio converter/ripper/tagger script

How To Install pacvim on Ubuntu 21.04

pacvim is pacman game concept with vim command

How To Install pads on Ubuntu 21.04

pads is Passive Asset Detection System

How To Install padthv1 on Ubuntu 21.04

padthv1 is old-school polyphonic additive synthesizer - standalone app

How To Install paexec on Ubuntu 21.04

paexec is execute tasks in parallel

How To Install pageedit on Ubuntu 21.04

pageedit is ePub visual XHTML editor based on Sigil’s Deprecated BookView

How To Install pagein on Ubuntu 21.04

pagein is tool to force swapped out pages to be resident in memory

How To Install pagekite on Ubuntu 21.04

pagekite is Make localhost servers publicly visible

How To Install pagemon on Ubuntu 21.04

pagemon is interactive memory/page monitoring tool

How To Install pages2epub on Ubuntu 21.04

pages2epub is Apple Pages to EPUB converter

How To Install pages2odt on Ubuntu 21.04

pages2odt is Apple Pages text documents to OpenDocument converter

How To Install pagetools on Ubuntu 21.04

pagetools is Automatic deskew and bounding box determination for scanned page images

How To Install pagure on Ubuntu 21.04

pagure is git-centered forge using pygit2

How To Install painintheapt on Ubuntu 21.04

painintheapt is Pester people about available package updates by email or jabber

How To Install paje.app on Ubuntu 21.04

paje.app is generic visualization tool (Gantt chart and more)

How To Install pajeng on Ubuntu 21.04

pajeng is space-time view and associated tools for Paje trace files

How To Install pakcs on Ubuntu 21.04

pakcs is Portland Aachen Kiel Curry Compiler

How To Install pal on Ubuntu 21.04

pal is command-line calendar program that can keep track of events

How To Install pal2nal on Ubuntu 21.04

pal2nal is converts proteins to genomic DNA alignment

How To Install palapeli on Ubuntu 21.04

palapeli is jigsaw puzzle game

How To Install palbart on Ubuntu 21.04

palbart is Enhanced version of the PAL PDP8 assembler

How To Install paleomix on Ubuntu 21.04

paleomix is pipelines and tools for the processing of ancient and modern HTS data

How To Install palo on Ubuntu 21.04

palo is Linux boot loader for HP PA-RISC

How To Install palp on Ubuntu 21.04

palp is Package for Analyzing Lattice Polytopes

How To Install pamix on Ubuntu 21.04

pamix is Pulseaudio terminal mixer based in pavucontrol

How To Install paml on Ubuntu 21.04

paml is Phylogenetic Analysis by Maximum Likelihood (PAML)

How To Install pamtester on Ubuntu 21.04

pamtester is utility program to test the PAM facility

How To Install pamu2fcfg on Ubuntu 21.04

pamu2fcfg is universal 2nd factor (U2F) PAM module command-line helper tool

How To Install pan on Ubuntu 21.04

pan is newsreader based on GTK2, which looks like Forte Agent

How To Install pandoc on Ubuntu 21.04

pandoc is general markup converter

How To Install pangoterm on Ubuntu 21.04

pangoterm is GTK/Pango-based terminal

How To Install pangzero on Ubuntu 21.04

pangzero is action game that involves popping balloons with a harpoon

How To Install panicparse on Ubuntu 21.04

panicparse is Crash your app in style (Golang)

How To Install panoramisk on Ubuntu 21.04

panoramisk is asyncio based library to play with asterisk (Python 3 binary)

How To Install pantalaimon on Ubuntu 21.04

pantalaimon is E2EE aware proxy daemon for matrix clients - daemon

How To Install paperkey on Ubuntu 21.04

paperkey is extract just the secret information out of OpenPGP secret keys

How To Install paprefs on Ubuntu 21.04

paprefs is PulseAudio Preferences

How To Install paps on Ubuntu 21.04

paps is UTF-8 to PostScript converter using Pango

How To Install par on Ubuntu 21.04

par is Paragraph reformatter

How To Install par2 on Ubuntu 21.04

par2 is PAR 2.0 compatible file verification and repair tool

How To Install paraclu on Ubuntu 21.04

paraclu is Parametric clustering of genomic and transcriptomic features

How To Install parafly on Ubuntu 21.04

parafly is parallel command processing using OpenMP

How To Install parallel on Ubuntu 21.04

parallel is build and execute command lines from standard input in parallel

How To Install parasail on Ubuntu 21.04

parasail is Aligner based on libparasail3

How To Install paraview on Ubuntu 21.04

paraview is Parallel Visualization Application

How To Install parcellite on Ubuntu 21.04

parcellite is lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager

How To Install parchive on Ubuntu 21.04

parchive is Use PAR files to reconstruct missing parts of multi-part archives

How To Install parchives on Ubuntu 21.04

parchives is Peony qt plugin for file compress and uncompress

How To Install parcimonie on Ubuntu 21.04

parcimonie is privacy-friendly helper to refresh a GnuPG keyring

How To Install parlatype on Ubuntu 21.04

parlatype is Minimal audio player for manual speech transcription

How To Install parley on Ubuntu 21.04

parley is vocabulary trainer

How To Install parole on Ubuntu 21.04

parole is media player based on GStreamer framework

How To Install parprouted on Ubuntu 21.04

parprouted is transparent IP (Layer 3) proxy ARP bridging tool

How To Install parsec47 on Ubuntu 21.04

parsec47 is retromodern hispeed shmup

How To Install parser3 on Ubuntu 21.04

parser3 is Parser 3, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage)

How To Install parsero on Ubuntu 21.04

parsero is Audit tool for robots.txt of a site

How To Install parsewiki on Ubuntu 21.04

parsewiki is Documentation System Based on ASCII Text

How To Install parsinsert on Ubuntu 21.04

parsinsert is Parsimonious Insertion of unclassified sequences into phylogenetic trees

How To Install parsnp on Ubuntu 21.04

parsnp is rapid core genome multi-alignment

How To Install partclone on Ubuntu 21.04

partclone is Utility to clone and restore a partition

How To Install parted on Ubuntu 21.04

parted is disk partition manipulator

How To Install partimage on Ubuntu 21.04

partimage is backup partitions into a compressed image file

How To Install partitionmanager on Ubuntu 21.04

partitionmanager is file, disk and partition management for KDE

How To Install pasaffe on Ubuntu 21.04

pasaffe is Password manager for GNOME

How To Install pasco on Ubuntu 21.04

pasco is Internet Explorer cache forensic analysis tool

How To Install pasdoc on Ubuntu 21.04

pasdoc is documentation tool for Pascal source code

How To Install pasmo on Ubuntu 21.04

pasmo is easy to use Z80 cross-assembler

How To Install pass on Ubuntu 21.04

pass is lightweight directory-based password manager

How To Install passage on Ubuntu 21.04

passage is game about the passage through life

How To Install passenger on Ubuntu 21.04

passenger is Rails and Rack support

How To Install passwd on Ubuntu 21.04

passwd is change and administer password and group data

How To Install passwdqc on Ubuntu 21.04

passwdqc is password strength checking and policy enforcement toolset

How To Install passwordsafe on Ubuntu 21.04

passwordsafe is Simple & Secure Password Management

How To Install pastebinit on Ubuntu 21.04

pastebinit is command-line pastebin client

How To Install pasystray on Ubuntu 21.04

pasystray is PulseAudio controller for the system tray

How To Install patat on Ubuntu 21.04

patat is Terminal-based presentations using Pandoc

How To Install patator on Ubuntu 21.04

patator is Multi-purpose brute-forcer

How To Install patch on Ubuntu 21.04

patch is Apply a diff file to an original

How To Install patchelf on Ubuntu 21.04

patchelf is modify properties of ELF executables

How To Install patchutils on Ubuntu 21.04

patchutils is Utilities to work with patches

How To Install pathogen on Ubuntu 21.04

pathogen is Puzzle game about matching 3D model structures

How To Install pathological on Ubuntu 21.04

pathological is puzzle game involving paths and marbles

How To Install pathspider on Ubuntu 21.04

pathspider is Internet path transparency measurement tool

How To Install patman on Ubuntu 21.04

patman is rapid alignment of short sequences to large databases

How To Install patool on Ubuntu 21.04

patool is command line archive file manager

How To Install patroni on Ubuntu 21.04

patroni is PostgreSQL High Availability with ZooKeeper, etcd, Consul, or Kubernetes

How To Install paulstretch on Ubuntu 21.04

paulstretch is Extreme sound time-stretch

How To Install pavucontrol on Ubuntu 21.04

pavucontrol is PulseAudio Volume Control

How To Install pavumeter on Ubuntu 21.04

pavumeter is PulseAudio Volume Meter

How To Install pax on Ubuntu 21.04

pax is Portable Archive Interchange (cpio, pax, tar)

How To Install paxctl on Ubuntu 21.04

paxctl is new PaX control program for using the PT_PAX_FLAGS marking

How To Install paxtest on Ubuntu 21.04

paxtest is Test suite for the PaX kernel patch

How To Install pbbamtools on Ubuntu 21.04

pbbamtools is processing Pacific Biosciences binary alignment/map files

How To Install pbdagcon on Ubuntu 21.04

pbdagcon is sequence consensus using directed acyclic graphs

How To Install pbhoney on Ubuntu 21.04

pbhoney is genomic structural variation discovery

How To Install pbjelly on Ubuntu 21.04

pbjelly is genome assembly upgrading tool

How To Install pbsim on Ubuntu 21.04

pbsim is simulator for PacBio sequencing reads

How To Install pbsuite on Ubuntu 21.04

pbsuite is software for Pacific Biosciences sequencing data

How To Install pbuilder on Ubuntu 21.04

pbuilder is personal package builder for Debian packages

How To Install pbzip2 on Ubuntu 21.04

pbzip2 is parallel bzip2 implementation

How To Install pcal on Ubuntu 21.04

pcal is generate Postscript calendars without X

How To Install pcalendar on Ubuntu 21.04

pcalendar is track menstrual cycles and predict fertility periods

How To Install pcapfix on Ubuntu 21.04

pcapfix is repairs broken pcap and pcapng files

How To Install pcaputils on Ubuntu 21.04

pcaputils is specialized libpcap utilities

How To Install pcb on Ubuntu 21.04

pcb is printed circuit board (pcb) design program - metapackage

How To Install pcb2gcode on Ubuntu 21.04

pcb2gcode is command-line tool for engraving PCBs using CNCs

How To Install pcc on Ubuntu 21.04

pcc is Portable C Compiler

How To Install pccts on Ubuntu 21.04

pccts is The Purdue Compiler Construction Tool Set (PCCTS).

How To Install pcf2bdf on Ubuntu 21.04

pcf2bdf is convert X11 font from PCF to BDF format

How To Install pchar on Ubuntu 21.04

pchar is Characterize the bandwidth, latency and loss on network links

How To Install pci.ids on Ubuntu 21.04

pci.ids is PCI ID Repository

How To Install pciutils on Ubuntu 21.04

pciutils is PCI utilities

How To Install pcmanfm on Ubuntu 21.04

pcmanfm is extremely fast and lightweight file manager

How To Install pcmciautils on Ubuntu 21.04

pcmciautils is PCMCIA utilities for Linux 2.6

How To Install pconsole on Ubuntu 21.04

pconsole is parallel interactive shell console

How To Install pcp on Ubuntu 21.04

pcp is System level performance monitoring and performance management

How To Install pcregrep on Ubuntu 21.04

pcregrep is grep utility that uses perl 5 compatible regexes.

How To Install pcs on Ubuntu 21.04

pcs is Pacemaker Configuration System

How To Install pcscd on Ubuntu 21.04

pcscd is Middleware to access a smart card using PC/SC (daemon side)

How To Install pcsxr on Ubuntu 21.04

pcsxr is Sony PlayStation emulator

How To Install pdal on Ubuntu 21.04

pdal is Point Data Abstraction Library

How To Install pdb2pqr on Ubuntu 21.04

pdb2pqr is Preparation of protein structures for electrostatics calculations

How To Install pdd on Ubuntu 21.04

pdd is Tiny date, time diff calculator

How To Install pdepend on Ubuntu 21.04

pdepend is design quality metrics for PHP packages

How To Install pdf2djvu on Ubuntu 21.04

pdf2djvu is PDF to DjVu converter

How To Install pdf2svg on Ubuntu 21.04

pdf2svg is converts PDF documents to SVG files (one per page)

How To Install pdfarranger on Ubuntu 21.04

pdfarranger is merge, split and re-arrange pages from PDF documents

How To Install pdfchain on Ubuntu 21.04

pdfchain is graphical user interface for the PDF Tool Kit

How To Install pdfcrack on Ubuntu 21.04

pdfcrack is PDF files password cracker

How To Install pdfcube on Ubuntu 21.04

pdfcube is PDF document viewer with 3D effects

How To Install pdfgrep on Ubuntu 21.04

pdfgrep is search in pdf files for strings matching a regular expression

How To Install pdfmod on Ubuntu 21.04

pdfmod is simple tool for modifying PDF documents

How To Install pdfposter on Ubuntu 21.04

pdfposter is scale and tile PDF images/pages to print on multiple pages

How To Install pdfproctools on Ubuntu 21.04

pdfproctools is PDF Processing Tools

How To Install pdfresurrect on Ubuntu 21.04

pdfresurrect is tool for extracting/scrubbing versioning data from PDF documents

How To Install pdfsam on Ubuntu 21.04

pdfsam is PDF Split and Merge

How To Install pdfsandwich on Ubuntu 21.04

pdfsandwich is Tool to generate “sandwich” OCR pdf files

How To Install pdfshuffler on Ubuntu 21.04

pdfshuffler is merge, split and re-arrange PDF documents - transitional package

How To Install pdftk on Ubuntu 21.04

pdftk is transitional package for pdftk, a tool for manipulating PDF documents

How To Install pdftoipe on Ubuntu 21.04

pdftoipe is converts arbitrary PDF file to XML file readable by Ipe

How To Install pdi2iso on Ubuntu 21.04

pdi2iso is Instant Copy image to ISO image file converter

How To Install pdl on Ubuntu 21.04

pdl is perl data language

How To Install pdlzip on Ubuntu 21.04

pdlzip is data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm (simple version)

How To Install pdmenu on Ubuntu 21.04

pdmenu is simple console menu program

How To Install pdsh on Ubuntu 21.04

pdsh is Efficient rsh-like utility, for using hosts in parallel

How To Install pdudaemon on Ubuntu 21.04

pdudaemon is daemon for controlling PDUs

How To Install pebble on Ubuntu 21.04

pebble is ACME (RFC 8555) test-only server

How To Install peco on Ubuntu 21.04

peco is Simplistic interactive filtering tool

How To Install pecomato on Ubuntu 21.04

pecomato is Picture-embedded contents manipulation tool

How To Install peek on Ubuntu 21.04

peek is Simple animated GIF screen recorder with GUI

How To Install peewee on Ubuntu 21.04

peewee is Command line Tools for peewee (Python 3)

How To Install peg on Ubuntu 21.04

peg is recursive-descent parser generators for C

How To Install pegsolitaire on Ubuntu 21.04

pegsolitaire is education game similar to Hi-Q

How To Install pekwm on Ubuntu 21.04

pekwm is very light window manager

How To Install pelican on Ubuntu 21.04

pelican is blog aware, static website generator

How To Install pem on Ubuntu 21.04

pem is command line personal expense manager

How To Install pen on Ubuntu 21.04

pen is Load balancer for “simple” tcp and udp based protocols

How To Install pencil2d on Ubuntu 21.04

pencil2d is Create hand-drawn animation using both bitmap and vector graphics

How To Install pente on Ubuntu 21.04

pente is five in a row game for X and the console

How To Install pentobi on Ubuntu 21.04

pentobi is clone of the strategy board game Blokus

How To Install peony on Ubuntu 21.04

peony is file Manager for the UKUI desktop

How To Install pep8 on Ubuntu 21.04

pep8 is Python PEP 8 code style checker - transitional package

How To Install pepper on Ubuntu 21.04

pepper is Source code repository statistics and report tool

How To Install perceptualdiff on Ubuntu 21.04

perceptualdiff is perceptual image comparison tool

How To Install percol on Ubuntu 21.04

percol is interactive selection for UNIX pipes

How To Install perdition on Ubuntu 21.04

perdition is POP3 and IMAP4 Proxy server

How To Install perforate on Ubuntu 21.04

perforate is Utilities to save disk space

How To Install performous on Ubuntu 21.04

performous is karaoke game that allows user supplied songs

How To Install perftest on Ubuntu 21.04

perftest is Infiniband verbs performance tests

How To Install perl on Ubuntu 21.04

perl is Larry Wall’s Practical Extraction and Report Language

How To Install perl6 on Ubuntu 21.04

perl6 is Raku Compiler

How To Install perlbal on Ubuntu 21.04

perlbal is Perl-based reverse proxy load balancer and web server

How To Install perlbrew on Ubuntu 21.04

perlbrew is script to manage perl installations in your $HOME

How To Install perlconsole on Ubuntu 21.04

perlconsole is small program that lets you evaluate Perl code interactively

How To Install perlindex on Ubuntu 21.04

perlindex is Perl manual pages index and query application

How To Install perlmagick on Ubuntu 21.04

perlmagick is Perl interface to ImageMagick – dummy package

How To Install perlprimer on Ubuntu 21.04

perlprimer is Graphical design of primers for PCR

How To Install perlrdf on Ubuntu 21.04

perlrdf is RDF command line utils

How To Install perltidy on Ubuntu 21.04

perltidy is Perl script indenter and reformatter

How To Install perm on Ubuntu 21.04

perm is efficient mapping of short reads with periodic spaced seeds

How To Install persepolis on Ubuntu 21.04

persepolis is Graphical download manager based on Aria2

How To Install peruse on Ubuntu 21.04

peruse is comic book reader

How To Install pescetti on Ubuntu 21.04

pescetti is Bridge Pseudo-duplimate generator

How To Install pesign on Ubuntu 21.04

pesign is Signing utility for UEFI binaries

How To Install petname on Ubuntu 21.04

petname is RFC1178 implmentation to generate pronouncable, perhaps even memorable, pet names

How To Install petris on Ubuntu 21.04

petris is Peter’s Tetris - a Tetris(TM) clone

How To Install pev on Ubuntu 21.04

pev is text-based tool to analyze PE files

How To Install pex on Ubuntu 21.04

pex is library for generating Python executable zip files

How To Install pexec on Ubuntu 21.04

pexec is Executing commands in parallel

How To Install pfb2t1c2pfb on Ubuntu 21.04

pfb2t1c2pfb is convert pfb into more compressible format and back

How To Install pflogsumm on Ubuntu 21.04

pflogsumm is Postfix log entry summarizer

How To Install pfm on Ubuntu 21.04

pfm is PostgreSQL graphical client using Tcl/Tk

How To Install pfqueue on Ubuntu 21.04

pfqueue is interactive console-based tool to control MTA queues

How To Install pfsglview on Ubuntu 21.04

pfsglview is command line HDR manipulation programs (OpenGL/GLUT viewer)

How To Install pfstmo on Ubuntu 21.04

pfstmo is set of tone mapping operators

How To Install pfstools on Ubuntu 21.04

pfstools is command line HDR manipulation programs

How To Install pfsview on Ubuntu 21.04

pfsview is command line HDR manipulation programs (Qt viewer)

How To Install pftools on Ubuntu 21.04

pftools is build and search protein and DNA generalized profiles

How To Install pgagent on Ubuntu 21.04

pgagent is job scheduling engine for PostgreSQL

How To Install pgbackrest on Ubuntu 21.04

pgbackrest is Reliable PostgreSQL Backup & Restore

How To Install pgbadger on Ubuntu 21.04

pgbadger is Fast PostgreSQL log analysis report

How To Install pgbouncer on Ubuntu 21.04

pgbouncer is lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL

How To Install pgcharts on Ubuntu 21.04

pgcharts is turn your PostgreSQL queries into charts

How To Install pgcli on Ubuntu 21.04

pgcli is CLI for PostgreSQL with auto-completion and syntax highlighting

How To Install pgcluu on Ubuntu 21.04

pgcluu is PostgreSQL performance monitoring and auditing tool

How To Install pgdbf on Ubuntu 21.04

pgdbf is converter of XBase / FoxPro tables to PostgreSQL

How To Install pgformatter on Ubuntu 21.04

pgformatter is PostgreSQL SQL syntax beautifier

How To Install pgloader on Ubuntu 21.04

pgloader is extract, transform and load data into PostgreSQL

How To Install pgmfindclip on Ubuntu 21.04

pgmfindclip is automatically find a clipping border for a sequence of pgm images

How To Install pgmodeler on Ubuntu 21.04

pgmodeler is PostgreSQL database modeler GUI interface

How To Install pgn2web on Ubuntu 21.04

pgn2web is convert PGN chess game files into webpages

How To Install pgpdump on Ubuntu 21.04

pgpdump is PGP packet visualizer

How To Install pgpgpg on Ubuntu 21.04

pgpgpg is Wrapper for using GnuPG in programs designed for PGP

How To Install pgplot5 on Ubuntu 21.04

pgplot5 is large subroutine library for plotting scientific data

How To Install pgpool2 on Ubuntu 21.04

pgpool2 is connection pool server and replication proxy for PostgreSQL

How To Install pgqd on Ubuntu 21.04

pgqd is Queue maintenance daemon for PgQ

How To Install pgreplay on Ubuntu 21.04

pgreplay is replay PostgreSQL log files

How To Install pgstat on Ubuntu 21.04

pgstat is Collects PostgreSQL statistics the same way as a vmstat tool

How To Install pgtap on Ubuntu 21.04

pgtap is Unit testing framework for PostgreSQL - metapackage

How To Install pgtop on Ubuntu 21.04

pgtop is PostgreSQL performance monitoring tool akin to top

How To Install pgxnclient on Ubuntu 21.04

pgxnclient is command line client for the PostgreSQL Extension Network

How To Install phalanx on Ubuntu 21.04

phalanx is Chess playing program

How To Install phamm on Ubuntu 21.04

phamm is PHP front-end to manage virtual services on LDAP - main package

How To Install phasex on Ubuntu 21.04

phasex is Phase Harmonic Advanced Synthesis EXperiment

How To Install phast on Ubuntu 21.04

phast is phylogenetic analysis with space/time models

How To Install phing on Ubuntu 21.04

phing is PHP5 project build system based on Apache Ant

How To Install phipack on Ubuntu 21.04

phipack is PHI test and other tests of recombination

How To Install phlipple on Ubuntu 21.04

phlipple is reduce 3D shapes to a single square

How To Install phnxdeco on Ubuntu 21.04

phnxdeco is Decompress flashfiles equipped with a PHOENIX BIOS

How To Install phoc on Ubuntu 21.04

phoc is Wayland compositor for mobile phones

How To Install phonon4qt5 on Ubuntu 21.04

phonon4qt5 is multimedia framework from KDE using Qt 5 - metapackage

How To Install phonon4qt5settings on Ubuntu 21.04

phonon4qt5settings is multimedia framework from KDE using Qt 5 - settings application

How To Install phosh on Ubuntu 21.04

phosh is Pure Wayland shell for mobile devices

How To Install photocollage on Ubuntu 21.04

photocollage is Graphical tool to make photo collage posters

How To Install photofilmstrip on Ubuntu 21.04

photofilmstrip is Slideshow creator with Ken Burns effect

How To Install photoflare on Ubuntu 21.04

photoflare is Simple but powerful Image Editor

How To Install photoflow on Ubuntu 21.04

photoflow is non-destructive photo retouching program

How To Install photopc on Ubuntu 21.04

photopc is Interface to digital still cameras

How To Install phototonic on Ubuntu 21.04

phototonic is image viewer and organizer

How To Install php on Ubuntu 21.04

php is server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (default)

How To Install php7.4 on Ubuntu 21.04

php7.4 is server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage) server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage)

How To Install phpab on Ubuntu 21.04

phpab is lightweight PHP namespace aware autoload generator

How To Install phpcpd on Ubuntu 21.04

phpcpd is copy and paste detector (CPD) for PHP code

How To Install phpdox on Ubuntu 21.04

phpdox is documentation generation framework and tool

How To Install phpldapadmin on Ubuntu 21.04

phpldapadmin is web based interface for administering LDAP servers

How To Install phpliteadmin on Ubuntu 21.04

phpliteadmin is web-based SQLite database admin tool

How To Install phploc on Ubuntu 21.04

phploc is tool for quickly measuring the size of a PHP project

How To Install phpmd on Ubuntu 21.04

phpmd is PHP Mess Detector

How To Install phpmyadmin on Ubuntu 21.04

phpmyadmin is MySQL web administration tool

How To Install phppgadmin on Ubuntu 21.04

phppgadmin is web-based administration tool for PostgreSQL

How To Install phpqrcode on Ubuntu 21.04

phpqrcode is PHP library for generating two-dimensional barcodes

How To Install phpsysinfo on Ubuntu 21.04

phpsysinfo is PHP based host information

How To Install phpunit on Ubuntu 21.04

phpunit is Unit testing suite for PHP

How To Install phpwebcounter on Ubuntu 21.04

phpwebcounter is simple and light web hit counter

How To Install phybin on Ubuntu 21.04

phybin is binning/clustering newick trees by topology

How To Install phylip on Ubuntu 21.04

phylip is package of programs for inferring phylogenies

How To Install phylonium on Ubuntu 21.04

phylonium is Fast and Accurate Estimation of Evolutionary Distances

How To Install phyml on Ubuntu 21.04

phyml is Phylogenetic estimation using Maximum Likelihood

How To Install physamp on Ubuntu 21.04

physamp is sample sequence alignment corresponding to phylogeny

How To Install physlock on Ubuntu 21.04

physlock is lightweight Linux console locking tool

How To Install phyutility on Ubuntu 21.04

phyutility is simple analyses or modifications on both phylogenetic trees and data matrices

How To Install phyx on Ubuntu 21.04

phyx is UNIX-style phylogenetic analyses on trees and sequences

How To Install pi on Ubuntu 21.04

pi is Compute Archimedes’ constant Pi to arbitrary precision

How To Install pia on Ubuntu 21.04

pia is movie player for xawtv

How To Install pianobar on Ubuntu 21.04

pianobar is console based player for Pandora radio

How To Install pianobooster on Ubuntu 21.04

pianobooster is Learn the piano just by playing a game

How To Install pibootctl on Ubuntu 21.04

pibootctl is query and manipulate the boot configuration of the Raspberry Pi

How To Install picard on Ubuntu 21.04

picard is Next-Generation MusicBrainz audio files tagger

How To Install pick on Ubuntu 21.04

pick is utility to choose one option from a set of choices

How To Install picmi on Ubuntu 21.04

picmi is Number logic game

How To Install picocom on Ubuntu 21.04

picocom is minimal dumb-terminal emulation program

How To Install picolisp on Ubuntu 21.04

picolisp is Lisp interpreter and application server framework

How To Install picom on Ubuntu 21.04

picom is lightweight compositor for X11

How To Install picopore on Ubuntu 21.04

picopore is lossless compression of Nanopore files

How To Install picosat on Ubuntu 21.04

picosat is SAT solver with proof and core support

How To Install picprog on Ubuntu 21.04

picprog is Microchip PIC serial programmer software

How To Install pictor on Ubuntu 21.04

pictor is web application for browsing your pictures

How To Install pid1 on Ubuntu 21.04

pid1 is signal handling and orphan reaping for Unix PID1 init processes

How To Install pidcat on Ubuntu 21.04

pidcat is Colored adb logcat that shows entries for specific apps

How To Install pidgin on Ubuntu 21.04

pidgin is graphical multi-protocol instant messaging client

How To Install piespy on Ubuntu 21.04

piespy is IRC bot to visualize social networks

How To Install piglit on Ubuntu 21.04

piglit is Open-source test suite for OpenGL and OpenCL implementations

How To Install pigz on Ubuntu 21.04

pigz is Parallel Implementation of GZip

How To Install pike8.0 on Ubuntu 21.04

pike8.0 is Recommended metapackage for Pike 8.0

How To Install pikopixel.app on Ubuntu 21.04

pikopixel.app is Pixel-art editor

How To Install piler on Ubuntu 21.04

piler is genomic repeat analysis

How To Install pilercr on Ubuntu 21.04

pilercr is software for finding CRISPR repeats

How To Install pilon on Ubuntu 21.04

pilon is automated genome assembly improvement and variant detection tool

How To Install pilot on Ubuntu 21.04

pilot is Simple file browser from Alpine, a text-based email client

How To Install pimd on Ubuntu 21.04

pimd is multicast routing daemon (PIMv2)

How To Install pinball on Ubuntu 21.04

pinball is Emilia Pinball Emulator

How To Install pinfish on Ubuntu 21.04

pinfish is Collection of tools to annotate genomes using long read transcriptomics data

How To Install pinfo on Ubuntu 21.04

pinfo is user friendly console-based viewer for info-document

How To Install pingus on Ubuntu 21.04

pingus is Free Lemmings(TM) clone

How To Install pinhole on Ubuntu 21.04

pinhole is Simple camera application for the GNOME desktop

How To Install pinot on Ubuntu 21.04

pinot is meta-search engine for local files and web queries

How To Install pinpoint on Ubuntu 21.04

pinpoint is hacker-friendly presentation program

How To Install pinta on Ubuntu 21.04

pinta is Simple drawing/painting program

How To Install pinto on Ubuntu 21.04

pinto is application for curating a repository of Perl modules

How To Install pioneers on Ubuntu 21.04

pioneers is Settlers of Catan board game

How To Install pipebench on Ubuntu 21.04

pipebench is measure the speed of stdin/stdout communication

How To Install pipemeter on Ubuntu 21.04

pipemeter is cli utility that shows the speed of data moving from input to output

How To Install pipenightdreams on Ubuntu 21.04

pipenightdreams is connect pipes to get the water flowing from inlet to outlet

How To Install pipenv on Ubuntu 21.04

pipenv is Python’s officially recommended packaging tool

How To Install piper on Ubuntu 21.04

piper is GTK application to configure gaming devices

How To Install pipewalker on Ubuntu 21.04

pipewalker is combination puzzle game

How To Install pipewire on Ubuntu 21.04

pipewire is audio and video processing engine multimedia server

How To Install pipexec on Ubuntu 21.04

pipexec is create a directed graph of processes and pipes

How To Install pipsi on Ubuntu 21.04

pipsi is pip script installer

How To Install pipx on Ubuntu 21.04

pipx is execute binaries from Python packages in isolated environments execute binaries from Python packages in isolated environments

How To Install pique on Ubuntu 21.04

pique is software pipeline for performing genome wide association studies

How To Install pirs on Ubuntu 21.04

pirs is Profile based Illumina pair-end Reads Simulator

How To Install pisg on Ubuntu 21.04

pisg is Perl IRC Statistics Generator

How To Install pithos on Ubuntu 21.04

pithos is Pandora Radio client for the GNOME desktop

How To Install pitivi on Ubuntu 21.04

pitivi is non-linear audio/video editor using GStreamer

How To Install piuparts on Ubuntu 21.04

piuparts is .deb package installation, upgrading, and removal testing tool

How To Install pius on Ubuntu 21.04

pius is Tools to help before and after key-signing parties

How To Install pixelize on Ubuntu 21.04

pixelize is Create an image consisting of many small images

How To Install pixiewps on Ubuntu 21.04

pixiewps is Offline WPS bruteforce tool

How To Install pixmap on Ubuntu 21.04

pixmap is A pixmap editor

How To Install pixz on Ubuntu 21.04

pixz is parallel, indexing XZ compressor/decompressor

How To Install pizzly on Ubuntu 21.04

pizzly is Identifies gene fusions in RNA sequencing data

How To Install pk4 on Ubuntu 21.04

pk4 is make available the Debian source package producing the specified package

How To Install pkgbinarymangler on Ubuntu 21.04

pkgbinarymangler is strips translations and alters maintainers during build

How To Install pkgconf on Ubuntu 21.04

pkgconf is manage compile and link flags for libraries

How To Install pkgdiff on Ubuntu 21.04

pkgdiff is tool for visualizing changes in Linux software packages

How To Install pkgsync on Ubuntu 21.04

pkgsync is automated package list synchronization

How To Install pktanon on Ubuntu 21.04

pktanon is profile-based traffic anonymizer

How To Install pktools on Ubuntu 21.04

pktools is GDAL add-on tools to perform useful raster processing

How To Install pktstat on Ubuntu 21.04

pktstat is top-like utility for network connections usage

How To Install pkwalify on Ubuntu 21.04

pkwalify is perl kwalify validator

How To Install placnet on Ubuntu 21.04

placnet is Plasmid Constellation Network project

How To Install plait on Ubuntu 21.04

plait is command-line jukebox

How To Install plakativ on Ubuntu 21.04

plakativ is create posters and banners from multiple glued-together pages

How To Install planarity on Ubuntu 21.04

planarity is Program for planarity-related graph algorithms

How To Install planetblupi on Ubuntu 21.04

planetblupi is Planet Blupi - A delirious spell-binding game

How To Install planetfilter on Ubuntu 21.04

planetfilter is filter for blog aggregators

How To Install planets on Ubuntu 21.04

planets is Gravitation simulation of planetary bodies

How To Install planfacile on Ubuntu 21.04

planfacile is Generate a document from a mindmap

How To Install plank on Ubuntu 21.04

plank is Elegant, simple, clean dock

How To Install planner on Ubuntu 21.04

planner is project management application

How To Install plantuml on Ubuntu 21.04

plantuml is text-to-UML converter

How To Install plasmidid on Ubuntu 21.04

plasmidid is mapping-based, assembly-assisted plasmid identification tool

How To Install plasmidomics on Ubuntu 21.04

plasmidomics is draw plasmids and vector maps with PostScript graphics export

How To Install plasmidseeker on Ubuntu 21.04

plasmidseeker is identification of known plasmids from whole-genome sequencing reads

How To Install plaso on Ubuntu 21.04

plaso is super timeline all the things – metapackage

How To Install plast on Ubuntu 21.04

plast is Parallel Local Sequence Alignment Search Tool

How To Install plastex on Ubuntu 21.04

plastex is LaTeX document processing framework in Python

How To Install plastimatch on Ubuntu 21.04

plastimatch is medical image reconstruction and registration

How To Install plater on Ubuntu 21.04

plater is Graphical tool to prepare 3D printing plates

How To Install platformio on Ubuntu 21.04

platformio is open source ecosystem for IoT development

How To Install play.it on Ubuntu 21.04

play.it is Installer for drm-free commercial games

How To Install playerctl on Ubuntu 21.04

playerctl is utility to control media players via MPRIS

How To Install playitslowly on Ubuntu 21.04

playitslowly is Plays back audio files at a different speed or pitch

How To Install playmidi on Ubuntu 21.04

playmidi is MIDI player

How To Install playonlinux on Ubuntu 21.04

playonlinux is front-end for Wine

How To Install pleaser on Ubuntu 21.04

pleaser is please, a polite, regex-first sudo clone please, a polite, regex-first sudo clone

How To Install plink on Ubuntu 21.04

plink is whole-genome association analysis toolset

How To Install plink1.9 on Ubuntu 21.04

plink1.9 is whole-genome association analysis toolset

How To Install plink2 on Ubuntu 21.04

plink2 is whole-genome association analysis toolset

How To Install plip on Ubuntu 21.04

plip is fully automated protein-ligand interaction profiler

How To Install plm on Ubuntu 21.04

plm is Programming exerciser in Java, Python, Scala and others

How To Install plocate on Ubuntu 21.04

plocate is much faster locate

How To Install ploop on Ubuntu 21.04

ploop is tools to work with ploop devices and images

How To Install plopfolio.app on Ubuntu 21.04

plopfolio.app is Personal dashboard for GNUstep

How To Install ploticus on Ubuntu 21.04

ploticus is script driven business graphics package

How To Install plotnetcfg on Ubuntu 21.04

plotnetcfg is local networking configuration diagram plotter

How To Install plotsauce on Ubuntu 21.04

plotsauce is Survex 3d file to XML converter

How To Install plotutils on Ubuntu 21.04

plotutils is GNU plotutils command line tools based on libplot

How To Install plover on Ubuntu 21.04

plover is free stenography engine and typing tool

How To Install plowshare on Ubuntu 21.04

plowshare is download and upload files from file sharing websites

How To Install plptools on Ubuntu 21.04

plptools is Access EPOC device (Psion PDA) over a serial link

How To Install plsense on Ubuntu 21.04

plsense is Omni Completion Tool for Perl

How To Install pluginhook on Ubuntu 21.04

pluginhook is simple plugin system for Bash programs

How To Install plum on Ubuntu 21.04

plum is IRC proxy, stationing, logging, and bot program (pirc)

How To Install pluma on Ubuntu 21.04

pluma is official text editor of the MATE desktop environment

How To Install pluxml on Ubuntu 21.04

pluxml is light blog/CMS engine powered by XML

How To Install plymouth on Ubuntu 21.04

plymouth is boot animation, logger and I/O multiplexer

How To Install plzip on Ubuntu 21.04

plzip is parallel, lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm

How To Install pmacct on Ubuntu 21.04

pmacct is promiscuous mode traffic accountant

How To Install pmailq on Ubuntu 21.04

pmailq is Postfix mail queue manager

How To Install pmars on Ubuntu 21.04

pmars is Portable MARS, Core War simulator

How To Install pmccabe on Ubuntu 21.04

pmccabe is McCabe-style function complexity and line counting for C and C++

How To Install pmd2odg on Ubuntu 21.04

pmd2odg is Apple Pagemaker to OpenDocument converter

How To Install pmidi on Ubuntu 21.04

pmidi is command line midi player for ALSA

How To Install pmount on Ubuntu 21.04

pmount is mount removable devices as normal user

How To Install pms on Ubuntu 21.04

pms is Practical Music Search, an MPD client

How To Install pmtools on Ubuntu 21.04

pmtools is Perl module tools

How To Install pmuninstall on Ubuntu 21.04

pmuninstall is script to uninstall modules installed from CPAN

How To Install pmw on Ubuntu 21.04

pmw is Philip’s Music Writer

How To Install png23d on Ubuntu 21.04

png23d is Converts PNG images into three dimensional representations.

How To Install png2html on Ubuntu 21.04

png2html is transforms a PNG image to a web page

How To Install pngcheck on Ubuntu 21.04

pngcheck is print info and check PNG, JNG and MNG files

How To Install pngcrush on Ubuntu 21.04

pngcrush is optimizes PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files

How To Install pngmeta on Ubuntu 21.04

pngmeta is Display metadata information from PNG images

How To Install pngnq on Ubuntu 21.04

pngnq is tool for optimizing PNG (Portable Network Graphics) images

How To Install pngphoon on Ubuntu 21.04

pngphoon is Creates a png file with the current phase of the moon

How To Install pngquant on Ubuntu 21.04

pngquant is PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image optimising utility

How To Install pngtools on Ubuntu 21.04

pngtools is series of tools for PNG (Portable Network Graphics) images

How To Install pnmixer on Ubuntu 21.04

pnmixer is Simple mixer application for system tray

How To Install pnopaste on Ubuntu 21.04

pnopaste is Pastebin with syntax highlighting

How To Install pnscan on Ubuntu 21.04

pnscan is Multi threaded port scanner

How To Install po4a on Ubuntu 21.04

po4a is tools to ease the translation of documentation

How To Install poa on Ubuntu 21.04

poa is Partial Order Alignment for multiple sequence alignment

How To Install pocketsphinx on Ubuntu 21.04

pocketsphinx is Speech recognition tool

How To Install pod2pdf on Ubuntu 21.04

pod2pdf is Plain Old Documentation to Portable Document Format converter

How To Install podget on Ubuntu 21.04

podget is Podcast aggregrator/downloader optimized for cron

How To Install podman on Ubuntu 21.04

podman is engine to run OCI-based containers in Pods

How To Install poe.app on Ubuntu 21.04

poe.app is Vorbis comment editor

How To Install poedit on Ubuntu 21.04

poedit is gettext catalog editor

How To Install poezio on Ubuntu 21.04

poezio is Console-based XMPP client

How To Install poke on Ubuntu 21.04

poke is Extensible editor for structured binary data

How To Install pokerth on Ubuntu 21.04

pokerth is Texas hold’em game

How To Install polari on Ubuntu 21.04

polari is Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client

How To Install polenum on Ubuntu 21.04

polenum is Extracts the password policy from a Windows system

How To Install policycoreutils on Ubuntu 21.04

policycoreutils is SELinux core policy utilities

How To Install pollen on Ubuntu 21.04

pollen is Entropy-as-a-Service web server

How To Install pollinate on Ubuntu 21.04

pollinate is seed the pseudo random number generator

How To Install polybar on Ubuntu 21.04

polybar is Fast and easy-to-use tool for creating status bars

How To Install polygen on Ubuntu 21.04

polygen is generator of random sentences from grammar definitions

How To Install polyglot on Ubuntu 21.04

polyglot is chess engine protocol adaptor, connects UCI engines to xboard

How To Install polymake on Ubuntu 21.04

polymake is Tool for algorithmic discrete geometry

How To Install polyml on Ubuntu 21.04

polyml is interpreter and interactive compiler for Standard ML

How To Install polyphone on Ubuntu 21.04

polyphone is cross-platform SoundFont editor

How To Install pommed on Ubuntu 21.04

pommed is Apple laptops hotkeys event handler

How To Install pompem on Ubuntu 21.04

pompem is Exploit and Vulnerability Finder

How To Install pong2 on Ubuntu 21.04

pong2 is Remake of old arcade classic in OpenGL

How To Install ponyprog on Ubuntu 21.04

ponyprog is Serial device programmer

How To Install poolcounter on Ubuntu 21.04

poolcounter is network daemon which provides mutex-like functionality

How To Install pop3browser on Ubuntu 21.04

pop3browser is Allows one to check a pop3 mailbox before downloading any mail

How To Install popa3d on Ubuntu 21.04

popa3d is Tiny POP3 daemon, designed with security as the primary goal

How To Install popfile on Ubuntu 21.04

popfile is email classification tool

How To Install poppassd on Ubuntu 21.04

poppassd is password change server for Eudora and NUPOP

How To Install populations on Ubuntu 21.04

populations is population genetic software

How To Install porechop on Ubuntu 21.04

porechop is adapter trimmer for Oxford Nanopore reads

How To Install poretools on Ubuntu 21.04

poretools is toolkit for nanopore nucleotide sequencing data

How To Install porg on Ubuntu 21.04

porg is Package manager/organizer for software installed from source

How To Install portreserve on Ubuntu 21.04

portreserve is Port reservation program

How To Install portsentry on Ubuntu 21.04

portsentry is Portscan detection daemon

How To Install posh on Ubuntu 21.04

posh is Policy-compliant Ordinary SHell

How To Install posixtestsuite on Ubuntu 21.04

posixtestsuite is POSIX conformance test suite report log

How To Install postal on Ubuntu 21.04

postal is SMTP benchmark - the mad postman.

How To Install poster on Ubuntu 21.04

poster is Create large posters out of PostScript pages

How To Install posterazor on Ubuntu 21.04

posterazor is splits an image across multiple pages for assembly into a poster

How To Install postfix on Ubuntu 21.04

postfix is High-performance mail transport agent

How To Install postfixadmin on Ubuntu 21.04

postfixadmin is Virtual mail hosting interface for Postfix

How To Install postfwd on Ubuntu 21.04

postfwd is Postfix policyd to combine complex restrictions in a ruleset

How To Install postgis on Ubuntu 21.04

postgis is Geographic objects support for PostgreSQL

How To Install postgresql on Ubuntu 21.04

postgresql is object-relational SQL database (supported version)

How To Install postgrey on Ubuntu 21.04

postgrey is greylisting implementation for Postfix

How To Install postmark on Ubuntu 21.04

postmark is File system benchmark from NetApp

How To Install postsrsd on Ubuntu 21.04

postsrsd is Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS) lookup table for Postfix

How To Install potool on Ubuntu 21.04

potool is program to aid manipulation of gettext po files

How To Install potrace on Ubuntu 21.04

potrace is utility to transform bitmaps into vector graphics

How To Install pound on Ubuntu 21.04

pound is reverse proxy, load balancer and HTTPS front-end for Web servers

How To Install povray on Ubuntu 21.04

povray is Persistence of vision raytracer (3D renderer)

How To Install powder on Ubuntu 21.04

powder is Graphical dungeon crawling game

How To Install powerdebug on Ubuntu 21.04

powerdebug is tool to display regulator, sensor and clock information

How To Install powerdevil on Ubuntu 21.04

powerdevil is Global power saver settings.

How To Install powerline on Ubuntu 21.04

powerline is prompt and statusline utility

How To Install powerman on Ubuntu 21.04

powerman is Centralized Power Distribution Unit (PDU) management

How To Install powermanga on Ubuntu 21.04

powermanga is vertical shoot ’em up with colourful 3D graphics

How To Install powerstat on Ubuntu 21.04

powerstat is laptop power measuring tool

How To Install powertop on Ubuntu 21.04

powertop is diagnose issues with power consumption and management

How To Install poxml on Ubuntu 21.04

poxml is tools for translating DocBook XML files with Gettext

How To Install ppdfilt on Ubuntu 21.04

ppdfilt is filter that inserts printer specific commands into print jobs

How To Install pplacer on Ubuntu 21.04

pplacer is phylogenetic placement and downstream analysis

How To Install ppp on Ubuntu 21.04

ppp is Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) - daemon

How To Install pppconfig on Ubuntu 21.04

pppconfig is Text menu based utility for configuring ppp

How To Install pppoe on Ubuntu 21.04

pppoe is PPP over Ethernet driver

How To Install pppoeconf on Ubuntu 21.04

pppoeconf is configures PPPoE/ADSL connections

How To Install ppsh on Ubuntu 21.04

ppsh is Program to parse and pretty print arbitrary Haskell Show output

How To Install pptpd on Ubuntu 21.04

pptpd is PoPToP Point to Point Tunneling Server

How To Install ppxfind on Ubuntu 21.04

ppxfind is tool combining ocamlfind and ppx

How To Install pq on Ubuntu 21.04

pq is Progress Quest is a “fire and forget” computer role-playing game

How To Install pqiv on Ubuntu 21.04

pqiv is Powerful image viewer with minimal UI

How To Install pr3287 on Ubuntu 21.04

pr3287 is IBM 3287 printer emulation for telnet sessions to IBM mainframes

How To Install praat on Ubuntu 21.04

praat is program for speech analysis and synthesis

How To Install prads on Ubuntu 21.04

prads is Passive Real-time Asset Detection System

How To Install praelector on Ubuntu 21.04

praelector is helps one to read a Latin phrase in a natural way

How To Install pragha on Ubuntu 21.04

pragha is Lightweight Music Player

How To Install prank on Ubuntu 21.04

prank is Probabilistic Alignment Kit for DNA, codon and amino-acid sequences

How To Install prayer on Ubuntu 21.04

prayer is standalone IMAP-based webmail server

How To Install prctl on Ubuntu 21.04

prctl is Process control operations

How To Install predictnls on Ubuntu 21.04

predictnls is prediction and analysis of protein nuclear localization signals

How To Install prelink on Ubuntu 21.04

prelink is ELF prelinking utility to speed up dynamic linking

How To Install preload on Ubuntu 21.04

preload is adaptive readahead daemon

How To Install premake4 on Ubuntu 21.04

premake4 is cross-platform build script generator

How To Install prerex on Ubuntu 21.04

prerex is course prerequisite chart editor for LaTeX/TikZ

How To Install presage on Ubuntu 21.04

presage is intelligent predictive text entry platform (tools and demos)

How To Install presentty on Ubuntu 21.04

presentty is Console-based presentation software

How To Install presto on Ubuntu 21.04

presto is toolkit for processing B and T cell sequences

How To Install prettyping on Ubuntu 21.04

prettyping is better ping tool

How To Install preview.app on Ubuntu 21.04

preview.app is General purpose image viewer for GNUstep

How To Install previsat on Ubuntu 21.04

previsat is satellite tracking software for observing purposes

How To Install prewikka on Ubuntu 21.04

prewikka is Security Information and Events Management System [ Web Interface ]

How To Install price.app on Ubuntu 21.04

price.app is Image filtering and manipulation using GNUstep

How To Install primer3 on Ubuntu 21.04

primer3 is tool to design flanking oligo nucleotides for DNA amplification

How To Install primesieve on Ubuntu 21.04

primesieve is fast prime number generator C/C++ library

How To Install primrose on Ubuntu 21.04

primrose is compelling tile-placement puzzle game

How To Install primus on Ubuntu 21.04

primus is client-side GPU offloading for NVIDIA Optimus

How To Install princeprocessor on Ubuntu 21.04

princeprocessor is standalone password candidate generator using the PRINCE algorithm

How To Install printcore on Ubuntu 21.04

printcore is 3D printer host core commands

How To Install printemf on Ubuntu 21.04

printemf is Enhanced Metafile library (executable)

How To Install printrun on Ubuntu 21.04

printrun is 3D printer hosts suite

How To Install prips on Ubuntu 21.04

prips is tool that prints the IP addresses in a given range

How To Install privbind on Ubuntu 21.04

privbind is Allow unprivileged apps to bind to a privileged port

How To Install privoxy on Ubuntu 21.04

privoxy is Privacy enhancing HTTP Proxy

How To Install proalign on Ubuntu 21.04

proalign is Probabilistic multiple alignment program

How To Install probabel on Ubuntu 21.04

probabel is Toolset for Genome-Wide Association Analysis

How To Install probalign on Ubuntu 21.04

probalign is multiple sequence alignment using partition function posterior probabilities

How To Install probcons on Ubuntu 21.04

probcons is PROBabilistic CONSistency-based multiple sequence alignment

How To Install probert on Ubuntu 21.04

probert is Hardware probing tool - metapackage

How To Install procdump on Ubuntu 21.04

procdump is Utility to create core dumps based on performance triggers

How To Install procenv on Ubuntu 21.04

procenv is Utility to show process environment

How To Install procinfo on Ubuntu 21.04

procinfo is tools to display information from /proc and /sys

How To Install procmail on Ubuntu 21.04

procmail is Versatile e-mail processor

How To Install procmeter3 on Ubuntu 21.04

procmeter3 is graphical system status monitor

How To Install procps on Ubuntu 21.04

procps is /proc file system utilities /proc file system utilities

How To Install procserv on Ubuntu 21.04

procserv is Process server with telnet console and log access

How To Install proda on Ubuntu 21.04

proda is multiple alignment of protein sequences

How To Install prodigal on Ubuntu 21.04

prodigal is Microbial (bacterial and archaeal) gene finding program

How To Install profanity on Ubuntu 21.04

profanity is console based XMPP client

How To Install profbval on Ubuntu 21.04

profbval is predictor of flexible/rigid protein residues from sequence

How To Install profisis on Ubuntu 21.04

profisis is prediction of protein-protein interaction sites from sequence

How To Install proftmb on Ubuntu 21.04

proftmb is per-residue prediction of bacterial transmembrane beta barrels

How To Install progress on Ubuntu 21.04

progress is Coreutils Progress Viewer (formerly known as ‘cv’)

How To Install progressivemauve on Ubuntu 21.04

progressivemauve is multiple genome alignment algorithms

How To Install proguard on Ubuntu 21.04

proguard is Java class file shrinker, optimizer, and obfuscator

How To Install projectcenter.app on Ubuntu 21.04

projectcenter.app is IDE for GNUstep Development

How To Install projecteur on Ubuntu 21.04

projecteur is virtual laser pointer for Logitech Spotlight devices

How To Install projectl on Ubuntu 21.04

projectl is sword action shooting

How To Install prokka on Ubuntu 21.04

prokka is rapid annotation of prokaryotic genomes

How To Install prolix on Ubuntu 21.04

prolix is tool to interactively filter chatty command output

How To Install prometheus on Ubuntu 21.04

prometheus is Monitoring system and time series database

How To Install pronsole on Ubuntu 21.04

pronsole is Command-line 3D printer host

How To Install pronterface on Ubuntu 21.04

pronterface is Graphical 3D printer host

How To Install proofgeneral on Ubuntu 21.04

proofgeneral is generic frontend for proof assistants

How To Install prooftree on Ubuntu 21.04

prooftree is proof-tree visualization for Proof General

How To Install proot on Ubuntu 21.04

proot is emulate chroot, bind mount and binfmt_misc for non-root users

How To Install propellor on Ubuntu 21.04

propellor is property-based host configuration management in haskell

How To Install prosody on Ubuntu 21.04

prosody is Lightweight Jabber/XMPP server

How To Install proteinortho on Ubuntu 21.04

proteinortho is Detection of (Co-)orthologs in large-scale protein analysis

How To Install protracker on Ubuntu 21.04

protracker is transitional dummy package

How To Install prottest on Ubuntu 21.04

prottest is selection of best-fit models of protein evolution

How To Install prove6 on Ubuntu 21.04

prove6 is test runner based on TAP harness

How To Install proxsmtp on Ubuntu 21.04

proxsmtp is multi purpose SMTP Proxy

How To Install proxychains on Ubuntu 21.04

proxychains is proxy chains - redirect connections through proxy servers

How To Install proxychains4 on Ubuntu 21.04

proxychains4 is redirect connections through socks/http proxies (proxychains-ng)

How To Install proxycheck on Ubuntu 21.04

proxycheck is checks existence of open proxy

How To Install proxytrack on Ubuntu 21.04

proxytrack is Build HTTP Caches using archived websites copied by HTTrack

How To Install proxytunnel on Ubuntu 21.04

proxytunnel is Help SSH and other protocols through HTTP(S) proxies

How To Install prt on Ubuntu 21.04

prt is Command line Perl Refactoring Tool

How To Install pry on Ubuntu 21.04

pry is powerful irb alternative and runtime developer console

How To Install ps2eps on Ubuntu 21.04

ps2eps is convert PostScript to EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files

How To Install psad on Ubuntu 21.04

psad is Port Scan Attack Detector

How To Install psautohint on Ubuntu 21.04

psautohint is Font autohinter from AFDKO

How To Install pscan on Ubuntu 21.04

pscan is Format string security checker for C files

How To Install psensor on Ubuntu 21.04

psensor is display graphs for monitoring hardware temperature

How To Install pseudo on Ubuntu 21.04

pseudo is advanced tool for simulating superuser privileges

How To Install psfex on Ubuntu 21.04

psfex is Point Spread Function model extractor

How To Install psgml on Ubuntu 21.04

psgml is Emacs major mode for editing SGML documents

How To Install psi on Ubuntu 21.04

psi is Qt-based XMPP client

How To Install psi3 on Ubuntu 21.04

psi3 is Quantum Chemical Program Suite

How To Install psi4 on Ubuntu 21.04

psi4 is Quantum Chemical Program Suite

How To Install psignifit on Ubuntu 21.04

psignifit is Fitting and testing hypotheses about psychometric functions

How To Install psk31lx on Ubuntu 21.04

psk31lx is PSK31 terminal application with text-based user interface

How To Install pskctool on Ubuntu 21.04

pskctool is OATH Toolkit pskctool command line tool

How To Install psl on Ubuntu 21.04

psl is Explore the Public Suffix List

How To Install pslib1 on Ubuntu 21.04

pslib1 is library to create PostScript files

How To Install pslist on Ubuntu 21.04

pslist is utility that controls a process and its descendants

How To Install psmisc on Ubuntu 21.04

psmisc is utilities that use the proc file system

How To Install psortb on Ubuntu 21.04

psortb is bacterial localization prediction tool

How To Install pspg on Ubuntu 21.04

pspg is PostgreSQL pager

How To Install pspp on Ubuntu 21.04

pspp is Statistical analysis tool

How To Install pspresent on Ubuntu 21.04

pspresent is fullscreen PostScript presentation tool

How To Install psrip on Ubuntu 21.04

psrip is Extract images from PostScript files

How To Install pssh on Ubuntu 21.04

pssh is Parallel versions of SSH-based tools

How To Install psst on Ubuntu 21.04

psst is power stress and shaping tool

How To Install pstack on Ubuntu 21.04

pstack is Display stack trace of a running process

How To Install pstoedit on Ubuntu 21.04

pstoedit is PostScript and PDF files to editable vector graphics converter

How To Install pstotext on Ubuntu 21.04

pstotext is Extract text from PostScript and PDF files

How To Install psurface on Ubuntu 21.04

psurface is piecewise linear bijections between triangulated surfaces – utilities

How To Install psutils on Ubuntu 21.04

psutils is PostScript document handling utilities

How To Install psychopy on Ubuntu 21.04

psychopy is environment for creating psychology stimuli in Python

How To Install ptask on Ubuntu 21.04

ptask is GTK+ graphical user interface for managing tasks

How To Install pterm on Ubuntu 21.04

pterm is PuTTY terminal emulator

How To Install ptpd on Ubuntu 21.04

ptpd is Precision Time Protocol daemon

How To Install ptscotch on Ubuntu 21.04

ptscotch is MPI programs and libraries for graph, mesh and hypergraph partitioning

How To Install ptunnel on Ubuntu 21.04

ptunnel is Tunnel TCP connections over ICMP packets

How To Install pub2odg on Ubuntu 21.04

pub2odg is Publisher documents to OpenDocument converter

How To Install publican on Ubuntu 21.04

publican is Tool for publishing material authored in DocBook XML

How To Install publicsuffix on Ubuntu 21.04

publicsuffix is accurate, machine-readable list of domain name suffixes

How To Install puddletag on Ubuntu 21.04

puddletag is simple, powerful audio tag editor

How To Install puf on Ubuntu 21.04

puf is Parallel URL fetcher

How To Install pullimap on Ubuntu 21.04

pullimap is Pull mails from an IMAP mailbox and deliver them via SMTP or LMTP

How To Install pulseaudio on Ubuntu 21.04

pulseaudio is PulseAudio sound server PulseAudio sound server

How To Install pulseeffects on Ubuntu 21.04

pulseeffects is Audio effects for PulseAudio applications

How To Install pulsemixer on Ubuntu 21.04

pulsemixer is command-line mixer for PulseAudio with a curses interface

How To Install pulseview on Ubuntu 21.04

pulseview is sigrok logic analyzer, oscilloscope, and MSO GUI

How To Install puma on Ubuntu 21.04

puma is threaded HTTP 1.1 server for Ruby/Rack applications

How To Install pumpa on Ubuntu 21.04

pumpa is simple desktop client for pump.io, the distributed social network

How To Install puppet on Ubuntu 21.04

puppet is configuration management system

How To Install pureadmin on Ubuntu 21.04

pureadmin is Gtk graphic front-end for PureFTPd

How To Install puredata on Ubuntu 21.04

puredata is realtime computer music and graphics system

How To Install purify on Ubuntu 21.04

purify is Collection of routines for radio interferometric imaging

How To Install purifyeps on Ubuntu 21.04

purifyeps is creates EPS files usable in TeX and pdfTeX

How To Install purity on Ubuntu 21.04

purity is automated purity testing software

How To Install pushover on Ubuntu 21.04

pushover is Fun puzzle game with dominos

How To Install pushpin on Ubuntu 21.04

pushpin is HTTP reverse proxy server for streaming and long-polling services

How To Install putty on Ubuntu 21.04

putty is Telnet/SSH client for X

How To Install pv on Ubuntu 21.04

pv is Shell pipeline element to meter data passing through

How To Install pvm on Ubuntu 21.04

pvm is Parallel Virtual Machine - binaries

How To Install pvpgn on Ubuntu 21.04

pvpgn is gaming server that emulates Battle.net(R)

How To Install pwauth on Ubuntu 21.04

pwauth is authenticator for mod_authnz_external and the Apache HTTP Daemon

How To Install pwgen on Ubuntu 21.04

pwgen is Automatic Password generation

How To Install pwget on Ubuntu 21.04

pwget is downloader utility which resembles wget (implemented in Perl)

How To Install pwman3 on Ubuntu 21.04

pwman3 is console password management application

How To Install px on Ubuntu 21.04

px is ps and top for human beings

How To Install pxelinux on Ubuntu 21.04

pxelinux is collection of bootloaders (PXE network bootloader)

How To Install pxfw on Ubuntu 21.04

pxfw is Plextor firmware updater

How To Install pxlib1 on Ubuntu 21.04

pxlib1 is library to read/write Paradox database files

How To Install py3status on Ubuntu 21.04

py3status is extensible i3status wrapper written in Python (Python3 package)

How To Install pyacidobasic on Ubuntu 21.04

pyacidobasic is simulation tool for acido-basic titrations

How To Install pybik on Ubuntu 21.04

pybik is Rubik’s cube game

How To Install pybtex on Ubuntu 21.04

pybtex is BibTeX-compatible bibliography processor

How To Install pychess on Ubuntu 21.04

pychess is Fully featured, nice looking, easy to use Chess Client

How To Install pycirkuit on Ubuntu 21.04

pycirkuit is front-end for “Circuit Macros” and the PIC language

How To Install pycodestyle on Ubuntu 21.04

pycodestyle is Python style guide checker (formerly called pep8)

How To Install pyconfigure on Ubuntu 21.04

pyconfigure is automatic configure script builder for Python software

How To Install pycoqc on Ubuntu 21.04

pycoqc is computes metrics and generates Interactive QC plots

How To Install pycorrfit on Ubuntu 21.04

pycorrfit is tool for fitting correlation curves on a logarithmic plot

How To Install pycsw on Ubuntu 21.04

pycsw is OGC compliant metadata (Catalogue Service for the Web) server

How To Install pydf on Ubuntu 21.04

pydf is colourised df(1)-clone

How To Install pydocstyle on Ubuntu 21.04

pydocstyle is Python docstring style checker (PEP-257 conventions)

How To Install pydoctor on Ubuntu 21.04

pydoctor is Python API document generator

How To Install pyecm on Ubuntu 21.04

pyecm is integer factorization with the Elliptic Curve Method (ECM)

How To Install pyfai on Ubuntu 21.04

pyfai is Fast Azimuthal Integration scripts

How To Install pyflakes3 on Ubuntu 21.04

pyflakes3 is passive checker of Python 3 programs

How To Install pyfr on Ubuntu 21.04

pyfr is flux reconstruction in Python

How To Install pygtail on Ubuntu 21.04

pygtail is read log file lines that have not been read

How To Install pyjoke on Ubuntu 21.04

pyjoke is Command line utility to make programmer jokes

How To Install pykwalify on Ubuntu 21.04

pykwalify is Python YAML/JSON schema validation library (command line program)

How To Install pylama on Ubuntu 21.04

pylama is code audit tool for Python in Python3

How To Install pylint on Ubuntu 21.04

pylint is Python 3 code static checker and UML diagram generator

How To Install pymacs on Ubuntu 21.04

pymacs is interface between Emacs Lisp and Python

How To Install pymca on Ubuntu 21.04

pymca is Applications and toolkit for X-ray fluorescence analysis – scripts

How To Install pymoctool on Ubuntu 21.04

pymoctool is Python Multi-Order Coverage maps tool for Virtual Observatory

How To Install pymol on Ubuntu 21.04

pymol is Molecular Graphics System

How To Install pympress on Ubuntu 21.04

pympress is simple and powerful dual-screen PDF reader

How To Install pynag on Ubuntu 21.04

pynag is Command line interface to nagios configuration

How To Install pynslcd on Ubuntu 21.04

pynslcd is daemon for NSS and PAM lookups via LDAP - Python version

How To Install pyosmium on Ubuntu 21.04

pyosmium is Osmium library bindings for Python - utilities

How To Install pyotherside on Ubuntu 21.04

pyotherside is transitional dummy package

How To Install pyp on Ubuntu 21.04

pyp is sed/awk-like tool with Python language

How To Install pypass on Ubuntu 21.04

pypass is lightweight directory-based password manager in Python

How To Install pypi2deb on Ubuntu 21.04

pypi2deb is PyPI to Debian converter

How To Install pyppd on Ubuntu 21.04

pyppd is CUPS PostScript Printer Driver’s compressor and generator

How To Install pyprof2calltree on Ubuntu 21.04

pyprof2calltree is visualise Python cProfile data with this kcachegrind converter

How To Install pypy on Ubuntu 21.04

pypy is fast alternative implementation of Python - PyPy interpreter

How To Install pypy3 on Ubuntu 21.04

pypy3 is fast alternative implementation of Python 3.x - PyPy interpreter

How To Install pyqi on Ubuntu 21.04

pyqi is Python framework for wrapping general commands in multiple interfaces

How To Install pyqso on Ubuntu 21.04

pyqso is logging tool for amateur radio operators

How To Install pyracerz on Ubuntu 21.04

pyracerz is multiplayer top view 2D racing game

How To Install pyro4 on Ubuntu 21.04

pyro4 is distributed object middleware for Python (RPC)

How To Install pyroman on Ubuntu 21.04

pyroman is Very fast firewall configuration tool

How To Install pysassc on Ubuntu 21.04

pysassc is SASS for Python

How To Install pysatellites on Ubuntu 21.04

pysatellites is simulates the launching of satellites

How To Install pyscanfcs on Ubuntu 21.04

pyscanfcs is scientific tool for perpendicular line scanning FCS

How To Install pysiogame on Ubuntu 21.04

pysiogame is educational activity pack for kids

How To Install pysolfc on Ubuntu 21.04

pysolfc is collection of more than 1000 solitaire card games

How To Install pyspread on Ubuntu 21.04

pyspread is cross-platform Python spreadsheet application

How To Install pyssim on Ubuntu 21.04

pyssim is Tool computing the Structural Similarity Image Metric (SSIM)

How To Install python2 on Ubuntu 21.04

python2 is interactive high-level object-oriented language (Python2 version)

How To Install python2.7 on Ubuntu 21.04

python2.7 is Interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 2.7)

How To Install python3 on Ubuntu 21.04

python3 is interactive high-level object-oriented language (default python3 version)

How To Install python3.10 on Ubuntu 21.04

python3.10 is Interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 3.10) Interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 3.10)

How To Install python3.9 on Ubuntu 21.04

python3.9 is Interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 3.9) Interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 3.9)

How To Install pythonpy on Ubuntu 21.04

pythonpy is ‘python -c’, with tab completion and shorthand

How To Install pytrainer on Ubuntu 21.04

pytrainer is desktop application for logging sport activities

How To Install pyvcf on Ubuntu 21.04

pyvcf is helper scripts for Variant Call Format (VCF) parser

How To Install pywps on Ubuntu 21.04

pywps is Implementation of OGC’s Web Processing Service

How To Install pyxplot on Ubuntu 21.04

pyxplot is data plotting program producing publication-quality output

How To Install pyzo on Ubuntu 21.04

pyzo is interactive editor for scientific Python

How To Install pyzor on Ubuntu 21.04

pyzor is spam-catcher using a collaborative filtering network

How To Install q2cli on Ubuntu 21.04

q2cli is Click-based command line interface for QIIME 2

How To Install q2templates on Ubuntu 21.04

q2templates is Design template package for QIIME 2 Plugins

How To Install q4wine on Ubuntu 21.04

q4wine is Qt GUI for WINE

How To Install qabcs on Ubuntu 21.04

qabcs is educational software to learn the alphabet and get familiar with a keyboard

How To Install qalc on Ubuntu 21.04

qalc is Powerful and easy to use command line calculator

How To Install qasconfig on Ubuntu 21.04

qasconfig is ALSA configuration browser

How To Install qashctl on Ubuntu 21.04

qashctl is mixer for ALSA’s High level Control Interface

How To Install qasmixer on Ubuntu 21.04

qasmixer is ALSA mixer for the desktop

How To Install qbittorrent on Ubuntu 21.04

qbittorrent is bittorrent client based on libtorrent-rasterbar with a Qt5 GUI

How To Install qbrew on Ubuntu 21.04

qbrew is Homebrewer’s recipe calculator

How To Install qbrz on Ubuntu 21.04

qbrz is Qt5 frontend for Breezy

How To Install qbs on Ubuntu 21.04

qbs is cross-platform build tool

How To Install qcalcfilehash on Ubuntu 21.04

qcalcfilehash is graphical utility for calculation and verification of hash sums

How To Install qcat on Ubuntu 21.04

qcat is demultiplexing Oxford Nanopore reads from FASTQ files

How To Install qcomicbook on Ubuntu 21.04

qcomicbook is qt viewer for comic book archives (cbr/cbz/cba/cbg/cbb)

How To Install qconf on Ubuntu 21.04

qconf is nice configure script for qmake-based projects

How To Install qcumber on Ubuntu 21.04

qcumber is quality control of genomic sequences

How To Install qdacco on Ubuntu 21.04

qdacco is Offline Catalan <-> English dictionary desktop application

How To Install qdbus on Ubuntu 21.04

qdbus is Qt 5 D-Bus tool — dummy transitional package

How To Install qdirstat on Ubuntu 21.04

qdirstat is Qt-based directory statistics

How To Install qelectrotech on Ubuntu 21.04

qelectrotech is Electric schematic editor

How To Install qemu on Ubuntu 21.04

qemu is fast processor emulator, dummy package fast processor emulator, dummy package

How To Install qemubuilder on Ubuntu 21.04

qemubuilder is pbuilder using QEMU as backend

How To Install qfitsview on Ubuntu 21.04

qfitsview is FITS file viewer based on DPUSER

How To Install qflow on Ubuntu 21.04

qflow is Open-Source Digital Synthesis Flow

How To Install qgis on Ubuntu 21.04

qgis is Geographic Information System (GIS)

How To Install qgit on Ubuntu 21.04

qgit is Qt application for viewing GIT trees

How To Install qgo on Ubuntu 21.04

qgo is Go client and full featured SGF editor

How To Install qhimdtransfer on Ubuntu 21.04

qhimdtransfer is Transfer software for HiMD Walkman

How To Install qiime on Ubuntu 21.04

qiime is Quantitative Insights Into Microbial Ecology

How To Install qimgv on Ubuntu 21.04

qimgv is Qt5 image viewer with optional video support

How To Install qiv on Ubuntu 21.04

qiv is Quick image viewer for X

How To Install qjackctl on Ubuntu 21.04

qjackctl is User interface for controlling the JACK sound server

How To Install qjackrcd on Ubuntu 21.04

qjackrcd is Qt4 application to record JACK server outputs

How To Install qjoypad on Ubuntu 21.04

qjoypad is map gamepad/joystick events to mouse/keyboard event

How To Install qlcplus on Ubuntu 21.04

qlcplus is Control DMX or analog lighting systems

How To Install qlipper on Ubuntu 21.04

qlipper is Lightweight and cross-platform clipboard history applet

How To Install qlogo on Ubuntu 21.04

qlogo is Language using turtle graphics famous for teaching kids

How To Install qmapshack on Ubuntu 21.04

qmapshack is GPS mapping (GeoTiff and vector) and GPSr management

How To Install qmc on Ubuntu 21.04

qmc is Quine McClusky Simplification Tool

How To Install qmenu on Ubuntu 21.04

qmenu is Tool to create simple menus for terminal interfaces

How To Install qmidiarp on Ubuntu 21.04

qmidiarp is MIDI arpeggiator for ALSA

How To Install qmidinet on Ubuntu 21.04

qmidinet is MIDI Network Gateway via UDP/IP Multicast

How To Install qmidiroute on Ubuntu 21.04

qmidiroute is MIDI event router and filter

How To Install qml on Ubuntu 21.04

qml is Qt 5 QML viewer

How To Install qmlscene on Ubuntu 21.04

qmlscene is Qt 5 QML scene viewer

How To Install qmmp on Ubuntu 21.04

qmmp is feature-rich audio player with support of many formats

How To Install qnapi on Ubuntu 21.04

qnapi is application that downloads Polish subtitles from www.napiprojekt.pl

How To Install qnetstatview on Ubuntu 21.04

qnetstatview is Shows detailed listings of all TCP and UDP endpoints

How To Install qnifti2dicom on Ubuntu 21.04

qnifti2dicom is convert 3D medical images to DICOM 2D series (gui)

How To Install qonk on Ubuntu 21.04

qonk is Small build-and-conquer strategy game with very simple rules

How To Install qosmic on Ubuntu 21.04

qosmic is GUI for creating & rendering fractal flame images

How To Install qpdf on Ubuntu 21.04

qpdf is tools for transforming and inspecting PDF files

How To Install qpdfview on Ubuntu 21.04

qpdfview is tabbed document viewer

How To Install qperf on Ubuntu 21.04

qperf is Measure socket and RDMA performance

How To Install qprint on Ubuntu 21.04

qprint is encoder and decoder for quoted-printable encoding

How To Install qps on Ubuntu 21.04

qps is Qt process manager

How To Install qpsmtpd on Ubuntu 21.04

qpsmtpd is Flexible SMTP daemon for network-level spam detection

How To Install qpxtool on Ubuntu 21.04

qpxtool is CD/DVD quality checker

How To Install qqwing on Ubuntu 21.04

qqwing is tool for generating and solving Sudoku puzzles (application)

How To Install qrazercfg on Ubuntu 21.04

qrazercfg is Graphical Razer device configuration tool

How To Install qreator on Ubuntu 21.04

qreator is graphical utility for creating QR codes

How To Install qrencode on Ubuntu 21.04

qrencode is QR Code encoder into PNG image

How To Install qrenderdoc on Ubuntu 21.04

qrenderdoc is Stand-alone graphics debugging tool – graphical utility

How To Install qrisk2 on Ubuntu 21.04

qrisk2 is cardiovascular disease risk calculator

How To Install qrouter on Ubuntu 21.04

qrouter is Multi-level, over-the-cell maze router

How To Install qrq on Ubuntu 21.04

qrq is high speed morse trainer, similar to DL4MM’s Rufz

How To Install qsampler on Ubuntu 21.04

qsampler is LinuxSampler GUI frontend based on the Qt toolkit

How To Install qshutdown on Ubuntu 21.04

qshutdown is Qt program to shutdown/reboot/suspend/hibernate the system

How To Install qspeakers on Ubuntu 21.04

qspeakers is loudspeaker design software

How To Install qsstv on Ubuntu 21.04

qsstv is Qt-based slow-scan TV and fax

How To Install qstardict on Ubuntu 21.04

qstardict is International dictionary written using Qt

How To Install qstat on Ubuntu 21.04

qstat is Command-line tool for querying quake (and other) servers

How To Install qstopmotion on Ubuntu 21.04

qstopmotion is Application for creating stop-motion animation movies

How To Install qsynth on Ubuntu 21.04

qsynth is fluidsynth MIDI sound synthesiser front-end

How To Install qt5ct on Ubuntu 21.04

qt5ct is